My fury will burn the heavens ch 53

Chapter 53: young master died!!
    “Ma Heqi?”
    Jiang Yi was awakened by the sound of someone and Jiang Rulong. His eyes swept like a dragon, and his eyes flashed, he no longer chasing Ma clan members.
    Ma Clan member or a strong Nascent profound realm is coming. He abolished the Ma Heqi today and killed the Ma clans so many members, will he let him go? How strong is the nascent profound realm warrior is? Jiang Yi didn’t know, but he knew that he would never be his opponent, so he wanted to kill few more enemies before he died.
    When he came near Ma Heqi, the Qingjian sword flashed again, slid over his other leg, and at the same time he stabbed at his dantian…
    He did not kill the Ma Heqi, let him became a complete waste man, which made him more painful than killing him. Jiang Yunhai, a great elder, told him from an early age that he should not be tempted to cause trouble but if someone provokes himself, then he must not be soft-hearted. He must kill the enemy like a devil and most cruel way and let all the enemies fear you and dare not provoke you!
    “Jiang Yi, you are dead, Ma Yin’s big brother is coming, you are dead!”
    A very loud voice of grievances sounded and Jiang Yi who was preparing to rush toward Jiang Rulong was attracted. His eyes swept to see that it was a Ma clan member. When he sneered and swept toward him like a mad dragon.
    He just stunned that he did not find Ma Fei hiding aside. This kid is stupid like a pig? In this situation, he is not hiding quietly but dares to scream? Since he hates himself so much that he can overcome fear, let him hate some more!
    The blue dagger slashed through the sky like a blue-coloured light and slid over Ma Fei’s body. With a scream, Ma Fei, who was already a waste, could not escape. Cut, the Qing Ming sword also cut off one of Ma Fei’s legs…
    Jiang Rulong and Jiang clan children were shocked and stunned. This kind of waste, which is usually honest has such courage and is so ferocious? Killing people without changing the colour of the face and his hand does not have a trace of trembling, cutting people like cutting watermelon…
    “Ureghhhh!” Several Jiang clan children once again vomited, many people like Jiang Song want to go down the mountain, want to escape this hell on earth, However, they all found that the legs were a little soft, and Jiang Rulong did not run, they did not dare to move for a while.
    “Jiang Rulong!” Jiang Yi ripped off the black cloth on his face, wiped the blood on his brows, but wiped his face full of blood, which looked more like a demon. He stared at Jiang Rulong and others, strode toward them, and the blood on his sword was slowly dripping, and the gleaming blue light on it looked chilling.
   “Jiang Yi, you have committed a great crime. At this moment, you will have a living path, or you and your little maid will die!”
   Jiang Rulong was also a little scared, perhaps before today he still has doubt about the strength of Jiang Yi but now he have to admit that Jiang Yi is strong. Can you defeat the Liuhe, can you abolish Heqi, how could he be a waste?
    In fact, he also thought about escaping, but he heard Ma Yin’s voice. He was afraid that the misunderstanding of the Ma clan would think that they are Jiang Yi’s accomplices, causing Jiang clan to fight. In addition, he believes that there is a card in the hands i.e Jiang Xiaonu, Jiang Yi should not dare to kill him.
    However, he saw that Jiang Yi’s speed was accelerating, and his body’s killing spirit became more and more intense and he immediately regretted it. He said: “Jiang Yi, what are you doing? Do you want to kill us? Do you want to fight your own clan? Kill your own people?”
   “Retreat!” The rest of the Jiang member saw Jiang Rulong retreat, and quickly horrified with the explosion, countless people roared. But there are still two people who still vomit in the same place, although the face is extremely frightening, it is hard to walk the road…
    Hand up, the knife fell!
    Two arms flew horizontally, and the two bodies slammed on the ground. Jiang Yi didn’t stop for a moment and continued to push forward. He looked at all the Jiang member’s horrified faces and smiled: “The clan, fuck you? Kill my own people? When have you thought me as a member of the clan? When I am in the clan, you came to deal with me again and again, will you kidnap the Ai and force me to withdraw from the competition? Will you join the outsiders to harm me? Since you do not consider me as a clan member, why should I consider you as brothers of the same clan? Since you want to kill me? Why can’t I kill you?”
    Jiang Yi stepped up and rushed into the group of Jiang clan members, a group of sheep. Jiang clan members were scared and their combat power was less than 30% of the usual, and Jiang Yi’s own reaction speed, the killing technique became more and more neat. He took these group of people in a different world of life and death match. Every side, there must be one arm or thigh flying ……
    a signal flare into the sky, Jiang Rulong completely scared, he finally woke up, arms out a home emergency flare launched into the sky high. The Jiang family is under the Xishan Mountain. If they can resist Jiang Yi for a while, it is not without a chance to live.
    “Rulong, Jiang Qilai is coming, hold on!” A burst of sound rang in the foot of the mountain, Jiang Rulong suddenly became excited, this is a nascent profound realm warrior, as long as he came, they are safe!
    At this time, an obese figure came from the grove. There was a little girl with blood in his hand. He saw that Jiang Yi was slaughtering. He suddenly rushed and yelled: “Jiang Yi, Stop immediately, otherwise I killed Jiang Xiaonu !” Jiang Yi swept Jiang Ruhu, his face did not change a little bit, just sneer and said: “Kill her, kill her! You killed her, I will also kill you all and divide your corpse into many pieces! Do you think that…I can leave this place alive with my maid today?”
