My fury will burn the heavens ch 40

Chapter 40 New Capabilities
  In a luxurious hall of Wu Dian, the lord of Wu Dian is teasing a beautiful flaming feather bird. After hearing the report of Yang Guan, he sneered and the silver earrings in his left ear swayed, giving a crisp sound.
  Yang Guanwu did not know whether the lord of the martial temple was angry or happy. The heart was very embarrassed. Jiang Yi was drilled into the bees nest. He was bent on participating in the Lingwu Mountain Admissions Ceremony. He will not practice with with the top ten genius. He can’t just report the matter, otherwise he will offend the five big clans and he can’t afford it.
  “Failed, He will work here for ten years without compensation?”
  The master of Wu Dian Temple whispered to himself, suddenly turned his head and said to Yang Guan: “You go bring the kid here.”
  Yang manager things quickly, but his heart is even more embarrassing. The main character of this temple is arrogant. It is difficult for a small family patriarch to want to see him. He even summoned Jiang Yi? Will he beat Jiang Yi directly because of anger?
  Jiang Yi was brought up very quickly. He did not expect to alarm the lord of the Wu Dian hall. However, if he could not enter the Lingwushan College. He did not know how to escape from Tianyu City. In the end, He could only bite his teeth and go inside the hall.
  “Wolf meets the Lord!” This time, Jiang Yi still did not kneel, but bent and held a fist.
  The lord of the martial arts did not see Jiang Yi, and continued to play with the beautiful birds in the golden silk cage. There was no slight fluctuation in mood on his face. Jiang Yi and Yang Guan did not dare to speak, holding their breath and waiting patiently.
  After 2 minutes, the lord of the Wu Dian hall turned around and looked at Jiang Yi indifferently. He whispered: “I heard that you want to break the contract?”
  Jiang Yi stunned and quickly explained: “Not like this, the Lord…”
  “No explanation!”
  Wu Dian’s arrogant man waved his hand and directly interrupted Jiang Yi’s words. He said coldly: “I don’t want to listen to any explanations. Don’t say gratitude to me, don’t hesitate in the future, our Wu Dian is not Long Ruo Temple, it will not save the hardships. We only do business, there is no friend in Wu Dian, only partners or … enemies! And you breach the contract, that is our enemy, I finally asked you again, are you sure you want to break the contract?”
  Wu Dian’s lord words fell, and his body suddenly rose up. Although it was only a trace of it, Jiang Yi’s atmosphere was dare to reveal, and his body shivered. The momentum of the Zifu level cultivator was too strong.
  Jiang Yi took a deep breath and said, “I don’t want to break the contract, but I must attend the competition of Lingwushan College.”
  These years, Jiang’s repressed life has created Jiang Yi’s indifferent character, and at the same time, his temper has become extremely reluctant. He has never changed things. For example, Jiang Ruhu and others let him kneel, even if he is killed. Not awkward!
  A large palm whistling, Jiang Yi did not even see the movement of the Lord, and saw a large palm in the eyelids infinitely enlarged.
  Yang Guan’s face changed but he did not dare to say a word. He was too tempted by this lord. He was moody and ruthless. He dared to ask and he will have to die…
  Jiang Yi did not move, and even the eyelids did not blink, and seemed to be standing and waiting for death.
  The big palm quickly photographed, brought a hurricane, blew the long hair of Jiang Yi and danced his robes. However, in the end, the big palm stopped before Jiang Yi’s face, and the powerful pressure drove him back three steps.
  Jiang Yi still did not blink but there is obviously sweat on his forehead, and the clothes behind him are all wet with sweat.
  The lord of the Wu Dian stood in front of Jiang Yi, and a pair of scorpions without emotions stared at him. He said quietly: “You are not afraid of death? Good… I will give you a chance, but I can accept your gamble, but I will change the bet!”
  Jiang Yi spit out a long breath, and there was no flustered in his heart. He already expected that the lord of the Wu Dian would not kill him. Because the lord himself said that Wu Dian was doing business, and he has the money of Wu Dian hall.
  Jiang Yi paused and said: “Lord, you said!”
  Wu Dian’s Lord nodded and said: “Since you have such strong confidence, you can dare to compete for one of the five places of Ling Beast Hill College with the strength of the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, then how do we gamble? If you win the quota, I will not only written off the five-year agreement of Wu Dian, but I also sent you one hundred pieces of Dan, three skill book and a treasure! And if you lose, you have to live in the Wu Dian for a lifetime, as a slave!”
  “A lifetime as a slave?”
  Jiang Yi’s heart was shocked. The lord of the Wu Dian is too dangerous. If he really lost, he would be a slave in this life. He had to work hard for the Wu Dian hall for a lifetime!
  Yang Guan swept Jiang Yi and gave a slight sigh. He said that Jiang Yi is still a 15-16 year-old child. This is cruel for him. Wu Dian hall is clearly set up to let Jiang Yi drill…
  How can Jiang Yi’s strength be worth a quota? Ji Tingyu, Jiang Hanshui, Miss cold, these three people can surely win three places, and the rest of the Ma Heqi, Liuhe, Liu war and other people are all 8th level of Qi Condensation stage. Jiang Yi has super human reaction ability but in front of absolute strength There is only one thing i.e. failure in front of him.
