My fury will burn the heavens ch 50

Chapter 50 Going to Jiang Clan!!
    The last one, a child of Ma family just prepared to fight but was pulled by one person, the rest of the Ma clan children also received orders, today’s Ma family People can’t play again.
    Today, Ma Kui’s layout is a conspiracy. What he wants is to defeat Jiang Yi in an upright manner. However, there have been some changes in this plan. The children of Ma clan will not be acting too hard. They will be seen at the beginning, and then Ma Heqi was angered and played in advance. This plan has completely failed.
    If Ma Heqi defeated this, it is understandable, but after the Heqi has been lost, everything is changed. The one who just avenged the confession can understand it. Now he will leave a bad impression on the hearts of the three mentors and the Zhenxi officers. Maybe the bamboo baskets will be empty.
    The children of Ma clan are not playing, and the rest of the clan’s children are even worse off playing. The strong are disdainful to attack him in this position. Some are afraid to play? Jiang Yi’s ferocious means are terrifing.
    It was deadlocked for a while, but as time passed, Jiang Yi became weaker and weaker, which is definitely not a good thing for him.
    Ji Tingyu as the hands danced in the air like a slap in the air, and easily shot down an opponent. She looked at Jiang Yi’s brow slightly. It was difficult to watch him even standing, the blood of the rogue had already been reddish, and he was still reluctant to withdraw from the game.
    She sighed slightly, eventually biting her lip, and her eyes glanced at a Ji clan member who was underneath. The man immediately understood the rush to the stage.
    “Oh… 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage, Please enlighten!”
     The whole audience is paying attention to this side. At first glance, it is the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage warrior of the famous Ji clan, and immediately swept away to Ji. Seeing her gaze on the side of Jiang Yi, it seems that she does not deny that it is her arrangement. All of them are imaginative. Is it true that Ji Tianyu, who looks at the man of Tianyu City, has finally moved to Jiang Yi?
    The goodness of Ji Tingyu is unquestionable. This is a woman who has both beauty and wisdom. The most important thing is that she is also a peerless talent. She is the goddess in the hearts of countless young people in Tianyu City. A fairy who never succumbs to the man, Jiang Hanshui, Heqi, Luihe have pursues her for several years. She has always been indifferent and ruthless, but today she is for Jiang Yi. Do not hesitate to live down to the population, but also send people to play?
    In the eyes of Jiang Hanshui, a trace of hatred flashed past and the attack under his hand was even more fierce. Just a few strokes, a younger son of Yang’s family was severely wounded. His eyes swept toward Jiang Yi, and there was no trace of grievances in the depths of his eyes.
    Jiang Yi saw that it was a stranger who has 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage warrior.
    However, he was already weak and fell to the ground. At the moment, he couldn’t take care of it. The eyelids flashed in a flash of light, and they slammed up and tried to run the force. He also mobilized the last black force, and the body was like a mad dragon. As usual, the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage rushed to the place.
    The Ji clan member, who was only 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage does not dare to fight. He was ready to go around and naturally did not dare to fight with Jiang Yi. At this moment, I saw Jiang Yi’s fierce gaze like a wild beast. The powerful momentum that rushed towards him, his face suddenly shocked the body and shook back a few steps.
    “Ha ha ha!”
    A laughter sounded in the field. The atmosphere is also relaxed. This is the competition but it has made Jiang Yi like a battlefield, so that everyone’s heart is as tight as the bowstring atmosphere. Today’s battles are expected to be very intense, but they did not expect to be so intense.
    Determined that the tenth battle won, Jiang Yi can no longer hold on, and the body shakes once again on one knee, but he still reluctantly keeps his body without falling.
    A figure plunged directly from the crowd like a goshawk, and steadily landed on the platform. The waist hangs up token of Wu Dian temple but only a few blinks disappear into the eyes of everyone.
    After Jiang Yi’s training in the Wu Dian, only a small number of people knew that and the rest of the people were very surprised that the Jiang family did not save Jiang Yi, but the people of Wu Dian came forward? Is it true that Jiang Yi said that he couldn’t even compare to a dog in Jiang clans eyes?
    Jiang Yi soon disappeared into the Wu Dian, everyone can only turn to look at the rest of the ring but the head is still full of emotions, and there are several battles that have just emerged in Jiang Yi. The game in front of them has become childish in their eyes.
    “Jiang Yi! Master Jiang Yi, you must be good, you must hold on, if you die, Ai can’t live!”
    What Jiang Yi didn’t know was that Chunya in a corner was constantly shaking. Today, the Chunya came out to buy something but unexpectedly found Jiang Yi, who stood on the ring.
    Looking at Jiang Yi’s victory one after another, Chunya was very happy. Seeing that he was injured again and again, she was worried and finally saw Jiang Yi being taken away by the people of Wu Dian. After that, she only spit out a long breath.
    “Well, go back, come out for so long, Ai should be worried!”
    Chunya whispered a few words, once again looking towards the Wu Dian direction and rushed toward the Jiang family compound. Along the way, she was thinking about it. Should she wait for Jiang Xiaowu to talk about Jiang Yi? She is very aware of how worried Jiang Xiaonu is about Jiang Yi, if it is not for her legs are broken, she will definitely come out to find Jiang Yi.
    “Well, I will tell her I saw young master at the entrance of Wu Dian, but did not say that he participated in the competition!”
