My fury will burn the heavens ch 37

Chapter 37: Chance
  He was hurting in his heart rather than feared his death.
  This is the mood of Jiang Yi at the moment. He is the member of Jiang Clan. He has always thought that this is his home, and he is proud of it. It was worthy of a lifetime to guard the Jiang Clan.
  When he was seven years old, he first realized that the human are selfish. At that time, he still did not believe it. He thought it was useless. If he was once a genius, if he could cultivate quickly, all were with him. The elders will still like him, praise him, and be good to him wholeheartedly.
  When he was nine years old, the elder disappeared. Jiang’s family began to be more and more cold. Jiang’s children began to bully him, but he still had a little hope in his heart. Even today, he still has been imagining that Jiang Clan will value him and cultivate him. It gave him the status he deserved and gave him the warmth of his home.
  Today, he wants to make things big, fight to commit suicide and call all the elders to come. In fact, he wants to told them about his seal. He also want told them about the magical practice which can help them to increase their power.
  However, at this moment, he is completely loose hope for the Jiang Clan. After all, he does not have the blood of the Jiang clan. For this huge Jiang clan, he is an outsider.
  Death, he never fears!
  The elder taught him from an early age. If you want to be a real warrior, a powerful warrior, you must have a strong heart and not fear anything, including death. The only regret for him is that he did not take care of Jiang Xiaonu and could not take care of Jiang Xiaonu…
  “Good! Since no one has testified, then this is very obvious. If the elders have no objections, I will follow the rules of the family.”
  Not too long, Jiang Yunshi’s voice pulled Jiang Yi’s thoughts back. This time, Jiang Yi never retorted, and did not want to say more, even staying at this moment, he felt sick!
  Everyone is still silent. Jiang Yunshan, the Clan Head, still has a low eyebrow and a cup of tea. He did not express any opinions, but the words he said came in, has clearly expressed his inner anger. Jiang Rulong was hit hard. Let him be extremely upset…
  The elder old face shook a bit, and in the end there was no opening. He and the elder belonged to the same vein. Originally, their pulse was very important in Jiang’s status. But the elders who ranked first in the family’s strength were missing, and their pulse became the weakest. He hasn’t lived for many years, and naturally he doesn’t want to offend people because of Jiang Yi, so as not to bring disasters to the younger generation.
  “and many more!”
  The two elders did not open their mouths. Instead, Jiang Yunmeng, who was in the same vein as Jiang Yunshan, spoke again. He was impulsive and tempered, and his temper was the most confusing. After returning from Yanwu Temple, he was very curious about Jiang Yi. At this moment, Jiang Yi was about to be executed. He finally couldn’t help but ask: “Jiang Yi, what is your strength? How do you progress so fast? And how did you win Jiang Rulong?”
  Jiang Yunmeng asked many people’s inner doubts. Although Jiang Yi was not seen by others, he was considered a celebrity in Jiang clan. After all, Jiang Yunhai’s Yu Wei was still there. Jiang Yi was too strange to be sealed from childhood. Some time ago, they often heard that Jiang Yi was beaten by Jiang Ruhu and others. How can his strength increased in ten months? The most surprising thing is that it is easy to win Jiang Rulong?
  Jiang Yi ridiculed a smile, this sentence he does not want to explain, but this Jiang Yunmeng some words has some meaning, he silenced a burst of casually sang: “I dig a millennium black blood ginseng in the Broken Mountain! As for how to win Jiang Rulong? Is it difficult for him to win this kind of waste? I can do it with a little strength, hehe!”
  “Millennium black blood ginseng?”
  In the place, except for Jiang Yunshan, all the faces were shocked.
  Then all pity sighed. Jiang Yunshan also slightly raised his head and swept Jiang Yi, but the scorpion was full of anger.
   Millennium black blood ginseng!
  This is the main material for refining the holy medicinal blood ginseng Dan. This thing has no price in the city. Does Jiang Yi step on the shit and get a luck? Such a precious medicinal medicine, he did not go to the clan and swallowed privately? If this is to taken by Jiang Hanshui, he is very likely that he will become Nascent profound cultivator.
  Jiang Yun snake whispered, apparently dissatisfied with Jiang Yi’s second half of the sentence. Jiang Yunshi woke up and indifferently ordered: “Oh, nothing to judge, come take Jiang Yi to Houshan put him death!”
  At this moment, a voice rang again, so that everyone, including Jiang Yi was shocked that the person who opened the door was actually Jiang Yunshan.
  Jiang Yunshan put down the cup and stood up. He and the elders nodded and walked straight outside. They walked to the front of Jiang Yi and stopped. They looked around and sighed: “Oh… Hai Shu has been missing for six years, and life and death are not clear. Haiyi! Haishu has always valued you and loved you. We are looking at it. Although it is very likely that Haishu is not there but he is deeply impressed by his contribution to Jiang Clan. Today, I looks at his old man’s face. Forgive you a life! Of course… the death sin is exempt, the living sin can not escape, Yunshi, break his leg to show the warning ring, and then dare to this again can directly executed in the future. You don’t have to ask the court and me. It’s all right.”
