My fury will burn the heavens ch 34

Chapter 34: Asking to Die
  Jiang Rulong is seven feet tall and full of 1 feet higher than Jiang Yi. His body is also like a violent bear. He is not the same as Jiang Ruhu. He is all tight muscles all over his body.
  “Ah, I will kill you, motherfucker !”
  He saw Jiang Yi in front of him, broke Jiang Ruhu’s leg. His eyes are filled with killing intent. His legs slammed into the ground just like a mad cow.
  Jiang Yi had already know that Jiang Rulong would come. He knew that if Jiang Rulong did not return to Jiang clan with Jiang Hanshui, Jiang Ruhu did not have the courage to attack Ai. Just because Jiang Rulong came back, Jiang Ruhu was anxious to find revenge on him, and only beat Jiang Xiaonu.
  Just now Jiang Ruying sneaked away in front of his eyes, his last move to the Jiang Ruhu is like a tiger, just to wait for this person! In the face of his face, Jiang Ruhu legs are broken… is also… to irritate him!
  So at this moment, Jiang Rulong rushed like a mad cow. His face did not change a bit. Instead, he quickly bent and raised another leg towards Jiang Ruhu other leg. As a weapon, he picked it up in the air and went to Jiang Rulong.
  This trick he used on the West Hill, knowing that the power is huge, can make the other party caught off guard. Jiang Rulong is a 7th level of Qi Condensation stage worrior, and his strength is too strong. Although he practice with 7th level of Qi Condensation stage worrier in the arena but this is a real fight, he can only be cautious.
  This move is really fierce!
  At least Jiang Rulong, and his empty body has no place to use to defend, Jiang Yi smashed his brother, what can he do? Can only continue to retreat, constantly shouting: “Motherfucker, I want to kill you, kill you! Jiang Yi, you put down my brother or else I will tear you apart?”
  Jiang Yi’s mouth is taunting, and Jiang Ruhu’s continually rushing toward the Jiang Ruhu like a madman, Jiang Ruhu’s whole person is afraid.
  Jiang Gushui and Jiang Ruwo are also stunned. They have played a lot of tricks but have never seen such a rogue. The two also watched the game. In case Jiang Yi was careless, Jiang Ruhu’s head smashed on the bluestone floor. Can’t you use little brain?
  “Ah, ah, ah!”
  Jiang Ruhu’s heart was dying, and the intense pain in his body made him numb, and his head was dizzy. This is nothing. What makes him feel humiliated is that he is so bitten and humiliated in front of so many people. He cann’t show his face in the future in Jiang clan.
  Jiang Yi grabbed Jiang Ruhu’s hand and suddenly let it loose. It seemed that he was too violent to catch it. His face was also panicked, because Jiang Ruhu flew straight out and his head would hit the wall straight. If It hits, he is afraid that it will directly make a brain melon… I really want to burst him like a watermelon.
  Jiang Rulong was frightened. He was originally hiding from the side. He quickly forcibly reversed his body and run towards Jiang Ruhu like a cannonball. He eventually caught his body before Jiang Ruhu hit the wall.
  “so close!”
  Jiang Rulong’s face was cold and sweaty, but he couldn’t wait to wipe his heart, but he suddenly felt a killing intent locked him. His eyes swept away but his eyes shrank, because a fist was already in front of his eyes. Start infinitely zooming inside…
  Jiang Rulong suddenly woke up, Jiang Yi was not careless… but deliberately have done this, all this is in his calculations. He is holding Jiang Ruhu at the moment because he is too rushed.
   Coupled with the momentum of Jiang Ruhu’s front, his focus is not stable, the combat power is greatly reduced, and the timing of Jiang Yi’s sneak attack is very good…
  Jiang Rulong is the second strongest in the younger generation of Jiang Clan. If he is in a dangerous moment, he grabs Jiang Ruhu with one hand and then one leg on the ground, his body leaping upwards, and another leg is turned into a residual shadow.
  “7th level of Qi Condensation stage is really powerful!”
  Jiang Yi secretly sighed, his face was not flustered, his vision was extremely horrible, Jiang Rulong’s attack trajectory, his budget was clear, and his body continued to rush forward, but half of his body leaned back and escaped Jiang Rulong’s whip leg. One hand was running with a silky hand and entangled another leg of Jiang Rulong, and suddenly slammed it hard.
  The balance of the human body is very important. When a person’s center of gravity is unstable, he will instinctively panic, and then his powerful combat power will not be able to display. For example, at this moment, Jiang Rulong was turned around in the air by Jiang Yi and his head was naturally flustered.
