My fury will burn the heavens ch 38

Chapter 38 Escape
  When the night is cool, Jiang Yi has been healing in the middle of the night. The wound on the left shoulder is almost as goodas before but the leg is broken and it is impossible to recover without a period of time. The medicinal herbs bought by Chunya are only the middle class, he just took one. The increase in the amount of black power is only barely controlling the injury.
  The night was deep, and there was silence. The Jiang Clan courtyard on the noisy day was completely silenced, and Jiang Yi’s eyes were also opened.
  He struggled to stand up, dragging a broken leg and taking out a piece of dry meat in the hall, chewing it with the clear water. After eating, he ran a trace of black power to the meridians near the left ear, making his hearing horrible.
  After listening it for a while, he was sure that no one was lurking nearby to monitor him. He tore off a few rags from the sheets and tied the broken legs with short planks, which was slowly squatting on the sticks. Go outside.
  Today, he broke his leg in public, and things are so big. He wants to leave the Jiang clan, tonight is the best time, otherwise someone will monitor him in the future, he wants to go outside is without a chance.
  Ximen has a concierge on duty, and the West House also has guard patrols. If Jiang Yi’s legs are fine, it is easy to slip out. Fortunately, it is also late at night, the patrol guards are not so dedicated, the Jiang family has a big career, and ordinary thieves can not come to the Jiang clan compound.
  After a small half hour, Jiang Yi used almost all his strength before coming to the wall of the Jiang clan West courtyard. He did not dare to go from the west gate, only climbed the wall and went out.
  “Black Qi!”
  Looking at the towering wall of up to two meter, Jiang Yi bit his teeth and ran a black element to the right foot, then suddenly slammed his feet, and the whole person immediately flew upwards like a rocket. He bite the stick in his mouth, and his hands are running fast and fast on the wall, and he is climbing upwards.
  His body finally stopped at two feet from the wall, and the upward force had disappeared. He threw out the blue dagger that was grabbed from Ma Fei and suddenly inserted it into the wall, and then borrowed his body to jump over the wall. Then go over.
  The upper wall is easy to go down the wall. Jiang Yi’s body suddenly falls. He has been seriously injured in one leg at the moment, his body balance is completely out of tune, and he is afraid of hurting his left leg. Only the right leg touches the ground first, then the injured leg is held. Roll forward quickly.
  Although he has tried his best to protect his injured leg, it is inevitable that he will touch it, and he will be so cold and sweaty. He just took a break and immediately climbed up and licked the stick, and quickly walked toward the martial temple.
  Jiang family has clan rules, family children can go out for no reason, but can not leave Tianyu City without permission, otherwise it is considered a rebel. Once the crime of rebellion is determined, the Jiang family will issue a hunt order, and will send out the worriers to pursue to kill him. Any clan children who saw him in future will kill him on the spot.
  Jiang Yi left the Jiang family for the last three months. He had the honor to help cover, and he was insignificant in the family. There will definitely be a lot of people who care about him this time. Once he is found to be disappeared, Jiang’s clans wanted order and pursuit will soon be issued.
  These things are clear in Jiang Yi’s heart but he still has to escape tonight, otherwise he will only have a dead end, Jiang Yunshi wants to kill him, Jiang Yun snake wants to kill him, Jiang Yunshan wanted to kill him…
  Only after escaping into the Wu Dian, Jiang Clan could not trace him. As for the way afterwards, Jiang Yi did not know. He only had to take a step and see if he could live first.
  In the past, he still had a great expectation from the Jiang clan. Many times he also wanted to take the Ai away, but he did not dare to go because once he was detained as a traitor, the whole world was curse the elder for a lifetime, who took him in. The reputation will also be destroyed. Now he is disheartened with the Jiang clan. In order to survive, he only has one way to go astray for Jiang Xiaonu.
  If you want to go, you must first rehabilitate, and Wu Dian is the best place to rehabilitate. Don’t say that Jiang Clan does not dare to kill people in the Wu Dian. Besides, he still has a disguised identity in the Wu Dian. For the time being, no one can guess that he is a wolf.
  It took an hour for Jiang Yi to walk outside the Wu Dian hall. At this moment, the quiet squares are empty. Wu Dian gates are closed and the side doors are still open. A black armor guard stands on the door like a wooden stake, and does not know if it is sleeping.
  Jiang Yi’s approach awakened the guard. His eyes swept away and saw a sly wolf mask under the dull moonlight. He immediately breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still alert and asked, “Are you a wolf?”
  “Guard brother, it is me!”
  Jiang Yi also relaxed. This guard is the first guard to bring him into the Wu Dian. The two are still known and have some friendship.
