My fury will burn the heavens ch 48

Chapter 48: Crazy
    Whether it is any competition, the test is a comprehensive combat power, so this kind of competition has never been a happen but he can not deliberately kill. In the past games, there were often bloodsheds, but someone was never been so cruel. At first, the Ma clan children’s fearlessness and ferocity shocked many people. At this moment, Jiang Yi’s action made the audience shocked.
    The healing medicine in this world is very powerful. It takes a few knives to break a few bones. This is not a problem, as long as he does not die. But if the person’s hands and feet are really cut off, or if Dantian is abandoned then this person will always be a waste in this life. Although the legendary holy medicine can restore Dantian. But how can the small family in Tianyu City can buy it.
    Ma Clan obviously can not afford, so the Patriarchy of every clan stood up, Leng Heng said: “Gentlemen, this child is so cruel, a shot to destroy Dantian, I propose to abolish his eligibility.”
    Ma Clan leader voice is very loud, and it suppresses the snoring outside. The audience calmed down and looked into the stands. If the three mentor of Ling Beast Hill College also determined that Jiang Yi was too cruel, then he is very likely to be disqualified.
    “Yes! I personally think that it is too much, I also recommend disqualification!”
    A cold voice came out, which led to the audience. Although there are bead curtains outside the stands, so that everyone can not see the scenery inside, but the voice of this person is very familiar to everyone, this is the voice of Jiang Yun snake. Jiang’s elders suggested canceling the qualifications of Jiang’s children? Is this… fucking joke?
    The Liu clan also began to add fuel: “It is indeed too ferocious, and the waste of Dantian is even more cruel than killing…”
    Ji Tian was silent for a while, and his eyes turned to the three mentor of Ling Beast Hill College and said: “I Personal reservations, of course, this is mainly based on the opinions of the three tutors. What are the three of you?”
    The young male tutor, one of the three mentor, frowned and nodded: “I personally feel he is too ferocious. If he go to college like this, we will have a lot of troubles…”
    The words of the Instructor of the Beast Mountain immediately caused an uproar. The mentor said that Jiang Yi seems to be 100% disqualified.
    “I oppose!”
    A big drink rang, shocked countless people with eardrums, and countless people swept their eyes, but saw Jiang Yi body leaping his right shoulder toward the stands.
    His right shoulder was almost cut to the arm.
    Although it was suppressed with Yuanli at the moment, the blood was still slowly overflowing, and his footsteps smashed into the ground. Because of the excessive blood flow, his delicate face became a little pale. His black warrior gown was cut out of by several wounds and was stained with blood. It looked very miserable. But his face did not have a slight mood swing, and his footsteps were steady, step by step toward the stands.
    He walked outside the Accord, and his eyes swept through everyone on the bead curtain. He stayed on the faces of Jiang Yunshan and Ma clan family for a moment, and finally his eyes fell on Ji Tian and the three mentor. He slowly opened his mouth. Dao: “You adults, I want to ask me which competition rules Jiang Yi violated? Why do you want to cancel my qualifications? Can the competition stipulate that you can’t move weapons? Or can you not hurt people? Can you not see the game just now? I had a heavy hand at the beginning? I am not forced to walk. I will take this hand. The Majia family, your Ma clan children want to waste me every time, if I don’t have the strength, I have cut an arm at the moment. No, I don’t know when I will… Do you also say that your Ma clan children are too ferocious? Let him cancel the competition?”
    “Tick, tick!”
    Jiang Yi’s blood is still dripping and hitting the wooden boards on the stands. Give a crisp sound. Everyone in the stands was silent, but soon the Ma clan family retorted: “Kid, don’t you be so crazy? Even if you let you play, can you win? Say, saying that you are ferocious is not me alone. Hey… The elders of the cloud snakes in Jiang’s family can also agree.”
    “Ma Kui, you…” Jiang Yun’s snake did not expect that he just replied casually, and was taken over by the Ma’s family, and he also clearly stated the river. Yi is the child of Jiang family.
    “Ha ha ha!”
    Jiang Yi’s laughter interrupted the words of Jiang Yun snake. He sneered a few times and calmly looked at Ma Kui and said: “If you don’t win, you have to fight before you know! You are not convinced, you can Let Ma Heqi come up and try it! Don’t say… Jiang Clan, I Jiang Yi is not as good as a dog in the eyes of Jiang clan! They also look at me early and I am not pleasing to their eye. I am afraid that they would like to expel me from Jiang clan. The Jiang Yun snake elders want to kill me soon afterwards? Oh, my Jiang Yi identity is squatting, not worthy and I don’t want to be against the brand of Jiang’s children.”
    “ shhhhhhhh …”
    Jiang Yi’s words shocked the audience like a thunder, and even Ji Tingyu and Jiang Hanshui game was suspended. Jiang Yunsuo’s words just made everyone feel a little wrong. Now Jiang Yi’s words feel more vibrating.
    There are too many family children in the square at the moment. They see that their elders in the family don’t dare to speak loudly, let alone in direct dialogue with so many people and family leaders. The most important thing is that the words are so inferior? I don’t want to be a child of Jiang’s family. Is this going to be a rebel in public? Is Jiang Yi crazy?
    “Jiang Yi, you are confusing! You are a white-eyed wolf, the family is not thin to you…”
    Jiang Yunshan was mad at the air, and his body was full of killing intent. He almost couldn’t help but directly let Jiang Yi give it. But as soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately woke up. Where is this? Who is nearby? The more he said it now, the more he made the mistake, the more     Jiang family lost his face…
    “Cloud snake, shut up!”
