My fury will burn the heavens ch 57

Chapter 57: Killing intent
    “Jiang Yunhai?”
    Jiang Yunshi looked at Jiang Yunhai after a few glances, but after he recognized it, he was scared and start shivering. This is his elder, who failed to compete with his father for the position of clan head. He went out to sway outside and finally became a slave in the town of Zhenxi for more than ten years. After returning, his father was dead, Jiang Yunshan became the owner, and Jiang Yunhai took over the punishment court. It is also because Jiang Yunhai, Jiang clan rose in just a few years.
    Jiang Yunhai has a temper and is very good at fighting. In just a few years, he led his family to destroy three families in Tianyu City, and obtained a large number of mines and shops in various industries. He has a nickname called Killing Maniac. Many old people in Tianyu City used this name to scare children. It can be seen that Jiang Yunhai’s reputation…
    Jiang Yunhai was missing six or seven years ago. Jiang’s family spent a lot of manpower and resources to find him, even in a huge bounty mission was hanged in the Wu Dian. But after so many years, Jiang Yunhai had no news, and everyone thought he was dead. It is precisely because of this that Jiang clan member started to alienate Jiang Yi.
    Who knows that Jiang Yunhai has come back and the timing of coming back so bad? Just when they are ready to kill Jiang Yi…
    No one knows who Jiang Yi is. The Jiang family only knows that Jiang Yunhai has come back with him. Many people still guess that Jiang Yi is likely to be the illegitimate son of Jiang Yunhai. Otherwise, How is he so good to Jiang Yi?
    He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down and barely squeezed a smile. He said: “Uncle Hai, misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding!”
    Jiang Yunhai limped and looked very slow. But only a few blinks have already arrived in the field. He completely ignored Jiang Yunshi, staring at Jiang Yi, halfway up the mountain, tears in the old eyes, he did not stop half a step in the footsteps, and the figure flashed to the middle of the mountain.
    He came to Jiang Yi and looked at the flesh and blood. Jiang Yi, who had no good flesh on his body, suddenly squatted on one knee. The old tears said: “The old slave see the young master, the old slaves is guilty, and let the young masters suffer….”
    The audience is smashed!
    Jiang Yi was also stupid. He heard Jiang Yunhai’s voice as if he was dreaming. When he woke up, Jiang Yunhai had already arrived in front of him and kneeled down to him. Call him a young master?
    He swallowed hard and opened his mouth, and said hard: “Grandpa, you what are you doing…”
    Jiang Yunshi, Ma Yongji and others looked at each other face to face, Jiang Yunshi is even more afraid and Ma Yongji’s eyes flickered quietly and Ma’s children gave a wink and was ready to run.
   “Dare to run? Do you believe that I will destroy your whole clan?”
   Jiang Yunhai wiped his tears and his face replied coldly. His face was swept by his eyes which scared Ma Yongji and others to tremble, half-step dare not move .
   Jiang Yunhai stood up and did not say nonsense and quickly come to Jiang Yi’s side. He took a medicinal herb from his arms and fed it into his mouth. Then he sat up with his hands and attached it to the back of Jiang Yi. He said: “Lord there are lot of things to explain, Old slave will explain it to you later. I will heal you first!”
    He felt that the Dan in the mouth and a stream of heat rushed in the lower abdomen. Jiang Yi understood that this is a healing agent of the Earth level. With this remedy he should not die.
    Jiang Yunhai is so powerful, and no one can kill him. He has a long breath and suddenly remembers what he exclaimed: “Grandpa, don’t worry about me, I can’t die for a while, you save the Ai first. She was poisoned to death…”
     Jiang Yunhai just ran a glimmer of power, and found out that Jiang Yi did not have a big problem for the time being. He flashed to the side of Jiang Xiaonu, hugged her up and gave her a medicinal drug, and then looked up, his face immediately dignified and the killing intent in his eyes was a bit stronger.
    “Young Master, you should rest first, and Ai will be Ok!” Jiang Yunhai placed Jiang Xiaonu next to Jiang Yi and he said a word, closing his eyes and running Qi to help Jiang Xiaonu heal.
    With Jiang Yunhai’s guarantee, Jiang Yi was finally relieved, and his eyelids became extraordinarily heavy. He couldn’t stand the weakness of his body for a moment and fell asleep.
    Jiang Yunhai also did not manage Jiang Yi, and he was completely rehabilitate Jiang Xiaonu. He is very clear, if he does not force the poison inside Jiang Xiaonu, she can live but she will turn into a fool, this poison is too poisonous… Jiang Yunhai is busy in the middle of the mountain, below Jiang Yunshi and others are like ants on a hot pot. If you want to go and don’t dare to go, it seem to be a dead end.
    Fortunately, it didn’t take long for a group of strong people to rush in the distance, making everyone ecstatic. Because the forefront is the town’s Western Army, there are dozens of towns west troops behind. Further away, Ji Tian, Jiang Yunshan, Ma Kui, Liu Feng and others followed, and the strongest people in Tian Yu City almost all came together. Jiang Yunhai should not dare to kill people indiscriminately?
    “Jiang Yunhai brother!”
    Jiang Yunshi’s face is full of smiles, and the town of the West Army is rushing to the mountain. They have definitely accept a lot of gifts from the Jiang family. How many powers do you have to face Jiang Yunhai?