  After talking about Jiang Yunshan, Jiang Yi squinted and walked straight toward the outside, and soon disappeared into the eyes of everyone. The elders in the punishment hall no longer talked quickly and came out indifferently. Jiang Yunsuo and Jiang Yunshi looked at each other. The former flashed a hint of coldness and quickly left. The vast criminal hall left only Jiang Yunshi and outside.
  “Left me Alive? Hehe!”
  Jiang Yi is still expressionless, but his heart is sneer again and again. Just before Jiang Yunshan walked away, he glanced at him faintly. He could clearly feel the strong killing intent.
  Jiang Yunshan, this is a scorpion, he want to create his image in front of all the elders and clan members…
  Today, this is a big problem. If he really kill me, he is afraid that there will be many people talking about it in Jiang Clan, and many people will not be convinced. After all, Jiang Ruhu and others did beat him. Jiang Xiaonu was lying on the bed of Chunya at this moment. Jiang Yunshan gave him a face to the elder, which would save him from being dead. This would show that he was very generous and could block everyone from talking.
  “Oh, I am afraid that after the enrollment of Lingwushan College, will my Jiang Yi be inexplicably killed?”
  Jiang Yi secretly thought that in his heart, it became a bit colder. However, since he does not have to die now, he will not be so stupid and seek death. As long as there is a chance, he will fight for it. He is not afraid of death but he is very afraid that Jiang Xiaonu will die with him.
  “Since the Patriarchy’s heart has made a thick order, I have to obey it. When he come to break a leg, he will not dare to kill him!”
  Jiang Yunshi also quickly figured out that he knows his brother too much. Jiang Yi is definitely not living for too long. This Bastard raised by family for too long, and it will bring endless troubles to the clan.
  “no need!”
  Seeing a guard is about to start, Jiang Yi coldly sighs, and then in the eyes of everyone shocked, Yuan Li runs up and lifts his hand against his left leg and flashes down.
  “Crack Crack Crack!”
  A crisp bone broke, and Jiang Yi’s left leg was broken, unable to hang in the air. From the beginning to the end, Jiang Yi’s pain was not heard. Even though the cold sweat on his forehead, his face muscles were slightly distorted. But his eyes are calm and terrible.
  “… deputy elder of the Punishment court, can I leave now?”
  Jiang Yi took a long breath, and then he turned to Jiang Yunshi indifferently, and this “deputy” word was especially aggravated when he spoke.
  “Go to the House of Lords to get two medicinal herbs, and reflect at home, let’s go!” Jiang Yunshi’s face was discolored but he quickly sneered. For a dying rabbit, his anger is not worthy…
  Jiang Yi jumped out of the torture hall with one leg but because of the severe pain in his left shoulder and left leg, he was unsteady and he rushed to the ground.
  He refused the support of the Jiang clan members, stood up and reached out to pick up a branch on a small tree next to him. He endured the pain of the body and the dizziness of his mind because of excessive blood loss. The branch leaps and slams and slams the broken leg toward the small courtyard, and sprinkles the blood on the road…
  Jiang clan punishment Hall is not too far from the courtyard of Jiang Yi. If it takes only 2 minutes to reach. However, Jiang Yi has taken half an hour, even a few times, he almost fainted.
  He slammed into his own small courtyard. After jumping into the yard, he could no longer support it. He threw himself up in the ground and snarled his mouth. It was only a moment that he sat down and began to heal the wound. He has to cure as soon as possible, he is afraid that he will really die because of excessive blood loss.
  “Oh, Master Jiang Yi, you, what’s wrong with you?”
  After half an hour, Jiang Yi was awakened by a panic, and Chunya just took the gold from Jiang Yi to buy the medicine. On the way back, she heard that the entire West Hospital is talking about Jiang Yi, she refused to go home and went straight to Jiang Yi’s yard.
  Jiang Yi opened his eyes and his eyes was weak. He saw a porcelain bottle in the hands of Chunya. His face has grateful smile and shook his head. “I am fine, Chunya, thank you for taking care of Ai! Right… …Ai knows that I am hurt?”
  “I don’t know, I haven’t returned yet!” Chunya shook his head and immediately woke up and handed the porcelain bottle in his hand to Jiang Yi: “Jiang Yi’s young master, this is a good healing medicine, you can take it for healing. The money you gave is still there. I will help Ai to buy a few more.”
  “no no!”
  Jiang Yi shook his head, poured out a medicinal herb from the porcelain bottle, and then looked at the Chunya in a positive color: “Chunya, you listen! You should have heard about today’s things?” If Ai asked, don’t say anything about my injury, you said… I was released without being held guilty, and then I left the Jiang clan directly. You told the Ai to let her take care of her wound, this is patriarchy’s order. No one dared to hurt her any more, I will come back in a month, understand?”
  Chunya screamed, and asked in confusion: “You have to leave Jiang Clan for a month? Just… how can you walk like this?”
  “You don’t have to care, I will leave tonight, I promise to come back in a month!”
  Jiang Yi did not have too much explanation, just confessed to the Chunya let her go back to take care of Jiang Xiaonu, and swallowed the medicinal herbs to start healing. He knows very well that this Dan medicine can’t cure his injury, but he has to go tonight….
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