My fury will burn the heavens ch 54

Chapter 54 Little Master
    Ma Yin and Jiang Qi actually came with Jiang Yi when he arrived under the Xishan, they have already caught up with him but these two did not venture up the mountain because the two people feared from each other and  some unknown guy’s are also follow them, it was the people of the Wu Dian.
    After Jiang Yi started to kill, two Ma clan members escaped at the fastest speed. Almost even the ones who rolled up and climbed, and immediately after seeing Ma Yin, they immediately called for help. Ma Yin heard that Ma Heiqi was frustrated after being hit hard. He no longer wants to entangle with the people of Wu Dian and go up the mountain at the fastest speed. After Jiang Rulong sent out the signal, Jiang Qi was also scared. Naturally, he did not dare to continue to spend time on Wu Dian member and desperately went up to the mountain.
    At the same time, the Jiang family was also alarmed. Jiang Yunmeng, who was in Jiang clan’s town, dispatched several strong Jiang member to the West Mountain for the first time.
    On the square in the city, Jiang Yunshan’s eyes narrowed because they also saw the signal from the direction of the Jiang family, not knowing it was from Xishan. Jiang Yun is sitting in the Jiang clan and there are still people signaling for help? Is there a big event? Someone attacked the Jiang Family Courtyard?
    “Cloud snake, you go back and see!”
    Jiang Yunshan told to Jiang Yunshen and Jiang Yun snake to see and report. At this moment. there are so many people in the Accord, Jiang Hanshui still in the game below, Jiang Yunshi himself is not easy to walk away, and he does not believe that anyone dares to attack the Jiang clan compound.
    There are hundreds of sargeants in the town, and the Jiang family and the Xiwang family in the town have their origins. Even Ji Tian did not have this courage to destroy the Jiang family at the moment…
    “Something happened?” Ma Yongji brows slightly wrinkled. Looking at the direction of Jiang clan. Ma Heqi and a group of Ma clan fighters did not appear in the square today. Jiang Yi suddenly run away, and it is very likely that these are related to Ma Heqi. Although he believes that at this juncture, there should be no family chaos, but his heart is still feel inexplicably uneasy.
    Suddenly –
    Another signal bullet in the direction of the Jiang family rushed into the sky and burst in midair. The sound and movement were not too big, but it once again attracted the attention of countless people.
     After Ma Kui Ma Yongji saw the signal Dan, their face changed instantly!
    Because this is the emergency response signal of the Ma clan, in the direction of the Jiang family compound, the Ma clan member issued a signal for help. What does this mean? It seems that the Jiang clan member also sent a signal. Did the people of Ma Heqi and Jiang clan fight against each other? It’s just… there are so many strong people in the Jiang Family Courtyard, Why is the Jiang clan member also asking for help?
    “Yong Ji immediately took people to see, don’t act impulsively, if there is any situation, it in the first report to us!”
    Ma Kui and Ma Yongji commanded, if he did not see Jiang Yunshan still sitting, just with a stunned look, He will definitely go and see for himself.
    “What’s the big thing?”
    Ji Tian and the cold clan Liu clan’s member looked at each other and were amazed. Soon they all quietly gestured and let their men go to investigate immediately. At the moment they can’t disturb and affect the enrollment……
    “Is Jiang Yi sudden movement caused this?”
    A lot of people thought flashed inside their mind However, it was quickly rejected. Jiang Yi’s with his little strength can make such a big trouble? If it weren’t for him, who would it be?
    “The Lord! The Ma family also sent a signal for help!”
    On the roof of Wu Dian, the lord of Wu Dian and Yang Guan and Fei Lao stood at the same time. Yang Guan was very urgent, but Fei Lao and Wu Dian Dian did not say a word.
    After Ma Yongji and others rushed toward the Jiang clan direction, the master of the Wu Dian Temple said: “A signal is sent to let our people withdraw. No matter whether it is because of Jiang Yi, we can’t blend in. Jiang Yun snake and Ma Yongji went, and this is a big deal! If we have to fight with Jiang Clan and Ma Clan for a small Jiang Yi…it is not worth it.”