    I know… In recent days, Jiang Yunshi said that the brothers and sisters who are intimately intimate with the brothers and sisters will not be able to recognize the people at the moment. He was cold with a face, completely ignoring the shackles of Jiang Yunshi, and incomparably indifference to the west army, the army ordered: “All who dare to resist, will be killed!”
    Dozens of towns and western military take out their swords at the same time from the sheath, like a group of tigers and wolves, rushed toward the Jiang family’s children, and surrounded them with enthusiasm. The fierce and evil look is clearly expressing a meaning, dare to resist only one end i.e. death!
    “Jiang Yunhai brother, you…”
    Jiang Yunshi had no time to react. Sword is already put on his neck by the two townsman’s military guard, and Ma Yongji was taken down. They did not dare to resist, the town west army that represents the will of the king. In the Shenwu country there is no one who dares to rebel against the king of the West!
    Jiang Yunhai did not look at Jiang Yunshi. After confirming that everyone was taken down, the body rushed toward the mountainside, and finally kneeled down in front of Jiang Yunhai, respectfully said: “Yunhai sama, everyone has been taken, how can I dispose them?!”
    Jiang Yunhai opened his eyes and smacked a glance at the bottom. He said indifferently: “The Ma family’s people have all been killed, and the Jiang family’s Nascent profound relm cultivator… all will be killed, and the rest break one arm!”
    There was no trace of blood on the faces of all the people below. Jiang Yunshi was horrified and looked around. Soon, Jiang Yunshan, who was rushing away from the distance, shouted: “Big brother, save me!”
    Jiang Yunshan saw a sword raised, suddenly frightened and scattered, and quickly forced to increase his speed, and burst into the explosion: “Yunhai, Jiang Yunhai brother, Please let them go!”
    Ma Kui’s face is even worse, but a word does not dare to say, Ji Tian, Liu Feng and others are facing each other. Is this Jiang Yunhai so mad? For a Jiang Yi, he even killed his own clan member?
    Jiang Yunhai closed his eyes and continue to heal Jiang Xiaonu, only cold face can be looked. Regardless of whether Jiang Yi is the son of Zhenxi Wang, Jiang Yunhai once followed King and also possessed the strength of True profound relm. He decided to execute the order of Jiang Yunhai from now, and killing a few people is not much for him. What a big thing…
    Countless swords swayed, and a group of blood arrows shot, and more than a dozen people landed. The team of the town’s Western Army is all in Nascent profound relm and with the prestige of the town’s western army, no one dares to evade or resist. Even Jiang Yunshi’s eyes fall to the ground and his eyes filled with dispair. It seems that he does not believe in reality that his death is because of Jiang Yi…
    “Ah– ”
    Jiang’s children sent by Jiang Yun’s brothers are all the 7-8 level Qi condensation stage warriors. These people are not lucky enough to be killed, but one arm is cut down, they all hold The broken arm rolled over the ground and screamed.
    There are a total of seventeen people in the Jiang family below. There are not many people in Nascent profound relm and there are only six after the death of Jiang yun snakes. The Ma family is rather miserable. Although there are only a few 13 people, but they are all Nascent profound relm, this time the Ma family can be described as a heavy loss…
    Jiang Yunhai used nearly 20 people to declare his strong return, indicating his wrath and also told everyone that he would not only kill the outsiders but also kill his own clan member who go against Jiang Yi!
    Jiang Yunshan, who was running wildly, suddenly paused. He looked at Jiang Yunshi’s eyes, his eyes were weak and he fell to the ground, his face was desperate and remorseful. Not only because of Jiang’s death today, but the most important thing is Jiang Yunhai’s heart.
    Jiang Yunhai can kill his own people, showing how cold he is to the Jiang clan! Jiang Yunshan now very angry, and there is resentment, anger, and more remorse. If Jiang clan is good to Jiang Yi in these years, when Jiang Ruhu and others are bullying Jiang Yi, he say something, perhaps… Today’s tragedy will not happen, and Jiang will not lose a good opportunity to rise!
    True Profound relm warrior!
    If Jiang Yunhai came back earlier, if today’s events did not happen, Jiang Yunhai would definitely bring Jiang’s glory and prosperity for decades…
    Sure enough – it didn’t take long for Jiang Yunhai to open his eyes, He picked up Jiang Xiaonu and he glanced at Jianghuai and said indifferently: “Hold Jiang Yi and follow me! In addition, the army has surrounded the whole Tianyu city. All the things that happened to Jiang Yi in these years, I want to know it clearly!”
    Jianghuai instinctively bent his chest with one hand and performed a military ceremony, because he just felt the majesty of a superior in Jiang Yunhai, just like a accustomed commander. Like a general.
    He picked Jiang Yi followed Jiang Yunhai and ran toward the bottom of the mountain, eyes locked Jiang Yunhai. He looked at Ji tian indifferently and said opening: “!. Ji tian, take your Zhaizi give me a few days ……”
    When I heard this sentence, the whole person was relaxed. He said: “Go, I have a good healing medicine!”
    Jiang Yunhai nodded and turned into a residual image and rushed to the house of Ji Tian, with Jianghuai. He quickly disappeared into the eyes of everyone.
    From beginning to end, he did not look at Jiang Yunshan again!
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