My fury will burn the heavens ch 44

Chapter 44: Jiang Yi?
  There are many people sitting in the Accord at the moment. The highest status is the three instructors of the Lingwu Mountain, followed by the general of the Western Army and Ji Tian.
  The west army of the town also surnamed Jiang, listening to the beautiful suffocating female tutor’s words, he nodded with deep thought: “Miss Su said correct, in front of absolute power, any conspiracy tricks are cloud smoke You see the rest of the four people are righteous to the enemy, especially the daughter of Ji Tian, and this 008, he use the powerful strength to directly press on the opponent, according to me, these two people can definitely get a hundred-game winning streak.”
  “It will be praised by adults!” Ji Tian quickly whispered and laughed, but the color of the eyebrows could not be hidden. On the other side, Jiang Yunshan also smiled and walked up and said: “They will be loved by the adults. They are the true peerless geniuses.”
  Jiang City is the first city in the western part of the Shenwu Kingdom. The big clan in Jiang City is the real giant of the Shenwu Kingdom. The genius children of the main Clan and Jiang Hanshui are naturally not comparable.
  “Oh? Is this No. 08 actually the son of Yunshan?” He will ask a little strangely, and smiled and said: “Sure enough, the tiger father has no dogs, good, good.”
  The faces of Jiang Yunshan and Jiang’s people are happy. He stayed in the Jiang Family Courtyard last night. Today, He still pretend that I don’t know Jiang Hanshui? This is obviously playing a show in front of the three instructors who came from the Beast Mountain college…
  Jiang Yunshan and Jiang Yunshi and others are stunned. His eyes are full of doubts. This will give the adults a heavy gift of the Jiang family. Today, it is normal to help the Jiang family say a few good words, but shouting Jiang Yunhai adults? This is too polite, right?
  The sigh will be long and sigh: “Yes, it is Jiang Yunhai, you don’t know. When the Hai Daren followed the prince, he was very valued by the prince, but he was left with a disability before leaving Wangfu to Tianyu City. .”
  When the favor was over, all the people in the room looked awkward, and even the cold-speaking Soviet tutor looked at Jiang Yunshan. Zhenxi Wang is very valued? If this is a real thing, the Jiang family, Jiang Yunhai, is not allowed.
  Jiang Yunshan and Jiang Yun Shijiang Yunshui looked at each other and saw a horror in their eyes. They had never heard of it. Jiang Yunhai only said that he had been a man in the palace, and he never mentioned the first strongest in the country. The king of the town has a source.
  However, the three are old fritters, no matter whether this is true or not, this face is big, and seeing the presence of countless people and even Ji Tian are sternly respected, Jiang Yunshan is so cool, got up and lost his smile: When Haishu was in the family, he often recited the princes who were good to him in the past. Um… Haishu went to the Quartet a few years ago and should return in the next two years.”
  “Oh! That’s a pity.”
  The face will show a trace of pity, not like a fake, the eyes of the outside of the ring is no longer talking, his words have been said in place today. If Jiang Hui Shui can successfully win the quota to enter Lingwushan College, today’s words will naturally play a role, at least these three tutors will value. If you can’t get a place, then these words are white.
  “it is good!”
  At this time, there was a burst of loud noise outside, which attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone’s eyes swept away, and they saw Ji Tingyu and Jiang Hanshui had won another one.
  The blue-robed boy is even more fierce and easily wins four games.
  Jiang Yi took the lead, and he kicked one person down with ease. The voice of the old man soon sounded: “5336, winning eight games in a row.”
  Jiang Yi was arrogant and stood up on the stage, and he was so arrogant. However, this time no one was fooled, and those who had 3rd and 4th level of Qi Condensation stage have received orders from various clans, and they are not allowed to go to bring shame to the clan. They are not so stupid. At this moment, the big guys in the city are present. It is really shameful to be knocked down by people.
  “Ma Gu, you go up to play with the wolf!”
  In a corner to the east of the square, Ma Heqi looked at the madness of Jiang Yi, remembering that he was looking for a scene where Jiang Yi’s battle was rejected, and he did not fight it. In the ring game, he must win a hundred games in a row. He naturally will not go so early in the morning. He can only send individuals to destroy the might of Jiang Yi.
  A young man who was thin and monkey-like next to him immediately smiled coldly, nodding his head and getting out of the air. On the heads of countless people, he rushed toward the platform of Jiang Yi.
  Many people who were stepped on by Magou were furious, but they all closed their mouths after seeing the appearance of Magu. This person is very famous in Tianyu City. Not only is his strength strong and hard, but he is also sinful. He is offended, result will be very bad.
  Jiang Yi’s gaze also cooled down. This man used to fight against him. He was very poisonous. He was almost injured by him twice. His strength is very strong. This is the most powerful he has encountered today.
  Ma Gu leapt to the stage, did not say a word, staring at Jiang Yi coldly, like a snake. Jiang Yi is very uncomfortable, his footsteps subconsciously retreat, but also stunned, it seems very fearful.
