My fury will burn the heavens ch 27

Chapter 27: Interesting
  “The seal rune has been cracked by 400 pieces, and the cultivation speed has reached fifteen times the original speed. It can be compared with the ordinary children of the Clan. Call… Increase the rate of cultivation, according to this speed, How terrible will be my cultivation speed when seal is completely removed?”
  In a small room in the Wu Dian practice room, Jiang Yi ended a round of cultivation, and opened his eyes with complex faces. There are 18,000 seals, and now only 400 have been melted, and the speed of cultivation has increased so much. He dare not imagine how much the cracks will be solved.
  It has been a month since I came to the Wu Dian. In addition to practicing, Jiang Yi has cracked the seal runes. The seal rune is cracked very fast, and the progress of cultivation is also very fast. According to his estimation, it will take almost one and a half months, and he will be able to reach the top of the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage.
  And try to break through from 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, the required Qi has doubled again, Jiang Yi has unlimited Qi Dan in the Wu Dian, and there is a black force to increase the strength of the drug. His current cultivation speed is absolutely comparable to Jiang Hanshui.
  However, it is very difficult to break through to the realm in the future. The five elements of Qi Condensation has required the strength of almost the sum of all the previous realms. Therefore, many of the cultivators who are not talented, are all staying in the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. After all, their families are not that rich and they are not allowed to use the endless medicinal drugs to force them to break through to the 5th level of Qi Condensation stage, such as Jiang Ruhu and Ma fei.
  Moreover, Medicinal dan does not work much in latter levels. Unless it was a high-grade medicinal product, it would only have little effect. The high-grade medicinal drugs are extremely expensive. One piece of medicinal herbs is worth a 100 Gold Coin. The small Tianyu City, even if it is the Ji Clan, it is not possible to supply the children of the family for a long time. As for the those medicinal herbs, Ji Tianyu herself is afraid of not being able to afford it. Ok…
  “The future things will be taken care in the future only, first break through to the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage.”
  Jiang Yi sighed and took a blue dagger from his arms and looked at the blue light flowing over him. His eyes showed deep worry. Ma Fei should have been looking for him for a month? He can’t find himself, will he try to find the trouble for Jiang Xiaonu?
  “Wolf, come out to fight!”
  At this time, outside the sound of Yang Guan came, Jiang Yi could only helplessly hide the treasure that was taken from Ma Fei into his arms, and took the wolf mask and walked outside.
  The great lady of the family, even though he has refused a few times, he is not arrogant, and she comes to him mant time. This made him very helpless, but she was a customer of Wu Dian, and there was no way for Jiang Yi to refuse.
  When he walked out of the small room, he saw a white figure next to Yan Lingxue. There stand a beautiful lady. Her age was similar to that of Ling Lingxue. Her body was as hot as her, and the appearance was even better.
  Yan Lingxue saw Jiang Yi coming over and quickly rushed over and said, “Wolf, this is my cousin, Fei Fei, I have to cultivate this time, let you practice with her later!”
  Jiang Yi didn’t go to his clan so Ling Xue took her cousine to come here to find him. But what can he do? Can only bitterly smile.
  That Fei Fei obviously did not catch a cold on Jiang Yi. After Ling Xue went away, she looked at Jiang Yi with a faint look and walked into a practice room. She said indifferently at the door: “Not coming in yet?”
  Jiang Yi walked silently, waiting for the door to close, and Fei Fei immediately sank his face, his legs were a little bit, and his fists turned into a fist of the sky. She attack Jiang Yi with her full strength.
  “3rd level of Qi Condensation stage? With only this much strength and so high attitude?”
  Jiang Yi’s heart sneered and didn’t fight back.
  He didn’t even use the black power, and the foot stepped in the practice room.
  The result is naturally self-evident. Even if Jiang Yi does not use the black power, after this period of continuous training, the reaction speed and combat instinct are by no means comparable to this green horn.
  It was easy to turn a few laps inside, and Fei Feier attacked for 3 minutes regularly. Even Jiang Yi’s clothes were not touched.
  Fei Fei attacked for a while, especially every punch was hit in the air, which made her depressed. After another hollowing out, immediately said: “You are a monkey? Do you only know how to run?”
  Jiang Yi stood up and said: “I don’t hide, do you want me stand to give you a fight? This is sparring…”
  Fei Fei’s face was even more stinky, and she said: “You won’t fight back? What does it mean to do this?”
  Jiang Yi did not reply. He saw that Fei Feier attacked again. He had run a trace of black power to his eyes, standing still in the place, and his hands were like a seaweed.
