My fury will burn the heavens ch 29

Chapter 29: Skill Book selection
  The lord of the martial arts hall has turned around. It is a complete broke Yang Guanwu and Fei Lao’s thoughts on cultivating Jiang Yi. However, it is certain that Jiang Yi does have a magical ability to help the cultivator to quickly improve martial arts proficiency.
  After Yang’s manager asked for the old man, Wu Dian made a decision to name Jiang Yi as the top-level Gold sparring, and at the same time informed the entire Wu Dian. The wolf was only trained to practice three matches a day, and each training session needed Two purple gold.
  As soon as this notice came out, all the ladies and warriors in the entire Wu Dian Temple were in a state of utter disappointment. They did not pay attention to Jiang Yi’s warriors. All of them began to inquire. What is the sacredness of this sparring? Can you be the best sparring? Do you still need such a high cost?
  They knew that Jiang Yi was absolutely impossible to come to his clan. Even if he was not bought by Wu Dian, he would be valued by Jiang. However, during this time, many of the children of his clan spar with Jiang Yi and more or less have gained. The Clan is also earned.
  After Jiang Yi learned about this, his first thought was over. This notice shows that although every price is as high as 2 purple gold but still there will be countless male ladies looking for him to fight. The top family is never short on money. As long as there are a few battles, anyone can see that he is a child of Jiang’s clan. His identity will soon be exposed. Doesn’t he say that the Ma family will try to get rid of it? He, even if it is run back to Jiang clan, it will be extremely troublesome, and maybe he will be severely punished…
  Jiang Yi found Yang Guan, and Yang Guan did not conceal it. He clearly told him that he was the spirit of the earth and could quickly help people with martial arts. After he heard the news, he was not happy at all but was very suspicious.
  He guessed that he was definitely not a shit, and that his cultivation was so slow because of the ghost seal. He can have such abnormal reaction ability, and it is not the reason of the spirit but the black power can make his vision become extremely horrible, and he can make a quick move with his martial art skill. It is also probably because of this black yuan. The reason for the force.
  But this thing can’t be explained at all, and he won’t tell Yang about it. In the end, he thought of a way to take a leave of absence for five days, then he went to Yang to ask for help and wanted to learn several martial arts in Wu Dian.
  Learning new martial arts can’t hide his identity for too long, but at the moment he can only drag it for a while. Just give him some time, wait for him to practice to 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, even if the Ma family is looking for trouble, he also has some self-protection.
  Originally, when this notice came out, there would definitely be a lot of people looking for Jiang Yi to practice. However, since Jiang Yi spoke, Yang Guan also expected him to make money, and he was not good at his face. He took a token from his arms and handed it to Jiang Yidao. : “It is Gold tokken to study martial arts in Wu Dian, but you are now Gold sparring. I can give you a privilege. You go to the library to find white things and learn three kinds of martial arts. This is my token. Give you a five-day holiday, and you must be on the stage after five days.”
  “Thank you Yang Guan.”
  Jiang Yi arched his hand and walked out of the practice room. Under the guidance of the guards, he entered a partial hall from another corridor. He came to the martial arts hall for so long. He was the first time to walk into the rest of the temple.
  Wu Dian is a very magical existence. No one knows who established it and when it was established. The people of Wu Dian have always been very low-key. As long as they don’t provoke the Wu Dian, they never take the initiative to find things, and they do not participate in the disputes between the six countries.
  Wu Dian only serves the warriors. There is a gathering of spirits in each martial temple. The cultivation in it can be accelerated. There are massive martial arts, gods, medicinal herbs, and other treasures. There are gravity rooms here, there are sparring, government rooms and other places where the auxiliary military personnel can enhance their strength. As long as there is purple gold, Here is the paradise of the warriors.
  Of course, in the Wu Dian, you can make money as long as you have the strength. You can accept various tasks here, such as hunting monsters, looking for precious herbs, such as accepting assassination missions. After making money here, you can use this money to continue to improve your strength in Wu Dian, and then take on more advanced tasks…
  Wu Dian has created a lot of strong people. The Wu Dian is very important to the cultivator. The overall strength of the entire continent without the Wu Dian is reduced by 20%, and the number of the Tianxing continent warriors is numerous. So many warriors have created by the Wu Dian, making it a The innocent king of the mainland business.
  “The wolf sees the white Old man! I am Yang Guan…”
  There is no guard in the temple, only one middle-aged manager. Who is looking at an ancient book. Jiang Yi took out the token and repeated Yang’s words. The manager curiously swept Jiang Yi and pointed his finger at a room in the hall. “You go inside and pick three Skills.!”
  Jiang Yi, this manager does not send people to follow him? Let yourself watch it inside? His memory is very perverted, and he can never forgets it. He is free to select anyone….
  It was only this matter that he looked down and read the book. He ignored him. Jiang Yi could only open the door and walked in. The wall was hung with a few night pearls. The light was very full. At a glance, Jiang Yi’s eyes were spent. There are three large bookcases inside, there are hundreds of them, and they are full of skills.
