My fury will burn the heavens ch 32

Chapter 32: Revenge
  Jiang Yi slammed a dozen or so, and the courtyard was still silent. His face was getting worried, his eyes were flickering, and the body trembled more and more. In this world, he only has one relative i.e Jiang Xiaonu. If she dies, Jiang Yi does not know what he will do.
  “Chunya! Yes, look for Chunya!”
  Jiang Yi suddenly woke up, hurriedly control himself and ran outside, Chunya lived nearby, she must know where Ai went.
  Jiang Yi had just come near her house. In the distance, a black and thin girl in a yard was afraid to walk out. She saw Jiang Yi, who was full of stunned eyes. She was scared and stuttered and said: “Master Jiang Yi, You, you are back.”
  Seeing the Chunya like this, Jiang Yi once again sank. He was stunned when he did not go close: “Chunya, where is my Ai?”
  Chunya trembled again, and after she takes two steps back, she barely smiled: “Jiang Yi, Ai said two days ago… She went to her relative’s home and came back in half a month.”
  Jiang Yi coldly sighed, his body starts running Qi automatically and his momentum was released and cover Chunya all over. He grabbed the Chunya and coldly said: “Chunya, don’t say these useless things, Ai and I are both orphans and have fart relatives? Don’t be afraid… Tell me the truth, I am worried about her, you know?”
  Chunya bowed his head and sank, and his eyes were all tangled. She finally gritted her teeth and said: “You don’t worry, young master, she will come back in half a month.”
  Jiang Yi spits out a long breath, as long as Jiang Xiaonu did not die, he tried to calm down his mood and make his tone as calm as possible: “Where did she go? Chunya, don’t lie to me, tell me everything. You don’t be afraid, I am here for everything, I won’t make you embarrassed.”
  “Master Jiang Yi, don’t ask!”
  Chunya is awkward, it is very difficult to say: “You will wait for half a month, Ai will definitely come back, I promised that she will not have any problem.”
  Seeing the Chunya look like this, Jiang Yi surprisingly calmed down, he sighed and waved: “Oh! Then you go back first, I will wait for half a month.”
  Chunya nodded with a heavyweight and entered into her yard. She stood behind the courtyard and secretly watched Jiang Yi. When he returned to his home, she spits out a sigh of relief and quickly walked toward a room.
  The room is small, full of medicinal smell, a thin body lying on the bed, half of the body is wrapped in gauze, there are faint blood and a small face, a small face half swollen and meaty, the eyes filled with nervousness, seeing the Chunya come in and whispered softly and asked: “Chunya, is my young master gone?”
  “Well…” Chunya patted her chest and spit out the tongue: “Jiang Yi’s young master just scared me, I almost told him the truth. Ai, Why are you so concealing from the young master? If he knows about it, he will be angry.”
  Jiang Xiaonu’s face changed slightly: “How can I not hide it? Can I see the young master in this condition…”
  “What can you not want to tell me?”
  At this moment, a cold voice suddenly interrupted the words of Jiang Xiaonu, the door was pushed open by the overbearing, a black figure comes in, his eyes were cold and the face was angry.
  When he saw Jiang Xiaonu’s body wrapped around with the gauze, her body could not move, the anger on his face disappeared immediately, and he is filled with distress. He stood at the door and looked at Jiang Xiaonu. He took a sigh of relief for a long time and pulled out three words from his teeth: “Who did it?”
  “Young master!” Jiang Xiaonu panicked, and her eyes were scared.
   She knows too much about her family’s young master. He has always loved her since she was a child. Every time she is bullied, he will be fighting desperately for her. Just like the last time she was in Fengyue building.
  She paused and quickly shook her head and said, “Young master, it is an Ai who accidentally falls…”
  “Shut up!”
  Jiang Yi suddenly slammed and directly interrupted Jiang Xiaonu’s words. He turned his head and stared at the Chunya and sipped it: “Chunya, you said!”
  Jiang Yi’s momentum is a bit more powerful than before and the killing intent in his eyes scared her, and the Chunya is afraid to spit out. She hesitated for a long time before she said, “Tiger’s young master and Jiang Bao…. Two days ago, the three of them ran to your house and asked Ai where you went. Ai didn’t tell them, then they start beating her, if not for me, Ai was killed by them. .”
  After listening to the Chunya, Jiang Yi’s face quickly calmed down. He took a piece of gold coin from his arms and threw it to the Chunya: “Chunya, help Ai to find a good doctor and take care of her, I have some work, I will come back later.”
  “Young Master!”
  Jiang Xiaonu’s face changed immediately, and she struggled to sit up and screamed desperately: “Young master, you don’t have to be impulsive, Ai is fine, ssssshhhhh…”
  Jiang Xiaonu’s body swayed, causing her wound to hurt and tears falling away but her eyes kept looking at Jiang Yi and shook her head desperately.
  What makes Jiang Xiaonu desperate is that Jiang Yi turned a deaf ear, turned his face and walk away, without leaving a word.
  “Young master, young master!”
  Jiang Xiaonu kept yelling, Jiang Yi’s footsteps were getting farther and farther. She turned to look at the Chunya and shouted: “Chunya, you are going to stop my young master, he can’t go, he will be killed by them……”
  “Ai, don’t move! I can’t stop Master Jiang Yi, no one can stop him!”
