My fury will burn the heavens ch 33

Chapter 33 Waste
  There are many Jiang clan children, and there are more than 20 direct belongs to Jiang clan. There are hundreds of other subordinates like Jiang Ruhu, but the true outstanding genius children will definitely not appear in the practice hall.
  Recently, Lingwushan and the town’s western military enrollment are coming nearby. Jiang Yunshan personally ordered the children who had barely got any talent to practice. Either to cultivate Yuanli(Qi) or to hone their martial arts. At this moment, the children in the Practice Hall are obviously not very talented, and the realm is low. They can not break through the next level, so can only hone martial art skill.
  Although the children in the practice Hall are not top-notch, any of their status is higher than Jiang Yi. In particular, the two are similar to Jiang Hanshui, the same handsome and incomparable children, one of them is Jiang Hushui, the brother of Jiang Hanshui, and the other is Jiang Ruwo, the son of Jiang Yunshi, the deputy elder of the punishment court.
  After Jiang Yi came in with such a maddening discourse clearly angered the two people but Jiang Yi named the trouble of Jiang Ruhu. The two people were very deep, and they were not very good terms with each other. They didn’t talk, they looked at Jiang Ruhu, waiting for some entertainment.
  The two guys are very stable. The temper of a subordinate brother of Jiang Ruhu is very hot. Not waiting for Jiang Ruhu to open his mouth, he pointed his finger at Jiang Yi’s nose and said: “What are you doing? Beat him!”
  Jiang Yi Yuanli (Qi) was insanely running, and his body flashed in front of this person. He lifted his hand and slapped like lightning. He swept on his face before the other party responded. The man immediately flew out a few feet and slammed on the ground.
  “The power of 4th level of Qi Condensation stage!”
  Jiang Hushui and Jiang Ruwo were slightly surprised. They know the face of Jiang Yi, they know that when he was young, Jiang Yi’s understanding of martial art was amazing, and even Jiang’s Hanshui can’t compare. As a peer, he was somewhat impressed. The two clearly remember that Jiang Yi Dantian was sealed, and it seems that last year he was only at 1st level of Qi Condensation stage. Why his strength increased so fast?
  Jiang Ruhu’s group of people were all scared. In Xishan more than two months ago, Jiang Yi was the only at 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage. In such a short time, did he swallow the heavenly medicine? He thought that more than two months ago, Jiang Yi was like a child in front of him if he have not underestimated him at that time. Jiang Ruhu stepped back two steps.
  “I said that as long as Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Bao and Jiang Song’s are here and you don’t interept us, I will not accidentally injured you, please understand this!” Jiang Yi did not bring a hint of emotional fluctuations, so many Jiang Clan children automatically step back a few steps, Jiang Yi dare attack in the martial arts hall, it is obvious that it has already been mad, and it is not worth fighting with a madman.
  Jiang Song saw that the situation was not right. He turned to the side door and run outside, he will be safe. Jiang Hushui and Jiang Ruwo are not going to help them in the first place. Jiang Ruhu can’t count on his strength. As long as he ran out and shouted, Jiang Yi had already shot and wounded, and he would certainly be convicted by the punishment hall.
  However, a figure is faster than him. Jiang Song feels that a fierce killing intent behind him suddenly turns back, but he sees a leg slamming down from the air. In a panic he can only scream: “Tiger Brother, save me!” At the same time, he run Qi to attempt to resist.
  “Crack Crack Crack!”
  The sound of a broken bone sounded, and Jiang Yi’s leg was full of strength. Without a little bit of affection, Jiang Song’s two-hands are broken, and he was also thrown out.
  Jiang Yi’s foot just landed, and his body suddenly leaped on the ground. He lifted his leg and squatted against Jiang Song’s leg.
  “Jiang Yi, are you crazy?”
  “Jiang Yi stop!”
