My fury will burn the heavens ch 51

Chapter 51 Uphill
    “The beginning of the ring game officially started!”
    Ji Tian and the three mentor just sat down, the old man see Jiang Yi has stopped fighting so he announces the start of the game.
    “Jiang Hong? What is he doing on the stage?”
    Jiang Yunshan does not know Jiang Hong. The Jiang Yun snake is the general manager of Jiang Clan House. It is very clear. He frowned at his doubts and looked at Jiang Yunshan. The inexplicable feelings of the two people had something to happen.
    Jiang Yi listened to Jiang Hong’s words and moved. His arm moved like a snake but he did not grasp Jiang Hong’s arm. Instead, he easily escaped the other’s hands and pinched the other’s neck. . Then he suddenly lifted Jiang Hong’s body and suspended it in the air. His eyes are cold as hell and stared at Jiang Hong. The killing intent of his body made people near the ring feel suffocated. He tried to suppress his voice and said: “What do you say? You say it again!”
    Jiang Hong was pinched on his neck and felt that the gas could not pass through. How can he talk? He could only keep coughing and pointing his hand at Jiang Yi, instructing him to loosen some.
    Jiang Yi did not loosen, but suddenly took his body and squatted against the ground. The powerful force caused a strong collapse. Jiang Yi punched Jiang Hong’s head and beat his nose. Hurricane, once again depressed the voice and shouted: “What happened to Ai? Say! Don’t say that I killed you!”
    Jiang Hong looked at Jiang Yi’s fist and squatted again, and said in a hurry: “Jiang Xiaonu is now fine, you go to Xishan, otherwise she will definitely have an accident, don’t fight… I am just a messenger.”
    Jiang Yi’s fist fell, and this time he was full of strength, directly slamming Jiang Hong’s head into the thick wooden planks…
    Jiang Yi’s figure flew straight down the platform and quickly leaped. He continued to point on countless people in the square, and rushed toward the Jiang clan Courtyard.
    The audience was horrified. What is Jiang Yi? The opponent has not surrendered, nor did he kick down the platform. How did he first step down? Who wins this way? And the game has just begun, he did not say a word and run away, he is ready to withdraw from the game?
    The gray-browed brow of the old man’s robes also wrinkled.
     He saw that Jiang Yi had rushed out for dozens of feet and quickly yelled: “5336, what are you going to do? Hurry back, otherwise I will cancel your qualification.”
    Jiang Yi’s body did not stay for a moment, and did not even look back. The whole rushed toward the Jiang clan Courtyard, and the old man in the robes suddenly became angry. He once again shouted: “I will say it again, and you will return immediately. Otherwise, I will be automatically disqualify you.”
    Jiang Yi’s figure has already flown to the square. At the edge, he finally stopped, and turned back and washed it up: “Don’t judge, I won’t fight this game!”
    Jiang Yi disappeared into the distance, and the whole square was like a frying pan. It’s noisy, and even a lot of big people on the stands are stunned.
    Jiang Yi spent the most difficult day yesterday. He succeeded in breaking through the Ma clan’s blockade and defeated Ma Heqi, one of the top ten talents, and won a twenty-game winning streak.
    Jiang Yi thought it right. There is really no clan ready to block him today. Unless he wins a nine-game winning streak, the family will send the strongest ones to block on the last day. In other words, as long as Jiang Yi continues to fight and then smash the last day of the block, he will most likely win a hundred-game winning streak and get a place directly from Lingwushan College.
    However, he suddenly said that he did not participate in the competition? Yesterday, he took a hard time to fight down the twenty-game winning streak easily…
    Something is going wrong!
    This is the idea that countless people have come to mind but what can be compared to the enrollment of Shangling Beast Hill College? Isn’t he very valued by the Wu Dian? Is he not a child of Jiang family? Why doesn’t he let others help? Instead, would rather give up the qualifications of the game and act on impulse?
    Everyone can’t figure it out, Ji Tingyu face has a pity, Jiang Hanshui reveals a sneer, cold and constant catching his head, the doubts of the three college tutors and Ji Tian and others, even Jiang Yunshan can’t understand, only Jiang Yunshan and Jiang Yunsuo both showed a meaningful smile.
    “Cloud snake, you let people go and see, what’s the matter!” Jiang Yunshan’s somewhat strange Jiang Yunsuo commanded, Jiang Yun snake immediately nodded out of the Accord, whispered to a guard of Jiang clam: ” Jiang ride, go and see what happened? Remember… if you have the opportunity to kill him, make it beautiful!”
    This guard is obviously Jiang Yun snake personal guard, not too old, 30 years old, strength not too strong, only at the Nascent Profound relm but it is more than enough to deal with Jiang Yi.
    “Ma Yin, you have to go and see, Ma Fei went to find the Ma Heqi yesterday, and I don’t know what happened but don’t make any trouble!” On the other side, Ma Fei’s old Ma Yongji quietly and a Majia guard. With a confession, the man immediately retired and quickly fell into an alley and disappeared.
    “Lord, something went wrong!”