  Fei Fei’s combat power is obviously far worse than that of Yan Lingxue. Jiang Yi easily grabbed a pair of slippery white hands from the shadow of the sky. He did not dare to force it. After grabbing her hand, he took the opportunity to move along the side, ?The body of Feier stumbled over there.
  Fei Feier almost fell, her pretty face has angry expression, after standing firmly, immediately backhand attacked, the ending is very tragic, she was caught by Jiang Yi again and again, like a monkey playing a show…
  “Huh, I Quit!”
  Once again, after a small half of the incense time, Fei Fei went to the outside of the gate and opened the door and quickly disappeared into the corridor.
  Jiang Yi shrugged and went out to continue to practice. However, only half an hour later he was called out by Yang Guan, and this time someone named him to accompany him.
  “Well? This young master is so strong, at least 6th level of Qi Condensation stage. Which is the young master, why do he want to find me?”
  Jiang Yi secretly stunned, but the young master did not say a word into the practice room, Jiang Yi had to follow.
  After the gate was closed, the cold-blooded young master began to say: “Wolf, I heard that Cher has spar with you many times, and please fight with me.”
  “It’s another family member…”
  Jiang Yi has a headache, and this Ling Xue is really ready to let the family children line up to find him to practice. At this moment, he is still very skeptical. Can he really help others with martial arts? Such a strange thing, I am afraid that no one believes in the entire Tianyu City.
  Only after the other party came to the door, he could not help but fight. Fortunately, with the improvement of his realm, the black power was once again conpressed, and the color became lighter. Although the upper limit is still ten, but each time can make the vision enhancement time become longer, and at this moment can reach a fragrant time, and he is also very easy to fight.
  6th level of Qi Condensation stage!
  For the first time against the warriors of this level, Jiang Yi did not dare to sloppy. The first time he ran a black power to his eyes, his back slightly arched, his eyes staring at each other’s every move.
  “! The clouds are gone!”
  His eyes flashed with a trace of pride, hands made a strange gesture, turned into a palm knife and slanted toward Jiang Yi.
  “Hey, this martial art is very mysterious. It can be changed infinitely. The budget is not out of the other’s trajectory!”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes stared at each other’s hands, but found that it was impossible to dodge the opponent’s attack trajectory, because the other party could at least move three or four times at random.
  He slipped in the footsteps and quickly retreated toward the back, but how fast is the opponent’s who has 6th level of Qi Condensation stage warrior? A flash of body has been posted, and the knife cut through the sky and cut into the neck of Jiang Yi.
  “falling the monument!”
  This knife smashed down, although his neck will not be cut off, but it will definitely hurt with his combat power, Jiang Yi can only run martial arts, hands toward the other’s palm knife holder.
  Yan Longyu sneered aloud, Jiang Yi, the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage warriors want to hold his attack, even if the Qi were sealed, but the physical strength difference are too big, he can easily shake off each other’s hands, and continue to cut toward Jiang Yi’s neck.
  “Well, if you don’t attack than I only will wait to lose! Wrap the silk hand! Fantasy step!”
  After Jiang Yi confirmed that the other party is no longer changing, he make palms as a claw, easily grab the other’s wrist in advance, the footsteps are sliding towards the side, both hands are pulling the other side to attack on the other side, and the body turns to the back of the dragon.
  “Well? It really means a little!”
  Qian Longyu is powerful and has not been circled by Jiang Yi like Fei Feier, but he has stabilized his body shape in an instant. He is staring at Wolf, he can not hurt a 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage warrior. If this is spread out, how can he mix in Tianyu City? As the first strongman of the younger generation, his family will also lose his face in front of competitor.
  At the moment, he used his full power to attack Jiang Yi, and his fists are exhausted. All he can do is stare at him. Obviously, Jiang Yi will not give up.
  Jiang Yi secretly complained, but he could only rely on the super-reaction speed brought by his strong vision.
  After half an hour, Jiang Yi’s body was shot and flew out. Yan Longyu was also tired and panting. Jiang Yi’s mouth was crawling up and he said, “Brother, your strength is strong, I quit.”
  “Ha ha!”
  Qi Longyu and Jiang Yi are as sweaty as they are, and their physical exertion is huge. There is no winning happiness on his face. Instead, he is all self-deprecating: “Wolf, you don’t have to say it! Just you were deliberately not dodge that attack!” You are really a monster in human skin, this reaction speed is too horrible, even if you reach 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, you can easily beat me! Right… go to my clan to become the deputy elders? If you promised… we will deal with the Jiang clan, even I can talk to my father to marry Ling Xue to you!”
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