My fury will burn the heavens ch 31

Chapter 31: 4th level of Qi Condensation stage!!!
  Jiang Yi’s body was heavily hit on the ground, and the back of the head was in close contact with the ground, but he obviously felt that the miss fist held back some of the fist force, otherwise the bones would be shattered.
  “Ha ha! Sister’s dragon elephant fist has finally become Dacheng, this 2 purple gold are really worth. Wolf kid, you are really too powerful…”
  Jiang Yi just stood up and was stunned by her words. Jiang Yi’s body slammed flew out like a kite.
  He just climbed up and saw the Miss is rushing towards him to attack. He quickly yelled: “Since I helped you with martial arts, why do you want to beat me?”
  “Haha, wolf, I can’t help it!”
  Miss is laughing and her fists flew like a meteor, and the sound of the loud bell sounded again: “When I am angry, I like to beat people. When I am happy, I also like to beat people! You will have to bear it first. !”
  “Insane woman!”
  Jiang Yi snorted and saw this cold fist come again. He hurriedly shouted: “Wait, Miss, I have just studied for a few days in the martial arts. You have to wait a few more days. ?”
  “Just a few days? Are you sure you can win me?” Leng Yu’s fist stopped in the air and saw Jiang Yi’s unyielding gaze. She took back her fist and said, “Well, I will wait for you for a few days! Only when you win, I can recognize you.”
  Jiang Yi stood up and licked the chest that was faintly painful. He nodded: “In a word, but when you have to suppress the strength as you do now, your realm is much higher than me…”
  Cold grined with a pair of heartless look, she suddenly came over and took her robe and walked away. While walking, she smiled and said: “Go, boy, sister is happy today. I will drink today to my heart content. Oh, this time, the Beast Mountain College enrollment, I have to look at Tingyu, how does that fox win before me?”
  “This big lady can’t be named in the same way as Ji Tingyu, her temper is too hot!” Jiang Yi secretly sighed, but could only refuse: “I have to continue to train, do you think I am like you? Missy, I am a just little sparring trainer.”
  “This way, OK, then I will look for you again.”
  She walked outside, and put hand on the shoulder of Yang Guan, who stood at the door, and laughed loudly: “Old Yang, this is a good Practice. Two purple gold really worth.”
  The Miss words made the ladies waiting outside, immediately became excited. She indirectly affirmed that Jiang Yi really has the ability to help people with martial art skills. There are more people signing up for the queue.
  Jiang Yi only take a little break after this fight but fortunately, the next two fighter are not that powerful so he managed that easily.
  After three fight, Yang Guan took a break with Jiang Yi and refused the futher fight of the later warriors, so Jiang Yi returned to his room to rest and practice. Yang Guanzhi still understands, Jiang Yi is not worth if he is injured and exhausted, and so three times a day, those ladies will look forward to more.
  Jiang Yi was relaxed. He has to play three games a day. He had enough time to practice and rest. If he played against a dozen games every day, he was afraid that he would be alive and exhausted.
  In the next few days, Jiang Yi sparred in the morning with three people, and in the afternoon and evening, he continued to practice for a while, and the days were comfortable. In every battle, he never used the martial arts of Jiang clan. He relied on the extreme steps and the hand of Galois. No one of the top ten geniuses appeared. Jiangyi can easily respond others with his current strength.
  What makes Jiang Yi somewhat depressed is that among the people who have been sparring in these days, there are Ma Clan and Jiang Clan children. After learning that a strange person in Wu Dian that can assist the cultivators in the martial art proficiency, each family has sent several outstanding geniuses. When Jiang Yi and Jiang clan’s children were spar, Jiang Yi is very unnatural during the war. He always worried about being recognized by the other side.
  However, Jiang Yi’s fears are obviously superfluous. In addition to these children, Jiang’s genius children have never want to see Jiang Yi in the first place. At this moment, he wears a mask and uses the martial arts of the Wu Dian. How can they recognize him? As for the Ma family, unless Ma Fei came, the rest of the people naturally can’t recognize Jiang Yi, Ma Fei DanTian is abolished, how can he come to Wu Dian?
  A few days have passed, and the cold lady who is more violent than any men has not appeared again. I wonder if it is for cultivation. Jiang Yi is happy, but even if Miss Leng, he is not afraid, because… his extreme steps and Galois have all been reached Proficient level.
  “Is it really the reason of the black power?”
  Jiang Yi himself is also very confused. He used to have amazing understanding, but it is not possible to learn skill in a few days. The martial art skill of two people reached Dacheng level in just 10 sparring match. Is he really have the body of spirit of earth? But if it is the spirit of the earth, why did he not feel before?
  The following days were very calm. Jiang Yi played three games a day. The rest of the time was used to crack seals and cultivation. The speed of seal cracking was accelerated, and the speed of cultivation was rising.
