My fury will burn the heavens ch 25

Chapter 25: Yan Clan offer
  “Hey? Young master, why are you coming back so early today? Are you not going to the martial arts hall?”
  Ai was washing clothes in the yard. She heard the footsteps and looked back. The two big eyes immediately became a crescent moon and got up and walked toward Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi touched the little head of the little Ai and nodded: “Ai, come in, I want to talk to you about something.”
  Feeling the heavy heart of Jiang Yi, Jiang Xiaonu smiled and hurriedly followed Jiang Yi’s house and gave Jiang Yi a glass of water. Then he asked with big eyes: “Young master, what happened?”
  Jiang Yi snorted and smiled. He said: “There is no big deal. Wu Dian sent me to perform a secret mission. I may have to leave for three months. I am worried that you are alone at home.”
  Jiang Xiaonu took a picture of his chest and grinned and said: “I thought it was a big deal. Master, you can go, Ai is fine, I can take care of myself! The young master will always do big things in the future, so it’s normal.”
  Jiang Yi shook his head and smiled. He never had great ambitions, and he didn’t want to do big things. He just wanted to take a Ai to live peacefully. How can he always fool him? At this moment, he is suffering from internal and external problems. There are people in the Clan and outside the Clan who want to kill him. In order to live a stable and happy life, he only has to work hard to cultivate and fight hard…
  Jiang Yi suddenly thought of one thing, took a token from his arms and handed it to Jiang Xiaonuo: “Ai, what do you think is this?”
  “Yeah! Token!” Jiang Xiaonu looked at his face with amazement and said with a happy voice: “Young master, you redeem the token? How do you collect 20 gold coin so fast?”
  “Wu Dian gave it!”
  Jiang Yi took a piece of purple gold from his arms and handed it to Jiang Xiaonuo: “You hold this gold coin. You have to take care of yourself in the three months when I am not here. You must keep in mind – don’t leave the Jiang Clan Courtyard. Although the surface of Fengyue Building will not create trouble, but if you go out they will catch you. No one in the compound can hurt you. If someone asks you where I have gone, you will say that you don’t know but don’t say that I went to Wu Dian for mission, you understand?”
  “Hmmm!” Jiang Xiaonu took the gold coin and nodded, and grinned again, revealing two cute little tiger teeth: “The young master is relieved, I will not go out of the compound.”
  Jiang Yi is slightly relieved. The Jiang family is very disciplined. It is especially important for the clan who is declining. If Jiang Ruhu is looking for trouble, he will not attack Ai. Otherwise, if the clan know, than the matter will be serious.
  Once again touched the head of the little slave, Jiang Yi got up and said: “Okay, I will talk to Rongrong first, Ai, wait for me to come back.”
  Jiang Xiaonu nodded with a smile and didn’t displayed a little bit of sadness. She just said with concern: “The young master must be careful. When you come back, I will give you dumplings to eat.”
  Jiang Yi turned around, painfully closed his eyes and strode outwards. He didn’t look back at the Ai, because… he was afraid that he would not leave if he looked at it.
  “Young masters come on!”
  Jiang Xiaonu chased it out, standing in the courtyard door and sending Jiang Yi away, constantly waving his hand, his face still showing a sweet smile.
  When Jiang Yi’s figure disappeared into the far lane, Jiang Xiaonu’s waved motion suddenly stopped, and the smile on his face instantly solidified. Two lines of tears left silently, and she looked at Jiang Yi’s departure. The direction, whispered softly: “Young master, Ai, although don’t know what happened but I know that something is definitely going on, otherwise you will not leave Ai! Young master, don’t worry about me, let go. What you want to do, Ai is waiting for you to come back at home. If… you are dead, Ai will also not live alone, go to the underworld and be your maid.”
  “What? You are not working? Going out for three months?”
  In the management room,
  Rong Guan was very angry after listening to Jiang Yi’s words. When he took a table and stood up, he would reprimand, but his words had not been exported, but he was attracted by the two gold coin in his hand.
  Looking at the gold coin in his sleeves, Jiang Yi’s heart flashed a bit of disgust, and he said in a deep voice: “It’s a matter of respect, you are going to the mountains for a few adventure. If you can get something good this time, there will be filial piety after returning, and you will be on the family side…”
  “Picking medicine?”
  The face of Rong’s management eased down and patted Jiang Yi’s shoulders kindly: “Well, Jiang Yi, your kid can bear it. Young people, it’s always good to go out and practice, but you have to pay attention to safety. You must return to the clan in three months. Otherwise, if they trace it up, you will be identify as a traitor…”
  Jiang Yi nodded. If it was not because of this, how could he be willing to give two gold coin to this honorable management? The Jiang family is very strict, and it is treated as a you as a Traitor if you leave Clan without permission. If Jiang Yi died outside, it would be better to say that if he was convicted and being seen by Jiang’s children, they have the right to kill him on the spot.
  Again and again, he promised to return absolutely in three months. Jiang Yi bid farewell to Rong Guan, and quickly went out from Jiang clan South Gate. As soon as he walked out of the Jiang clan Gate, he immediately took the cloak and walked quickly toward the Wu Dian.
  After half an hour, he arrived safely in the martial arts hall. In the middle of the road, he ran a glimmer of power in his ear, and all the way to the alley, sure no one was following him.
