My fury will burn the heavens ch 39

Chapter 39 Gambling!!
  “Explosive Yuanzhang, the Qi compression in the unique way of operation to let Qi explode, form a powerful impact and hurt the enemy, just… how does this force compress?”
  The injury is already good, and the time has passed seven or eight days. Jiang Yi is still in his own room. He is cultivating all day, or researching the Yuanzhang.
  After the strength reached the four levels of casting, the effect of low-level cultivation of medicinal herbs was limited. As for the land-based drug, Jiang Yi did not want to, and even if he could buy one or two, the effect would not be great.
  In the past few days, he let the black armor guards inquire about the news. As a result, the Jiang family was calm and quiet, and there was no news.
  Jiang Yi quickly figured out that the Jiang family must have set off an uproar but Jiang Yunshan was absolutely suppressed the news because the Beast Mountain College and the Town West Army enrolled soon. The Jiang family could not make such a scandal to be known to outsiders.
  He is very clear that if he dares to go out to the city, the children of the Jiang clan will appear within half an hour, and he will be killed directly.
  Jiang clan is so low-key, Jiang Yi’s worry about Jiang Xiaonu has fallen to a minimum. At least before the competition finished, Jiang Xiaonu is absolutely safe. At this moment, whoever dares to come to the Jiang clan will suffer the anger of Jiang Yunshan.
  Jiang Yi’s rest in the practice room, but it’s out of the sky. The ladies of the group are looking for Yang’s manager every day. The enrollment ceremony is only left ten days. In such a short time, their realm cannot be improved. Martial arts skill can only improve. Many of the ladies have turned the price three to five times, and Yang’s manager has been forced by them to take them lead in the practice room…
  “Hey, this explosion of Yuanzhang in addition to the compression of this part of the force, the rest are ok, the problem is that there is no compression of the Qi in the skill, this explosion of the Yuan palm is not cultivated. ? … have been feeling for a few days, no clue It seems that this martial art can’t be enlightened.”
  Jiang Yi retracted his thoughts and sighed. Without the strength of this skill, he did not grasp the quota of Lingwushan College. Although Lingwushan College only recruits young girls under the age of 18, there are hundreds of thousands of people in Tianyu City. There are countless young talents in the younger generation. The top ten geniuses in the city are basically 70-80, and it’s still on the bright side. Who knows if there are hidden geniuses?
  Swallowed a healing Dan, Jiang Yi no longer wants to continue, this Dan is very advanced, plus his black Qi increases his strength, his recovery speed makes Yang Guanwu marvel, if not him Deliberate control and wants to rest for a few more days, and the injury should be all right now.
  Three days later, Jiang Yi’s injury is healed and the young ladies who had waited for a few days were shocked. Jiang Yi was forced to increase from 3 daily training sessions to five games, and the cost of each training was from 100 purple gold to 200 purple gold.
  Despite this, the people who are looking for Jiang Yi’s training are as unclear as the river squid.
  Five days later, Jiang Yi ushered a special guest, a person who he did not want to see the most.
  Jiang Hanshui!
  Jiang Hanshui’s talent is very good, otherwise it is impossible to break through to 9th level of Qi Condensation stage. He has a good understanding.
  “Wolf, hello! This pair of training, I hope that you will attack me with all your strength. If my Luo Yanbu can really be successful, I will thank you properly.”
  Jiang Hanshui is still so graceful. He saw the spirit of Jiang Yi at first glance. He seems to be faintly familiar, but he saw the unruly under the mask of Jiang Yi, and the wild eyes which is very dangerous. He shook my head and vetoed it.
  Jiang Yi’s temper has always been very gentle.
  Also low-key honest how can there be such a sharp look? And Jiang Yi should be hiding with his injuries at this moment? It is impossible to recover so fast.
  Seeing the look of Jiang Hanshui, Jiang Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. When he saw the first sight of Jiang Hanshui, he immediately made himself become a sharp and temperamental change. At this moment, the effect was not bad. However, he still did not dare to take it lightly. He did not speak and arrogantly nodded. His feet were lifted and his hands were like ghosts.
  Jiang Hanshui eyes shines brightly. The legs move slightly, and the body recedes straight toward the back. When I look far away, I feel that his legs are not moving, and the body is floating toward the back. It is very magical.
  Jiang Yi overbearing and waving his hands constantly chasing, Jiang Hanshui does not attack but the body floats and drifts to avoid. His body was elegant and his foot were fast. Jiang Yi attacked 2 minutes and did not touch him.
  “Sure enough, it is 9th level of Qi Condensation stage. It is difficult to cultivate to that level. This Hanshui has reached in such a short time. The martial arts of the Earth level is really strong, and I have cultivated the extreme step and still the speed is little worse than him. However, this Hanshui is 9th level of Qi Condensation stage. Although the Qi is sealed at this moment, the strength of the body is much stronger than me…”
  Jiang Yi secretly felt that the black light flashed in his eyes. He began to use the black power. If he did not use the black power, he was afraid that he would not be able to touch the half of his clothes.
  When the black power moved, Jiang Yi’s vision suddenly became horrible. Jiang Hanshui and swept his footsteps. The trajectory of his body shape was also clearly seen by him. He slipped forward in the direction of Jiang Hanshui, and he did not Use the martial arts backhand and take a attack at the chest of Jiang Hanshui.
