My fury will burn the heavens ch 30

Chapter 30 Dangerous Girl
  After Wu Ding’s notice, it naturally attracted the attention of the top five young ladies of the clan’s. When the news came to the practice room to find Yang Guan, he was told that the wolf was in the process of cultivating, and he was able to train after five days.
  The children of the Yan Clan adhered to their agreement that they will not leak the identity of Jiang Yi but the other ladies who had played against Jiang Yi had quickly spread the news that Jiang Yi could help their skill to directly improve towards Dacheng level. The retreat of Jiang Yi not only did not weaken everyone’s curiosity about him, but also became more interested.
  The children of the families returned this news to the clan, which immediately caught the attention of the top leaders of the clan’s. However, they did not dare to pay attention to Jiang Yi. Who would dare to come to the Wu Dian? The high-level members of the family immediately ordered the genius children who had been training in the martial arts hall that as long as they determined that the martial arts skills were improving, don’t be afraid to spend money and find Jiang Yi to spar one by one, and strive to further enhance their strength before the enrollment of Lingwushan and Zhenxijun.
  So Jiang Yi immediately became hot news, although he took five days retreat but the number of people who signed up, have the queue to reached more than 20 people, and Yang’s old man is always smiling. He knew that the Beast Mountain College and the town’s Western Army coming to enroll students. The appearance of Jiang Yi will definitely make Wu Dian make a big profit in these few months….
  Jiang Yi knew nothing about the outside situation, but if he knew it, he would definitely want to die. At this moment, he closed his small room where he lived. In only five days, he must master the extreme steps and the hand of Galois to the point of Dacheng, at least to the proficient level.
  The white Old man allowed Jiang Yi to bring back three Skill books. He was not afraid of Jiang Yi running with this skills. In this world, few people dare to offend the martial arts hall, let alone the power of the small warriors such as Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi’s understanding needless to say. In just two days he cultivated the extreme steps and Galo’s hand. As for the exploding Qi, he didn’t have time to learn. He could only memorize it. All the words on the Skill book.
  What makes him depressed and vomiting blood is that this explosion of the Qi really has two pages, or separated, and there is still a page that is only half, although it probably means he can understand, but the most critical force compression technique is just incomplete. It is no wonder that dozens of people in the Wu Dian have tried to cultivate but in the end no one has succeeded in cultivation.
  Five days later, Jiang Yi appeared on time, a black inferior gown, a horrible wolf mask, his weak body seems to be able to fly with a single punch, the strength is only 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage? This makes the cold lady who heard the news become disappointed.
  The name of the cold is very small, and the appearance is very rough. The body is taller and more powerful than Jiang Yi. He wears a very ordinary black robes, and his long hair is arbitrarily set up with a golden knife on his shoulder. Not like a big family lady, it is like a beggar…
  “Whose turn is first? Change with me!”
  She strode forward, her voice was like a red signal, and the boy who is in front of her, saw her and all his bodies shrank and gave her a way. The two young ladies of Tianyu City are famous for their behaviour. One is as beautiful as fairy and enchanting Ji Tianyu, and other is the Miss Leng who is more violent than the men.
  This young lady is a dangerous, ranking second in strength among the top ten geniuses, second only to Ji Tingyu, the character is impulsive and violent.
  “I, it is me! Miss Leng, if you want to change with my position, please feel free!!” A Liu clan’s children looked at cold and immediately changed their face and nodded.
  Miss cold is very satisfied, his eyes swept to Jiang Yi, and a long knife in her hand pointed to him in the air: “Wolf, come in and spar with me, I would like to see what qualifications you have to become the top gold sparring trainer… …”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes narrowed, Looking at Yang Guan, this awkward young lady does not have to inquire. She knows that his strength is definitely more than that of 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage. Looking at the people so fearful, it is very likely that she is one of the top ten geniuses. Still carrying a big knife, you can cut me off with a knife…
  Yang Guanwu did not say anything special. He walked over and said a few words in front of the cold, the lady nodded the golden sword in her hand handed it to Yang Guanwu, and walked alone into a practice room.
  Yang Guanzhi came over and said to Jiang Yi’s in low voice: “Wolf goes in, the strength of Miss Leng surpass you but you can rest assured that no one in this martial hall dares to kill.”
  Jiang Yi walks into the practice room, the door just closed, but he saw the sly lady inside… actually began to undress!
  He was so scared that he almost piss in his pants, the lady who was about to fight on the door but now started undressing. He secretly thought that the lady would not want to spar.