  As the Clans’s young master, Jiang Hushui had to make a sound, otherwise Jiang Song’s one leg bones will be broken, and he is likely to become disabled. Jiang Ruwo’s is the son of the deputy elder of the punishment court.
   In the past, he often used the punishment court to suppress the clan’s children, and now it is not easy to be silent in front of so many people.
   “Crack Crack!”
  The answer to the two was a crisp crack of the bones and Jiang Song’s terrible scream. Jiang Yi did not seem to hear the sound of the two guys. After breaking a leg of Jiang Song, he lifted up his leg and smashed against the other leg of Jiang Song, and the other leg was also abolished. He expressionlessly turned around and looked at Jiang Hushui and said: “There is a hidden family rule in Jiang’s clan. It is not a family disaster. Jiang Ruhu, they have hatred with me, they want to kill me! But why should you bully me? My little maid who has no cultivation? Don’t say about your dad today, even if the king is coming, I will also abolish these three.”
  After that, Jiang Yi’s eyes suddenly swept toward the Jiang Ruhu and the body rushed toward him like lightning. The body was full of killing intent and the blood of Jiang Song both legs has came to his robe and he seems to be as terrifying as a god.
  “Jiang Yi, still dare to hurt people, no one can save you today!”
  “That is, Jiang Yi, dare to do it, don’t blame us for attacking!”
  Jiang Gushui and Jiang Ruwo burst their Qi. Jiang Ruhu’s body was quickly rushing toward the two. Jiang Ruying had already asked his brother Jiang Rulong. As long as Jiang Rulong comes, Jiang Yi has only one dead end. Jiang Yi is very wicked today. Even if he kills him by mistake, it is not a big sin. At most, he has little bit punishment…
  Jiang Yi ignored the threat of Jiang Gushui and quickly caught up with the Jiang Bao. He did not use martial arts to single-handedly slammed it. For Jiang Bao, a 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage warrior, it was too easy to kill him.
  Jiang Bao escaped a few steps, and there was a huge force coming from the back. He squirted a blood and swooped forward. He refused to take pain in his body and shouted in horror: “Gushui and Ruwa Brother, You still don’t shoot? If you won’t be attack and I will be killed by him.”
  Jiang Gushui still did not move, Jiang Bao and other small characters were injured and hurt, it’s nothing to do with him. On the contrary, this will increase Jiang Yi’s crimes. They will say just as happened, but their faces are getting more and more ugly.
  Jiang Bao’s two legs were broken by Jiang Yi. After his eyes locked on Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Gushui finally couldn’t help himself. The body Qi was running wildly, and the momentum was rising. Jiang Gushui burst up: “Jiang Yi, finally give you a chance, now stop, wait for the punishment of the court, otherwise don’t blame us two to attack!”
  Both of them are 5th level of Qi Condensation stage. In their view, although Jiang Yi’s strength has improved, he is not enough. The two did not shoot at first, but just did not want to get into the problem of Jiang Ruhu but how can they watch Jiang Ruhu interrupt their legs at this moment?
  “Jiang Ruhu today must be abolished, who dares to stop me, attack me at your own risk!”
  Jiang Yi’s expressionless step by step toward the crowd, his eyes are cold, at this moment his black robes were splashed with blood, and one hand was also dyed red, plus his killing intent, don’t give people courage to think.
  “Swishhh! Jiang Yi is a murderer in public. After I persuaded, he still insisted on his own way. Everyone listened to the order and kill Jiang Yi together!”
  Jiang Gushui cold voice sounded and he rushed toward Jiang Yi. The three young masters of the clan all attacked, and the rest of the people naturally did not dare to sit back and ignore. Although Jiang Yi seems to be a bit horrible, can he be an opponent of dozens of people together?
  “On, the leg of this madman should be interrupted and sent him to the punishment hall, waiting for my father to punish him.” Jiang Ruwo also snorted and rushed from the other side toward Jiang Yi.
  “it is good!”