  Jiang Hanshui was stunned. Just now, Jiang Yi did not seem to be a little dangerous to him. At this moment, he suddenly changed into a different person. He went to the direction he was going to avoid in advance, and the angle move was so strange that he felt inevitable.
  The strength of the 9th level of Qi Condensation stage is not just for show. Jiang Hanshui forcibly reverses his body, and his body leans back, and he escaped from the attack of Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi sneered, this Hanshui only want to avoid attack, this is too much too big, right? Since someone gave him a chance to free abuse, he also welcomes it. When Jiang Hanshui to avoid it, his thighs kicked out like lightning. The goal is that Jiang Hanshui.
  Jiang Hanshui face color changed again, Jiang Yi is so vicious? If the leg is kicked, he will have to break his eggs! At this moment, he is leaning back, and it is not easy to sneak away from the side. He can only attack. The whole person flips up in the air and rolls over to the side.
  Jiang Yi’s body smashed like a snake, and his legs continually kicked out like lightning, forcing Jiang Hanshui to roll all the way forward, and there was no time to get up.
  “The speed of this wolf reaction is too abnormal, no wonder it can become a purple gold sparring trainer!”
  Jiang Hanshui thinks in his heart. He said that he did not attack at first, and he was naturally not good at the moment. But the reaction speed of Jiang Yi’s reaction is so abnormal, he will only been abused, and he has not been so embarrassed in this life…
  Jiang Yi is very cool at the moment. He is constantly attacking quickly. He does not give Jiang Hanshui the opportunity to breathe. His fist attack-like a storm. He does not use martial arts. He relies on abnormal reaction ability and body. The direction of his dodge is already guessed, it is easy to beat Hanshui.
  After some chaos, Jiang Hanshui did not know how many times he was hit by Jiang Yi, but Jiang Yi power was very well controlled and he was not injured. However, his image was destroyed. The robe were messy and sweaty. He looked at Jiang Yi’s thigh which slammed into his face. He felt that his physical strength was not enough. It was difficult to avoid it. He quickly said: “Stop!”
  Jiang Yi’s legs stopped in the air, and Jiang Hanshui jumped up. He smiled and said: “The speed of the reaction of the wolf brothers is very abnormal. I Hanshui admires you. That’s it for today! I am looking for you again……”
  Jiang Hanshui sort out the robes, and soon recovered and calmly went out. Jiang Yi stood silent in the practice room, secretly feeling that this Hanshui and his father is the same, extremely deep hidden means. He clearly hates him to his teeth but on the surface, he is still have a kind and courteous look. This kind of person is more terrible than the Jiang Yun snake.
  Just getting ready to go out, but outside came in a new person who wore a black robe, burly, handsome face, but the skin color is a bit dark, but it is more masculine, he smiled awkwardly: “The wolf brother is amazing. Let the Hanshui be full of praise, Black Flag has also learned a martial arts recently, and also ask the Wolf Brothers to educate us!”
  “Ma Heqi?”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes are cold. If he is disheartened by the Jiang clan, he is completely hostile to the Ma family. Jiang Xiaonu was almost killed by the Ma family.
  If it was before, maybe he didn’t mind having to practice a few games with the Ma family, but now he also wants to get the quota of the Academy and naturally he does not want to make someone else improve. Of course, let alone the horse black prince, in addition to Jiang Hanshui, Ji Tingyu and the rest of the ten talents are his competitors and he actually has conflicts.
  After a brief silence, Jiang Yi said indifferently: “I just finished the battle, I am tired, afraid that I can’t fight against you!”
  The smile on the face of Ma Heqi solidified. He looked at Jiang Yi with a suspicious look and said: “Is it really?”
  Jiang Yi nodded: “It’s true.”
  “That’s good!” Ma Heqi simply turned away and turned back: “Then I will come again tomorrow, the wolf brothers have a good rest!”
  After the horse black prince left, Yang Guanji came in very quickly. After closing the door, he blamed some words: “Wolf, what are you doing? Is your injury not all right? The black prince is from Ma family, if you offend him, you will offend the entire Ma clan.”
  Jiang Yi was silent for a while and looked up and said: “I can’t do anything about it. I am offended is offended. Anyway, I won’t practice with them. And I will not practice with any of the top ten geniuses today!”
  In the eyes of Yang Guan, the cold light flashed, and he asked: “Why? Are you crazy, don’t forget your identity!”
  “Oh, manager, to tell the truth, I don’t want to do this training. I want to go to the Lingwushan College to enroll, I want to enter the Lingwushan College!”
  Jiang Yi will have a long-awaited thought in his heart, and see Yang’s face suddenly and violently open. He raised his hand and said: “Do not worry, listen to me, I am not blind. Wu Dian’s cultivation of me, I keep it in mind. And this time I want to gamble with Wu Dian – Wu Dian let me go to the college admissions test, if I successfully enter, you and I will cancel the original the sparring agreement, of course, if Jiang Yi is successful in the future, I will definitely repay the Wu Dian in a hundred times. If I fail this time, I will give the Wu Dian a free training for ten years! How?”
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