My fury will burn the heavens ch 43

Chapter 43 Continous fight!!
  The rules of the Lingwushan enrollment competition, the young girls who participated in the competition all know very well. Many people predicted that no one would go to the stupid challenge of the competition before today. After all, this is too risky, even if the strength is strong again. They should be cautious in the face of such a big event.
  However, the situation at the moment has paralyzed countless people. Not only did some people challenge the competition, but there were also five people, especially Jiang Yi’s coming to power. Although the realm of the warrior is hard to see from the outside, Jiang Yi has been running Qi when he came to stage. Many people use his imposing manner to easily sense that he is only 4th level of Qi Condensation stage.
  A 4th level of Qi Condensation stage warrior who dared to go to the competition also dared to participate in the competition. This makes many people feel funny, this person with a wolf head mask, looks strange, is it to sell on the stage?
  Even the group of great people in the stands laughed lightly, but for Ji Tingyu, Jiang Hanshui, the three mentor of Lingyueshan College and the officers of the town’s western army were very satisfied. These four people can be so old. It is very difficult to reach such a realm and incorporate the courage to challenge the competition.
  Ji Tingyu wants to participate in this game. Ji Tian apparently knew it. He smiled and nodded to the old man in the stands. The old man immediately waved his hand and suppressed the buzz of the audience. He said: “Well, since someone has challenged the competition. Then, after the elimination of the knockout, anyone can now come to stage to fight, the opponent surrenders or through down the stage will win, remember not to kill!”
  When the old man word fell, a figure suddenly shot from below, and the target was Jiang Yi. This person seems to be not too strong. It is clear that Jiang Yi is not strong and wants to win easily.
  The blue robes of the young man next to Jiang Yi also shot up a figure. This sudden appearance of the teenager wants to win a quota. The clans of the city will naturally plan this to just to test the water.
  Some other cultivator come to the platform to attack the other three and many discerning people in the square immediately saw it as shameless behaviour. Because Jiang Clan members are fighting with the Jiang clan cultivator on the platform, same for the Ji clan, same for the other two clans. Just to increase the number of their win easily. These three people are obviously arranged by the three major clans to fight soy sauce. The purpose is self-evident to let the three people win a quick streak…
  “Wolf, I heard about you, you don’t have to do sparring in the Wu Dian? What are you doing here? Go back! This is not the place where Yang Feng helped you fight.”
  Looking at Jiang Yi is a son of the Yang family in the city. His strength is 6th level of Qi Condensation stage. He is the first to take the lead. He feels good about himself, he is domineering, and he said no longer nonsense. Flying across, the two legs swept away like a whip.
  Jiang Yi rushed up in a hurry. In fact, he regretted it when he came up. It was too difficult to compete in this competition. The top geniuses in the city dare not provoke Jiang Hanshui or Tingyu, So he will naturally become the target of those people, and it is easy to reveal his identity.
  Only since he came up, he only had a deadly battle, otherwise he would lose his qualification to participate in the competition. He could only be a slave to Wu Dian for a lifetime. It was not… the life he wanted.
  It is thought that Ji Tingyu and several people are in the ring. He does not have to fight with these four people. This is necessarily a good thing. He cheered up, and Black Force moved to the eyes for the first time, and his eyes were swept away toward the man’s legs.
  “Is it so powerful just by 6th level of Qi Condensation stage? This silly hat…”
  Jiang Yi secretly sneered, the most important thing for the warriors is to control, not only to control the other side, but also to control themselves. And once a person leaves his legs from the stage, it is easy to have an accident.
  Let your body lose balance, once you can’t control your body, then he is not far from defeat.
  He sipped, his footsteps quickly receded, and the fists burst out like lightning, smashing toward each other’s legs.
  Yang Feng kicked out four legs with lightning. Jiang Yi took out four punches, but he didn’t run the black power, and the power and the opponent were too different. Although he had tried to stabilize his body, he was still shaken back a few feet and was almost kicked down.
  “Hey, let the young master roll down!”
  Yang Feng is very proud of the face when so many people looking at him. Seeing that Jiang Yi’s body has reached the edge of the ring, naturally he will not give him another chance to turn over. The footsteps have just landed and immediately volleyed. The beautiful whip legs cut through the sky and slammed against Jiang Yi’s head.
  “Well, nice!”
  Jiang Yi whispered and snorted again, but this time he did not use force, but the fist immediately became a claw, grabbing the other’s foot and pulling forward with the force, his body was fast. Looking back towards the back.
  Yang Feng’s body flew straight down to the platform and kept his flying legs. Jiang Yi’s half body was hanging outside the ring, but his legs were stuck on the platform, waiting for Yang Fengyi. Flying down, the waist was shrinking, and the body easily returned to the ring.