    The second aid signal is issued by Ma Yin.
    Ma Yin first went up the mountain. He rushed up and looked around to see what happened. When he saw the legs of Ma Heqi being cut off and blood is coming from his Dantian. And found many familiar Ma clan members faces, many people’s hands or legs are cut off, his face is more gloomy and terrible…
    “Jiang Yi, is it you? You dare to abolish the young master? And kill so many peoples of my clan? I will not tear you into pieces today. I am not a man!”
    Ma Yin’s eyes locked at distant Jiang Yi, and his body force immediately ran wildly. Like a fierce beast, he rushed toward Jiang Yi, and one hand took a signal bomb from his arms and threw it into the air.
    Ma clan’s so members are died and disabled that he can’t handle this matter. He can only summon the Ma clan members and he has no time to heal other Ma clan members. He wants to kill Jiang Yi in resentment…
    “Ai, you retreat to one side! When I am dead, you will commit suicide. The young master will take you to the underworld, lets see how it looks!”
    Jiang Yi is not stupid, he is handing a dagger to Jiang Xiaonu and gently touched her head, the body released all the Qi and rushed toward the Ma Yin. The Ma Yin who rushed up, he did not need to look at him, with his momentum, he could be sure that he is definitely a strong person in Nascent profound relm. He knew that he would die today. Before he died, he naturally wanted to take somemore interest, such as sending Jiang Rulong on the road!
    Jiang Rulong’s lungs were broken by Jiang Yi, and he has difficulty to breathe. The whole body was so painful that he couldn’t move. He didn’t want to move. He hoped that he could survive. At this moment, Jiang Yi’s Killing intent gaze was completely make him desperate. The fierce light in his eyes flashed the pain of the whole body tearing. He took a cylinder from the sleeve of his left hand and pulled it against Jiang Xiaonu. Sneer screamed: “Jiang Yi, do you want to pull me with you before you die? Hahaha… Well, I will also pull a person back before I die. I want you to watch your maids die first!
    “Ai be careful!”
    Jiang Yi is in the air, seeing a few glimmers of light in the cylinder, and quickly horrified for Ai but he saw Jiang Xiaonu’s voice fell, Jiang Rulong’s laughter sounded again. : “Jiang Yi, you can rest assured that you can’t die this time. This is a poisonous needle. It is poisoned with a black widow poison spider. The poisoned person will suffer the pain of the poisonous heart attack. She will die after three days. It is prepared for you, hahaha…”
    Ma Yin is close to less than 30 feet, and Jiang Yi no longer has time to manage Ai. He waved the Qingjiang sword like a dragon. The lower abdomen stabbed!
    A sword under the wrath of Jiang Yi, the whole small belly of Jiang Rulong was pierced with Dan Tian. He suddenly took out the long sword and stabbed him again. He stabbed dozens of time and then spit out a long breath and stopped. Jiang Rulong, who became a horse’s nest, is still can see anger in Jiang Yi’s eyes…
    “Jiang Yi is dead!”
    Ma Yin finally arrived. He was surrounded his palm with Qi. The powerful momentum pulled the air around him and brought a hurricane into a powerful pressure to Jiang Yi.
    “Where!” Jiang Yi also gasped against Jiang Rulong’s body, and his mind was full of anger. At this moment, he seemed to be paralyzed. He did not turn back and did not have any resistance. He left the powerful palm behind him and shot directly at his head.
    “Furious? Explosive Yuanzhang? Wrong, wrong! This is not a blasting palm but a violent squad! The essence of this blasting palm is a crazy blow under anger, whoever has nothing to let Yuanli explode, kill The enemy three thousand self-destruction eight hundred? This generation of martial arts predecessors must be angry, do not hesitate to blast himself to kill the enemy, I understand …”
    When Ma Yin’s palm is only three feet away from Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi Suddenly raised his head, his mouth chanted a few words, the body inside the force madly mobilized to the left palm, but also mobilized two black Qi, released through the bursting palm, suddenly turned to the back of Ma Yin palm Take it.
