My fury will burn the heavens ch 46

Chapter 46 Jiang Yi must die!
    “Explosive Yuanzhang, this kid actually practiced successfully?”
    In a corner of the square, Yang Guan’s old face full of surprise. Today Wu Dian is empty, so came watch the enjoyment. He carefully watched every battle of Jiang Yi. Every time he was amazed, he found that he had succeeded in practicing the incomplete secret technique, and he was shocked.
    He finally understood that Jiang Yi was not a fool. The reason why Jiang Yi dared to gamble with Wu Dian was because he had a card in his hand, and there were two cards that could surprise everyone. One was the skill and the other was his strange power.
    Jiang Yi’s strength can suddenly increase, but it’s short-lived. Just now, the trick was to explode, and Jiang Yi’s obviously very tired. It’s absolutely impossible for 4th level of Qi Condensation stage to have such a powerful power.
    Moreover, the black light that appeared on the surface of Jiang Yi’s blue Qi, he looked very carefully, and even the big figures in the stands noticed that the black light made all the big men feel surprised, even though no one knew what it was. But they all vaguely guessed that Jiang Yi’s strength suddenly became stronger and definitely related to this black light.
    “Before half a year ago, he can’t even touch one of the top ten talents. But now he can beat Liuhe, one of the top ten talents?”
    Yang Guan saw that a new star is rising. He indulged his voice and suppressed a martial arts guard behind him: “You look at the wolf, there is anything to report immediately, I went to see the lord.”
    A talented person who is so ruthless, Wu Dian must be treated him with caution, Yang Guanwu does not know how the martial lord thinks but his heart risen the status of Jiang Yi. He feels that he can establish a certain friendship with Jiang Yi at this moment. For him, it is a very good thing for Wu Dian.
    “Investigate this boy.”
    In the stands, Ji Tian quietly confessed to a guard. The cold family Patriarchy secretly told people to investigate, and he was able to defeat Liuhe has successfully proved his value.
    “Liuhe this idiot!” Although Liuhe has already been sent back for treatment, the Liu Clan can use the influence to let Liuhe continue to participate, but the Liu clan is still very angry, his old face is thrown away…
    “What to do?” Patriarchy!”
    Jiang Clan side, Jiang Yunshi’s hesitant whisper came over. He was very unhappy with Jiang Yi, but he hesitated after the war. After all, such a talent, if it can be a good thing for the Jiang family, of course, there is Jiang Yunhai’s relationship, that will be said that Jiang Yunhai is very valued by the town of Wang Xi,
    “How to do, He must not stay alive?!” Jiang Yun snake abnormal affirmative answer, then Yunshan has pondered in silence, just shook his head a moment later:. “After the end of everything, we will consider everything”
    “Big Brother”!
    Ma clan, Mafei’s old Ma Yongji was anxious. Jiang Yi had already finished ten games and the city guards made a simple record and went straight to the Wu Dian. Seeing that they were leaving everyone’s sight, the Ma’s family did not say a word. Said that this Ma Yongji is naturally anxious.
    Ma clan owner look at Ma Yongji’s eyes and said coldly: “I know that your son is a waste, and give him a treasurer like that to take it away by someone else. I want to say that Ma Fei’s being abandoned is a matter of time! But… … Since someone has bullied us in the town, naturally it is impossible to let him live. You can rest assured that I have arranged things, this person will die!”
    The iceberg beauty Su teacher who rarely talked in the auditorium, stands and start thinking for a long time, still couldn’t figure it out. She turned her eyes and looked at the oldest tutor in the college and asked: “Fu Lao, 536 strength is so weird? Can see what happened??”
    The words of the Su tutor caused the attention of Ji Tian and others. Many people looked at it but Fu Lao shook his head. “I don’t know the specifics. I saw this for the first time. This is a very talented evil.”
    On a platform outside, Ji Tingyu gently slammed an opponent out of the stage. She glanced in the direction of Jiang Yi’s departure. The good-looking brow shook and whispered: Wolf? Jiang Yi? Yi Gongzi? Ok… Tingyu is look down on you before, if you can win a hundred-game winning streak, Tingyu will pay for it.”
    Although the next game is still wonderful, but far from the soul of Jiang Yi, the four people in the ring, three of them are the young geniuses of Tianyu City, and it is expected that they will continue to win. Another member of the Blue Robe was quickly exposed. The name is He Knife. He is a son of a hidden family in a small town near Tianyu City. The family is not weaker than the five major clans but it has been low-key, Lingwushan College Enrollment is such a good thing that they will not miss it.
