My fury will burn the heavens ch 35

Chapter 35 is directly executed
  Jiang Yi’s words had just been finished, and the elders of Wu Tang’s big hands screamed and slammed on his left shoulder. Jiang Yi’s left shoulder instantly burst into a robe, blood fluttering, the whole person slammed into the wall, bounced back and rolled a few laps on the ground before struggling to stand up!
  As the most powerful member in the Jiang clan, Wutang is responsible for the security and guarding the Jiang clan. The martial arts elder Jiang Yunmeng is not fifty years old this year, but the combat power is only under the elder and the Clan owner. Even if the Clan is a famous big man in Tianyu City, can his majesty be able to challenge by a small child?
  However, Jiang Yi is not afraid of death. He is quite popular with him. Otherwise, Jiang Yi is shot dead with a single palm. At least the bones of the left shoulder are all broken.
  Despite this, he walked forward step by step, and the momentum was violent. Jiang Yi, who was struggling to stand up, shrouded in it. His eyes were cold and sullen: “Don’t die? How can you be? I saw you in public.” Excuse me, do you dare to ask me? You are also qualified to talk to me about the conditions? Come, take this person to the punishment hall!”
  “and many more!”
  Jiang Yi screamed, and he stood up in a difficult way. Even though he was under the pressure of the mountains, Jiang Yunshan was constantly shaking, his wounds were crushed by blood, but he stood up and his mouth was open. He is staring at Jiang Yunmeng, sneer: “Wu Tang elders, rumors says that you believe in justice but you are arrogant like a tiger, it seems that I Jiang Yi… Look at the wrong person, nothing! Since you do not want to listen then I am self-disciplined Anyway, going to the punishment court is a dead end!”
  Said, Jiang Yi one hand around the force, shot against his head, this moment his face has become extremely calm, his eyes are still staring at Jiang Yunmeng, his eyes has a mocking color.
  Jiang Gushui and others all tightened their minds and watched Jiang Yi’s suicidal thoughts stir. This person is really a madman, not only angered the elders Wutang but now more courageous to suicide in front of everyone? They can clearly feel that Jiang Yi has used all his power. It is really a suicide!
  Jiang Yunmeng’s face changed, not because of Jiang Yi’s suicide but the taunting color in his eyes and the contempt in his words. He struck out with one hand and grabbed Jiang Yi. His face became violent and he got together. Yi said in voice: “Well, you are a demonic kid, you go to the punishment court, I will help you to ask all elders! But your boy is assured, even if all the elders come, today you still can’t escape!”
  “Thank you for the elder!”
  Jiang Yi smiled, smiled very brightly, and his heart was relieved. Just if Jiang Yunmeng took a step, he really will die. He took his life and gambled. The result is…he won the bet.
  “All took the prisoner, went to the family’s elders and homeowners, and said that I let them go to the punishment hall.”
  Jiang Yun’s fierce sleeves walked out to the outside, his face was gloomy, and he was actually bullied by a little ghost today. He feels incomprehensible and has never been so grievous in this life…
  The entire Jiang clan was quickly alarmed. Is there a courageous clan member who dared to injure people in the martial arts hall? The injured is still the son of Jiang Yunsuo, the most important thing is that Jiang Yun’s spine, who ranked second in the younger generation of the clan, was also interrupted, and his head was smashed!
  It is not a problem that a person’s hands and feet are broken. As long as there are advanced healing drugs, they can be recovered in ten or twenty days. But the spine and brain bones are the most important bones of the human body, and they are the most difficult to recover. A bad one is likely to become a fool…
  Lingyin Mountain enrollment is less than a month, Jiang Yunmeng can not enter the Lingwushan College.
  It is also absolutely possible to join the town’s Western Army. Jiang Yi is considered to distroy the complete future of Jiang Rulong, and the Jiang family has lost a hope.
  Although I don’t know that the Clan’s children are so daring and mad, but many people are rushing to the punishment hall, want to see that who is so fierce? Dare to provoke the wrath of Jiang Yunsuo and the majesty of the punishment court?
  Outside the temple, all was encircled early, Jiang Gushui and Jiang Ruyi Jiang Yi were brought into the punishment hall, and the rest of the children were waiting outside to summon. The Jiangyun stone on the prison hall was gloomy and terrible, accompanied by the Clan. When the elders arrived, his face became more and more gloomy, staring at Jiang Yi’s eyes with killing intent.
  This little guy just went out of the criminal court and immediately wounded the people. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that before this person came to the criminal court, Jiang Yunmeng went to invite all the elders and homeowners of the Jiang clan to explain what happened.
  He took over as the deputy elder of the punishment court for several years and never encountered such a madman who was not afraid of death. He secretly told himself to be calm, and today must maintain calm mood and not only to kill Jiang Yi to maintain the majesty of the punishment court and also to maintain his majesty, but also to be fair and strict so that everyone has nothing to say.
