My fury will burn the heavens ch 41

Chapter 41: King of the West
  The role of martial arts skill is naturally to enhance the various abilities of the martial arts. Through special methods, Qi can use to travel through a strange trajectory in the body to create various arrays, increase attack, defense, speed and so on.
  So in a strict sense, many martial arts can be run with a line map. Qi starts from Dantian, passes through the complex meridians in the body, and then runs through these meridians to run in a special array, and finally from a certain part of the body. .
  Jiang Yi just encountered a very magical thing. In his head, he immediately appeared a line diagram. However, most of the road maps are complete, but a small section in the middle is broken.
  The reason why Jiang Yi decided that he had the hope to learn this martial art is because he owns the front part and the back part of the road map. He can derive the middle part of the broken part according to the front and rear parts, so as to get the perfect road map and enlightenment.
  In theory, this is feasible, but the actual operation is very difficult, and if it is wrong, Jiang Yi is likely to die because his meridians will burst and explode.
  However, at this moment, Jiang Yi can’t take care of this. He is quiet excited because of discovering a new abilities. He doesn’t care about sitting up and concentrating on his understanding of this blast.
  The night was deep, Jiang Yi did not sleep at all. After half an hour, he opened his eyes. Because the black power was consumed, the road map in his mind disappeared, and his mind felt that he was not so clear and calm, and he withdrew. A strange state.
  “Continue to enlighten!”
  He immediately mobilized a black power to go to his mind. In the martial hall, his cultivation speed doubled, and the seal cracked it, tp improve his cultivation speed. At this moment, he only needs more than half an hour to cultivate the ten black qi, so he is not afraid of the black qi consumption.
  He has been practicing till morning. He has not been tired for a night, but he seems to be more fascinated than last night.
  He cultivated an hour to fill the black qi and then he went out to start the daily sparring work. He looked at the list in Yang Guan but he saw a very uncomfortable name Jiang Gushui!
  Jiang Gushui is 5th level of Qi Condensation stage. Jiang Yunshan obviously hopes that he can upgrade some strengths. He may not enter the Lingwushan College but at least enter the town army.
  Jiang Yi is not good at this time, otherwise it will cause Jiang’s suspicion. He entered silently, but he saw Jiang Gushui’s eyes look a little suspicious.
  His heart was secretly anxious, but the surface pretended to be a cold look, and he did not say a word. Fortunately, Jiang Gushui did not seem to have much doubts. After he had fought with him for half an hour, he was screamed and with a bitter smile left.
  “Does this Jiang Gushui recognize me?”
  After Jiang Gushui left, Jiang Yi carefully recalled his every move but he was not sure if he recognize him. Act is already happen, so what is the use of thinking.
  At such a juncture, even if he was recognized by Jiang Gushui, he could not do anything. He was not panicked in his heart. As long as he did not leave the Wu Dian hall, would the Jiang family dare to kill him?
  After attending five matching in the morning, Jiang Yi was still full of spirit and went back to continue to enlighten the exploding palms until he fell asleep in the middle of the night.
  The next day, Jiang Gushui did not appear, Jiang Ruwo was coming and his eyes were still a bit special, but the cover was very good. Jiang Yi did not care so much.
  The next few days were very calm. Jiang Gushui appeared twice again and thanked him very much. It is said that he learned a new martial arts skill and invited Jiang Yi to have a chance to go to Jiang clan for treat.
  Jiang Yi was very cold, and he didn’t say a word. The heart was even sneer. He dared to go to Jiang Clan and was afraid he will not able to walk away?
  Time is like a white horse. With the getting closer of Lingwushan College and the town’s enrollment, the entire Tianyu City has become a bit more lively. Many small families in the nearby towns came to Tianyu City early. Waiting for the beginning of the admissions ceremony. There are also many family members who have attached to the big city. They also want to come to this small town to see if they can recruit some excellent children to join the periphery of their Clan. Of course, there are also people who come to see the crowd.
  Two days before the enrollment ceremony, Wu Dian hall was much deserted. It is obvious that the high-level clans have given their children a holiday, let them relax and recharge their batteries.
  Although Jiang Yi didn’t have to go out to practice but he was harder than before, Yuanzhang skill had already realized the last moment. He followed the road map in his mind, constantly deducing and confirming that he was compressing the Qi. Calculate it bit by bit.
  After a full day and two nights, Jiang Yi was hungry and he eat something. When he was sleepy, he closed his eyes and took a nap. He was crazy and the whole person is cultivation madman.
  at last–
  On the eve of the enrollment ceremony, Jiang Yi finally opened his eyes. The bloody eyes were exhausted and excited. It took seven or eight days to complete the road map for the skill with the help of the black Qi ability.