  Jiang Ruhu wants this effect. So many people attack Jiang Yi. He retreat 10 steps and thinks that there are so many people delaying the time, enough to wait until Jiang Rulong arrives.
  “I don’t want to be an enemy with you, don’t force me! Roll!”
  In the eyes of Jiang Yi, the black light flashed. For the first time, he used the black power. He slammed his body like a residual image and rushed forward. The double fists turned into six afterimages, and the front covered the Gushui body.
  “Phantom fist, I also know!”
  Jiang Gushui’s faint smile, also attack with a six-boxing shadow, and collided with Jiang Yi’s six-boxing shadow. In his view, the two people are in a different realm, and he is at full strength now. If Jiang Yi dares to touch him directly, it is just like finding death. And his attack speed and reaction speed is much faster than Jiang Yi, even if he attack casually, Jiang Yi is not an opponent!
  However, what makes Jiang Gushui shock is that Jiang Yi’s double fists have changed in the middle of the attack, and the phantom fist has become a falling hand. When he wants to follow the change, Jiang Yi has changed again, his hands are like two. The seaweed explored it, and the two legs were unconsciously swept like a snake whip. The speed was fast and the perfect match made him completely unable to react.
  Although the difference is one level, Jiang Gushui was kicked out by Jiang Yi in a face-to-face fight. Fortunately, Jiang Yi did not seem to use all his strength, otherwise his two legs were afraid of being broken.
  “Compared with martial arts skill? You are a group of waste… When are you better than me?”
  Jiang Yi’s mocking laughter came, and the body passed through the crowd like a gust of wind. Any child who touched him was easily swept away. Jiang Gushui saw a person flying out and his face was unbelievable. When was this sealed waste became so powerful?
  Jiang Yi does not use the black power to increase the power, but with the horrible vision and Dacheng’s martial arts can easily defeat all the people present, 5th level of Qi Condensation stage? In his opinion, his fart is more powerful.
  “swish, swish, swish!”
  A group of people flew out, all lying on the ground, “??” called a non-stop, but in the eyes are all horrified, they are not all seriously injured but they still have injury, so they are not able to continue to attack. Many of them did not see Jiang Yi’s moves at all, and they were shot and flew out. They dared to rush and only asked for their own suffering.
  Jiang Ruwo, who has been 5th level of Qi Condensation stage, has also been shot and flew out. He was swept away by Jiang Yi, and his palm prints on his face was clear and hot.
  Jiang Ruhu has been secretly observing the situation. He saw that Jiang Ruwo was not dared to attack after he was shot. He sneaked away and sneaked toward the side door. Jiang Rulong had not come yet. He still did not run off then his condition will be like Jiang Bao and Jiang Song.
  “Hey! you still want to escape? Jiang Ruhu!”
  Jiang Yi eyes has always locked on Jiang Ruhu, how can he let him slip away? When he saw that he wants to run, he used a footwork skill and the speed suddenly rises and run through the crowd, and an iron fist goes to Jiang Ruhu. This is his first time to use the extreme steps, although he is likely to be recognized, but he can not care so much…
  “Jiang Ruhu is beaten?”
  At this moment, a cold sound suddenly sounded outside the side door, and a tall figure like a giant rushed in. He saw Jiang Yi’s fist close to Jiang Ruhu’s back and immediately angered: “Little boy , dare to hurt my brother? You will die today.”
  “Jiang Rulong?”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes were cold, and the iron fist was instantly recovered. However, he immediately changed his hand into a silky hand and grabbed Jiang Ruhu’s hair. As soon as he slammed his legs, Jiang’s fat body fell to the ground.
  Then… Jiang Yi was in front of Jiang Rulong, and he stepped on his chest with lightning. He sneered and looked at Jiang Rulong: “I not only want to hurt him, but also abolish him! You want to kill me? You are sure that you have this ability?”
  The words have not yet fallen, Jiang Yi’s legs is raised high, and he is stepping on one of Jiang Ruhu’s leg…
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