    Before going up the mountain, Jiang Yi did intend to save Jiang Xiaonu at all costs. However, after breaking the legs of Ma Heqi, he knew that the Ma clan nascent profound realm warrior had already come up to the mountain, and he completely know that he is going to die. Today, he and Jiang Xiaonu are unable to run away, so what other scruples does he have?
    “Jiang Rulong, it’s your turn!”
    Jiang Yi with the sword cut off Jiang Song’s leg and his body leap high and attack to kill Jiang Rulong, staring at Jiang Rulong, completely ignoring Jiang Ruhu holding on the neck of Jiang Xiaonu with a Dagger.
    Jiang Rulong looked at Jiang Yi’s crazy killing but he could only pick up his long knife in his hand to meet the enemy. However, his attack direction turned, the blade did not resist Jiang Yi’s short sword turned to his head and burst into the air: “Ruhu, start cutting the limbs of this girl!”
    Jiang Yi is not afraid of Jiang Ruhu killing Jiang Xiao Slave but it is impossible to watch her hands and feet cut down? Once he went to rescue Jiang Xiaonu or distracted, Jiang Rulong had a full grasp to kill Jiang Yi!
    Jiang Ruhu’s eyes flashed, and he immediately understood the meaning of Jiang Rulong. He suddenly raised his dagger and squatted against Jiang Xiaonuo’s arm.
    “You dare!”
    Jiang Yi was distracted, his eyes swept to Jiang Xiaonu, and his body turned to Jiang Xiaonu, and seemed to have forgotten the long knife behind Jiang Rulong.
    “Swishhhh!” Jiang Rulong’s eyes flashed brightly as stars, and the long knife cut towards him and slammed against Jiang Yi’s head.
    When he saw that the long knife would be at the head of Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi’s body suddenly swiftly slammed down, one leg swept backwards, and the other hand stabbed the Qingming sword against the back. At the same time, he burst his voice: “Jiang Ruhu, your brother is dead!”
    The long knife was finally cut on the back of Jiang Yi but Jiang Rulong’s body was also swept down by Jiang Yi’s leg, letting him fly away. Yes, when he fell, the Qingjian sword just came down to the top…
    On the back of Jiang Yi, blood is dripping, and Jiang Rulong’s chest is also pierced by the Qingjian sword, and the blood in the big mouth is also rushing out. His eyes filled unbelievable surprise. Why did Jiang Yi, who clearly distracted to pay attention to Jiang Xiaonu, and he still had the eyes behind him and made everything so accurate? Is he really not in Jiang Xiaonu, what he just made is an illusion? The real purpose is to kill him?
    “! Brother”
    Jiang Ruhu dagger to fall stop by seeing this situation, he panicked and roared up:. “Jiang Yi, you killed my brother, I would then kill this girl.”
    “Bang! “
    Jiang Yi hit Jiang Rulong head, fighting back his pain as the pain came from the back wound, he shrugged his shoulders sneer:” your brother has not died now because he was wearing a poke Chest if you still don’t take him back to Jiang’s clan for treatment. After 6 minutes, he will definitely die! Put Ai and I will let leave with your brother.”
     Jiang Rulong has indeed worn protection in his chest. At the moment, from his mouth and chest, blood is constantly squirting but obviously, he is still alive.
    Jiang Ruhu’s eyes flashed for a few times but he still couldn’t dare to let Ai out of his hands. One hand succumbed to the neck of Jiang Xiaonu and the other hand held the dagger against her chest. The sly opening said: “Jiang Yi, you don’t lie to me! I let her go, you will definitely kill me.”
    Jiang Xiaonu, who has been fainting, seems to have been waking up because Jiang Ruhu is too tight. She coughed a few times, her eyes swept around, and after seeing Jiang Yi, her eyes suddenly lit up and exclaimed: “Young master, is it really you? No… young master run!”
    Jiang Yi face Showing a hint of gentle colour, looking at Jiang Xiaonu smiled but because the face is painted with blood looks pretty scary. In his eyes, he flashed a cozy moment, and his body went to Jiang Xiaonu and Jiang Ruhu and yelled: “Ai, young master can’t save you, so the young master can only kill everyone and then accompanied you to death!”
    “Young Master!”
    “Young Master!”
    At this moment, two bursts of screams came from not far away. The two bodies swept from a distance like a hawk. The screaming shook the eardrums of Jiang Yi and Jiang Ruhu.
    “Jiang Yi!”
    Jiang Ruhu saw the figure in the distance, suddenly saw a vine in the air when he fell off the cliff, he was pleased to take Jiang Xiaonu to the other side. At the same time, the dagger in the hand is also thrown back to Jiang Xiaonu. As long as Jiang Yi went to save Ai, he had enough time to drag for Ma Yinjiang.
    Jiang Yi did not turn, but he took the green sword in his hand and continued to shoot like a mad dragon. The black and blue light shone on his iron fist, and under the fist, Jiang Ruhu The head bursts like a watermelon…
     Qing Mingjian hit the dagger that Jiang Ruhu threw incomparably and accurately, and Jiang Xiaonu’s body safety fell to the ground. However, Jiang Yi’s face did not have a bit of joy. Instead, he smiled and looked at the two figures coming from outside. He asked, “Ai, We are going to die together, are you afraid?”
    Jiang Xiaonu was heavily shackled. On the ground, all her face is filled with tears because of her painful body but her face did not show a trace of fear but instead grinned, revealing two cute little tiger teeth, focusing on the head: “It is the happiest thing to die with the young master.!”
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