My fury will burn the heavens ch 28

Chapter 28: The Spirit of the Earth
  Jiang Yi’s eyes got cold, not because the other party wanted him to join his clan but because this Yan Longyu mentioned the Jiang clan.
  However, Jiang Yi understands that this Longyu is the strongest of the younger generation of the family. He is definately very clear about Jiang clan’s martial arts. It is easy to see that he used Jiang’s martial arts as normal.
  He just silenced for a while and decisively refused: “Thank you for your kindness, how can I be worthy of Miss Ling Xue?”
  Yan Longyu smiled and said that he did not go straight to the outside. After a few steps, he turned his head and smiled: “Your boy is really a devil, and when I am fighting against you, my skills have made some progress, maybe. If I play against you again, It will reach Dacheng. You can rest assured that this secret I will not tell anyone but as compensation, I will often find you with our children in the future. I hope that you will go all out every time.”
  “The martial arts have improved. Is this black power really so evil? The problem is that the black power is on me. I am just fighting against them. How can their martial arts feel something? This power is too evil.”
  The military understands martial arts. It depends on savvy and hard training. Generally, as long as the understanding is sufficient, any martial arts achievement is a matter of time. If you don’t have enough understanding, you may not be able to achieve proficiency by practicing hard for a lifetime. In this practice room, Qi is sealed, and the physical strength and martial arts skill are the only thing you rely on against the enemy. It is helpful to master the skills but it is impossible to practice with him for a few games.
  What’s the problem?
  Jiang Yi didn’t know, but Yang Guan and Fei Lao, who were sitting in a secret room at the moment, didn’t know. The two people paid attention to Jiang Yi and others for a long time, and Ling Xue had dozens of martial arts rapid improvement. They looked in the eyes. They are also been analyzing for a long time but it is puzzling.
  “Fei Lao, see what?”
  Yang Guan watched the battle between Jiang Yi and Yan Longyu on the wall twice. An old face was confused. He could only turn to the old man who had extremely high strength and power in the Wu Dian.
  Fei Lao’s eyebrows are white, white hair is like snow, but his face is very rosy, typical crane hair. He shook his head slightly and sighed: “I don’t understand. It is estimated that only the lord can see some clues. The lord will come back after half a month. Recently, people who wants to fight him, continue to send them to this kid. You Save every battle image and wait for the Lord to come back.”
  Yang scrached his head and then said something: “Fei Lao, this kid cultivation is very fast. His current cultivation speed is definitely not too far away from the top talented children in the city. It is strange. If this kid here has been such a fast cultivation speed, why is the original realm so low? I remember that when he came here a few months ago, and now it only take more than a month to break through the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage.”
  “So fast?”
  Fei Lao’s two white-eyed glasses shook, and soon his face showed a pity: “Even if he can reach the speed of Ji Tingyu girl, it’s useless! Unless the main hall fully train him. It’s cultivated with top resources, but you think it’s about the management. Will they agree? This continent has more than millions of guys who are ten times his genius talent…”
  Yang Guan nodded and said no more. As the innocent king in the mainland business, Wu Dian has too many resources and too many choices. They don’t look at this common genius boy.
  In the next few days, the people of the family took turns to find Jiang Yi to practice, but only three people entered the Wu Dian every day, and each time they went to Jiang Yi, they left after half an hour. Jiang Yi is miserable every day. Every day, he has to consume his three filters of black power. He must refine the three filters. The speed of cultivation and the speed of cracking seals are also slowed down.
  The cultivation speed is slower, this is irrelevant. It is mainly because the family is so fanciful. This matter will soon attract the attention of others. In case of alarming the Ma family, once he investigates his identity, he will no longer be able to hide…
  Jiang Yi could only bite his teeth. Fortunately, Ma Heqi and Liu He, who he expected, did not find him trouble, which made him slightly relieved.
  Ten days later, the frequent actions of the family finally caught the attention of the rest of the young master, and some people began call him for sparring. The strength of the people looking for Jiang Yi is at least the 4th – 5th level of Qi Condensation stage worrior, and Jiang Yi can only be abused by using the black power. After he used the black power, the four young ladies who looked for him were like they discover the New World. They started to look for Jiang Yi every day like the rest of the family.
  When the Yan clan members saw that the situation was wrong, the number of family children sent daily increased from three to six. It is not difficult to attract attention, because the people who are looking for Jiang Yi are waiting in line…
  “This way, I’m going to die…”
  Jiang Yi wants to die. Every night, he cultivates ten black powers. He has no chance to crack the seal. And he can not increase the strength of the drug because it was all spent on training. And looking at this situation, more and more people are lining up to find him, and he doesnot have enough black Qi to use. force every day. The most important thing is that among the people who are looking for him, there is also a Miss Ma…
  Jiang Yi found Yang Guan but he did not know what to do. He was only a small manager. If any young lady was offended then it is troublesome for him, So he could only let Jiang Yi compromise by increasing his pay to three times higher.
  Half a month later, a special guest entered in the practice room. This is a middle-aged man with a burly body, wearing a dark blue black robes, a big square ear, and a arrogant man. There is a silver earring hanging on his left ear, which looks very weird.
