My fury will burn the heavens ch 47

Chapter 47: Punching Dantian
    On the avenue on the east side of the square, a group of people came in abundance. This is a dozen young boys and girls. The young man who is headed by the youngest is the most attractive. He has not been close to the square and countless people to say hello to him.
    “Hanshui Good morning!”
    “Good morning Hanshui!”
    Jiang Hanshui all the way come to the platform and everyone nodded and smiled at him but soon his smile solidified and the back of Jiang clan’s member footsteps also stopped. Many people were puzzled and looked at a weak black boy on the platform. One person exclaimed: “Look, it is Jiang Yi! He… How is he on the ring?”
    Jiang Hanshui, Jiang Gushui and Jiang Ruwo, There are still some Jiang clan children who reacted quickly. Jiang Hanshui with a hint of complexity. He sighed: “Because Jiang Yi is… the wolf!”
    Many Jiang clan members eyes suddenly stunned. Going round and looking at Jiang Yi feels so strange, is this the Jiang Yi, whose Dantian is sealed? In just half a year, he stood so high and his progress is so fast that everyone could not believe it. Yesterday he defeated Liuhe!
    “Yi Jiang? Jiang Yi? Jiang Yi! Ha ha!”
    On the other side, Ji Tingyu also slowly came with the children of Ji clan and her eyes swept over Jiang Yi’s face, which was quite touching. Her eyes have always been very high, and there are really few men who can sat in her eyes in the big Tianyu City. Jiang Yi is now barely counted.
    “This wolf is quite pretty, although he doesn’t match Hanshui, Ma Heiqi, Liuhe handsomeness but the more you look at it, the more you like it…”
    Ling Xue stood in the crowd and looked at the high standing on the stage. Jiang Yi on the heart, like a knockout of the five-flavored bottle, what taste. A few months ago, she was the first to discover Jiang Yi’s specialness but she did not see Jiang Yi in her self-sustaining status. At this moment, she is afraid that Jiang Yi will not look at her.
    “The city owner is coming, it’s a good show!”
    Along with the noise, the three mentors of Ling Beast Hill and Ji Tian, the officers of the town’s western army strode, and the five clan elders accompanied with the Patriarchy. When Jiang Yunshan eyes looked towards the ring, his face slightly changed immediately, Jiang Yi came with such high-profile appearances, this is a silently hitting in the face ah ……
    “contest begin!”
    Hua robe old man’s voice was Hurry up,
    Tens of thousands of people in the square are excited. Today’s competitions are definitely worth seeing. Many clans secretly discuss today’s arrangements last night. Today these five people can never be so easy to win ten consecutive victories.
    One person immediately leaped over the platform. Everyone swept away, and all of them looked so expressionless.
    The person who came to stage was 6th level of Qi Condensation stage warrior who was a famous person in Tiancheng City. This person was famous in Tianyu City because he was a child of the Ma clan, and his downfall was the collapse of Jiang Yi. Obviously… the Ma clan is ready to block Jiang Yi.
    Jiang Yi faint smile is very calm, he has long expected that today’s Jiang family will not shoot, the Ma clan will certainly shoot. Let him stand on the ring for a while, the face of Ma Clan and Jiang Clan will hurt for a while.
    Ma clan boy came to stage and there was no extra nonsense. He rushed straight toward Jiang Yi.
    “Black power!”
    Jiang Yi first mobilized a black Qi to go to the eyes, 6th level of Qi Condensation stage for him no pressure at all but he is still cautious, carefully driving the ship, Liuhe yesterday is too much.
    “I came to play with the son of He Gong!”
    On the other side, a son of Liu family also shot, and found the blue robe boy knife. Yesterday, Liuhe defeated and let Liu’s family lose their face. Liu’s clan is clearly ready to beat knife and to increase the moral of the clan members.
    “Miss Leng, please advise!”
    Yan Ling Xuefei on the platform, took the initiative to find Miss cold, the most powerful generation of this family is Yan Longyu, with his strength it is difficult to win one of the five places. However, more than a dozen small families in Tianyu City have joined together last night. As long as they join forces to downgrade one of the opponent and let them lose the qualification to enter the Beast Hill College, and the rest of the clan will have a chance.
    The other two clan members found Jiang Hanshui and Ji Tingyu, although the two are almost certain to be able to secure two places, but don’t know the result till you try!!
    At the beginning of the competition, it was so hot that the big guys below and the stands were excited. It’s absolutely necessary to see something happen today. Of course, most people’s eyes are directed at Jiang Yi and He Da, because the resistance of these two people is definitely the biggest.
    “Go down!”
    Jiang Yi easily avoided the attack of the Ma family’s children. He took a lightning-like shot toward the other’s chest. His vision of horror reaction was against the sky, and his opponent only had to cast of 6th level of Qi Condensation stage. He did not need black power to bless the power. It’s easy to beat him.
    What surprised him was that his attack angle was very smashing, and the opponent either stepped back and fell down, or he could only bear him. This will be a retreat for any one person. After all, his strength in yesterday is so strong that he is likely to be hit hard and even killed.
