My fury will burn the heavens ch 49

Chapter 49 continues
    “Ma Heqi is over? This is impossible? Jiang Yi hands can not attack? He can also beat Ma Heqi? According to my estimation Jiang Yi only has skill that can hurts the Heqi is the blasting of the palm of the hand. How can he release the blasting palm?”
    Yang’s manager is very puzzled. His eyes are locked on the ring below, and Jiang Yi has been pulled over by Ma Heqi. Seeing that Dantian was about to be caught, the heart immediately smashed.
    The lord of Wu Dian hall is quiet, but said indifferently: “Intuition! I feel that this kid seems to be deliberately chopped his right arm? And there is no immediate treatment, but instead directly invites to match, he should… be dead and born! “
    On the stage, Ma Heqi’s talons have been close to Jiang Yi’s belly. His talons are not ordinary talons, obviously a kind of advanced martial arts. Because his five fingers became slender at this moment, his nails became extraordinarily sharp, like a claw of a goshawk that could scratch the bones of the animal.
    “It’s over!”
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    Yan Ling xue had already been shot down by Miss cold, and at the moment she couldn’t bear to twist at the beginning. She didn’t seem to see Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen being smashed, and Dantian burst.
    “Ma Heqi, you want to give me a revenge for Ma Fei? I will let you have the reason to curse me as well!” On the occasion of this millennium, Jiang Yi suddenly said a word, the face of some panic has become calm. Up, a pair of eyes are cold.
    A blood burst from his right arm wound, and he shot at the Heqi like a blood arrow. Heqi was just scared by the words of Jiang Yi to the instinctive look up, but the face was sprayed.
    Two Jiang clan children under the ring exclaimed, this Jiangyi once used it. On the jiang Ruhu, he opened his mouth and sprayed the blood on Jiang Ruhu, so that Jiang Ruhu was blind for a short time, and his combat power was greatly reduced. . But today his blood is not sprayed, but from the wound, the shot is still very accurate, the timing is absolutely perfect.
    Ma Heiqi originally bowed his head and was just raised by Jiang Yi, but he saw a blood arrow coming in from the front. He closed his eyes in an instant, but there was still some blood in his eyes, causing a burning pain in his eyes. In his heart, he was so faint that his hand suddenly swelled and wriggled, ready to fly Jiang Yi, and his body exploded like lightning.
    Jiang Yi’s mouth showed a smile, and the reaction of Ma Heiqi did not come out of his expectation. This soft whip, his left hand was relieved. And once his left hand can move,
    He can easily kill him.
    “You still want to escape?”
    He snorted, and the Wu Dian owner guessed it right. The battle he had just made was deliberately injured. It was at this moment that he planned to make Ma Heqi come and attack him.
    His left hand moved as soon as the soft whip was moving. He easily escaped from the soft whip bondage, and grabbed the soft whip with a backhand. He used his strength to rush toward the Heqi more quickly. His head slammed against the face of Ma Heqi, and his left shoulder hit a shoulder, and his legs ran with snakes and legs.
    He used every place that the whole body could use to launch a stormy attack. Let the Heqi, which was originally panic-stricken, completely flustered, and only one side can quickly retreat, while waving the left-handed eagle claw attack.
    In the chaos, Jiang Yi has used his innumerable parts, but he did not retreat a little, and he did not panic, as if his body was not his own. He attacked a round, and after the Heqi was completely messed up, the body suddenly retreated, and the left hand that had not moved was manually moved. A black and blue light illuminated and slammed into the body of Ma Heqi.
    Explosive Yuan palm release!
    “Heqi lost…”
    Ma Kui saw Jiang Yi release the explosive palm, unable to close his eyes. At the moment, Ma Heqi’s eyes were traumatized. He was completely chaotic by Jiang Yi’s violent storm. If he did not keep his awake, he continued to control the black dragon’s left hand to make Jiang Yi’s left hand so that he could not kill. Jiang Yi definitely won. No. But at this moment, Jiang Yi has released the exploding yuan palm, still so close, the ending does not need to see all know…
    A loud explosion, Jiang Yi and Ma Heqi were simultaneously blown up, Jiang Yi left the center of the explosion Not far away, the body has been scarred, and at this moment, the robes are broken, and many places are bloody. Fortunately, he is the main attacker, he retreats quickly, and has not been fatally hurt.
    The Ma Heqi was a bit miserable. The muscles of the left chest were blown up, revealing the white bones. The body collapsed like a broken sack and the two warriors were hit. When he landed, he still landed on the back of his head. The dull sound of the head and the bluestone slab caused the nearby people to feel the pain for him.
