My fury will burn the heavens ch 52

Chapter 52 Human Purgatory
    Xishan’s scenery is very beautiful, at this moment, the sun shines on the earth, the dew on the west mountain all evaporate, make a trace of blue smoke, let the whole Xishan feel Dreamlike.
    Jiang Yi’s body was shrouded in the sun at this moment, but he did not feel warm, but felt cold and cold.
    Through the bushes, he saw that there were indeed ambushes in the grove. A total of more than 20 people were wearing black robes and black cloth on their faces. The strengths were strong and weak, all with weapons, full of murder.
    “Ma Heqi! Ma Fei!”
    His teeth squeaked and his face was very angry. Jiang Rulong and Jiang Ruhu want to kill him, kidnapping Jiang Xiaonu to induce him to go to Xishan, which is still normal. However, the people in front of the Ma family also appeared in Xishan, which made him unacceptable. Although Ma Heqi and Ma Fei also covered their faces, the eyes of the two men are too familiar to understand. He can be recognized immediately.
    The Ma clan and the Jiang clan are enemies. Jiang Rulong once abolished two Ma clan members. Ma Heqi also often injured Jiang clan members but for him, Jiang Rulong actually joined together? This makes him feel ridiculous, sad, and hateful.
    Jiang Ruhu and others bullied him in the past. He was powerful enough to break Jiang Ruhu’s legs and then break Jiang Rulong’s legs. This is not a big deal. Jiang’s children often fight each other, but… why are they so excessive? The second time? Also colluding with outsiders to deal with him?
    Jiang Yi forced himself to calm down. His eyes swept back in the woods and he rushed back in another direction. He soon found a single guy.
    QingMing sword flashed and the strength of the other side’s lurking guy is only 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage and Jiang Yi has sneak attack. The man has not responded and has been cut off by Jiang Yi.
    Blood smashed on Jiang Yi’s face but he did not wipe, but quickly took off the other’s blue robes and replaced him, while taking off his black cloth on his face, still a touch on his neck, with blood is wiped on my face, and he quickly rushed toward the woods.
    “Save, help…”
    He deliberately changed his voice. He was screaming when he was not near the grove. He fell to the ground with his body, his hair was scattered, his clothes were messy, and his blood was far from looking like a child, who was hit hard…
    Jiang Yi’s cry awoke the people in the woods.
    Numerous figures burst out and saw Jiang Yi suddenly screamed. Jiang Yi was wearing the green robe of the Ma clan and he was covered in his face. His body was bloody, and the children of Ma’s family did not recognize it. Instead, they swarmed around and looked for enemies.
    “Ma brother, what’s wrong with you? Who hurt you?”
    Several Ma clan member rushed toward Jiang Yi, and Ma Heqi also quickly approached Jiang Yi to ask, his eyes glanced around like electric, looking for enemy figures.
    Ma Heqi was severely wounded by Jiang Yi yesterday, and his left shoulder bone was broken several times. However, it was obvious that the Ma family had good Dan as well and he was healed with the medicinal herbs. Although he seems to have some influence today, the injury should be restored to 70-80%.
    Jiang Yi did not look up, but the body kept pumping up, and raised a finger to the left.
    Several immediately followed the direction of Jiang Yi’s hand, and saw that a bush immediately saw all the fierce light, and several people shot and went.
    The few people rushed in and didn’t see the figure. Ma Heqi saw the few people rushing out and shook his head. Immediately, his face was heavy and shouted: “Let’s find him separately…”
    At this moment!
    Jiang Yi’s body suddenly moved at this moment. Ma Heqi’s departure from him is now a dozen steps away. Originally he wanted to wait for the other party to be closer, but Ma Heqi did not come to him, and there were three other Ma children. The child has already come back, and he will be exposed.
    His legs squatted on the ground, and his body rushed toward Ma Heqi like a sword. His eyes were wide and his eyes were full of panic. His eyes did not look at the Heqi but looked at the back of the Heqi. The deliberately changing voice screamed in horror: “The young master be careful, Jiang Rulong pits you!”
    Jiang Yi suddenly slammed up Ma Heqi was scared. When he heard his words, his face changed immediately, and he suddenly turned back, but there was nothing. Although Jiang Rulong and others must have been alarmed, they must not be able to catch up for a moment…
    “Not good, fooled!”
    Suddenly, Ma Heqi was awakened by the killing intent of Jiang Yi, and the other three in front of him also shouted: “Young master be careful, he is not Ma Di!”
    “Late, look at my blast! “
    Jiang Yi sneered, the right hand blue light lit up, Qi is still flowing in the palm of his hand, it looks exactly the same as yesterday’s explosive Yuan palm, but… there seems to be no black light?
    “Jiang Yi?”
    Ma Heqi turned his head and saw that a palm had been photographed, and suddenly he was so scared that the palm of the hand was hit by his lower body. If he shot him, Qi will burst in his belly, Dantian will be destroyed. At the crucial moment, the powerful strength of Ma Heqi played a role. He swung his legs and the whole person flew toward the back. At the same time, the lower abdomen shrank backwards, and the hands flashed toward the river. Yi’s hand was grabbed. He would rather have his hands blown up and bloody and unwilling to take a little bit of damage to Dantian.