  Who knows, Jiang Yi just considered it for a moment and agreed to it. It was crisp and neat, not a bit stubborn.
  The Wu Dian hall Lord smiled so brilliantly. He waved his hand and turned to continue to tease the little bird. Yu Guang swept to Yang Guan to pay the avenue: “A notice is issued. During this time, the wolf does not accept the invitation of the ten talented escorts. If you have any dissatisfaction, let them come to me and go on! The wolf, Lingwushan College enrollment is only half a month, so be prepared, I look forward to your wonderful performance.”
  “Thank you for the Lord!” Jiang Yi took a deep look and retired.
  Out of the hall, Yang Guan shook his head and whispered: “Wolf, your kid is too hasty!”
  “Is it sloppy? I don’t think so.”
  Jiang Yi smiled slightly and refused to give it. He has no other way to choose, and even if he loses, it is not entirely a bad thing. At least he has greater value for the Wu Dian. Jiang and Ma have to move him. Wu Dian will certainly not sit idly by.
  Jiang Yi no longer posted a notice to the top ten genius sparring, Ma Heqi was depressed to vomiting blood, Jiang Hanshui is also very depressed, the rest of the guniuses who was also prepared to try it is also a pity, but this is the Wu Dian master order. No one dares to say anything. The man who is the second strongest person in Tianyu City is the Lord of Wu Dian.
  The rest of the candidate are overjoyed because 10 geniuses can’t take this opportunity. In particular, the children of the Clan who have little difference in the strength of the top ten geniuses are even more eager to wait for the day and night to practice with Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi’s whole people are also busy. In addition to training, day and night, He practice to cracking the seal, researching the black Qi to attempt to make a breakthrough in strength before the enrollment of Ling Beast Hill College.
  After seven or eight days of cultivation, Yang’s administration of the medicinal herbs was all used up. He still far from the 5th level of Qi Condensation stage. The seal cracking is still in the short-term, and the cultivation speed is still increasing, but the cultivation speed is still too slow for him.
  As for the black Qi, he tried all over the body and did not find other functions. The explosion of the Yuan Yuanzhang had not been obtained for a few days, and his cultivation fell into a bottleneck.
  Once again, he let the black power move around the body. After no discovery, Jiang Yi sighed helplessly and opened his eyes. He can’t enhance his strength in a short period of time. He only has to rely on the current strength to fight for it. It is a win or lose to see God’s will.
  He patted his forehead with some headaches and laughed at himself: “I am still self-confident and unparalleled, thinking that I can understand this blasting palm. It seems that I am too naive. I am afraid that my sapwood head will turn ten times faster. Can’t understand it!”
  A thought in Jiang Yi’s mind suddenly flashed, and he shook his body. He thought of a possibility. If he would run the black power to his mind, would it lead to an increase in the speed of his understanding, right?
  “No, no! The mind of the human body is the most important place. How can it move? If something happen, I will become a fool!”
  Jiang Yi shook his head again in the next moment, and he could try anywhere in the human body, but his mind he never dared to try, and even dared not let the black power flow from the nearby meridians. The former is afraid of becoming a fool, the latter he is afraid of the little brother’s mutating, in case it will be forever a pillar of the sky…
  “Should it be okay? Since he started cultivating this black powerm it has never harmed him and only the ability is increase. And the blue power can run from the vicinity of the mind. Why can’t this black power be? Has the speed of understanding really accelerated?”
  Another thought in the head but like the devil, it has been tempted him, Jiang Yi hesitated to make a dilemma, considering the half an hour. This gambling he has to take it.
  Careful operation of a black force went to the vicinity of the mind, Jiang Yi control the black power directly into the mind.
  At the moment when Black Yuan entered the mind of Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi felt that the whole mind was shocked. He blinked his eyes but did not find any difference. He thought suspiciously, and soon he found a difference.
  His thoughts became very clear at this moment, and the whole person’s mind became like a machine, and it was not his ordinary, and he was calm and terrible.
  He immediately secretly hid, and immediately concentrated on his skill enlightenment, and he was shocked!
  Although there is no skill to compress, but the trajectory of the blasting of the Qi, he can simulate an image in his head, how much power to run out, from which meridians run, the route of circulation, and finally how to use the technique and a clear picture was formed in the mind, but the picture was crippled because there was not enough information.
  This kind of scene is very strange, and it makes people feel terrible.
  Fortunately, he quickly recovered calm, began to carefully study the picture inside the mind to see if it is helpful for the enlightenment.
  Soon Jiang Yi was ecstatic, because he could rely on the ability of metamorphosis in his mind at this moment, constantly push forward and prove, and slowly fill in the incomplete picture in his mind, forming a perfect running line of the explosion Yuanzhang, and then Release the blasting palm in the body. In other words… he is very likely to learn about this broken Skill.
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