  Jiang Yi body quickly circled on the ground, with the greatest strength, the fastest speed will Jiang Rulong squat in the air, when his head is almost dizzy, then move the footsteps and slammed toward the wall next to it…
  With such a large force, the ending is self-evident. Jiang Rulong’s head broke out blood and the blood stained the half of the wall.
  “Ah, ah! Jiang Yi, I want to kill you, kill you!”
  Jiang Rulong became more angery, the pain in his head, the blood immersed in his eyes, and his whole person fell into madness. He constantly twisted his body, constantly angered and another leg kicked indiscriminately, trying to hit Jiang Yi and get rid of his control.
  “With your strength, You still want to kill me? I hasn’t played it seriously yet!”
  Jiang Yi’s horrible vision, will Jiang Ruhu can kick him? And he can control Jiang Rulong’s body at any time to let him lose his center of gravity. How can Jiang Rulong get rid of his control? He sighed sighly, and he was somewhat disappointed with Jiang Rulong’s combat power. He didn’t use the black power to increase his power. He just easily defeated him with a small strategy. He didn’t let him fight so hard…
  Since Jiang Rulong’s head has been smashed, Jiang Yi has no tension. He simply continues to dance with Jiang Rulong in the martial arts hall, but this time he controls some strengths and dares not to kill him. Otherwise, he is afraid that he will only die.
  Jiang Gushui and others looked at each other, but it was early to arrange people to call people. They never thought of this sealed waste. The waste they had been not at all had become so fierce, not only he beat so many people first but also easily defeated Jiang Rulong, who ranks second in the younger generation of the Clan.
  “I want to kill you, kill you…”
  There are dozens of people in the big martial arts hall. In addition to Jiang Song and Jiang Bao is still screaming. Only the angery voice of Jiang Rulong’s is constantly ringing!
  Jiang Yi’s figure suddenly stopped on the same place, his hands were loose, and Jiang Rulong’s body flew away like a cannonball. At the same time, Jiang Yi’s legs slammed, and his body quickly followed, Jiang Rulong, who was grasping the ground with both hands, slammed down, and the one-legged knee was heavy toward his waist…
  “Crack Crack!”
  Everyone couldn’t bear to open their eyes and listened to the cracks in the crisp bones coming from their ears. They were shocked and looked back at Jiang Yi’s eyes full of fear.
  This usually low-key and honest child is so Cruel and his means are so ferocious. If Jiang Rulong is not the Clan’s member. They are sure that he will kill them on the spot.
  Everyone present was bullied and had beaten by the low-level children of the clan. They were also very ferocious when they beat people but at this moment they were all scared by Jiang Yi’s means. The only thought that emerged in his mind was that they can’t provoke this person…
  A heavy footstep came out outside, pulling the thoughts of everyone back, and Jiang Gushui and others quickly realized.
  After? What will be his punishment?
  Can this Jiang Yi still have a future? I am afraid that after this day, Jiang Yi will become a complete waste, right? Such a maddening means, even if the punishment court does not kill him, he will abolish his cultivation, so that he will become a waste person forever.
  A sound like a thunderbolt sounds, More than a dozen people sneak in, a black man wearing a black robes, the middle-aged man took the lead, and the violent momentum of the body shrouded the entire cultivation Temple. His eyes locked on Jiang Yi, bursting with a hand Surrounded by force, it is obvious… Jiang Yi will stop attacking or else he will attack.
  “Jiang Yi sees the elder Wutang!”
  Jiang Yi was not so stupid. I wanted to step back from the legs of the Jiang Rulong. He looked at the robe and greeted them with ceremonies.
  The rest of the people also woke up and followed the course of bowing: “See the elders of Wutang.”
  “What is going on?”
  The power of the middle-aged man was hidden in the body, and his face was swept away. He said: “What are you still doing? Don’t bring the injured to the healing room? All the rest are taken to the punishment court.”
  “Back to the elders, I know what is going on!”
  Jiang Yi’s face was not flustered. In the face of the elders of the Clan’s martial arts, the Jiang’s third-ranking powerhouse was still not humble. He said with a sigh of relief: “These people are all wounded by me. I can also plead guilty, But I ask all the elders of the clan to listen to me first, otherwise… I will not go to the punishment hall, but also ask the elders to kill Jiang Yi personally!”
  The elders of Wutang were even more gloomy. A big hand surrounded them and strode toward Jiangyi. The cold voice sounded through the entire martial arts hall: “You attack so ruthlessly, Do you want to kill them?”
  Jiang Yi did not lift, still bowed his hand and bowed his head again, and said: “Please ask the elders to listen full story! If you think I am guily, Jiang Yi is willing to die in your hands, and never want to go to the punishment hall…!”
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