    “Idiot, you are fooled!”
    Jiang Yi sneered, and the other Qing Sword in the sleeves of the hand shines out, like a blue-colored practising on a calf in Ma Heqi…
    A terrible sound came, the Qing Ming sword is a treasure, as long as the Qi is sufficient, it can extremely cut iron easily, at this moment, all the minds of Ma Heqi are in the right hand of Jiang Yi, who will notice the sneak attack of his left hand?
    A big good calf flew, and the body of Ma Heiqi fell to the ground and rolled up on the ground, and the screams rang.
    “Young master!”
    “young master!”
    All the nearby family members of the Ma family screamed in horror. The Ma clan members who went to search in all directions heard the screams and suddenly looked back, and they were all scared!
    Was a leg of Ma Heqi actually cut off? he completely become a waste?
    Who is Ma Heqi? That is the best talent of the Ma clan. It is very likely to enter the genius of the Beast Mountain College. Even if he can’t enter the college, he is definitely enter the target in the West Army. In the future, he is likely to become the next Patriarchy of the Ma clan. Now he has become a waste person? All the children of Ma’s family were frightened. The first thought in their minds was that if Ma Kui knew about the news, he would definately kill all the Ma’s children who went to Xishan today.
    Ma’s children were scared, and Jiang Yi was not stupid. He rolled on the ground and flashed between the middle of two Ma clan children. The Qingjian sword slipped through two arcs and easily scared the two. The Ma clan children took away their legs…
    “Ah!” “Ah!”
    Two screams rang, two legs flew, and the two men rolled up on the ground like Ma Heqi, and Jiang Yi’s figure on the ground ejected, and continued to rush toward the Ma clan member as a wolf.
    “Kill him, kill him!”
    A Ma clan members finally wakes up and immediately yells, the rest of the people suddenly see the fierce light, today if they does not kill Jiang Yi, they can not explain to Ma Kui, the present more than a dozen people rushed to Jiang Yi.
    However, one or two people are still awake, and they quickly rushed down the mountain. When such a big thing happened, they must immediately tell the Ma clan that Ma Heqi was abolished. This is a smashing day…
    Seeing countless people Hand-held weapons rushed, and Jiang Yi’s face showed a sneer, and the body did not retreat and rushed to the place where the most people were there. A glimpse of black power quickly mobilized into the eyes.
    The more people chaos, the more he has the power of black power to react against the sky. The strength of this group of people in front of him is not strong. Except for Ma Heqi, the strongest one has only 6th level of Qi Condensation stage. What is his fear? For him, this group of people is a group of sheep, you can slaughter at will…
    Jiang Yi rushed into the crowd like a gust of wind, and the Qing Ming sword was released with phantom fist, and the sky was full of blue swords.
    A screaming sound, this group of people has strength and weakness, the age is not big, maybe the group is still okay, but the real battle has not experienced. Jiang Yi’s reaction speed is too fast. The Qingming sword is a treasure, and their ordinary weapons cannot be stopped. After the two men were cut off by their arms and thighs, the nearby people suddenly     became a group of numb sheep.
    The people in front of them were frightened and the people behind them were still rushing in, and they were not confused.
    Jiang Rulong and his man were shocked and quickly rushed out, but after sweeping away from the field, all of them blinked and turned into a transient, many people bent down and vomited…
    Human purgatory!
    They rushed over there for only a moment, but this completely became hell. At least seven or eight people were cut off their arms and thighs, and two of them had their lower abdomen cut and the flowers and intestines were scattered. The blood stained the red nearby, and several people screamed on the ground with broken arms and broken legs, while Jiang Yi’s body was still flashing in the crowd, and the Qingjian sword continued to wave like a sickle’s sickle…
    “Jiang Yi is Jiang Yi ! “
    Jiang Ruhu sharp-eyed, although Jiang Yi face covered with black cloth robes hair disheveled, his face and body filled with blood but Jiang Yi pair of cold eyes he too have a deep impression.
    “Dragon brother, what to do? Vomiting…”
    Jiang Song was shaking all over, and his face became blue, and he was completely frightened. He really wanted to run down the hill immediately but his legs were soft at the moment and he couldn’t move. The constant tumbling of his stomach made him bend and scream.
    Jiang Rulong’s face is also very ugly, so many children of Ma Heqi and Ma clans were abolished. At the moment they are still on the scene, although it is Jiang Yi but what will Ma family think? Maybe they will think that the Jiang family deliberately laid a trap and smashed Heqi. It is very likely that the Jiang family will fight to the end!
    His eyes flicked for a few times and soon he had an idea. He sipped at Jiang Ruo, who was next to him. “What are you doing? You still don’t bring the little girl here. Today, if we don’t want to catch Jiang Yi. We are in big trouble!”
    “Ah… Heqi! Who hurt the Heqi master, I Ma Yin wants to tear him!”
    At this moment, a shocking voice came from the foot of the mountain, shaking everyone’s eardrum. Jiang Rulong face thoroughly discoloration, panic cried: “Oh, Ma clan came, and quick release request signal for family support, or he’ll kill us all ……”
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