  The black armor quickly walked down and helped Jiang Yi to go inside. While walking, he wondered and asked: “Oh, What happen to you? The legs are broken? If Yang Guan knows, he will definitely scold you!”
  Jiang Yi smiled a few times, and when he quickly pulled out two pieces of purple gold from his arms, he handed it over and whispered: “Guard big brother, don’t ask so much, please take me back to the house, and help me keep secrets. Don’t let people know that my leg is broken, please!”
  The black armor saw two purple gold coin, and his eyes were bright. He took the purple gold and nodded: “Do not worry, brother, I will never told anyone about it.”
  The black armor guard quickly entered the practice room with Jiang Yi. At this moment, there was no one in the middle of the night practice room. After Jiang Yi returned to his room, he was completely relieved.
  After the guard left, Jiang Yi sat up and practiced healing, until dawn, he was awakened by the footsteps outside.
  The black armor guards reported Yang’s management, and it is impossible to hold him. Yang Guan came in and saw Jiang Yi’s leg broken. Sure enough, his face was gloomy. Jiang Yi was a cash cow. The Lingwu Mountain and the town’s Western Army enrolled soon. The people who signed up for the training during this time were all ten days away…
  Yang Guanzi’s scorpion flashed a few times, coldly asked: “Wolf, your kid went home, how did you break your leg? Also, one person came back in the middle of the night? What happened?”
  Jiang Yi bitterly smiled and said: “Nothing, there was a conflict with a clan member. I wounded him and his legs were broken. I was afraid that he would find someone to avenge me. So, I came back in the middle of the night and was sorry for the matter. ”
  “Hey, you kid!”
  Yang Guanwu shook his head and smiled. He suddenly remembered what he asked: “Yes, your clan knows that you are a wolf? And you have been in the Wu Dian for a long time, can your family have any objection?”
  “Ha ha!”
  Jiang Yi shook his head and smiled. He asked: “Is it a matter of management, do you think that if the family knows that I am a wolf, will they let me do the sparring? Rest assured, I am alone in the clan, no one is waiting for me, If I die.” People in the Wu Dian does not have to care.”
  “okay then!”
  Yang Guanzhi said in a moment: “I will give you more than a dozen of Dan. You have to recover as soon as possible, but don’t drop the root of the disease. But… this money must be deducted from your salary. .”
  “Thank you, Yang Guan.” Jiang Yi’s was shocked and he quickly thanked him.
  Yang Guanwu walked away with a long sigh, and while he walked away, he muttered with a distressed voice: “The Beast Mountain College enrollment is only 20 days. This kid is injured and the loss is heavy!”
  “Ling beast mountain enrollment?”
  Jiang Yi suddenly shook his body, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind. His eyes flashed brightly as stars, and his face screamed with excitement: “Yes! Ling Beast Hill College, I can go to the Enemy Mountain College’s enrollment test! I can successfully become a college enrollment student. Jiang Clan not only dare not kill me, but even protects me. I can also lightly take the Ai to leave Tianyu City.”
  Lingyue Mountain is the three major colleges of the Continent. The official students who can become students are valued by all the countries. After graduation, they will be given the title by the Kingdom. The future will be limitless.
  If he can successfully enter Lingwushan College, Jiang Clan absolutely does not dare to kill him, and he can also leave the Jiang clan with Ai and also the reputation of the great elder will not be damaged, he does not have to hold the sinful crime.
  He used to have low strength. He never wanted to participate in the enrollment of Lingwushan College. This time he easily defeated Jiang Rulong and let him understand that the gap between him and those genius children is not too far away. He did have the opportunity to win the five places. One, because… no one knows that his strange black power has many magical features.
  “Just… I have an agreement with Wu Dian! Must I be in the Wu Dian in five years?”
  Jiang Yi has a headache. He is such a money tree. The people of Wu Dian will easily let him go unless there is a problem with his brain. Don’t say that if you sell him, even if you let Jiang Clan take it, is it difficult?
  In Jiang Yi’s sinking, Yang’s manager came in with three bottles of medicinal herbs. He quickly retracted his thoughts and Yang’s manager and took a few words. He swallowed a medicinal herb.
  After Yang’s manager was gone, Jiang Yi immediately opened his eyes and his eyes was brilliant. He thought carefully several times and determined that only entering the Lingwushan College was his best way out.
  “Healing the wound, first raise the wound, and then try to understand the blasting palm. As long as this martial art is enlightened, I will be able to secure a quota. Finally, I will find a way to talk with Wu Dian, as long as they can let me go, any condition is good to say! Tianyu City… I can’t stay for a moment!”
  Jiang Yi once again sank for a while to sort out his thoughts and expel the distracting thoughts in his mind.
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