  “For half a month, as long as give me another half a month, I will be able to break through the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, and… I can finally go home.”
  When I think of Jiang Xiaonu in my home, Jiang Yi’s mood is getting more and more urgent, and the cultivation time is further lengthened. He only sleep for two hours every day.
  It has been two months since He came to Wu Dian. Jiang Xiaonu has no news from home. Although he knows that Jiang Ruhu and others should not go to her for trouble, he still don’t want to take chances.
  After another ten days, two news came out inside the Wu Dian, causing the entire Tianyu City to oscillate.
  On the same day, two of the top ten geniuses went out and both broke through. Jiang Hanshui and Ji Tingyu also broke through the 9th level of Qi Condensation stage. Ji Tingyu was five months younger than Jiang’s Hanshui, and became the first person to reach that level at such a young age.
  The Ji clan and the Jiang clan members were overjoyed and ordered all the children to return to celebrate the breakthrough of the two. At such a young age, it has broken through the 9th level of Qi Condensation stage, and the two will definately entered the Lingyueshan College without any suspense.
  As one of the three major colleges in the Continent, Ling Beast Hill College does not belong to any vassal state, but the military who can enter the college and successfully stay and graduate, are all valued by the vassal states, and will golden future for them.
  The breakthrough of the two is bad news for the rest of the geniuses, this is a bad news that can’t be worse, because Lingwushan College only recruits five people, and now five places are already fixed. And Miss Leng fighting power is very powerful so she is likely to seize one, in other words, they are so many people to grab the remaining two places…
  Jiang Hanshui and Jiang Rulong, as well as all Jiangjia children returned to the Jiang Family Courtyard, made Jiang Yi a lot easier. What he fears most is Hanshui. The two children have been together for a few years. They have seen it again in the alchemy room last time. Once he fight against Jiang Yi, He is likely to recognize him.
  During this time, Jiang Yi took the time to feel the explosion of the Yuanzhang skill, but because it only have two pages, the key compression skills are gone, even if Jiang Yi feels that the power of this skill is powerful, he can’t learn. He was bent on breaking through the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage and did not have much time to study that skill.
  Five days later, Jiang Yi walked out of his small room, waiting outside for three members who are waiting for him to spar. Yang Guan saw Jiang Yi’s face and smiled. During this time, Jiang Yi made a lot of money for Wu Dian. Jiang Yi looked more and more pleasing to his eye…
  Unexpectedly, Jiang Yi did not go into the practice room and the people to practice today, but confessed to the side of Yang Guanshi: “Manager, I want to take a vacation for two days, I want to go home and see my family.”
  “Well?” Yang Guan brows a pick, swept away in Jiang Yi, and soon he whispered: “Wolf, you broke through the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage?”
  The eyes under the mask of Jiang Yi is full of excitement and joy, constant persuasion, plus Yang Guanwu infinitely providing Ling Shen Dan, as well as black power to increase the power. In a few short months, he has been promoted from the 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage to the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. He finally has some self-protection and can go home.
  “okay then!”
  Although he was extremely unwilling, Yang Guan nodded and said: “It’s good to go back to rest for two days, but since you have reached the top level of Qi Condensation stage, I will not be able to provide the medicinal herbs in the future. It is extremely difficult to upgrade level with the medicinal herbs after this stage. Of course… With the money you earned in the martial arts hall you can purchase the medicinal herbs, and I will give you a discount.”
  In the future, Jiang Yi did not think so far, He was a sealed waste, only in a few months to reach the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, with the black power, the comprehensive combat power at this moment is barely comparable Ten geniuses in the city, what else is he not satisfied?
  Jiang, who missed Ai, said goodbye to Yang Guan, and walked quickly outside the Wu Dian. At the moment of walking out of the martial temple, breathing the fresh air outside, Jiang Yi’s whole people are so refreshing, can’t wait to scream and vent their time.
  Running blue Qi, he rushed forward as if he was electric, because he wore a mask of the wolf, causing many people in the square to look at it.
  Quickly turned into an unmanned alley, Jiang Yi took off the mask, took the original set of black robe from his arms, and brought a cloak. He ran all the way in the alley, and finally arrived at Jiang Clan after a fragrant incense.
  “I finally got home, Ai, the young master is back!”
  Jiang Yi’s body flashed and he shot into the Jiang Clan before the doorway responded. As he approached his small courtyard, he became more and more urgent, and his delicate face was full of excitement.
  The courtyard door was closed, and Jiang Yi pushed it away with a strong push. He strode forward and shouted: “Ai, Ai, young masters are back.”
  The courtyard was quiet and the birds were silent. Jiang Yi’s face changed. He quickly rushed into the back room and turned around in the yard and found that there was no one inside.
  “Ai, Ai, where are you?”
  He hurriedly groaned, and there was an ominous premonition in his heart. His face was distorted and terrible, and he was as horiffing as his wolf mask.
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