   Jiang Yunshan is far more intelligent than the Jiangyun snake as the Jiang family. Even though he is already angry, he can’t wait to cut Jiang Yi into 8 piece, but his face still showed disappointment. He looked at Jiang Yi and sighed slightly: “Jiang Yi, you and the cloud snake have grievances. I know, you don’t want to recognize this Jiang clan, I don’t blame you. But Jiang clan will not give up any family children, as long as you do not make mistakes, the family will never go out against you. Well, let’s play well, let’s talk back to the clan.”
    Jiang Yunshan’s bitter words Let countless people quietly give their thumbs up, just a few words floating in the air, Jiang Yunshan immediately reversed the situation. In the eyes of outsiders, this is because Jiang Yi and the Jiang Yun snake’s grievances have angered the Jiang family. In such a case, he slandered the Jiang clan. This is Jiang Yi’s fault. Jiang Yunshan has a wide-minded mind. Not only does he blame Jiang Yi’s collision, but he also tries his best to recover it. It is extremely merciful.
    People outside can’t understand, all the smart people sitting in the Accord. They don’t know the passing of things, but they all know that Jiang Yi, a fifteen-year-old boy, has no special reason. Unless he is brain-destroyed, how can he dare to fight against the clan in public? Also reveal the desire to rebel? Is he impatient to die?
    Is Jiang Yi brain-dead? Obviously not!
    However, Jiang Yi was silent, and everyone was not too busy with his business. His eyes were directed at the three mentor of Ling Beast Hill College, and they wanted to hear their decisions.
    “536 did not violate the rules of the game, I personally opposed the cancellation of his qualifications!”
    Unexpectedly, the beauty instructor like an iceberg suddenly spoke up. Yesterday she did not have a slight affection for Jiang Yi and even some disgust, But today she helped him to talk?
    The young tutor’s face changed, and the Su tutor and his opinion were opposite each other. This is equivalent to hitting his face. Just waiting for him to refute, the older tutor Fu Lao also said: “If you don’t kill, you don’t violate the rules. Continue to play!”
    Fu Lao hammered his voice, Jiang Yi also breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes deep in Su The instructor and Fu’s face looked at him, slightly squatting, and turned to jump on the platform.
    Just standing on the ring, his eyes swept to the Ma Heiqi below, and shouted: “Ma Heqi, I am now injured an arm, and I have six injuries. The energy is half consumed. If you are a man, now come to the stage. Of course… If you are afraid, you can let your clan members to fight two more games.”
    Maniac, mad, crazy!
    This is the feeling that Jiang Yi gave to the audience at this moment. He suffered such a serious injury. Not only did he not heal, but he called the Ma Heiqi, one of the top ten talents. Is he looking for his own death? Still know that I can’t win? So the broken jar broke down?
    “Ha ha ha!”
    Ma Heiqi smiled and jumped up, so if he not come to the stage at the moment, it will make people in the city look down on him. After he came up, his eyes filled with killing intent: “Wolf! Jiang Yi? Are you sure to fight with me? You are not afraid that I will also abandon your Dantian?”
    “Don’t fake, you waited for so long, no Just waiting for me to get hurt? Come on, you can try to abolish me, my Jiang Yi will absolutely have no complaints!”
    Jiang Yi coldly screamed, his legs stepped, his body shot like a sharp arrow toward Ma Heqi, his Qi and physical exertion are too large, and the loss of blood in the body makes him more and more weak, and he will lose without speed.
    Ma Heiqi smiled a long time, and the body did not retreat and he rushed towards Jiang Yi, and both hands became eagle-claw-style heads toward Jiang Yi.
    Jiang Yi hidden in the sleeve of the Qing Ming sword appeared in the palm of his hand, he put Qi perfusion in his weapons, left hand shook, actually illusion of three incomparably true virtual shadow, from three directions towards the Ma Heqi.
    The phantom fist was actually changed by him, and it was brought out with a weapon and turned into a phantom sword…
    “Golden worms, see my black dragon whip!”
    Seeing three swords with a gleaming glare, Ma Heqi without a little panic, he explored one hand in his arms, and a black soft whip came out and tangled straight toward Jiang Yi’s Qing Ming sword. So fast that countless people have a glimpse of it.
    The soft whip and the short sword touched each other. Jiang Yi’s left hand was shocked. The tiger’s mouth was so stalked by a short sword. The soft whip was incomparably magical. Just like a living thing, he wrapped his left hand and half arm together. .
    “Jiang Yi, I have to recover the blood debt for Ma Fei and Ma Yuan!”
    Seeing Jiang Yi’s face transient, the horror collapsed! Ma Heqi’s face was full of disappointment. He grabbed the long whip in one hand and pulled it, and dragged Jiang Yi’s body over it. The other hand turned into a talons and grabbed Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen. He is abolishing Jiang Yi Dantian.
    “It’s over…”
    Yang Guan, on the top of the Wu Dian Temple, sighed heavily. Jiang Yi was tied to his left hand at the moment. His right hand was already abolished, and he was bleeding too much. Qi’s physical exertion was too much. How could he be a Heqi’s opponent?……
    Wu Dian owner next slightly shook his head, the silver earring came a burst of crisp sound, his indifference opening: “is over, but …… for Heqi!”
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