    “A horrible mind! A good and clever way of fighting, a good heart!”
    Looking at the hard-to-stand figure that was bloody, looking at the eyes that was so cold and indifferent, everyone inside the stands were all stirring and stand up.
    Jiang Yi’s every move are in their eyes. Jiang Yi’s tactics are very simple. First, he is weaker than the enemy, and then the enemy is infiltrated. Finally, with a stroke, the blood arrow that no one can think of is successfully broken. Then everything goes smoothly.
    This seems very simple, even in the eyes of all the strong, it is very naive, but anyone in the field asks themselves and replaces them with Jiang Yi. Under such circumstances can they be better than Jiang Yi? Obviously the difficulty is very big.
    Even… At this moment, many people are thinking, Jiang Yi has many injuries, is it also intentional? The purpose is to gradually dispel the defense of Ma Heqi? Also, just now Jiang Yi’s words on the platform of the Jiang family, Jiang Yunsuo, are also intentional.
    What makes everyone feel the most is that Jiang Yi is not only very intelligent, but also very professional actor!
    Suffered such a heavy injury, if Heqi is a little more stable, if the blood arrow is controlled to a little worse at the last moment and not touch the eyes of the Heqi, all his layout will be defeated, and the end is not very good, Dantian absolutely will be scrapped!
    As for how Jiang Yi can control the blood spurting out, the strong people in the Accord don’t feel strange. Anyone present can do it, just use the force to force the blood. However, no one has thought of such a strange move before, Jiang Yi is equal to the scene to give everyone a lesson, at any time, anything can become a weapon to hurt the enemy!
    “536, eight-game winning streak!”
    The voice of the old man brought the thoughts back, and the old man looked at Jiang Yi with some unbearable heart: “Do you want to continue the game?!”
    After being attacked by Ma Heqi, Jiang Yi added several wounds. Although there is no fatal wound in his body, if he continues to fight, he will win the following two games. His body will definitely not stand. It is very likely that too much blood will die.
    “Don’t continue it, go back to healing, a game. You will die if you continue.”
    A cold voice suddenly came from the Accord, making everyone very surprised. Because this discourse was actually said from the mouth of the Su tutor, the Su tutor was very cold and Ji Tian and her talked about it, and she looked at Jiang Yi so differently?
    “No! Continue the game!”
    Jiang Yi shook his head, his eyes glanced through the curtain to the Su tutor, and said with a smile: “Do not worry, my Jiang Yi life is more tough, can not die easily.”
    Su Tutor said no wrong.
    But for others, this may be a game, an opportunity. For Jiang Yi, this is the only chance he can escape from Tianyu City. Without fleeing from Tianyu City, he only has a dead end, even if Wu Dian could keep him, it would be too simple for Ma and Jiang to kill him. Unless he hides in the Wu Dian hall for a lifetime, he would rather die if he does, so he has no way to go, only death!
    “Well, continue the game!” The old man saw no sound coming out, he sighed and waved.
    A figure rushed up with lightning, and the eyes was filled with killing intent. When he said nothing, he rushed toward Jiang Yi. The cold light on the dagger in his hand made many people feel chilling.
    “Do not kill!”
    Old man saw the situation immediately smashed up. This person is obviously also a child of Ma, watching Ma Heqi being hit hard to revenge. Although the strength is only 6th level of Qi Condensation stage, but if he kills Jiang Yi, it will be really troublesome.
    Jiang Yi also felt that it was wrong. The killing intent of this man was too heavy. He looked at the others eyes full of coziness and sneered at the corner of his mouth. He stood still and mobilized only one of the two remaining black Qi. It ran to his left fist and punched out when the other dagger smashed at his heart.
    “Boom!” ” Boom!”
    The dagger pierced his body an inch, leaving his heart only a trace, his fist finally squatted on the other’s chest, the man fell out . Incorporating the black power, Jiang Yi’s strength has reached the power of seven horses, and it is normal to punch each other.
    “tip tip tip…”
    Jiang Yi’s blood could no longer suppress. He couldn’t hold on for a few moments. He was kneeling on the ground, his left hand was on the ground, and the chest blood flowed out like a silk thread. They all dyed blood red, and he closed his eyes and rested a little. His eyes swept down again, and he sipped coldly: “Continue!”
    Numerous young teenagers took a breath, and their hearts were deeply shocked. They looked at the bloody body on the ring, the pale, snowy face, the eyes that was still filled with fighting intent, feeling that it was not a 15-16 year-old boy, but a real warrior, a fearless one. Death, a warrior who is not lost. He does not regard this as a game, but a battle, a battle where he will die or the opponent will die!
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