My fury will burn the heavens ch 26

Chapter 26 Selfishness of World!!!
  Jiang Yi refused the recruitment of Ling Xue, he and Wu Dian had five years of agreement, and he is a child of Jiang family, it is impossible to change clan.
  Yan Lingxue is not reluctant, just let Jiang Yi think about it. After that, she still looks for Jiang Yi to practice, but she does not mention this.
  Jiang Yi spends most of his time cultivating every day. He only sleeps two or three hours a day. Whenever he thinks that Jiang Xiaonu is alone at home, he does not know if she will have an accident. His heart is burning like volcano. Reach my goal first and go home to visit her or else we both going to die.
  Without the expectation of Jiang Yi, Liu Guan of Fengyue building quickly got the information of him and Jiang Xiaonu. Ma Fei’s father was also very angry. He ordered Liu Guan to send people to explore Jiang Yi’s whereabouts.
  What makes Liu Guansi dumbfounded is that Jiang Yi suddenly disappeared. He bought some Jiang clan slaves to investigate the situation of Jiang Yi, but he was told to go out for adventure…
  Then Liu Guanshi let the security guards in the Fengyue Building begin to search and search for ten days. However, Jiang Yi has evaporated like a water, and there is no clue.
  Ma Fei violently jumped, let Liu Guan continue to spent money to find him, even if you turn full city over and over again, you must find Jiang Yi, and the search scope has also expanded to a small town of a hundred miles. Jiang Yi has abolished him and ruined his life. If he did not kill Jiang Yi, he could not eat, he couldn’t sleep at night. He was almost start getting mad for revenge.
  As one of the five major families in Tianyu City, Ma’s family’s every move has been paid attention to by other families. However, Ma Fei does not want to make this happen, so the rest of the family just knows that the Ma family is looking for a person, 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage, 15-16 year old boy.
  Fortunately, Lingyueshan Sect enrollment start soon, and this time just happened to meet the town west army is also ready to come to Tianyu City to recruit people, so the other clan did not care about the abnormal behavior of the Ma Clan. they all are training their family’s children, and strive to let them get the special enrollment students of Lingyueshan College or else join the army.
  The first major military power of Shenwu Kingdom, the main city of Tianyu City was only because of the military merits, and was awarded the title of the city. It is a glorious thing to join the town’s west army, one of the three major legions of the Shenwu Kingdom. In case of military gains in the army, The seals are given to the princes, and their families can grow and prosper for a hundred years.
  It is determined that the town west army and Lingwushan College will be enrolled in Tianyu City three months later. The entire Jiang family is excited and busy. Jiang’s family Jiang Yunshan personally ordered that all the children of the family be excluded except for some genius children who went to the Wu Dian. Going out to retreat and practice, and strive to perform well in the enrollment ceremony three months later.
  At the same time, Jiang Yunshan secretly sent people to buy exotic treasures, and prepared to take a good look after the town’s western military officers came to Tianyu City, so that they could arrange several children to enter the town’s western army. Only Jiang Clan can compete with the town’s western military officers, because the king of the commander of the Western Army of Shenwuguo Town is also surnamed Jiang, and the Jiangjia Qiangqiang can be regarded as the partial support of the Wangxi family. The great elder Jiang Yunhai is still young. The town of Wangxi is considered to be a source.
  The town west army rarely came to Tianyu City to recruit people. This is an opportunity for Jiang Clan. Jiang Yunshan naturally wants to seize this opportunity. As long as he can arrange dozens of family children to enter the town, as long as there are one or two of these dozens of people, then Jiang clan can grow and develop.
  Jiang Yi is very fortunate to leave the Jiang family early. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the Jiang family to go out in the past few months. Wu Dian is definitely unable to cross the border. During this time, he is not likely to practice so fast.
  Jiang Yi is also very unfortunate, because at this moment there is another lady in the martial arts hall, and the two boys who followed the lady are obviously stinking…
  Ji Tingyu once again came, but she went straight to the practice room and named Jiang Yi to practice.
  Ma clan- Ma Heqi, Liu clan- Liu He, Leng Clan Leng Chang, Jiang clan Jiang Hanshui, these four big family young masters pursued Ji Tingyu for several years. Ji Tingyu has been neither cold nor hot when she talk to them but at this moment, she has been looking for a trainer twice? And the most important thing is… She is sparring with same boy who is a bronze-level waste warrior, which is obviously a bit strange.
  The face under Jiang Yi’s bronze mask was a bit gloomy, and his lips were a little dry. Looking at the black eyes of the Heqi and Liu He, he was chilling.
  Although he knows that Ji Tingyu is not looking for him, although Ma Heiqi and Liu He also know that Ji Tingyu will not look at him, he still feels that things are a little tricky, and the water is a disaster! It is easy for a beautiful woman to make some impulsive mistake for a man who she loves.
  “Wolf? Why don’t you come in?”
  Ji Tingyu walked into the practice room and saw that Jiang Yi had not come in yet. She faintly asked, and his eyes swept over the faces of Ma Heiqi and Liu He. Her brows wrinkled slightly.