   Chunya shook her head and came over to help Jiang Xiaonu to lie down. She didn’t have panic on her face but her eyes are shining. She looked at the direction of Jiang Yi’s departure and snorted and said: “Ai, don’t worry! I feel that Jiang Yi’s young master is not like before. You don’t know the feeling he gave me just now, just like seeing the Elder…”
  Outside the Jiang Clan punishment hall, there was a dull drum sound, and the deputy elder Jiang Yunshi, who was drinking tea, was almost stunned. There is a gong and drum outside the Punishment hall. The family and children have the power to ring the drums. The Jiang family rules stipulate that any person must be accepted after the drums are heard. However, the Clan rules are clan rules. The children of Jiang’s clan never wants to come near the punishment court because of fear.
  The Punishment court comes under the elder Jiang Yunhai. After the elder disappeared, clan appointed Jiang Yunshi as the deputy elder, who was in charge of all matters of the punishment court. Therefore, although Jiang Yunshi is a deputy, he is extremely powerful in Jiang clan.
  At the moment, his face, which was hailed by the Jiang clan as “the face of the king”, was angry. He hurried out of the front hall and yelled at a Jiang clan guard: “Which useless pig ringing the drums outside, bring him to me.”
  The drummer was quickly brought in. Jiang Yunshi was very familiar with him. In violent anger, he shouted: “What are you doing? The family opened a celebration feast yesterday, why you come here to disturb me? If the matter is not serious, I will break your leg!”
  “Jiang Yi met with the deputy elder of the punishment court!”
  Jiang Yi entered the prison hall where the Jiang clan children are afraid to enter like it is a tiger’s Den. His face was still very calm. He said after the ceremony at Jiang Yunshi: “I naturally have the reason, I want to tell that Jiang Ruhu and his two friends beat my maid, Jiang Xiaonu, for no reason, causing her to be seriously injured. I asked the court to punish them.”
  When he heard Jiang Yi’s ceremony who called him “deputy elders”. The four guards in the prison hall were very awkward, and some looked at Jiang Yi poorly. Jiang Yunshi is indeed a deputy elder, but whoever comes to the punishment court does not dare to directly call him that. This child is so ignorant but also come to complain about the son of the general manager. Isn’t he just come to find his death, is he so impatient?
  Sure enough, Jiang Yi’s words have not finished, Jiang Yunshi’s face has become gloomy, and the table at the front of him shot: “For little slave girl you dare to drumming the drum, Is she worthy of this? Jiang Ruhu, are the three people have problems with their brains? If there is no problem, how can they beat your maid for no reason? You will have provoked them before, so they came to provoke you? Immediately roll back from here and don’t rune my mood or I will severely punish you for this reason, hehe!”
  “Sure enough…”
  Jiang Yi sneered and said nothing, and he walked toward the outside. This Jiang Yunshi is the younger brother of Jiang Yunshan, the master of the clan, and the general manager Jiang Yunshen is the cousin of Jiang Yunshi. They have the exclusive power of the Jiang clan in their hand. Some people want to punish the son of Jiang Yunshen, so Jiang Yunshi naturally protects him.
  Jiang Yi did not think about relying on the punishment court. He just wanted to let the punishment court know that he is not easy to bully…
  After leaving the punishment hall, he went straight to the backyard of Jiang clan and gone outside a grand house: “Jiang Ruhu.”
  The door of the house was quickly opened. An old slave looked at Jiang Yi and said, “Who are you? The tiger master went to the martial arts hall. You go to the martial arts hall to find him.”
  Jiang Yi nodded and could only turn back to the family middle court. After the half a minute, he found the place where the clan’s children practised.
  “The martial arts hall, it has been seven or eight years?”
  Looking at the magnificent theatre of the martial arts, Jiang Yi’s mouth showed a hint of ridicule, striding toward the main hall, gently pushing the door open, and the eyes were swept away like electricity.
  There is a large area inside of the Yanwu Hall. There are forty or fifty Jiang clan children who are practising martial arts. Jiang Yi suddenly came to cause a group of people to look at him. After seeing the face of Jiang Yi, more than 20 people suddenly became angry. At a glance, they are all excited.
  Jiang Yi finally appeared!
  “Ruying, go call my brother!”
  Jiang Ruhu, who was sitting lazily in a corner, was shocked. He lowered his voice and quickly said that Jiang Ruying, next to him, let him walk from the side door. He walked with a group of people toward Jiangyi, and he sneered at him: Jiang Yi, what are you doing here? Is this where you can come?”
  Jiang Yi’s gaze was swept around, confirming that no family strongman was inside. He smiled and looked around. His eyes locked Jiang Ruhu and said softly: “This place is really not for me. If you are here, I really have to come…”
  After he finished, he strode inward and closed the door. Everyone face sank: “Everyone listens to me, today I only want Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Bao and Jiang Song. The rest of the people just where you are otherwise … the consequences are conceited.”
  The entire Yanwu Hall was in turmoil. Many Jiang clan children thought they heard wrong. At this moment, there are at least a dozen children who have been in the hall of the four or five places. Is this Jiang Yi mad? Moreover, this martial arts hall is the Jiang family’s heavy land. Jiang Yi dared to fight here. Is he have the guts to challenge the punishment court?
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