    When she returned to Jiang Clan Courtyard, she finally wanted to think about, if she told Jiang Xiaonu that Jiang Yi to participate in the competition. However, she will definitely see Jiang Yi’s game with her injured leg tomorrow, and it will definitely affect Jiang Yi’s performance.
    “Ai, I am back.”
    Going to his own small courtyard, Chunya shouted but the courtyard was quiet and there was no sound. She changed her face when she was everywhere, because there were some in the yard. Messy, like a stranger came in.
    Her parents are not at home in the daytime. Her family is so poor. It is impossible to recruit a thief. The only explanation is that Jiang Xiaonu is likely to have an accident…
    “Hey! “
    She was walking in the room in a hurry, and a shadow suddenly flashed out of the room. Before she did not respond, a knife fell on her head and let her faint.”
    “Tied up, my mouth is also stunned, and… let Rongrong drag her into the room. Before things are done, I don’t want the news here to be leaked.”
    An indifferent voice rang out of the yard, and the people in the yard immediately brought the chunya into the room and tied them with ropes. They also blocked their mouths and finally brought out a thin girl who had already been stunned. It is a Ai.
    There are a few people standing outside the yard. The one headed is obese like a pig, and one leg is limping. It is obviously not fully recovered. Who is Jiang Ruhu? His eyes swept over Jiang Xiaonu and sneered: “Go, go to Xishan! Jiang Hong, you go to Wu Dian to give Jiang Yi a letter, let him immediately roll to Xishan, remember… don’t alarm the Wu Dian hall. You said that you are his cousin.”
    “Tiger brother, at this moment Jiang Yi was seriously injured, he dared to come to Xishan, he must die!”
    His body was short and thin like a wolf. Jiang Bao immediately raised his thumb. However, he still has some worries: “Jiang Yi is so powerful, relying on us all these people? Long brother will go?”
    Jiang Ruhu nodded: “My brother must go, do not kill Jiang Yi, my brother how can Let’s swallow this breath? Don’t worry, this time we can not only these people, we also have reinforcements, then you will know, bring all the guys, go up the mountain!”
    Because of the beast mountain enrollment, the Jiang family compound can be very quiet. Several people put Jiang Xiaonu on a sack, and quietly escaped the Jiang family’s area and went straight to Xishan.
    “Hello, I am looking for Jiang Yi, that is, the wolf, I am his cousin!”
    After half an hour, Jiang Hong, a fellow child of the Jiang family, went inside the Wu Dian Temple and whispered to a guard. Recently, Jiang Yi was very much seen by the lord of the Wu Dian temple. The guards knew him, naturally they did not dare to sneak into the temple immediately.
    Only the guards came out very quickly, and said to Jiang Hong indifferently: “The wolf is healing at the moment, still in a coma, Yang Guan said that no one is gone, you can come back later.”
    “Oh, then I will come back later.” well! “
    Jiang Hong depressed left hand, and then again after a two hour interrogation he was told is still a coma, and finally in the evening he asked to see once again, the results of Jiang Yi did not wake up, he had no choice but Go straight to the West Hill to report.
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    Jiang Yi did not heal the wound but he was not in a coma. He woke up two hours before, but Yang did not want him to be disturbed, so the guard stopped Jiang Hong.
    “The Earth level healing medicine really powerful!”
    The sky was completely dark, and Jiang Yi opened his eyes. His face was restored the blood again. It was only half a day of treatment. His injury turned out to be 70-80% ok.
    Wu Dian really did not lie to him, as long as he does not die, the Wu Dian hall can let him recover, of course… this martial temple paid the price of five kinds of healing drugs, and Yang Guan personally helped him to heal the whole two hours.
    “Twenty-seven consecutive victories!”
    Jiang Yi spit out a long breath, many children of the Ma family were severely damaged, and today has been affected very badly, and tomorrow will definitely not dare to continue to hang him in such a big way? Other families are certainly not dare, he is the most difficult day. Starting tomorrow, the resistance should be much smaller. He estimates that it will be easy to win ninety-game winning streak, and the last day will increase the resistance to the strongest.
    “Cultivate, heal, wait until tomorrow morning, my injury should be all right!”
    Jiang Yi closed his eyes and sat up again. He was also fascinating, if he could really win a hundred-game winning streak, he Will be able to take Jiang Xiaonu away to go to Ling Beast Hill College, no longer worry that anyone will threaten the lives of two people at any time.
    However, the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is extremely cruel.
    On the second day of Jiang Yi’s second day, the old man had not announced the start of the game, and one person went straight to the stage. This is still a 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage warrior, and Jiang Yi is still very familiar!
    Jiang Hong!
    In the eyes of outsiders, Jiang’s children’s appearance is that Jiang’s family is preparing to deliver food to Jiang Yi, but Jiang Yi does not think so. His face has become gloomy and cold, staring at Jiang Hong, and his body is like a rainbow.
    Jiang Hong’s body flashed toward Jiang Yi’s body. He was just approaching Jiang Yi’s three-footed look and he was going to start. Jiang Hong immediately lowered his voice and said, “I am not coming to fight with you. I am just spreading the words. Tiger brother told me to tell you that if you don’t want Jiang Xiaonu death, immediately rolled on the West Hill, half an hour after if you have not appeared, Jiang Xiaonu will be raped and killed to death!”
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