  “Tingyu, you are busy, I will come back to you later.” Ma Heiqi looks very handsome almost like Jiang Hanshui, but the skin color is somewhat dark. At this moment, wearing a black lace robes, also like A dark horse prince, he saw that Ji Tingyu is not happy, so he very interestingly turned and left.
  The Liu He is worse than the black flag, but his shoulder’s are wide and his waist is thin and the posture it look perfect. He is not a fool. He smiles lightly: “Tingyu, see you tomorrow!”
  Seeing the faint glance of Ma Heqi and Liuhe before leaving, Jiang Yi secretly distressed and turned to walk in the practice room.
  When the door was closed, Ji Tingyu saw the helplessness in Jiang Yi’s eyes. She smiled lightly: “Yi Jian, you don’t have to worry, there is me, and Ma Gongzi and Liu Gongzi will not harasse you.”
  Jiang Yi smiled: “Miss Ji, I don’t like trouble, I like calm life…”
  Jiang Yi’s words are very concealed, but the clever Ji Tingyu, how can she not hear the potential meaning. He doesn’t like to have an intersection with their group of ladies, and once Ji Tingyu and he will come along, trouble will automatically starts…
  However, Ji Tingyu did not have the guilty color at this time. Instead, she shook her head and laughed. A pair of jewel-like eyes were all shining. She talked about it: “Yi brother, not being shackled in a mediocrity of this world. There are a lot of beautiful things that are worth pursuing. Everyone wants these things, there will be competition, and the trouble will surely continue. If there is nothing to pursue in life then it is an imperfect life. Living a boring life of 100 years or living a life of 10 years filled with excitment. Choice is yours???”
  Jiang Yi stunned. He didn’t expect this pretty young lady who was almost as big as him to have such a feeling about life. His eyes were confused and silent.
  Who really does not like the power, money and beauty. Who do not like to be respected by thousands of people? Jiang Yi’s character is calm, but once he is impulsive, he can ignore anything. There is still a crazy flame in his bones. Once it breaks out, it will be able to poke the hole in the heavens. For example, Jiang Ruhu beaten by him like a dog in Xishan Mountain. For example, in the Fengyue Building, Ma Fei was abolished.
  However, when he turned to think of the thin body of Jiang Xiaonu, he quickly shook his head: “Miss Ji, you are a high-ranking lady, you will never know the life of a poor person, um… long, don’t say this, you Is there something to find me?”
  Ji Tingyu flashed with a disappointment. After a moment of silence, she said softly: “I am going out this time. I heard that you are still attending this training, so come and see. And you said it, Yi Gongzi, you sent it last time. The medicinal herbs are very great. Your alchemy teacher will be very strong in the future, so I hope that you will follow the alchemy teacher with one heart and one mind. Don’t waste time here. Although the cultivation speed can be accelerated in the martial arts hall, you have passed the golden age of cultivation. You can’t have great achievements in this life. Of course, I also want to have some friendship with your alchemy teacher through you. If you can help me, what conditions are good. Um… maybe my words are straight, hope you don’t misunderstand.”
  “It turned out to be like this!”
  Jiang Yi bowed his head and silenced, but his heart was bitter and laughter. The world is really cruel. If it is not because of his special black power, if it is not the refining of the medicinal herbs, if it is not for himself, he will be very surprised to help people with martial arts. This Ji Tingyu and I am afraid that she will not look at myself as a boy. Because he have the value of use, will they put down their bodies and take the initiative to make friends with him? Originally, he was naive to think that these two people can really became a friend…
  “It seems that the world is really selfish, only the mother, grandfather and Ai are exception for me?”
  Jiang Yi’s heart sighed and looked up at Ji Tingyu. “Miss Ji, I’m afraid I’m going to let you down. You can’t see him anymore, otherwise I won’t come here to do the sparring, that The alchemy teacher… is dead.”
  Ji Tingyu face suddenly changed color. Her eyes stared at Jiang Yi, and Shen Sheng asked: “Yi brother, is this true?”
  “It’s true!”
  Jiang Yi nodded very seriously. The medicinal dan he refined was made from the waste dan of the elder Lui. So what he said is also true.
  “It’s a pity, it’s a pity! This is a possibility that may be…” Ji Tingyu shook her head, looked at Jiang Yi again, and said nothing and go outside. She Open the door and go straight to leave, no more time to look back.
  Watching the famous lady of the Tianyu City leave, Jiang Yi turned silently back to his own small room to practice.
  From the eyes of Ma Heqi and Liu He, his heart once again produced a sense of crisis. He is fed up with such a crisis like moments, when he can be killed at any moment. He is very clear that he wants to live a comfortable life. If no one dares to provoke himself anymore, he will only become stronger and become more than any of them. People must be strong…
  Of course, perhaps it is because Ji Tingyu’s gaze today has aroused the arrogance of his heart. He also wants to prove that this beautiful woman is taking a look.
  He is really not a waste.
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