My fury will burn the heavens ch 36

Chapter 36: Cold Heart!!
  Jiang Yunshan, the homeowner of the Jiang clan has a strength in the realm of Zifu. He is the top five in Tianyu City. His words are obviously not a joke.
  Jiang Yunsuo and Jiang Yunshi showed sneer on their faces. Jiang Yunshan talked so much but it saved a lot of things for them. With the orders of the owner, who would dare not accept in the Jiang Clan?
  “I don’t accept it!”
  A little tender voice sounded, and the face of the Jiang Yun snake and the gentle one slowly became gloomy. Jiang Yi already shut his mouth. Naturally, it is impossible for him to open his mouth again. Now he is angry and screaming: “Shut up! In front of the Owner, you dare to question it. Guards, immediately kill this person and held the majesty of clan rules!”
  A guard inside the prison hall saw Jiang Yunshi glance at him and understood the meaning. He palmed his head against Jiang Yi’s head and was completely unprepared to give him a chance to argue.
  “Ha ha ha!”
  At the end of the crisis, Jiang Yi was not angry and laughed. His eyes locked Jiang Yunshan ridiculously. He also pointed his finger at Jiang Yunshan and said: “Jiang Clan’s owner? A big prestige! Things haven’t been clarified yet. With one word, one sentence, you are going to kill me?” Jiang Clan regulations? are just like dogs regulations! But it is just a display purpose, kill me, kill me! I am looking for others to talk about the same when competition happens between clans…”
  The big palm of the guard came at the head of Jiang Yi, and an old voice suddenly sounds: “Wait!”
  The eyes of the people swept away from the source of the sound. They saw that the two elders, who were white and gray, were all stunned. The two elders had no control over the years. Jiang’s never interfered with anything, and they did not express their feelings. Today, they actually opened up for Jiang Yi?
  The two elders’ faces shook a little, and said faintly: “Since he said that there is something wrong, why don’t you listen? So many people look at it, even if it’s killing, let’s him be convinced…”
  “You are old, let’s examine it.”
  Jiang Yunshan nodded to the second elder, and went straight to the main position above. After sitting down, he took a cup of tea and glanced at Jiang Yi. “If I am not so powerful, Can I become the owner of the Jiang Clan? I will not use strength, but fairness and justice, let all Jiang clan people convinced. Today I will give you a chance to let you die with convinced mind, Yunshi, you judge the case!”
  “Yes, Patriarchy!”
  Jiang Yunshi nodded and went to the desk to slap a table and said: “Gushui and Ruwo tell us what happen, dare to confuse or conceal, punishment hall will break your legs.”
  After Jiang Gushui and Jiang Ruwo’s archery ceremony, they are preparing to explain today’s affairs. Jiang Yi has waved: “Oh, don’t say anything, let me say it! Today’s performance in the Wu Dian is indeed done by me. I broke legs of Jiang Song, Jiang Bao, Jiang Ruhu and broke the Jiang Rulong spine, broke his head! And injured more than a dozen children of the clan at the same time, these things are completely true.”
  Jiang Yunshi once again patted the table and sneered: “Then you already confessed? The 38th rule of the Jiang Clan Rule book? Have you forgotten?”
  “I have not forgotten that the Jiang Clan’s 38th rule, Jiang’s children have no reason to hurt their own people, all should heavy penalties. If the crime is serious, then punishment is death.” Jiang Yi calmly said but also nodded: “According to the clan rules, my crimes should indeed be executed, and there is no such thing as sin.”
  Inside and outside the prison hall, there is a sigh of relief. Does Jiang Yi have a problem with his mind? Just said that he was not guilty but at this moment he pleaded guilty and sinned to death?
  “Have you heard it?”
  Jiang Yunshi looked around at the elders,
  This is how to sink: “Since Jiang Yi confessed to his crimes, then I acted according to the rules of the clan. Jiang Yi was inexcusable, killing innocents and immediately killed on the spot.”
   “and there are other things!”
   Jiang Yi raised his hand and said again: “My words have not been finished yet. If you are a deputy elder of the punishment court, you said that according to the rules of the clan, please kill Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Bao and others according to the clan rules! In the past four or five years, Jiang Ruhu and others have beaten me forty-three times. Every time I will suffer from different injuries, blood from head, hand fractured, legs fractured. I was fainted and almost died! These things you can ask anyone and my little maid, because of beating by these three caused serious injuries lying in bed. If this also comes under 38th rule, Jiang Ruhu and others died ten times! I also asked the family to kill them together with me, otherwise… I will not die!”
  Outside the prison, there is a sigh of relief. Many people look at Jiang Yi’s eyes and admire him. In the presence of so many big men in the Jiang clan, not only did he not panic, but he is even more clear-headed and replied to Jiang Yunshi. A set, a dead lock that no one can solve.
  The martial arts of the Tianxing continent are extremely prosperous, and the children of various clans often have fights. The Clan rules do not stipulate that they cannot hurt people without reason. However, the clan used to close one eye for such things, not only do not control but secretly condone, let The children fight each other and compete with each other in order to cultivate.