    A loud explosion sounded. The powerful shock wave uprooted seven or eight small trees around the ground. The dust on the ground rose to the sky, covering the space of the square. The two figures flew out of the smoke. The other person was covered in blood, and only one half of the arm was left. The other body was also blown up and the body robe was broken. He was full of injury but obviously there was no serious injury on him…
    “Ha ha ha!”
    Jiang Yi climbed hard. His eyes are all happy, his face is bloody and injured in many places but fortunately all are minor injuries, not fatal.
    There was a disappointment in his eyes. If this blasted the palm of his hand and realized the essence of the sacredness, he and Jiang Xiaonu might not have to die today. He can rescue Jiang Xiaonu earlier and run away. Although he may not be able to escape, he has at least has a chance…
    Looking back and looking at the body, he is pumping his face, and his face is flashing again because of poisoning. After a anger, the body was furious and went to Ma Yin.
    “08, six-game winning streak!”
    Above the West Mountain, bodies are everywhere, it look as bad as hell, Tianyu City Square is still very lively. Many people don’t understand what for the two signal flares fired from the Jiang Family Courtyard mean, but they all feel inexplicable.
    “Jiang Hanshui? 9th level of Qi condensation stage? Yes, good!”
    Suddenly, an old voice came from the south side of the square, but the sound was not loud but it was heard in everyone’s ears, so that the square suddenly became silent. if the needle fell, it can be heard by everyone.
    Countless eyes swept south, and even many people in the stands stood up because they felt a strong momentum from this voice. This is a strong man who is stronger than everyone in the stands of the Accord.
    The eyes of everyone quickly locked on a person. It was an old man. His one leg was broken. The robes was white and his hair was scattered. It looked like a flower.
    The old man had some turbid eyes and looked at Jiang Hanshui slightly dagger, but his eyes swept around the square, but with some doubts he asked: “Hanshui, how can I not see … Jiang Yi?”
    The cup of tea in the hands of Jiang Yunshan suddenly fell to the ground, and his face was full of fear. The officer of the western army next to the town was bright and shouted: “Is it a cloud sea adult?”
    The old man walked on the ground with a cane, and the body flew up to the stands like a hawk. The speed was so fast that everyone felt dazzled. His eyes swept away the favor of the Western Army, but he did not take care of it. Instead, he swept the face of Jiang Yunshan. Asked: “Yunshan, today is so lively, how can I not see Jiang Yi?”
    Jiang Yunshan stood up, barely smiled: “Hao Shu, Jiang, Jiang Yi he …”
    The old man saw Jiang Yunshan like this, his face suddenly became gloomy Up, the violent momentum of the body poured out, so that everyone in the entire Accord felt suffocated, and a pair of muddy eyes became cold. His body shook a little and made a vibrato: “Is there a accident with Jiang Yi?” Where is he? Tell me!”
    The last word of the old man blew all the people in the Accord like a thunder, Ji Tian’s face changed, and the light in his eyes shone at the Jiang’s compound. Suddenly said: “Yunhai, you are going to the Jiang Family Courtyard, maybe … you can save Jiang Yi’s life!”
    Old man’s eyes swept to Ji Tian, ??Killing intent smoldering out, his crutches on the ground, his body turned into a shadow to the direction of the Jiang family compound, leaving a sentence for everyone to feel the icy words: “If Jiang Yi died, you all have to be buried with him!”
    Everyone in the Accord suddenly became pale and snowy. The speed of the old man was so fast, and the horrible momentum was obviously several times stronger than Ji Tian of the peak of nascent profound relm, which clearly means he broke through the true profound relm!
    It is not difficult for the true profound relm cultivator to kill them, or even to kill whole Tianyu City…
    “Everyone is buried with the lord!”
    The town’s Western Army’s partiality is shrinking. He and Lingyueshan College mentors are distinguished and can be worthy of being buried by him. Then the identity of this person is definitely more honorable? Since it is a young master, there must be a master. Who is the master of Jiang Yunhai? Then this little master identity naturally comes out!
    “It’s a big deal…”
    General Zhenxi swallowed a sip.
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