My fury will burn the heavens ch 45

Chapter 45 Identity Exposure
    7th level of Qi Condensation stage?
    Jiang Yunsuo and Jiang Yunshan once again looked at each other and their eyes were full of anger. If the previous Jiang Yi sentenced him to death in his heart, this moment could be killed dozens of times.
    The two think of Jiang Yi had the strength because he swallowed the Millennium Blood Ginseng. Now they come to have a big doubt. This millennium blood ginseng is such a high-level elixir. Can a normal person swallow and refine it? Such a powerful drug will not explode him directly and die?
    If it is not a thousand-year blood ginseng, then Jiang Yi must have concealed a lot of things. If Jiang Yi is a child of Jiang clan, they will be happy for him and is proud of him. . But Jiang Yi has been identified as White Wolf by these two people. He now hide so many things, naturally he have ill-plots, naturally should kill ……
    “5336 wins ninth game!”
    Outside old man’s voice rang, and then Jiang Yi’s sharply screaming screams again: “Next!”
    There was no one below came but it was silent, and even the battles on the other side of the platform seemed to stop. The screaming voice of Jiang Yi echoed in the big square.
    No one came to stage and the Ma Heqi and Ma’s family smoked their mouths but they held back. Ma Gu has lost their face. If the Ma Clan people go up again and lose again, it is a blow to the reputation of the Ma Clan and the morale of the Ma Clan will damage. The main reason is that Jiang Yi’s strength is unknown. So far, everyone still feels that he only has 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. Till they did not figure out who dared to go on stage?
    “I am coming!”
    A white sound shadow floated on, legs swayed like a volley, but in the air, he stepped on the platform in seven or eight steps, and his body was very elegant and screamed.
    Jiang Yi was secretly surprised. Liuhe was one of the top ten geniuses. Was it so early? If he wins everyone, he feels normal. If he loses, he still has a face to participate in the next game?
    “Good! Liu Jiazhu, your son’s courage is commendable!”
    A cold elder’s heartfelt feelings, the rest of the people also slightly decapitated, even the college’s mentor and the general will also look at Liuhe. In such a situation, dare to go to stage, this person has a strong confidence in himself, or is a fool, 16-year-old can cultivate to the 8th level of Qi Condensation stage is a genius, can be a fool?
    Liu Clan’s head Liu Feng smiled slightly.
    The heart is dark, what has entered in Liuhe mind? Play now? This Jiang Yi is so weird, if he loses his face, I will kill him.
    Jiang Yi has won nine games in a row, and if he wins Liuhe, he will win ten games. The key is that Liuhe is one of the strongest participating fighters. If Jiang Yi wins him, it is entirely possible to win a hundred-game winning streak.
    Therefore, all the eyes in the stands were directed at the downfall of Jiang Yi. Most of the eyes on the lower square also swept here. Many people were secretly excited. This is the highest level of battle today.
    “Liuhe, 8th level of Qi Condensation stage, wolf brother, please advise!”
    As the Liu clan’s education, Liuhe’s temperament is very extraordinary, gentle and elegant, he bowed to Jiang Yi slightly, his face was calm, but in his eyes It is a war.
    Others are polite to him, Jiang Yi is often more polite to others, he put away the mad gesture just now, nodded and said: “Wolf, 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, Liu brother, you first shot!”
    “Then I will”
    Liu He Shen sighed, one step on one leg, the whole platform was slightly shocked, his body swept away like a breeze, the speed was not only lightning fast but the body still felt like a flutter in the air. It makes people really difficult to distinguish.
    “Breeze dances the body!”
    Jiang Yi’s scorpion shrinks, his body quickly recedes toward the side, and his eyes lock in Liuhe. He and Liu’s children have practiced and they used this skill. The Liuhe realm is much stronger than the rest of the Liu clan members and this method of operation is even more.
    This method is the martial arts is of the human ranks level. The whole person is as fascinating as a gust of wind. When you attack him, his body can even float with the wind, letting your attack come back without success. And once he is close, he will follow you like a gust of wind, let you get rid of it, only waiting to be attacked by him. Therefore, the war with the Liu family can only prevent him from being close, and then find a chance to kill.
    Liuhe casts a full-fledged environment, and Jiang Yi is a 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. He can stop Liuhe from being close to him without using black power.
    the answer is negative.
    Liuhe quickly came over, and a pair of slender white palms fluttered in the air. Jiang Yi quickly attack with Galuo hands to resist, and the two palms touched, and Jiang Yi’s body went back. He did not dare to fight again and avoid it. The figure of Liuhe was chased up like a ghost, and his palm was constantly photographed.
    The sound of Qi’s touch continued to come. In a short period of time, Jiang Yi and Liu He did not know how many palms they had attacked. However, the situation is very clear, Jiang Yi has been avoiding, Liuhe has been chasing him and Liuhe obviously did not do his best, Jiang Yi also did not have the power to damage Ma Gu just now, each time was shaken back a few steps.
    “Yes, Liu Jiazhu, your son is very clever, knowing that the opponent is using sinisters are insidious means, he is calm and the wisdom is full, so steady and resolutely not be fooled. According to my view, Liuhe can definitely win easily!”
    An elder of the Ma clan suddenly appeared in the stands. The mouth praised, everyone’s eyes were very strong, and they expressed their approval. Everyone has seen that Jiang Yi’s speed is getting slower and slower, and the reaction speed is also falling. This is obviously a manifestation of Qi and physical exertion, and can’t fool people.