  Everyone know these things. The Jiang parents who are sitting, including Jiang Yunshan, are all clear about it. The problem is the unspoken rules of the clan. No one will put it on the bright side. Today, Jiang Yi has seized this point and chased it. If the criminal court continues to follow the rules of the clan then if the matter of Jiang Ruhu and others is checked, if it is true, according to the clan rules, it is necessary to kill a person…
  Is Jiang Ruhu and others really true?
  The faces of several elders such as Jiang Yunshen have changed. Their own children are the most aware of these things. They don’t have to check these things. It’s true to think with their ass.
  Jiang Yunshi was silent. For a moment, he did not know how to answer Jiang Yi. Jiang Yunsuo’s eyes flickered, and Jiang Yunshan drank his own tea. The low eyebrows were silent and did not hear Jiang Yi’s words.
  “It’s no wonder that this kid wants to invite all elders, it really is a personal thing!”
  The martial arts elder Jiang Yun’s eyes flashed and suddenly he wondered: “Jiang Yi, why did you not find punishment court before these things? Today, in any case, it’s always wrong to take a attack directly.”
  Although Jiang Yun’s words are all blaming, it is obvious that Jiang Yi is offended. For Jiang Yi, Yunmeng is not very familiar with it, but today Jiang Yi has the courage to be bold, and he has swept a group of people with the strength of Zhu Dingjing, and also hurt the young generation of Jiang Rulong, which makes Jiang Yunmeng really like him.
  Jiang Yun fiercely opened, Jiang Yunshi’s face changed, and Jiang Yi suddenly laughed with a mocking look: “Wu Tang elders, the family’s punishment court is only concerned about Jiang Ruhu, such as the Rulong, and other powerful children, who care about me, etc. The life and death of the waste? Before I went to the martial arts hall, I came to the punishment hall to beat the drums. The big brothers in the punishment court are witness, but the deputy elders of the punishment court let me go out without asking anything. You said… I have no backing. What should I do with the background of a waste? There is no place to complain about it, but it can only be solved by my own fist!”
  Jiang Yi paused and turned around and looked at the Jiang clan outside the prison. He turned his head and bowed his head. He said indignantly: “I am really guilty, but I would like to ask you to be present and change into my position. If you are in my position? What do you do? Is it to become a lifetime tortoise to be bullied by others, or is it better to fight? Jiang’s ancestors said a word, the man should not be afraid of death and should not live like a tortoise. Today, I am willing to give up on my life but I have to take down the group of Jiang clan scum and ask the punishment court to kill us together!”
  Jiang Yi’s shoulder is still overflowing with blood, and slowly drips down to his robe and making sound in the silence of the prison, and hitting everyone’s heart.
  Everyone looked at Jiang Yi’s tender face and looked at his stubborn eyes, and their heart was stirring. Is this a 15-16 year old boy? Is this still the waste that everyone in the Jiang clan know?
  “This person should not live! Otherwise, there will be endless trouble!”
  Jiang Yun snake and Jiang Yunshi looked at each other and both of them showed a understanding color. In just a few months, Jiang Yi has been upgraded to 4th level of Qi Condensation stage and Jiang Rulong, who has been 7th level of Qi Condensation stage, is not his opponent.
  This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is Jiang Yi’s mind. His enchanting wisdom is calculated step by step. He has such a mentality at such a young age, and if he has given him a few years of growth. They are very clear to know that although Jiang Yi is surnamed Jiang, but he doesnot have the blood of Jiang. If this person stays, I am afraid that after a few years, both of them will die from his hands…
  “Fully! Nonsense!!”
  Jiang Yunshi finally spit his teeth, he took a cold drink on the table: “You said Jiang Ruhu and others hit you? Evidence? Witness? You said that your maid was beaten by Jiang Ruhu and others? Witnesses? So many people present, you say many people Have you seen it with your own eyes? Let them come out to testify!”
  Jiang Yun snake stood up with a good match. A pair of eyes that were more chilling than the poisonous snake swept away from the outside and burst into the air. “The outside people listened. Whoever saw Jiang Yi was beaten to testify, as long as there are evidence from witnesses, and the family will forgive!”
  All the Jiang Clan member outside, including the members who lived near Jiang Yi’s home, all bowed silently. No one dared to speak, let alone testify for Jiang Yi. The warnings in the shadow of the Jiang Yun snake are too obvious. Who dares to stand up will bear the consequences…
  “Despicable and shameless!”
  Jiang Yi screamed, Jiang Yunsuo and Jiang Yunshi, these two old things are not needed, even playing this way to deal with him a younger generation?
  When he looked at all the elders of the Jiang family and Jiang Yunshan, and saw that everyone did not say anything, the heart was completely cold! Even the two elders who have been good with the elders are silent at the moment…
  “Ha ha ha!”
  Other than the elder, this Jiang Clan really does not have one person who help him! Jiang Yi sneered a few times, and the laughter was full of desolate and desperate colors. He closed his eyes and stopped talking. There was no trace of mood swings on his face. Since Jiang’s clan wanted him to die, even if this despicable means are used. It was useless to say anything.
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