    Yang Guan urgently asked the lord of the Wu Dian temple to reflect the abnormal situation of Jiang Yi. Wu Dian hall was indulged. It was disappointing and sighed: “This kid is too ignorant. Such a good opportunity has given up, and I have wasted so many precious medicinal herbs. Hey… send someone to stare at him. He is now losing his own gambling contract. He wants to give Wu Dian a slave for a lifetime, and he died. it will be our loss.”
    Jiang Yi left, alarmed the three forces, but at this moment Tianyu City is in a complicated situation, the three sides did not dare to make a big move, just sent someone to secretly follow Jiang Yi and see the opportunity to act.
    The square soon calmed down, although there are countless people who regret it but more people are excited. After all, Jiang Yi retired and they had an extra chance.
    They have seen the tragic situation of yesterday, but no one dared to go on stage to continue to challenge him. In fact, at this moment, the 3 tutor regrets it. This is too boring game… It seems that there is a lack of Jiang Yi’s competition. Plain, not as intense as yesterday. The competition has become a competitive competition, and countless people are sleepy. Many people secretly Miss Jiang Yi, and wonder what happened to Jiang Yi. Where did he go?
    Jiang Yi went all the way to the Jiang family compound. He did not go in but turned to rush toward the west.
    In the eyes of everyone, the name of Lingwushan College is precious, but he dismisses him. If he didn’t want to take Jiang Xiaonu to escape Tianyu City, he wouldn’t bother to participate in this competition. At this moment, Jiang Xiaonu has an accident. If she is dead, what is the significance of his quota?
    He is too familiar with the road in Xishan. He did not take the original road, but quickly climbed up the mountain from the side road.
    He knew that there were a lot of cultivators on the West Hill, waiting for him to be sent to the door. He was not afraid of death but he was going to save people instead of sending them to death.
    “There are some people in front to ambush him!”
    He walked halfway to the mountain, and his body fell. When he went up the mountain, he mobilized a trace of black power in his ear, and his hearing became terrible. It stopped because he heard a slight breath in the bushes.
    There was a killing intent in his eyes, and the running force flew around the side of the bushes, then suddenly leaped, and the green sword in his hand flashed quickly against the bushes.
    The people in the bush felt a smashing murder, and suddenly looked up, but saw a blue dagger with a cold lightning bolt, and he suddenly screamed in horror.
    But his voice has not yet fully come out. Jiang Yi’s short sword has stabbed into his throat. He looked at Jiang Yi in horror, and extended a finger to Jiang Yi. They are all unbelievable. He did not believe that Jiang Yi really dared to kill him, so it was so crisp and neat!
    After Jiang Yi killed the man, his look did not change a bit. He lifted his leg and slammed his foot against his chest.
    Jiang Yi spit out a long breath, originally he did not intend to kill, but after seeing that the person in the bush is Jiang Bao, his Qingjian sword did not hesitate to stab his throat. Jiang Bao appeared on the West Hill today, not to mention the involvement of kidnapping Jiang Xiaonu.
    Whoever dares to hurt Jiang Xiaonu, Jiang Yi will kill him, no matter who!
    Suddenly, Jiang Yi suddenly squirmed and vomited. He was not born with cold blood. The first time he murdered, he probably didn’t feel it. At this moment, he stared at Jiang Bao’s body and looked at his eyes and blood. The gushing throat instinctively wants to vomit, and the body is also scared and shivering…
    just for a moment, he stopped vomiting, wiped his mouth and strode toward the mountain, his face was pale, but his eyes became cold again. His ears are always listening to the nearby moves, and the pace is even more light.
    “There are people here!”
    Soon he once again discovered an ambushing spy. He easily walked around and saw a child of Jiang’s family hidden in the grass. This time he did not kill any more, but he punched this person. Stunned, and then a sword pierced his Dantian.
    Those who participate in today’s events do not have to die, but they must pay for their mistakes. This is Jiang Yi’s thought at the moment.
    Along the way to the mountains, all the way to clear the ambush of the undercover, everyone was stunned by Jiang Yi, all were ruined Dantian without exception.
    “How can they still not signal? Jiang Yi will not come?”
    “Dragon brother(Rulong), Tiger brother(Ruhu), would you like to send someone to go and see?”
    “Yeah, this girl is just a little maid, Jiang Yi will give up on her for his future.”
    “Don’t worry, Jiang Yi is very fond of this little girl, will definitely come up to the mountain!”
    Still not close to the top of the mountain, Jiang Yi heard a lot of familiar voices, his are colder. When he quietly looked over the Xishan from a bush, and saw more than 20 people like Jiang Rulong Jiang Ruhu, the killing intent in his eyes could no longer be hidden.
    He whispered in his heart and saw Jiang Xiaonuo’s thin body being hung upside down on a big tree. Her eyes were closed and she was covered in blood. He didn’t know whether he was fainted or dead. His heart burned like a fire, and his body was shaking. But he didn’t do it easily because his ears heard dozens of people ambushing in the nearby grove.
    “How can there be so many people?”
    Jiang Yi’s scorpion turned and forced to rush out to tear Jiang Rulong and others into pieces. He lightly retreated and went around the road to the side of the woods.
    No matter whether Jiang Xiaonu died or not, everyone in the top of Xishan today is already dead in his heart.
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