My fury will burn the heavens ch 55

Chapter 55 The Devil
    They ordered, the officers in the Accord will all run and go, and a burst of sound will sound. The nearby west army stationed in the town, like a ghost, drilled out, silently, all face the solemn knife in the body, the body is filled with killing intent, quickly acted under the leadership of the officers.
    Zhenxi will lead dozens of people straight to the Jiang family compound, did not explain to the people, even when he went to the Jiang family compound, he did not look at Jiang Yunshan.
    Jiang Yunshan’s face was gloomy and terrible. The eyes flashed a few time and smashed away. He silently followed the town’s Western Army to the Jiang Family Courtyard.
    “It really is a big deal…”
    Ji Tian and everyone looked at each other with a secret stunned. Although they didn’t know what Jiang Yunhai said, they knew that if Jiang Yi was dead. Tianyu City must be in chaos. And the old teacher of the Beast Mountain College, Fu Lao said: “Fu old, pause the game first? Let’s take a look at some other entertaining thing.”
    Fu Lao nodded, his face was somewhat unnatural, and they were threatened by someone. Want to bury for a teenager? This makes them very uncomfortable but the situation is so complicated, you can only suspend the game first, waiting for this to be settled.
    When Ji Tian’s words fell, Ma Kui had already rushed to the Jiang Family Courtyard one by one. Ma Yongji took people to go and couldn’t make any trouble. If this was a battle with Jiang clan, Jiang Yunhai alone is enough for his whole clan……
    the square outside already in turmoil, old man announced that the game had already stopped with the Jiang Yunhai roar, so many people feel Uneasy, the whole square is awkward.
    A lot of beautiful eyes flashed, and one leg was light, and the body flew like a yellow butterfly on the platform of Jiang Hanshui. She asked: “Hanshui, who is this old man? Is he Jiang Yunhai? Jiang Yi Grandpa?”
    Jiang Hanshui did not speak, his eyes were fearful, and even his body was a little trembling. Jiang Rulong, Jiang Ruhu kidnapped Jiang Xiaonu and the Jiang family was kept in the dark, but he knew it. He never imagined that Jiang Yunhai, who had been missing for six or seven years, did not die but his strength rose so much that he broke through True Profound relm!
    Qi Condensation is starting, Nascent Profound relm is King and True profound relm is the God, there is no enemy for him!
    This is a folk poetry of the Tianxing continent.
    There are hundreds of millions of people in the celestial world , but any big realm is extremely difficult to break through. It is a big hurdle! It is very difficult to break through to the Nascent Profound relm from Qi condensation stage. It is even 10 times more difficult to break through from Nascent profound relm to True profound relm. Otherwise, the masters of Ji Tian and Wu Dian will not stay in the peak of Nascent profound relm for 20 years, and look at the situation. There is no hope of breaking through in this life.
   Once you break through the next realm, the strength will be greatly improved. It is very easy for True Profound relm to destroy the earth. For True profound relm killing a Nascent profound relm is just like killing an ant… How much Jiang Yunhai loves Jiang Yi? Jiang Hanshui is the most clear, Jiang Yunhai is a killing madman. When Jiang clan relied on him, it became the second largest family of Tianyu City. However, he never had a black face to Jiang Yi. The kind smile made the Jiang family seem to have forgotten the old man of the nephew. One person slaughtered hundreds of people in a small family in Tianyu City!
    Jiang Yi, you must not die!
    Jiang Hanshui and silently prays. If Jiang Yi is dead, this oldman must be crazy. The whole Tianyu City must filled with blood like river…
    Ji Tingyu looks at the face of Jiang Hanshui. She has guessed a lot without his answer. She stopped asking more questions. The beautiful woman turned a few laps to the stands, and whispered to the old man.
     “On the top of the Wu Dian temple, the lord of Wu Dian hall looked at everything. The light in his eyes was shining. Jiang Yunhai actually broke through, but he was still stuck in the final step. Originally he was the second strongest player in Tianyu City. At this moment, he seems to be ranked third.
    He vomited a long breath and turned to the side of Fei Lao. “How many sons does Zhenxi Wang have?”
    Fei Lao’s brow is locked and seems to have been thinking about this matter. Jiang Yunhai used to The town of Wangxi in the town has been the next person, or the slavish servant of the king of the town, his master is naturally the king of the town. And the little master in his mouth is obviously the son of the king of Zhenxi.
    He thought for a while and still had some doubts. He whispered: “The lord, the prince has only one son. At this moment, he is still in the Lingwushan College. His qualifications are very bad. You should have heard of the top five in the Qingwu list of Shenwu. Genius, there is a river countercurrent!”
    “Is he?”
    Wu Dian also hesitated, muttering: “Jiang Yunhai followed the town of Wang for more than ten years, and after he became injured, he returned to Tianyucheng home, he should not have other masters. Fei Lao, you immediately reported the matter, let the people in the main hall check, does the town of West King have an illegitimate child left behind?”
    Jiang clan Xishan is still like the human purgatory At the moment, Jiang Yi is still making this purgatory even more cruel.
    Ma Yin was very hard, and he was abolished by Jiang Yi. The pain caused by his body made him almost fainted, and his combat power was less than the original 30%. Jiang Yi’s reaction ability, plus the sword in his hand make him more miserable.