  He did not take the initiative to test immediately but fell to the ground and fell asleep, he was too sleepy! In such a state of mind, he does not dare to try to run the blasting palm, otherwise an accidental operation of the wrong route, causing the meridian to burst.
  I don’t know how long it took. Jiang Yi suddenly woke up. He looked around and saw the outside of the room through the window. He suddenly climbed up and washed, and he couldn’t even go straight to the outside.
  “Wolf, don’t worry!”
  In a room, Yang Guan suddenly came out, and he said with a smile: “Today is just a few ceremonies and registrations. It will only be officially started tomorrow.”
  “I know! But I have to sign up…” Jiang Yi quickly said, still rushing out to the outside.
  “You stupid boy!”
  Yang Guanwu said with a wry smile: “You don’t look at what time is this? Waiting for your registration to end soon, I will let you sign up early in the morning, hold, this is your token!”
  Jiang Yi took over a black token and saw the words “5336” on it. He was grateful to Yang Guan for his: “Thank you, no matter what the outcome is, your kindness will be remembered by me.”
  “Ha ha!”
  Yang Guanwu did not agree, silent for a moment to open: “Wolf, I don’t say anything extra, this time you can succeed best, if you fail, don’t be discouraged, there is me… you can’t eat the loss. OK. Come in, let me talk about the rules of this enrollment ceremony.”
  Jiang Yi’s spirit is high and he quickly followed Yang’s manager into a small room and then transferred from a small door into a small secret room.
  Let Jiang Yi sit down casually, Yang Guan took a cup and took a sip to say: “Ling Beast Hill College, I must have heard of it? This college is very great, one of the three major colleges in mainland Continent is in our Shenwu country in the south side. This is the only college that recruits civilians. The other two colleges, Qinglong College, are rarely enrolled. Qinglong College enrolls only royal family or super clan members.
  Jiang Yi nodded. He had heard of Qinglong College and Baihua College. Both colleges were ranked before Lingwushan College, but they basically did not recruit students. Only this Lingwushan College takes turns to recruit a small number of students each year in the cities of the six major countries. This time, it is also the luck of the young children of Tianyu City.
  Yang Guan paused and continued to explain: “This time, the Ling Beast Mountain College and the Town West Army enrolled students at the same time. It is not accidental, but the town of Wang Xi gave the face of Ling Beast Hill College. Otherwise, how can the town West Army, which is so powerful, come to recruit in the small Tianyu City? Of course… you don’t want to join the town’s West Army. The quota is actually set, so your only chance is to grab one of the five places in Lingwushan College.”
  “Is it true? How is it possible? Zhenxi Wang is so wise and martial, the town of the West is so powerful, is this impossible?”
  Jiang Yi’s suspicious eyes blinked, and there was a man in his mind who was so powerful that the whole Shenwu country would worship, Zhenxi Wang!
  Perhaps it is because the king of the town is also surnamed Jiang. Perhaps the elders used to be servants in the Wangxi Palace when they were young. Jiang Yi was very admired for the most powerful man in this Shenwu country. Of course, not only Jiang Yi, Zhenxi Wang is the hero of all town because if it is not for him, that this town and whole Wu kingdom is destroyed by now.
  He became famous at the age of fifteen. At the age of 18, he took over the town of the Western Army and led the 100,000 army. In one fell swoop, he destroyed 300,000 invaders of the Wuliang Army. Two years later, he inherited the title of Wang Xi, the king of the West. Since then, he has experienced dozens of battles. He is invincible, and his strength is even more outstanding. He is one of the top powers in the kingdom at less than 40 years of age. This is a god-like man, and this is also the patron saint of the god Wu.
  Therefore, at this moment, Yang Guan said that the town west army is so dark, Jiang Yi will be very questionable, which is equivalent to destroying the reputation of his idol.
  Yang Guan smiled and shook his head: “Wolf, you are still too small, a lot of things, you don’t understand, water looks clear, doesnot mean it is clean. Even if the king of Wangxi knows these things, he will not say more. Well, Don’t fight, listen to me first.”
  Yang Guan solemnly raised his face and said with a deep voice: “Ling Beast Mountain enrollment is very simple! Two methods, the first stage competition, the second elimination game! The first type is you have to win 100 battles. This kind of words is very difficult, but if you can win a hundred games, you can directly win a quota. The second is to draw according to the draw, the winner advances, the loser is eliminated, all the way down, than Until there are only five people, of course… If someone wins the quota in advance and five places are won, then the knockout will be meaningless! I can tell you clearly that there are more than 2,000 warriors in this registration. People, among them, more than 100 worrier have more than 7th level of Qi Condensation stage, so… I advise you not to hold too much hope.”
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