My fury will burn the heavens ch 42

Chapter 42: Challenge
  The Tianyu City Square changed overnight, and the vast squares were all surrounded, with a temporary build of 105 stations and a luxurious grandstand.
  Which country Lingwushan College go for enrollment every year is not fixed, in fact, it has been more than 100 years since the last college enrollment in Tianyu City, so these days are a great event for Tianyu City. It is more lively than the annual Star Festival.
  Ling Beast Hill College has three mentors, but there is only one appeared today. One of the town’s Western troops will accompany the Tianyu City Master Ji Tian. Ji Tian’s bloody speech completely ignited all the boys and girls who were present. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of the noon, the number of people who signed up for the competition had reached 2,500.
  Jiang Yi did not have the opportunity to see such a grand occasion. At this moment, he was testing the new martial arts in a test room in Wu Dian.
  “Explosive Yuanzhang!”
  He closed his eyes and stood in front of a black wall. He snorted and slowly ran some strength. He began to follow a special trajectory in the meridians. After 13 turns, this part of the force was reduced by two-thirds. Then he Running these forces quickly spined in the palm of his hand, his eyes opened at this moment, and he slammed against the black wall in front.
  “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”…
  Five boring noises came, and Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed instantly, and the brow quickly wrinkled. He looked at the palm of his hand and muttered: “No, this explosion of the palm of the hand I have successfully released, but how does the power increase is only this much? Is it not increased three times? Is there a problem with this skill? Or I Wrong?”
  The black wall is a stone that tests strength. This thing is also found in the Jiang clan. The strength testing stone in the Wu Dian is definitely not a problem. Just five sounds were heard, which proved that he had the power of five horses.
  Although he did not use the full power of Yuanzhang, but still used a lot, even if the full force is urging, it will not increase much power.
  He indulged for a long time, and finally he ran casually against the black wall, and the black wall shook. He soon sounded four dull sounds. He is now 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, four-horse power force. Stone has no problem.
  “Try to combine with the black power!”
  Jiang Yi thought for a while or couldn’t figure it out. He bitten his teeth and mobilized a part of Qi from Dantian. He merged with a black force and began to compress it. Finally, it came out from the palm of his hand and suddenly smashed into the black wall.
  After the black wall trembled and the eight dull voices sounded, the whole exercise room was silent. After Jiang Yi determined that the black wall had no more voices, he was disappointed.
  Eight horses!
  Under the increase of black Qi and Explosive Yuanzhang, the power has only doubled, and it can be compared with the 8th level of Qi Condensation stage warrior. The difference from his original expectations is too great, knowing that he is only empowered. Speed and defense, compared to the 8th level of Qi Condensation stage, the difference is too big, if it is not black power to enhance vision, let him react very fast, he does not need to go to the competition.
  He fought with the Hanshui but at that time Qi was sealed and the last time Jiang Hanshui only defended and did not attack, but he did not expect his reaction speed to be so abnormal. If Jiang Hanshui can run Yuanli, the person who is eventually abused is definitely him.
  “What is the problem?”
  Jiang Yi looked down for a long time. He mobilized a trace of black power and merged with the blue power to test it once again, only to find that it was only seven horses. He has some faint understanding. It seems that the higher the realm, the weaker the effect of the black power increase. He originally thought too naive.
   I also thought that this explosion of the Yuanzhang with the black Qi, he can sweep the all the competitor…
  “I don’t have time so much. It will start tomorrow.”
  Jiang Yi was sullen and went back to the room to practice and replenish it. He added the Qi that he had just consumed, and at the same time he once again begin understanding the blasting Yuanzhang to see if he could find something. Just realized that in the middle of the night, Jiang Yi still had nothing to gain, he only fell asleep.
  On the second day, Jiang Yi got up early, and after eating some breakfast, he went out. There was no one in the practice room. Jiang Yi went around and walked away with some regrets.
  “The wolf boy, come on!”
  Just walked into the corridor, but there was an old voice behind him. Jiang Yi’s heart warmed up and looked at Yang Guan, who was standing back at the door, nodded and strode outside.
  Going out of the martial arts hall, although it has not yet begun to formally compete, it is already crowded. The Wu Dian is on the north side of the square, and the scenery on the entrance to the Wu Dian Temple is unobstructed.
  Jiang Yi’s wolf-head mask is not easy to attract attention, but at this moment Jiang Yi is famous. Many young warriors waiting in the square nod and say hello to him. There are one or two hundred people. These people have improved their martial arts skills and have a good impression on him.
  Jiang Yi stood silently, keeping his cold style. As time went on, there were more and more people in the square.
  Jiang Yi stood silently, like a spectator. His eyes watched the situation from time to time and found many old friends. For example, such as the Ma Heqi, Liuhe, such as Jiang Gushui and others, to his doubts, he did not see Jiang Hanshui and Ji Tingyu and Miss cold.