    Jiang Yi’s body flashed, and Qingjian flashed a wound on his body . The Qingjian sword was too sharp, and Ma Yin took the shot and looked at it. It was because of the painful reaction rate of the left hand. Greatly reduced, a few injuries at the moment made him feel desperate.
    “Small beast, I will kill you today!”
    Ma Yin knows this, he will die in Jiang Yi’s hand, Jiang Yi is too clever, never fights with him, keeps running, and gradually erodes his physical strength with the Qing sword.
    He screamed, no longer cares about the Qing Sword, and the other hand was surrounded by Qi and turned into a ghostly claw to the head of Jiang Yi. If Jiang Yi dared to stab the sword, his head will burst like a watermelon.
    “Good! Explosive Yuanzhang, Ma Yin, you have also scrapped this hand!”
    Jiang Yi’s face showed a sly smile, and the other hand’s blue and black light shone, it seems to be released again. That kind of horrible martial arts.
    Ma Yin was scared. Just now, Jiang Yi took a shot and broke his arm. At this moment, he don’t have the courage and he naturally refuses to continue to grab it. Otherwise, both hands will be abolished. He will die…
    He is twisted his hand and slid down to grabbed at Jiang Yi’s chest. Although he was seriously injured and his reaction ability declined, but in his opinion, Jiang Yi’s attack speed was slower than him. Jiang Yi’s explosive Yuanzhang will never hit him. He will already crushed Jiang Yi’s. heart.
    “Idiot, you are fooled!”
    Jiang Yi sneered, he did not release the exploding palm, his power is too little, at most only once more he can release. Therefore, he was not prepared to waste on Ma Yin. His Qingjian sword suddenly turned in the air, and he was not prepared to stab his chest. The goal has always been his perfect arm.
    “Wrapping hand, wrong! Wrapping sword!”
    Qingming sword, such as a snake-like to pick up, one step ahead glide on his arm before Ma Yin’s heart ……!
    One arm flew again, and a screaming sounded. The Qingjian sword flashed straight into the chest and pierced his chest in Ma Yin’s desperate eyes.
    “Young Master Rulong! I am coming!”
    At this moment, a figure finally rushed up to the mountain, and the first thing he saw was that Jiang Yi slowly pulled out the Qingjian sword from Ma Yin’s chest. Ma Yin’s chest suddenly blood rushed out, and the body is so straight that it falls down, and the eyes are wide open.
    Jiang Qi looked at the scenes like hell, watching the Heqi is still on the ground, watching the countless screaming and tumbling Ma clan and Jiang clan member. He looked ar Jiang Ruhu, whose head became a bursted watermelon, looked at the group of broken meat of Jiang Rulong, which was completely smashed.
    When Jiang Yi’s red eyes glanced at him, his body suddenly trembled. Such a scene, such a look makes him feel like a cold water poured into the head in the winter, he did not directly attack to Jiang Yi like Ma Yin, but his legs squatted, his body flew down!
    He even escaped…
    Jiang Yi shook his head and sighed, didn’t chase, and couldn’t catch up. Even at this moment, he was tired of killing. He turned and walked quickly toward Ai and picked her up and rushed down the mountain.
    He looked at a mountain in the distance to the east. There was a beautiful small valley. When he was a child, he often went there to play with Jiang Xiaonu. Jiang Xiaonu also said that if she could be buried after she died, she would be very comfortable…
    Ai was stunned and fainted again, with a weak breath and purple skin. Jiang Yi couldn’t save her. His physical strength were also spent. He knew he couldn’t escape. He can only take Jiang Xiaonu to the small valley, even if he is dead… He does not want to die in the Jiang clan site!
    However, what made him helpless was that he had just rushed down the mountainside, but saw countless figures came from afar, and there were more than a dozen martial arts guards of the Jiang clan Courtyard. More than a dozen strong men from the spurt, the foremost Jiang Yunshi, Jiang Yunsuo and Ma Yongji were the most powerful and Jiang Yi smelled the breath of death when they were not close.
    “Devil, Jiang Yi is the devil. He killed a lot of people. He killed Ma Heqi, Rulong and Ruhu, and also killed Ma Yin of the Ma clan. The mountain is full of dead people. Jiang Yi is a devil, Yunshe Yunshi. The elders kill him quickly…”
    Jiang clan member, who had just rushed out of Xishan, saw such a strong person came to help, he suddenly yelled, his face was still a fearful expression, in his eyes Jiang Yi must be possessed by the devil, otherwise how can he kill so many people?
    Audience was stunned. Many of Jiang’s and Ma’s people were shocked. Looking at the Jiang Yi coming from the halfway up the mountain was so ridiculous and funny but Jiang Yi’s killing intent was too strong, he obviously killed a lot of people to produce such a heavy killing intent…
    “Yin, Heqi!”
    “Rulong, Ruhu!”
     Ma Yongji and Jiang Yun snake felt their eyes black, almost fell to the ground, Jiang Yi can come down to the mountain and can scare a Nascent profound relm cultivator like this, that means that the people on the mountain are definitely dead.
    Jiang Yi stopped at halfway to the mountain, his eyes swept over the faces of the people, especially seeing the appearance of Ma Yongji and Jiang Yun snake, inexplicably feeling a bit of pleasure, he grinned and said quietly: “There is such a many people have been buried with Ai, and there are so many big people waiting to be buried with Ai. It is also a achievement of my Jiang Yi!”
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