  Cold contempt, she took off the robe, revealing a tight-fitting warrior gown inside, she moved her body to relax, and the twin peaks on her chest immediately start vibrating, and Jiang Yi quickly removed her eyes.
  She sneaked her robes and looked at Jiang Yidao indifferently: “What are you doing? Come here. This lady gives Yang Guanzi face and only use half the strength. If you can’t win me with this strength, I promise you to beat you like dog!”
  The first time Jiang Yi saw such blant woman, she was very straight forward, but he could only mobilize a black power to the eyes for the first time, concentrate on locking cold and pay attention to her every move.
  Miss Leng pushed her legs on the ground, her tall and mighty body rushed like a tiger, she came straight, her left fist straight, the fist shadow The air was a bit stagnation and it looked very awkward.
  Jiang Yi’s vision was abnormal, and he naturally did not have a bit of awkwardness but was secretly scared. He can clearly see that the fist in the air is completely illusory, the cold fist has quickly come to him, but in only two blinks it has reached his face from three feet away and the shadow of the fist is still 3 feet away…
  “Extreme step!”
  He quickly turned his legs and stepped back to the side with a strange footwork. He only practice till the proficient level but the movement and speed were almost the same as his fascinating steps.
  “Extreme steps?”
  Miss faintly glanced at Jiang Yi’s retired figure and sneered, his foot actually slid toward the front with the same footwork as Jiang Yi, and the speed was obviously a bit faster than Jiang Yi.
  “This girl will also…”
  Jiang Yi is very speechless. The strength of Miss Leng is much stronger than that of him. Even if she suppresses half of her strength, he will never escape if he does not use black power.
  “Garo hand!”
  There is no escape, the Miss Leng body has burst out, and her fist is still stagnant in the air, and the real fist shadow once again come to face him. As he stepped back, he made a strange gesture in his hands and drew a semi-circle in the void, then wrapped his palms around the Miss fist.
  A dull voice sounded, Jiang Yi’s palm was shaken out, and the whole person was shaken back seven or eight steps, but obviously there was no major event.
  The punch that she has just had used have such a powerful force but it is like stop by the water layer, which makes her a little depressed vomiting blood. Soon she scream: You try to use this type famine move on me, can you pick me up?”
  Said, the Miss body was shot like a cannonball towards Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi quickly retired and secretly complained, five days of hard work and hard training, With his amazing understanding he understand this Gallo hand only at the entry level, Just this punch seems done nothing to her.
  “Garo hand!”
  But what can he do in the face of such an opponent? Only desperately resist. This person is Miss Leng Jia, her strength is so strong. So she is definately one of the top ten genius and naturally he do not dare to use Jiang clan’s martial arts.
  An’s burly body rushed again and again, and Jiang Yi’s body retreated once and for all. Every time he was shaken back a minute, only half a column of incense time, he has taken a An nearly hundred punches, both hands was almost dislocated, and he trembled a little, and An was addictive to this, and she didn’t stop for a while…
  Jiang Yi took a breath of cold air, and his eyes were all painful. He looked at the other’s fist broke through the air again. He knew that his hands are very painful. He still didn’t fight back.
  “Black power!”
  As soon as he gathered a black power to the palm of his hand, when the other party came again, his palms wrapped a strange arc in the air to entangle the other’s fist, and then suddenly pushed.
  Jiang Yi did not accidentally be shaken back by more than ten steps and An burly body was actually shaken back and only after full seven or eight steps she was able to control herself.
  She was shocked and soon she became angry. She was attacked by Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi licks his red and swollen hands, constantly sucking the air, and his heart is very satisfied with this Galos hand. This is only on the entry level and it can withstand the attack of this cold Miss, if it reached Dacheng, he can easily fight with her. This Galuo hand relies on the softness to absorb the damage or strength of the attack.
  “Ha ha ha!”
  In the middle of Jiang Yi’s thinking, the cold girl opposite to him suddenly opened her eyes and laughed.
  In the big laugh, she burst into the air and punched it out. The fist was completely stagnation in the air, giving the impression that it stopped just a few feet away. However, Jiang Yi was scared to tremble, because he could clearly see that the other’s fist had broken through, and the speed was twice as fast as before. It is obvious that Miss Wu’s martial arts had made great progress…
  At such a fast speed, Jiang Yi’s hands were already hurt and could not be resisted. He could only gnash his teeth and shouted: “Wait, Miss Leng!”
  Answering him is a heavy fist lying on his chest, flying his body straight out a few feet away…
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