  “Welcome Lord!”
  After the appearance of this middle-aged man, Yang Guan and the guards in the practice room all kneeled down on one knee, and all the sparring hurriedly screamed in unison, and bent like a bow.
  “Tianyu City Wu Dian is the main hall?”
  Jiang Yi’s heart was shocked. He felt the middle-aged man’s momentum is like a mountain, and his breathing became rushed. This is the second strongest person in Tianyu City, second only to Ji Tian and also the strongest in Zifu. The big elders were still behind him.
  The master of the Wu Dian Temple strode in. When he walked near Jiang Yi, he suddenly stopped. A pair of tigers swept over, and the sword browed and asked, “Why are you kneel… why not?”
  After being glanced at by Lord Wu Dian, Jiang Yi felt like a thunder, his body and his soul were trembled. He was suffocated by his mountain-like imposing manner. His legs trembled and he almost couldn’t stand it. Fall down.
  In spite of this, Jiang Yi still gnawed his teeth and screamed a few words: “My grandfather said… Men have gold under their knees, they can only kneel for their parents!”
  The lord of the Wu Dian had a heavy glimpse but did not say anything. He regained his gaze and momentum and walked straight into a small room inside. Yang Guan hurriedly stood up and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Some blame looked at Jiang Yi and hurried went into the small room.
  Jiang Yi spit out a long breath, and almost fell over the ground. He found that his back was all wet. He secretly felt that the strong peak of the Zifujing was so powerful. If the Wu Dian wants mainly to kill him, he was afraid that he could directly press by the momentum. Kill him? In the past, the elders had always been kind to him, and he never let out his momentum. He still refused to take it for granted. At this moment, he was deeply aware of the strength of these powerful people.
  In the small secret room, Yang Guan immediately opened the array, and played the image of Jiang Yi and other people’s battles, while whispering in the side.
  After the Lord Wu Dian Temple came in, he sat in the dragon chair and said nothing. He stared at the image on the wall with a burning gaze. After watching an hour, he waved his hand: “Okay, that is more than enough!”
  Yang Guan quickly walked over the wall and use Yuanli(Qi), and took a picture of the organs on the wall. He turned his head and smiled and said: “The lord, according to the judgment of Fei and I, that whoever Jiang Yi spar his mastery of martial arts skill became faster. Progress, I have been studying him for a long time, I don’t know where the reason is, can you find out the lord?”
  The master of Wu Dian Dian shook his head, and the silver round earrings on his left ear swayed, giving a crisp sound. He sneered: “Jiang Yunshan is an idiot, don’t know if he is alive or dead. If he was discovered five years ago. If you train him a little, the Jiang family will definitely have one more Zifujing cultivator, and even the first sacred strongman in Tianyu City may be born. Jiang Yunhai is missing, and Jiang’s family seems to be ruined be the idiot Jiang Yunshan.”
  “Jiang Yunshan, the spirit of the earth?”
  Yang Guan is full of mistakes, and Jiang Yi is a child of Jiang’s family. Yang’s management has long been seen. The phantom fist, the psychedelic step, the entangled silk hand, these martial arts are used by the Jiang clan, how can Yang Guan not see it? He was shocked by the latter. He was the first time he heard about the spirit of the land. He asked the question now: “The lord, what is the spirit of the earth? The fire spirit, the water body I heard Over.”
  Wu Dian master paused, and explained: “There are many natural spirits in this world, such as the fire spirits that are naturally tempered by the fire system, such as the water spirit body, the wood spirit body, the gold spirit Body, etc. These spirits are universal and known to the world, and there are three kinds of spirits that are very rare, that is, the spirit of the earth, the spirit of heaven, the spirit of God!”
  “These three spirits are naturally compatible with the world, and the cultivation is natural. It is very against the sky! For the lowest level of the spirit of the earth, this kind of spiritual body feels that the heavenly road pattern is much faster than others, and there is almost no bottleneck when breaking through the realm. They feel that martial arts are especially fast, and… when they use their own martial arts, they can bring a trace of heaven and earth, so that the people who fight against him can speed up their understanding of martial arts. You should know that all the martial arts in this world are Derived from the pattern of heaven and earth, you said that the people who fight against this kid are silent in the heavenly road, how can the speed of martial arts be slow?”
  “Dao pattern! This…”
  Yang Guan’s body trembled and his face was shocked. He realized that Tiandao was a distant thing for him, and even for the sacred warriors, he did not expect that the Jiang Clan’s children in the district’s homes would show their martial arts. Bring a trace of heaven and earth?
  “Hey, what’s so fussing? We have a lot of spirits in the martial arts hall, and there are many spirits in the sky. And this spirit is obviously abolished, and now it is only three times. .”
  The martial arts hall master stunned Yang Guanshi, Shen Sheng said: “Forget to tell you a little, these three spirits with the improvement of the realm, the more spiritual Qi needed, so if someone train this kid future he not become someone powerful because it needs enormous amount of resources for his cultivation”
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