  “The Wu Dian is really powerful!”
  Jiang Yi secretly felt, and at the same time, his heart was excited. He quickly went to the bookcase and picked up a skill sheet to check it out.
  “Dragon eagle claws? Human level middle class martial art, this martial arts trains the hands such as talons, can easily crack the mountain stone … ??”
  Jiang Yi quickly glanced at the short record on the cover of the cheats. When he just wanted to look through the back, he found that he could not open it. He pulled his hands hard, but the secret technique was firmly glued together and did not move.
  “It’s no wonder that this management is so reassuring that I can come in. The feeling is that this skill can’t be watched…”
  Jiang Yi took the skill book next to him and found that he couldn’t open it and suddenly realized it. There is obviously a magical ban on this skill book, and it can’t be watched without cracking. He is guilty. How can he judge which martial arts is right for himself with some simple information on the short record?
  “Forget it, just look for three! Let’s find the best one! For footwork, one for attack, one for defense!”
  Since he couldn’t open any skill book, Jiang Yi could only take a chance. He quickly looked around the bookcase, and all the martial arts of the Human level were ignored. After spending a whole morning, Jiang Yi almost finished reading all the skill summary, and then selected three cheats in hundreds of personal skill.
  “The extreme step, the martial arts on the human level, can increase the speed by three times in a short time when running martial arts. The shortcomings are extremely consuming, and the speed of blessing can only be doubled, and it is extremely laborious…”
  “Galuo’s hand, the martial arts on the human level, the martial arts type of the Sanshou type! Applicable to the powerful warriors of the reaction speed, extremely laborious…”
  “Cracking Mountain Boxing, the martial arts on the human level, attacking the type of martial arts, gradually increasing the power of the military according to the realm…”
  The three kinds of martial arts seem to be extremely tyrannical, especially the Garro hand is born naturally for Jiang Yi, and the split mountain fist is even more abnormal, but Jiang Yi has no way to view the cheats, not sure how much power this cracked mountain punch can increase. The extreme steps are also much stronger than his original psychedelic steps.
  Jiang Yi once again looked around and determined that there was no more suitable for himself than these three martial arts. He turned and was ready to leave.
  “Hey? Is this actually an original?”
  After a few steps, in a corner of a bookcase, Jiang Yi saw a skill of yellowing. The skill here are very new. At first glance, they are all copied and found an original one. He put down three cheats, took out the skill book and checked it out, but he quickly disappointed.
  This is indeed the original skill, the name is Explosive Yuan, the grade is still the middle grade, but unfortunately this skill is incomplete, so Wu Dian name it to the human level martial arts, and not copy directly put the original one.
  “The martial arts of the earth level! We have only one martial art in Jiang’s family. It’s a pity… it’s a broken one. But if it is not broken, I have no chance to see it!”
  Jiang Yi regretfully put the Skill book back. This skill book also has handwritten notes. This skill is indeed overbearing. It can compress Yuanli three times and release it from the palm of your hand to explode the enemy. The power is tripled! It’s a pity that there are a few pages missing, and it’s hard to cultivate. Moreover, this martial arts is extremely costly even if it is cultivated. Jiang Yi’s point is that it will be consumed once or twice, and it will not be meaningful to him.
  After two steps, Jiang Yi’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and he forgot one thing!
  He has more than blue Qi in Dantian, and he has magical black power. After the integration of the black and blue forces, the power can be greatly increased. If it is released, how powerful will it be?
  “My blue power originally combined with the power of black power has increased two or three times. If it is released with the explosion of the palm, isn’t it tripled? Is it the original six or seven times? In other words…if I To reach the 4th – 5th level of Qi Condensation stage, the release of this blasting palm is easy to kill an top cultivator, and may even kill the purple level cultivator?”
  Thinking of this, Jiang Yi’s whole people are shuddering, even if his power can only be released once or twice, but this is a life-saving trick.
  Jiang Yi took a moment to resolutely decide to practice this blasting palm. If this secret recipe is not completed, he just wastes an opportunity. If he is lucky enough to cultivate, he has a powerful stunt that saves his life.
  In the end, he reluctantly put down the cracked mountain skill, took three skill and walked out of the room, gently placed in front of the white old man, and respectfully said: “Grandpa, I picked it!”
  The Old man put down his book, and the hands slowly came out of the force to wrap around the three skills. Soon the three skill flashed white. He glanced at him and nodded. “Good, very insightful, this footstep technique is very good.” The body of the law, this Jia Luo hand is also good, ah? Explosive Yuanzhang! Wolf you are sure to choose this? You can only have three free opportunities, if you want to learn martial arts in the future, you can need 200 purple gold. I am clear I tell you that there are dozens of people who have practiced this explosion, but no one has succeeded in cultivation…”
  “Dozens of people?”
  Jiang Yi a glimpse, but thought that this blasting palm combined with the black power can produce the power of horror, he gritted his teeth and said: “I want to try!”
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