    It was only half an hour, Ji Tingyu completed a ten-game winning streak. After that, Jiang Hanshui won ten games. The blue robe and the young knife finally finished ten consecutive victories.
    After the end of the match, it was the knockout, but because of the high level of combat in the competition, the knockout became unremarkable, and the warriors who participated in the knockout were also weak. Today, there are five people who participate in the competitions. They are all ten-game winning streak. If they have been winning, the five people have taken away five places directly. What is the significance of calling them?
    The three mentor of Ling Beast Hill College, as well as the officers of the town’s Western Army, have seen them leave for a while. These games have not attracted their attention. They care about the next day’s competition. Many Clans are caught off guard today. Tomorrow, they will surely try their best to stop the five players who participated in the competition. Otherwise, how will the children of their family get the quota?
    Jiang Yi also knows that tomorrow’s competition will definitely be fierce. He has no choice but to expose the Jiang family’s martial arts and the treasures that he has robbed from Ma Fei. He is very clear that his identity has been exposed to at least Jiang Clan and Ma Clan. So in the next few days will be very dangerous, and even very likely to die…
    He doesn’t know how to go in the future, but he has no way to go, he can only go in front. Therefore, he did not stop for a moment after the game, and immediately returned to the Wu Dian to heal the wounds, restore the consumption of energy, and actively prepare for the battle.
    After practicing for an hour, the wrist that was scratched by Liuhe was already quite good, and a footstep sounded outside woke him up.
    came in an old man with a bark-like face. He smiled at him on his face more clearly. Jiang Yi saw a warmth in this smile, and spent a few months with the old man. Although the two did not communicate much, the old man’s casual thoughts made him feel very warm.
    “Manager!” He just wanted to stand up, but Yang Guan waved his hand and took a porcelain bottle from his arms and smiled: “You continue to practice. I am looking for you for nothing. This is three kinds of medicinal herbs, which can quickly store Qi, um… is the lord gave it to you.”
    Jiang Yi mouth twitching, full of confusion and surprises, this place is so expensive, when is the Wu Dian owner so polite? He quickly reacted and gratefully looked at Yang Guan: “Thank you…”
    ” Okay , don’t talk about those nonsense, practice, and play well, as long as you can continue to win, Dan in the Wu Dian is free to supply to you every day. Don’t be afraid if you are injured, as long as you don’t die, you can continue to fight the next day!”
    Yang Guan waved his hand and smiled and went out. When he suddenly thought of something at the door, he said: ” By the way, wolf, the lord of Wu Dian asked me to bring you a sentence. If you want to make a big achievement in that martial art skill, you must understand the essence of it. This is a blast of the palm of the hand. He doesn’t understand it very well! But he lets you pay more attention to one word… Explosion!”
    Yang Guan went out, Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up, the earth’s level medicinal Dan every day? As long as he does not die, he can you play the next day? There is Wu Dian to back him up, he has any concerns. He suddenly felt passionate and secretly decided to let go all out, and must win a hundred-game winning streak!
    He quickly swallowed a medicinal herb, took a seat and practiced it. He first recovered Qi and then tried to understand the essence of the martial art skill. This is why the blaster can make a big success. The grasp is even bigger.
    On the second day, Jiang Yi got up early, and had a good meal. When he arrived, he walked out of the Wu Dian hall. When he walked more than ten feet away, he looked back and saw a middle-aged man with earrings and Yang Guan watching him silently. When he was silently watching him, he suddenly took off his mask, grinned and bent.
    After that, he threw the mask to a guard at the gate, and strode toward the platform. Since his identity has been exposed, he does not want to cover up, simply let go.
    He was running on his feet, and his body swept to the platform like a wolf . His eyes swept over the stands and found that the big man had not yet arrived. He closed his eyes and stood still, waiting for the game to begin.
    “It is him, this is the person!”
    A corner of the east side of the square, a handsome son pointed at Jiang Yi’s body and trembled. His voice was full of grievances. He looked at Jiang Yi and wanted to swallow him.
    In the Fengyue Building, he was abolished by Jiang Yi, and he mobilized all the forces that to find Jiang Yi for several months, but in the end he found nothing. This time was a nightmare for Ma Fei. He did not kill Jiang Yi in one day. He couldn’t be safe for a day…
    “Okay , Ma Fei!”
    Ma Heqi patted his shoulder coldly, his eyes cast on Jiang Yi, and laughed: “You can rest assured, my father already has an arrangement.” I will also play today, Jiang Yi… must die!”
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