  There was a buzzing sound in the east that attracted the attention of Jiang Yi. He looked up and saw a group of people striding forward. The foremost person was a gray robes middle-aged man. This person is taller than Jiang Rulong. He is more burly, looks domineering, and has extraordinary temperament. The white robe, as well as several sergeants wearing black armor, whispered and occasionally issued a hearty laughter, full of gas, not difficult to attract attention.
  “Citymaster Ji Tian? The three men wearing white robes are the mentor of Lingyueshan College? Hehe… How is the tutor so young and beautiful! This temperament is afraid that Ji Tingyu and can’t compare it?”
  Jiang Yi’s gaze and the eyes of countless men in the audience, was attracted to one of the three mentors of Lingwushan College. This woman should be around twenty years old. This age is just a fade to the age of maturity, and the body is fully open. This woman has a good-looking goose egg face. The facial features are equal to Ji Tingyu but the body is completely like a hot bomb. Especially, she has a cold temperament that make her a impossible dream.
  This is also the first time that Jiang Yi has seen a woman who feels cold and laughs. Although she is separated by half a square, Jiang Yi can feel the coldness of her body. This seems to be an ice woman.
  Ji Tian took a group of people to the luxury stand in the south and entered the Accord. The guards in Tianyu City surrounded the stand.
  In the other direction of the stands, a group of people went up. Jiang Yi’s eyes were cold. The group of people had the Patiearchy and elders of the Jiang clan. The rest were obviously the big men of the three clans.
  “The Beast Mountain College Enrollment Competition officially started!”
  A veteran of the robe went to the center of the grandstand and pressed his hands to silence the audience. His eagle’s gaze was everywhere, bursting out: “Before the knockout, according to the usual practice, can someone challenge the competition? If not, then start the knockout, I will read the number of the competition, if not come forward, is considered as absent.”
  Competition officially started, everyone below began to act, this is a game that can determine the fate of many people present. There are not only the sacred mountain mentors, but also the generals of the town’s western army. There are countless big clans hidden nearby. Members, even if they can not get the entry of Lingwushan, as long as the performance is good, they can also be valued by the clan.
  At the moment, Challenging someone in the competition is the best performance opportunity, and everyone is eye-catching. But no one is so stupid and there is no such courage. After all, to win a hundred games, you must fight at least ten games every day. If you fail, you will be eliminated. Who dares to come to the stage and challenge the young strong people in the city to play.
  Jiang Yi is not so stupid, the knockout is completely random, so that it can be safely and properly upgraded, unless the luck is extremely bad, he will encounter strong enemies. Once on the stage, he will definitely encounter one strong enemy after another.
  “I challenge the competition!”
  Suddenly, a nice and pleasant voice rang out, and a yellow figure on the east side of the square rose to the sky. The lotus calf was spotted on the shoulders of countless people, such as a light butterfly floating on a platform.
  “Ji Tingyu!”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes are bright, and countless young men’s eyes are bright in the square. This is the most beautiful girl in Tianyu City, the dream lover in countless young people’s hearts.
  “Ha ha ha!”
  There was also a cool laughter on the stands. Ji Tian was obviously very fond of this little daughter, and he was proud to see her daughter so good.
  “Ha ha ha, I am also want to challenge the competition!”
  A white figure leaped from the crowd, and the figure was stoped in the air for a moment and flew straight toward a platform, standing firmly on a platform, with a smile toward the stands, and the grace was unparalleled.
  Jiang Hanshui has appeared!
  A burly body shot like a cannonball on the platform, with a golden knife on his shoulder, and her eyes are looking at the direction of Ji Tingyu, which is a provocative color. She is young lady who is more violent than the men?
  When the people were too late to feel the emotions, A blue figure shot, the body was light as a swallow, the movement was healthy, and the momentum was not weaker than other three.
  There was a lot of noise in the audience, because this blue-robed teenager was very raw, no one knew him, and the strength of this person was at least 8th level of Qi Condensation stage, and it was even possible to 9th level of Qi Condensation stage.
  In five places, four people have already participated in the competition. If they can win a hundred-game winning streak, then the remaining two thousand people can only snatch the only remaining place.
  “Fucking hell…”
  Jiang Yi’s heart started beating very fast. These four people are so powerful, they are likely to win a hundred-game winning streak. This game has not yet begun. There is only one left to see the quota. How can this be played?
  Jiang Yi’s eyes suddenly jumped. He saw another figure in the distance slamming on the stage, and suddenly he was in a hurry! If the five places are gone, can he not only be a slave in the Wu Dian hall for a lifetime?
  “The fifth place is definately me!”
  Jiang Yi’s brain was full of blood, and he burst into a bang, and the body rushed toward the platform like a lightning bolt, and rushed to the platform one step earlier than that one.
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