My fury will burn the heavens ch 56

Chapter 56 Seals Broken
    “Ah -“
    When they heard Jiang Yi’s words, Jiang Yun snake and Ma Yongji are screaming, Jiang Yi is counting the words of Jiang Qi. The two lost their loved ones, the Ma clan was even worse, and a genius child was killed. One is likely to become one of the special enrollment in Lingyueshan College!
    In the hearts of these two people: Ma Fei, Ma Heqi, Jiang Ruhu and Jiang Rulong have done small mistakes but they are absolutely pure and kind children. Does Jiang Yi dare to kill them?
    The rest of the Ma clan member and Jiang clan member are also full of anger, regardless of the cause of the incident, at least Jiang Yi should not kill them. He is a full-fledged crazy madman, devil!
    However, some people are not concerned about these but the strength of Jiang Yi. Many people in the Jiang family saw Jiang Yi being bullied all day long six months ago. Just half a year, he can not only defeat Jiang Rulong? Can still win the Liuhe, Heqi? Now even Ma Yin, who is Nascent Profound relm, can be killed by him?
    If everyone can be like Jiang Yi, then the martial arts system of this world should have been confusing, and everyone in this world is a peerless genius. As everyone knows, it is almost impossible for the warriors who is in the Qi condensation stage to kill a person in Nascent profound relm. It is not to say that Jiang Yi’s surface strength is only 4th level of Qi condensation stage.
    How did he do it?
    This problem has surfaced in many people’s minds, but they have no need to consider it in the next second, because the Jiang Yun snake body blasted like a lion.
    Jiang Yun snake is 7th level of Nascent profound relm warrior, killing Jiang Yi is like pinching an ant. Since Jiang Yi is a dead person, it doesn’t make much sense to pursue too much.
    “Ai, it seems that we still have to die in the Jiang clan site.”
    Jiang Yi sighed and Jiang Xiaonu’s body was gently set aside and his body walked forward and stood a few feet indifferently on the mountain road. When he looked at Jiang Yun’s blast, he didn’t run away, or even prepared to resist it? Close his eyes and prepare to die?
    “Small wild species, I want to crush you to death!”
    The strength of the 7th level of Qi condensation stage warrior is really powerful. It took only a dozen of seconds to rush to the middle of the mountain, and he was full of red light, all of which were suffocating. One hand like a dragon claw, straightly grabbed Jiang Yi’s belly, apparently wanting to abolish Jiang Yi Dantian and then tortured him to death.
    Jiang Yi still closed his eyes but the powerful momentum of Jiang Yun snake came and made him tremble slightly.
    He could feel a huge claw like a lightning bolt without looking at his eyes. He also felt a chill in his body after a few feet, and he was frozen into the bone marrow!
    Three feet, two feet, one foot!
    “Jiang Yun snake want to kill me, you have to pay some price!”
    At this moment, Jiang Yi’s eyes suddenly opened, his left hand suddenly slammed, a blue dagger shot like a flying knife, a black and blue light flashed, and he single-handedly slammed like a tiger, and slammed against the claws of Jiang Yun snake.
    “Will you want to struggle before you die?”
    Jiang Yun’s eyes were cold and his mouth was mocking. He was famous for his insidious mind in Tianyu City. Jiang Yi’s trick was not on the table. He screamed with a strong sigh of relief, and easily flew out the Qingming sword. As for the fist of Jiang Yi’s coming, in his opinion, there is no such thing as a deterrent.
    However, when he prepared a claw to directly crush Jiang Yi’s hand, his eyes suddenly shrank, because the black and blue power surrounded by Jiang Yi’s palm made him feel a trace of danger.
    “This kid’s martial arts power has increased several times? No wonder it can kill Ma Yin!”
    Jiang Yun snake’s heart was shocked but not panic, the claws immediately turned into a big palm, the body’s inner force madly poured out, and Jiang Yi hand hit hard and hit a palm.
    A thrilling explosion, a powerful shock wave brought up the sky and smoke, blowing around a mess, Jiang Yi’s body echoed out. His body is full of wounds. At this moment, the blood is blurred. People squirt a blood in the air, and finally plunged into the mountain road, shaking the ground.
    To the countless people below, Jiang Yunshen was actually shaken back, and there was still blood in one hand. Although it was not hit hard, it was obviously injured!
    4th level of Qi condensation stage can fight against 7th Nascent profound relm, and actualyy actually injured them?
    World is changing!
    Although Jiang Yun snake is too careless, everyone has to admit Jiang Yi is powerful!
    “Small wild species, died!”
    the face of so many people, was actually injured by a young man who casts a dip, Jiang Yun snake face is even more ugly. The body quickly shot and the other hand grabbed against Jiang Yi’s Dantian.
    “It’s over…”
    Jiang Yi’s weak eyes can’t be opened at this moment. The body’s inner strength has already consumed 90%. The most important thing is that the whole body has tearing pain. He wants to commit suicide without strength. He only watched Jiang Yun snake to abolish his own Dantian. However, since he is going to die, what is the difference between waste?