  There are ten elders in Jiang Clan, Jiang Yunhai is missing, and Liu Chang is dead, so there are only eight left. Just a fragrant of time, they came. After the seven people came in, they were full of anger, some were full of jokes, and some were curious to see Jiang Yi’s face with a unpredictable smile.
  A tall figure shot from a distance, but it was not close to the suffocating air. The outside of the Jiang family saw a horror at the side, looking at the weak body of Jiang Yi in the prison. Looking at a dead man.
  Jiang Yi felt that a killing intent locked himself, and quickly looked back, his face immediately cooled down, a name appeared in his heart, Jiang Yun snake!
  Jiang Yun snake is not a Clan elder, but his power is bigger than the Jiang elders. He is the general manager of the House of Representatives, the money of Jiang’s Clan, and many things are managed by him. All the children of Jiang’s Clan money have to pass his hand. In the hearts of Jiang’s children, his horror is second only to the deputy elders of the punishment court.
  The Jiangyun snake came madly, and the body swept through the crowd like an eagle into the punishment hall. He in the middle of the air turned a large palm into the eagle’s claw and grabbed it against Jiang Yi’s head.
  Jiang Yi injured both of his sons today. The most important thing is to ruin Jiang Rulong’s future. How can he bear this? Even if you directly kill Jiang Yi today, no one dares to say anything.
  Jiang Yunshi, Jiang Yunmeng and others saw Jiang Yun snake rushing in to murder a child. All their faces change but no one spoke. After all, he has injured his son.
  “Ha ha ha!”
  In the face of the fatal blow of Jiang Yun snake, Jiang Yi couldn’t hide. He couldn’t hide his strength. He didn’t fear but smiled. He completely ignored Jiang Yun snake, but turned to look at a group of elders sneer: “Wu Tang elders, you said that in the prison no one will kill him? My crime has not been proved yet, someone will kill me! Jiang Clan rules are really shit, the punishment hall is really shit! I Jiang Yi…I don’t want to die!”
  The gust of wind caused by Jiang Yun’s snakes blew the robes of Jiang Yi’s blood-stained robes, and made his black hair sway, letting his left shoulders have already suppressed the wounds and spilled blood again, his tender face. Nothing is scared but it is all mocking. The scene is extremely strange and heart-wrenching.
  Jiang Yunmeng and Jiang Yunshi awakened and rushed to stop the attack at the same time. Today, the Jiang Clan members looking from outside, and the elders of Jiang’s Clan also came. If Jiang Yi was killed by the Jiang Yun snake, it will inevitably cause great turmoil in the Jiang Clan and will also minimize the majesty of the Clan rules and the punishment court.
  The eagle claw of Jiang Yun snake stopped at the front of Jiang Yi face. His eyes was full of sorrowful poison. It was like a poisonous snake lurking on the side. He stared at Jiang Yi and looked at it. He said: “A good devil, Bastard, even if you know how to use your tongue, you can’t escape today.”
  Jiang Yi seems to be out of the box today, calmly looking at the Jiangyun snake road: “The big manager, I am the grandson of the great elder Jiang Yunhai, you called me Bastard? Are you not putting elders prestige in your eyes?”
  Jiang Yun snake body trembled but he was caught by Jiang Yi, and he did not know how to refute it. He was only feel that his killing intent is increasing, and he almost had think to kill Jiang Yi again.
  At this time, A family member said: “See the owner, see the two elders!”
  Jiang Yun snake quickly suppressed his inner anger. Jiang Yi looked toward the outside at the same time. Outside, there was a gorgeous middle-aged man with a handsome look and a white-haired old man coming.
  After Jiang Yi saw the appearance of this old man, his heart was slightly feel uneasiness.
  Jiang Yi is not a fool, nor does he want to die. Instead, he is very smart. How can he be so savvy if he is not smart?
  After he came out of the house of Chunya, all looked like he done this in anger but he done all this with planning. Jiang Xiaonu was beaten like this, completely angered him, he went out, he decided to make a big fight, retaliating against the Jiang Ruhu, and let everyone in the Jiang Clan know that whoever dares to move Jiang Yi’s relative, he has to bear … Jiang Yi’s anger!
  The reason why he dared to play in the martial arts hall, the reason why Jiang Rulong appeared, the reason why he dared to hurt Jiang Rulong so heavy, even including the emergence of the martial arts elders in the back, he is trying to make things big, alarming Jiang clan’s this old man.
  Only when things are too big, only when everyone knows, these two elders will appear. Only than he can have a chance to save his life.
  Jiang Yi’s calculation is good!
  What made him nervous was that Jiang Yunshan, the owner of Jiang’s family, came in, and his eyes glanced at Jiang Yi and immediately opened his mouth coldly: “What trial is still going on? I know all about it, the child who is so mad. Living him alive is a curse, kill him directly!”
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