    However, everyone is confused. This is Jiang Yi who is only 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, otherwise how is it so bad? The question is… How did he just hurt Ma Gu?
    Some people couldn’t see through Jiang Yi, and even the most powerful mentor and Ji Tian who were present were unable to see through. The brows were crumpled, and their eyes locked on Jiang Yi, observing his every move.
    Liuhe is also watching Jiang Yi’s reaction. Many times Liuhe could easily take Jiang Yi down and step down, but he was very reluctant. Since Jiang Yi can win nine games in a row, since he can easily defeat Ma Gu, he must not only have this strength in front of him, so he decided to change his mind invariably, and he will continue to wait for Jiang Yi to exhuast and die…
    Jiang Yi really couldn’t help it. His hands and mouths have been injured, and Qi is also very expensive. This Liuhe is like a normal person. He will only be defeated if this continues. The light in his eyes kept flashing and he finally decided to fight.
    “Black power!”
    The black power in Dantian is only six strands. Jiang Yi’s teeth are once again mobilized, and the strength of his fist is increased to the power of seven horses. He escaped the attack of Liuhe and immediately released the phantom fist to the lower left chest of Liuhe.
    “You can’t help it anymore?”
    Liuhe blinked with a smile in his eyes, his body fluttering in the wind, and his hands flicked and took a few palm prints. He rushed toward Jiang Yi’s fist.
    Jiang Yi’s fist was not accidentally stopped by Liuhe. Jiang Yi’s attack speed was too slow. Don’t say three fists in the eyes of Liuhe, that is, ten can also stop.
    But what surprised Liuhe this time was that a huge force came to shock his left hand. He looked at Jiang Yi’s as he sank, and he immediately turned his back and quickly retreated. He is staring at Jiang Yi’s every move. He knows that Jiang Yi’s real killings are coming out.
    “Phantom fist!”
    Jiang Yi’s momentum is like a rainbow, and his eyes are bright and scary. Both hands are playing phantom fists at the same time, and the six boxing shadows will cover the Liuhe.
    Liuhe’s heart is strange again. Is this the so-called killing? He quickly drifted toward the back, and his palms turned into a palm of the sky and greeted Jiang Yi’s fist. He was very alert and always ready to deal with Jiang Yi’s killing.
    Suddenly, a slight sound stunned Liuhe. His eyes were cold and his eyes were as clean as Jiang’s right hand. When he saw a cyan dagger appearing in the hands of Jiang Yi, the taut heart immediately relaxed.
    Unknown things are always scary, and once Jiang Yi reveals his killings, he will not be afraid.
    Seeing Jiang Yi’s hand, the weapon shines in the blue light, and Liuhe smiles coldly. There are also treasures in Liu clan, but Liuhe does not like to use weapons. The body of Liu family is not suitable for weapons, and he is never afraid of weapons. He did not retreat, and turned his palms into claws. Like the ghosts and he turned into a shadow and went to the right hand of Jiang Yi.
    Ghost claws!
    Liu Clan became famous for this martial arts, and the top grades of Human level, with the perfect martial arts of the Qingfeng dance method, killing people invisible, the next person’s weapon is simple.
    Without the surprise of Liuhe, his hand easily grabbed Jiang Yi’s wrist and grabbed it with force. Jiang Yi’s palm was painfully instincted and loosened. Falling away. Liuhe smiled lightly, and the other hand quickly explored the dagger and was ready to end the game.
    “Oh? Not good!”
    Suddenly, Liuhe felt a strong uneasiness in his heart. His eyes swept away toward Jiangyi’s right hand, and he was shocked at first sight. Because at this moment, Jiang Yi’s palm that was only held by him suddenly burst into a force, a force that made his soul feel the fear, and the force was still strangely rotating in his palm, blue Qi shines with black light, it looks more heart-rending…
    “Be fooled, this is the real killing trick of the wolf!”
    Liuhe woke up, his body exploded, but he was too late to wake up, Jiang Yi right palm turn, suddenly patted the left hand of Liuhe.
    The space around the Wi explosion swayed, and the layers of translucent ripples went away. Liuhe’s body was blown out, and Jiang Yi’s body was also shaken off by a powerful impact. However, he was the main attack and the direction of the explosion was not injured, but Liu He’s half left arm flesh Blurring, the above-mentioned forest bones can be seen, obviously be seriously damaged…
    “Dang dang!”
    The crisp sound of the cyan dagger landed, and it was heard in the hearts of countless people, and countless people were looking solemn. If at the beginning they think that Jiang Yi is lucky and wins with tricks, then no one at any moment doubts the strength of Jiang Yi.
    With so many competitors in the audience, in addition to 8th level of Qi Condensation stage, other than Ji Yingyu and Jiang Hanshui, who can beat Liuhe?
    “Cyan Sword!”
    At this moment, the voices of numerous guys were also ringing. Many of the Ma clan members, including the elder of the Ma family, showed their killing intent.
    The name of the cyan short sword was called Qing Ming Sword. It was the Ma Clan who gave Ma Fei. In the past, Ma Fei was abolished, and the treasure was robbed. How could such a big thing be concealed? At the moment, when the Qingjian sword appeared, Jiang Yi’s identity was naturally exposed.
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