  The sound of the old man sounded, and the countless talents below woke up. Seeing the token hanging on the waist of Jiang Yi is the 5336, many people are laughing. Jiang Yi’s strength is the lowest, and he is the first person to win a game. It’s just that the Yang Feng, who is 6th level of Qi Condensation stage automatically fly down the stage…
  Yang Feng looked at Jiang Yi with hatred and sneaked into the crowd quickly. He wanted to make a good show with Jiang Yi, let the big man in the stands appreciate his supreme style, but now he lost his face in front of whole town.
  “My turn!”
  A figure flew up, Jiang Yi looked a bit familiar, and looked carefully but smiled. This man has played against him before. He remembers that he is also a child of Yang family. It seems that Yang family wants to take this stage.
  “Yang Ling, please advise!”
  The strength of this person is the same as that of the previous person, but he is much calmer. Jiang Yi’s face is dignified. He nodded his hand and made a gesture to start. The other party did not rush but began to slowly move around to the platform to find Attack opportunity.
  “he is good!”
  Suddenly there was a loud voice underneath. Jiang Yi and Yang Ling subconsciously followed the eyes of everyone, just to see that Ji Tingyu kicked the opponent off the stage, and the body slowly rolled in a circle, and the posture was beautiful as fairy.
  “good chance!”
  Yang Ling saw that Jiang Yi was full of obsessive colors. He completely forgot that he was also on the stage. His legs were shot like a sharp arrow. The palms of the two palms were faintly shining, and the air around them became hot to stand up.
  When Yang Ling rushed to Jiang Yi three feet away, Jiang Yi seemed to wake up. His eyes were all terrified. The footsteps swayed and slipped, and accidentally slipped down the platform…
  The spectators who were attracted to the surroundings immediately screamed a laugh, Yang Ling’s footsteps were also a meal, and his face was stunned. He did not expect to win so easily. Many of the killings that were originally prepared were not used.
  Suddenly, he felt a glimmer of crisis, because a figure suddenly jumped from the platform near him, and his legs swept toward him as two snakes.
  Despite the abrupt appearance of the other party, although he was mentally not prepared at that moment, he immediately responded, and his body leaped like a goshawk, escaping from the other side’s attack, and his legs rushed toward each other again.
  “Garo hand!”
  A low-pitched voice rang, and the man had a weird handprint on his hands and shot him on his legs.
  The powerful force collided, so that the two men collided at the same time. The difference is that Yang Ling is on the edge of the ring at the moment. This retreat can no longer be relayed in the air, and can only fall down under everyone eyes.
  “The warriors of the Yang family really have a virtue…”
  Jiang Yi took a clap and looked at the stands. The old man in the white robe nodded and said, “5336, winning two games!”
  “No! He just said that he has fallen down. Why is he still winning?” Yang Ling just landed and heard the words of the old man in the robe, and quickly protested loudly.
  The old robes of the robes swept over, and the eyes were clearly like idiots. He said indifferently: “He grabbed the shackles with one hand. You can’t see them. Since I was appointed by the city lord, I am fair and just. If you dare to challenge this referee, you will be disqualified.”
  Underneath is a burst of noise, many people look at Jiang Yi’s eyes with disdain, that he has no real strength, too sinister and cunning, a small villain.
  Jiang Yi does not care, the black power makes his vision enhancement time limit, he has no time to waste, some impatiently waved down: “Next!”
  If there is strength, you can be arrogant but if you have no strength and still act arrogantly, everyone will be angered, just like now, countless cold snoring sounds, a short fat boy burst his Qi: “Grandpa will come to you.”
  In the eyes of Jiang Yi, the smile flashed past, not waiting for the other party to shoot, and the body rushed forward toward the front, he did not use the martial arts to run the force to take a punch, easily put the other side down Because this person only has one great things…i.e foolishness
  “Who else wants to challenge me, come fast!”
  Jiang Yi’s domineering standing on the platform, arrogantly facing the bottom, the sound changed by his deliberate, some sharp, but even harsh.
  The people below were completely violent, and at the same time, three people rushed to the top, and the strength was not strong…
  “5336, winning four games in a row!”
  “008, winning three games in a row!”
  “536, winning five games in a row!”
  It was only a few moments that Jiang Yi even won six games in a row, far more than the other four. So strange circumstances naturally caused the attention of the big guys on the grandstand.
  A young man instructor of Lingyueshan, stunned a small beard of his chin and praised: “This young boy has a high mentality, and he has been able to win so many games. A ten-game winning streak will be born in his hands!”
  Another older tutor nodded and said: “Yeah, I will pay attention to this boy when he comes to stage. Every step seems to be lucky. In fact, they are all is in his calculations. His stimulating method is too timely. .”
  “The worm has a little trick.”
  Sitting on the side a cold and beautiful female tutor shook her head and said indifferently: “In front of absolute power, any conspiracy tricks are thin paper, this person can’t do it, just rely on a little smartness, he absolutely can’t go too far, I bet he can’t win ten games today.”
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