  Yang Guan heard that Jiang Yi was going to cultivate in the Wu Dian for 3 months and not return to home. Not only did he not have any dissatisfaction, but he generously arrange the room and board expenses for free for Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi can fully cultivate in this situation, and as soon as possible, he will be upgraded to the top level of Qi Condensation stage, and the Wu Dian can quickly add a gold medal to his shoulder and earn more money for them. You must know that in this martial hall, you can compete with the sparring team.
  Jiang Yi lived in a small room in the hall of the practice room. In addition to playing with Ling Xue, he spent the rest of the day cultivating in his own room. Yang Guan did not even let him sit in the hall. He is afraid that other Miss will start finding Jiang Yi to practice and delay his cultivation time.
  This Ling Xue is also very strange, every afternoon will come to the practice room, let Yang Guan called Jiang Yi out to fight. Although she was losing every time she practiced, she was never bored, and she was very suspicious of the sparring and Yang Guanwu in Wu Dian. Did she take a look at Jiang Yi?
  “Call… Don’t fight, Wolf, you are getting more and more abnormal. You seem to be 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage. How fast is your cultivation speed? Since there is such a fast speed, why is it before you are only at 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage? ”
  On the thirteenth day of cultivation in Wu Dian, Jiang Yi and the Ling Xue battled for half an hour. This time, Ling Xue did not rush to change clothes but curiously asked.
  “Oh, I didn’t like cultivation in the past, and the speed of cultivation in this martial hall is speeding up. The martial arts hall also provides Qi dan…”
  Jiang Yi explained in a sentence casually. In the past ten days, he has practiced day and night, and the runes in the seal have once again melted more than a hundred pieces. The cultivation speed has also continued to increase, and Yang Guan provides him unlimited Qi Dan. Can his cultivation speed be unpleasant? According to his estimation, it should be in 3-5 days he will breakthrough 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage.
  Yan Lingxue sorted out the fiery warrior gown and sighed: “It’s a pity… If you try hard to practice earlier, you may have one of the top ten talents in Tianyu City.”
  “Ten geniuses? Which ten?” Jiang Yi asked curiously.
  “You don’t know this?” Her the eyebrows inadvertently revealing the charming, plus her hot body who robe stick to itself because of sweats. Seeing this type of seen, Jiang Yi body also start getting hot.
  I explained it a bit: “Ji clan- Ji Changge, Miss Ji Tingyu, Ma clan- Ma Heqi, Jiang clan- Hanshui, Jiang clan- Jiang Rulong, Leng Clan- Leng Chang, cold family- Miss cold, Liu Clan- Liu He, Liu Clan- Liu Zhan, and a Yang Clan- Yang Zhongtian. These ten people are under the age of 18, the lowest strength is 7th level of Qi Condensation stage. They are known as the top ten genius of Tianyu City in this generation.”
  Jiang Yi does not have any friend in the Jiang Clan. He rarely talked to outsiders, so he didn’t know anything about these gossips. Jiang family has two people on the list, and that Ji Tingyu. The strength of these people is indeed abnormal. Jiang Henshui and Ji Tingyu are the strongest players.
  However, he didn’t care about these things. The group of young Miss and his life were too far away. He didn’t want to have any intersection with them. He looked at Yan Lingxue: “Miss Yan is also good. I feel your strength during this time. Is it a rapid upgrade, all your martial arts have become a big deal? The realm is also going up to the top of 4th level of Qi Condensation stage?”
  “Ha ha!”
  Speaking of this. She is full of excitement, she held her small fist and smiled and said: “Wolf, I don’t hesitate to say that these are actually your credit, how much genius I am I know clearly, if not You… How can I have more than ten kinds of martial arts to reach Dacheng so quickly?!”
  “because of me?”
  Jiang Yi is full of stunnedness. Can he accompany the people to practice and let the other martial arts quickly become a success? Is there such a wicked thing in this world? However… It seems that the speed of martial arts advancement is really exaggerated. Is it really because of him?
  At the time of Jiang Yi’s confusion. She solemnly took a token from his arms and said: “I, officially invites you to join my Clan, the position is Wu tang Deputy elder…”
  “Wait! Deputy elder of Wutang?”
  Jiang Yi was completely stunned. He was a 16-year-old boy who went to her clan to be an elder? Is this Ling Xue has nothing other thing to tease him to play, or is it that the her brain is broken? He took a wave and wondered: “Miss Yan, are you kidding?”
  Yan Lingxue looked positive and raised the token in his hand: “This is my father’s token, I am not kidding, the wolf… Maybe you don’t know it yourself, you have a very strange ability, can Help the martial arts skill to achieve rapid success, our family also pays attention to this point before they want to attract you. You just have to practice with the children of the family every day to help them quickly become martial arts…”
  “Is there really such a perverted thing? Is it because of the black power?”
  Jiang Yi was shocked, and he bowed his head and said nothing. It is definitely impossible to go to the family. He does not say that he has an agreement with Wu Dian. Even if it was known by Jiang clan, he can’t escape. This is a rebel.
  ??? see Jiang Yi silent and not talking. She got little anxious and walked a few steps forward, close to Jiang Yi three feet distance, she bite her lips said: “Wolf, what treatment you want, although I can’t promise right away but I can tell My father. If you are a child of another clan, this is not a problem. You can enter our clan. I have a cousin who is more beautiful than me…”
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