    Jiang Yun snake’s claws easily penetrated into Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen. Many people below showed a sneer, but there were also some people who couldn’t bear to see at the beginning. Such a genius must be ruined by them.
    A red light suddenly lit up from Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen, followed by a strong breath that made everyone’s soul tremble. Everyone’s eyes flashed toward Jiang Yi but they saw a scene. Make everyone shocked with an unbeatable picture!
    A dazzling red light illuminates from the small belly of Jiang Yi, and the light instantly condenses into a huge dragon image in midair. This fire dragon is a few feet long, so true, especially the cold eyes sees everyone timid, the most strange thing is that at the moment of the fire dragon, the entire nearby space seems to solidify, and everyone can’t move!
    Jiang Yun’s body was under the shadow of the dragon, and his hand was still in Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen. He couldn’t understand why he was going to grab Jiang Yi’s Dan Tian. A fire dragon shadow?
    But he didn’t have time to think about it. The fire dragon snarled silently in the air. The body flashed toward the Jiang Yun snake rushed. The Jiang Yun snake scared the soul to break free, but he can’t move, can only watch the fire dragon cover his body.
    Then… no more!
    The body of the Jiang Yun snake has turned into powder, and it has been silently floating in the air, and the dragon has disappeared without a trace. It seems that it has never appeared. If it weren’t for Jiang Yi’s lower abdomen and a wound that was slowly overflowing with blood, everyone thought it was a dream.
    Jiang Yi’s weak eyes could not be opened. At this moment, his eyes were rounded!
    He was also scared but he was sober and everyone didn’t know how the fire dragon came out. He vaguely knew something because he saw the dragon-shaped seal rune outside Dantian disappearing at this moment. Now!
    Jiang Yun snake wants to crush his Dantian and a strong fire dragon appears suddenly in Dantian. Then the dragon kills Jiang Yun snake, and finally the dragon-shaped rune in Dantian disappears.
    When these things are linked, Jiang Yi draws a conclusion that he can’t believe – his powerful seal outside Dantian releases a powerful supernatural power at the most critical moment, killing Jiang Yun snake, and his seal is completely untie.
    As for why this seal can release the shadow of the dragon, why does the Jiang Yun snake instantly become a powder, this is what a powerful supernatural power, Jiang Yi would not understand.
    The silence of the audience, the silence of death!
    At this moment, everyone can move again but no one dares to move until they are sure that the dragon’s illusion has completely disappeared and they will have a long sigh of relief. The powerful momentum of the dragon’s illusion just made them feel as horrible as facing a True Profound relm cultivator, even though they have never seen a strong True profound relm cultivator…
    “What to do?”
    Ma Yongji and Jiang Yunshi looked at each other. Both of them are very afraid and scrupulous. In case they rushed up, Jiang Yi once again produced a fire dragon in the body to burn them into powder!
    After a moment, Ma Yongji’s anger in his mind defeated reason. His eyes turned and burst into tears: “Jiang Yi definitely learned the sorcerer. He is the evil witch. Kill him!”
    Legend has it that there is a sorcerer in the Tianxuan Kingdom in the south, which can release strange magical techniques, and Tianxuanguo and Shenwu have been opposing each other for tens of thousands of years and hate each other. Ma Yongji’s embarrassment, let everyone overcome the fear and suddenly wake up, Jiang Yi only at 4th level of Qi condensation stage, if not evil cultivation how to kill Ma Yin and Jiang Yun snake? The horrible fire dragon illusion just now, except for the sorcerer, there is no explanation!
    “Killing Jiang Yi, killing him will let our city safe!”
    All the people release there Qi and they took out their weapons, and tried their best to go to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yunshi and Ma Yongji did not dare to approach but the weapons in the hands of the two men went straight to Jian Yi like a sharp arrow. If the fire dragon shadow does not appear, Jiang Yi is absolutely dead!
    Will the fire dragon shadow appear?
    Obviously impossible, Jiang Yi knows this best. Because he has no seal rune in Dantian! Looking at the weapons, Jiang Yi smiled bitterly, closed his eyes and waiting for death.
    At this moment, a sharp sound broke out, letting Jiang Yi’s eyes open again. His face was filled with joy and thought that the dragon’s illusion appeared again, but his eyes were swept away!
    But a purple light coming from far away and stood in front of him. The horrible atmosphere was not close to everyone, and the endless killing and anger put lots of pressure on everyone, although there is no horror of the fire dragon, but it also feels extremely depressed.
    “Qi is so powerful, he is a True profound relm warrior!”
    The average person does not understand what this is. Jiang Yunshi and Ma Yongji looked at each other but were secretly surprised. Why this old man so powerful? It is because he can force Qi outside his body and Qi turned into a weapon!
    The whole Xishan trembled, the ground moved, the smoke rose into the sky, covering the sky for a long time, and the explosion of the bang made everyone almost broke their eardrum, completely unable to hear any sound!
    But the sound that followed immediately followed, so that some people heard it clearly in the place. It seems that the sound is not in their ears, but in their hearts: “Kill Jiang Yi? Hey! Dare to kill my family member. Young Master? Everyone present here today…has to die.”
    Jiang Yunhai is here!
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