  This time, the people below did not laugh again, but instead of licking their mouths, Jiang Yi pretended too much today. It was the fool who also saw that he was deliberately showing weakness and letting the other party underestimate the enemy. However, the people below do not think that Jiang Yi can still run like the dog this time, after all, the strength difference is too great. A lot of gaze in the stands also swept over and wanted to see how Jiang Yi was defeated.
  Ma Gu Shen sighed and bent like a wolf rushing toward Jiang Yi, the movement was fast. In two blinks, he had already arrived in front of Jiang Yi, and a white dagger suddenly flashed in front of him, facing the neck of Jiang Yi.
  If you don’t stop, it will be a fatal trick!
  The game did not stipulate that the weapons were not allowed to move, and Miss cold was also carrying the knives on the court. However, the cold-smashing hands were very close to attacking the key points. This horse’s strength is stronger than Jiang Yi’s three realms.
  Jiang Yi also moved his true anger, and his feet ran on his feet and stepped back to the side. The double-fisted force turned into six fists and shrouded Ma Gu. This is his first time using Jiang’s martial arts. At this juncture, if he hides his strength, he will only lose it, and this Magu makes him very unhappy. He decided to make Magu so cool.
  “Phantom fist?”
  When Jiang Yi moved, many people were shocked. Even Jiang Yunshan and others in the stands were all narrowed there eyes. This phantom boxing was created by a senior of the Jiang family. Only the Jiang clan can cultivate. Is this wolf? Is the child of Jiang family?
  “Patiarchy, he is very like…Jiang Yi!”
  Jiang Yun snake scorpion flashed in the cold, suddenly said the voice down. He had long felt that Jiang Yi’s figure was familiar, and he was very sure at the moment. Because Jiang Yi was a 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, he was still missing some time ago. Now he suddenly appears with a mask?
  “Jiang Yi?”
  Jiang Yunshan whispered more and more, and he suddenly remembered something. He quickly said: “Let people check it out. Did he spend the purple gold in the Wu Dian some time ago?”
  Jiang Yun snake immediately got up and went back outside and turned back. His face completely became gloomy and whispered: “It is indeed a wolf, this kid… his heart is awkward.”
  Jiang Yunshan snorted and whispered: “This kid is really a white-eyed wolf. Don’t attack him now, we will see him after the completion of the enrollment ceremony. The relationship between Jiang Yi and Wu Dian is not clear.”
  In Jiang Yunshan and Jiang Yunzi’s view, Jiang Yi has such a magical ability to help people quickly increase skill level. He does not report to the clan but instead goes to the Wu Dian to do sparring. It is cheap and cheap, and his heart is indeed awkward!
  The two were preparing to discuss a few more words, and suddenly they were awakened by a burst of snoring from outside. The two subconsciously swept the outside of the ring but instantly had a damn expression.
  Because at this moment, Ma Gu is flying straight outside the squadron, full of blood and squirting, and the chest bursts with faint blood spills, which is obviously devastated…
  “How can it be?”
  At the same time, the two people exclaimed, and they saw the horror of many people in the Accord. Even the eyebrows of the iceberg beauty Su mentor were picked up, and the flashing light in the beautiful eyes was doubtful.
  The people who can sit in this stand are at least four or more in Zifu level. The eyes of everyone are very sinister, and it is easy to see that Jiang Yi is only a 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. Many people in the battle just looked very carefully. But this time, Jiang Yi did not use tricks, but punched directly to knock down Ma Gu.
  The question is…what did he use to beat a 7th level of Qi Condensation stage?
  Jiang Yi defeated Jiang Rulong before, but Jiang Yunshan and others did not believe that Jiang Yi had such a strong force, because they had asked about the battle that day. It was Jiang Yi who used Jiang Ruhu as a weapon to let Jiang Rulong shoot the rat, and then attacked him successfully. .
  Therefore, Jiang Yun snake indulged in a moment and immediately asked an elder of the Liu family next to him: “How did this kid win?”
  “How to win? This has to ask you, cloud snake elders!”
  Unexpectedly, the Liu’s parents handed over a meaningful gaze, and said faintly: “This kid just used four kinds of martial art skills, such as the extreme steps, phantom fist, silk hand, and meteor fist, a total of twelve strokes! Cloud snake elders, Three of them are the unique martial arts of your Jiang family? Hey… You Jiang family is hiding deep enough? How can this kid disguise the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, but the old man has not seen it yet…”
  Jiang Yun’s eyes narrowed and shook his head and vetoed: “It’s impossible to increase so many levels. It’s impossible! This kid is still a 1st level of Qi Condensation stage half a year ago!”
  “Ha ha!”
  The words of Jiang Yun snake attracted a sneer. Just now, Ma Gu was shot and flew out more than ten feet, and he was hit hard by a punch. This power reached at least the 7th level of Qi Condensation stage! In half year ago, 1st level of Qi Condensation stage has been upgraded to 7th level of Qi Condensation stage? You want to cheat a child?
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