    However, the Ma clan people did not retreat. Instead, a dagger suddenly appeared in the sleeve, and he stabbed his left shoulder. At such a juncture, Jiang Yi was not good to change attack and he could only forcibly avoid it. The palm of the hand took a picture of each other.
    The child of Ma clan flew out and Jiang Yi’s left shoulder was pulled out of a blood and the blood rushed out. He quickly took out a healing medicine and swallowed it, running a few laps to stop the blood from flowing out. His eyes were radiant, and he saw new opponent who also has 6th level of Qi Condensation stage. He immediately came to understand.
    Consumption war!
    The Ma clan seems to have formulated the tactics long ago, that is, the family members are constantly sent to fight with Jiang Yi. This is not allowed to kill people in the competition. Therefore, no matter how Jiang Yi hits the opponent, they have not lost much, and they will consume some healing drugs. . And they are desperately trying to let Jiang Yi consume his Qi and his injuries. After Jiang Yi’s scars, Ma Heqi’s last shot will kill him!
    This strategy is very simple but very practical, and it is still a righteous conspiracy, and it does not fall ill. After all, it is necessary to be prepared for the wheel battle in the competition, which is the most difficult place in the competition.
    “Playing? It’s good… see who is better than anyone!”
    Seeing the other side rushing like a ferocious beast, Jiang Yi’s face also showed a hint of sorrow. He stood still and waited for the other’s fist to come. He quietly mobilized a black force to bounce power. With a punch, he chose to hit hard!
    The sound of Yuanli collided, Jiang Yi has shaken back three steps, but the other side even retired a dozen steps. The robes on the right fist were all shattered, and there was faint blood spilling on it. Obviously, this arm was Shocked.
     Hey you are sick, you want my life!
    Jiang Yi’s body quickly release his Qi, and the person 6th level of Qi Condensation stage is in the middle of the stage and shrouded the other side. The other party did not escape from his expectation. In the same hand, a dagger appeared in his hand and slammed against him. The intention is obvious, is too hurt him!
    A sound of gold and iron collided, and Ma family knife broke into two pieces, and a fist of Jiang Yi attack on his head. At the same time, one leg kicked out with lightning, and the other’s calf kicked the other side out.
    Ma clan’s boy screamed, and his body flew away, and the heavily fall in the crowd under the ring. Jiang Yi’s fist is full of strength, and the head of the Ma’s son was full of blood and his calf was injured.
    “This Qingjian sword is really worthy of treasure, cutting iron like mud!”
    Jiang Yi indifferently swept the lower eye, one hand caressing the blue dagger in his hand, let the younger Ma clan children below vomiting blood.
    “Ma Yi, you are on!”
    Ma Heiqi arranged for the injured Ma clan member to bring back to heal, sullen face and another Ma clan member is ordered. Today, the Ma clan is going to kill Jiang Yi anyway. Even if the younger generation of the Ma clan members is completely beaten, it must be won.
    Another Ma clan member came, this time even a fool knows that the Ma family is deliberately targeting Jiang Yi, but Ma Heiqi wants to take the quota, it is normal to select Jiang Yi to start.
    The next battle became more and more obvious. The children of Ma’s family continued to play. Although Jiang Yi won several times in a row, he added four scars to his body. The children of Ma’s family were not afraid of being injured. Leave a scar on Jiang Yi.
    Jiang Yi has wasted lots of Qi and several of the children of the Ma family were severely defeated. His heart is extremely angry, but he still dare not kill, because he will be directly disqualified if he dares to kill. Ma clan also pays attention to this point, it will be so unscrupulous.
    Game 7!
    Still 6th level of Qi Condensation stage, the Ma clan today is looking forward to putting all the elites on the scene, so it is necessary to win Jiang Yi. The black power is only four left, and the body is injured in five places. Qi and physical strength are very expensive. Looking at the Ma Heiqi that sneers around, Jiang Yi’s heart has completely sunk.
    “You forced me!”
    Jiang Yi snorted, his legs slammed, and the body rushed to the Ma clan member who went to the stage like a mad dragon. He held the Qingjian sword in his hand and did not need to release martial arts. It was so straight. Sting at each other.
    Now in the seventh game, if he continues this way, he will lose fight sooner or later. Once lost, he will not be valued by the Wu Dian, and the ending will only be assassinated by Jiang or Ma clan. In this case, what other scruples does he have? He doesn’t care whether he wins or loses.
    Ma Clan’s warrior saw Jiang Yi so, not only did he not panic, but his body went straight toward Jiang Yi, completely ignoring Jiang Yi’s short sword that was about to pierce his left chest, but he had a dagger in his left sleeve. Lightning appeared, and slammed against Jiang Yi’s right arm.
    “Want to waste my arm? Then I abolish you!”
    Jiang Yi was completely angry, and his right shoulder was forcibly twisted, letting the other dagger break into his right shoulder, his short sword suddenly slid down, lightning-like Into the other’s belly!
    Jiang Yi’s right shoulder and two bones were cut off by the other side and were scrapped in a short time. However, Dantian of the Ma clan warrior is like a punctured ball. The lower abdomen is smashed, and Dantian is permanently abolished by Jiang Yi… The battle is getting hotter and hotter!!
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