My fury will burn the heavens ch 58

Chapter 58 You have no father!
    Tianyu City suddenly started a heavy rain for these two days, such as the curtain of the rain hanging in the sky, pattering, so that the enrollment of Lingyueshan College can only stop. It also makes the temperature a bit cooler, and I don’t know how it starts to look like winter weather.
    Compared with the cold weather, many people in Tianyu City have a colder heart, such as Jiang family, such as the Ma family.
    The town west army surrounded the two major family houses. Although it has been two days, the town west army did not have any move but the outside of the yard, the savage bloody smell of the sergeant wearing black armour with white swords. It always makes the two families feel uncomfortable.
    Under the Western Hills, Jiang Yunhai has killed 19 people just after he returns to the city, including Jiang Yunshi! Jiang Yunhai’s prestige once again spread throughout Tianyu City, killing madmen worthy of the name.
    Of course… there is another name recently circulated among the major families, Jiang Yi!
    When Jiang Yunzi and others rushed to Xishan, all the major families sent scouts to go. Although these scouts did not show up, Jiang Yi’s work in Xishan was quickly spread.
    Ma Heqi and Jiang Rulong kidnapped his maid and forced him to withdraw from the game. Jiang Yi went up the mountain and slaughtered dozens of people, including Ma Yin, who is a Nascent profound warrior of Ma clan. Then in the middle of the mountain, Jiang Yun snake wants to break his dantian, but he is killed by the fire dragon shadow that suddenly appeared from his dantian!
    A year ago, he was still a waste and now the speed of growth shocked everyone. The most important thing is his identity is a mystery. Jiang Yunhai, a True profound realm warrior actually kneels down to him? Imagine how powerful Jiang Yi’s parents will be! Is the fire dragon phantom, is it the magic weapon that his parents left for him? Of course, there are people who rumour that Jiang Yi is the evil witch of Tian Xuanguo, but many people do not believe it. If the evil spirit of Tian Xuanguo, Zhenxijun and Ji Tian have already cut him… After learning the news of Jiang Yi, Yan Lingxue intestines are ruined!
    She was the first to see Jiang Yi’s extraordinary but she was self-satisfied, and some did not see Jiang Yi. If at that time, she would establish some kind of friendship, maybe his family would rise because of this, at least till Jiang Yunhai is not dead, no one will dare to move their clan.
    Ji Tingyu also regretted it. Of course… she was so proud of her that she still couldn’t see Jiang Yi. In her eyes, except for the top five geniuses in the Qingwu list of Shenwu, the rest of the men were not enough.
    She regrets that because she had hurt Jiang Yi’s heart in the practice room a few months ago, regardless of whether Jiang Yi is the son of Zhenxi Wang, he is worthy of the Ji clan to draw and establish some kind of friendship.
    So she took a yellow umbrella and walked to the lotus garden to go outside an elegant small courtyard of the Ji family. She whispered to a sergeant of the town standing outside: “Is Jiang Yi brother awake? I want to see him!”
    Sergeant looked at Ji Tingyu, and there is a trace of intoxication in his eyes. This little girl has already had a full-fledged style when she has not fully grown. When she fully mature, how many men will be fascinated by her. Worried down under her pomegranate skirt?
    Fortunately, this sergeant is a veteran who came out of the battlefield. He quickly recovered his lucidity and said indifferently:
    “There are orders from Yunhai sama. No one can enter this room!”
    Ji Tingyu is somewhat disappointed. Nodded, turned and walked toward the distance, the yellow dress and the black hair fluttering in the breeze, it seems to have a different style.
     Jiang Yi has already woke up, he is watching the room nervously at this moment, Jiang Yunhai is busy to help Jiang Xiaonu to force her poison out. He was very physically injured. Although he took a few of the healing Dan and recovered some of them, he was still very weak. Despite this, he woke up and insisted on investigating the situation of Jiang Xiaonu … Jiang Xiaonu was in a bad situation, the widow spider’s poison was too poisonous, and Jiang Xiaonu did not have a little cultivation, Jiang Yunhai was little late. Some of the toxins has spread throughout her body. Although these days have taken a lot of antidotes, Jiang Yunhai also forced four or five times of hard work, the situation is still very pessimistic.
    After half an hour, Jiang Yunhai opened his eyes and spit a long breath. He shook his head weakly, looking at the hopeful Jiang Yi sighed: “Young Master, Ai is saved, most of the body’s toxins have also been cleared, but there is still a trace of toxins entering the brain nerves. I can’t shake the silk toxins, otherwise, Ai will die immediately, without clearing the toxins, she will probably sleep forever…
    “Permanent sleeping “
    Jiang Yi exclamation, face panic and asked: “Grandfather, really there is no way to do, you can find him Ji Tian sama for help!”
     Jiang Yunhai shook his head weakly, saying: “Unless there is a holy Dan, or a heavenly Doctor, or … a True profound relm warrior, otherwise anyone can’t save her! You should know that there is no price for the holy medicinal Dan. There are only four stars in the whole Tianxing continent. As for the True Profound relm, there are only three in our Shenwu country!”
    Jiang Yi’s body Soft, a butt sitting on the ground. He looked at the Ai’s pale face, think of time they spent together bit by bit.
    This little girl said that she is his maid. In fact, he has always considered her as a sister. For many years, Jiang Xiaonu has become a part of his life. Without her, Jiang Yi does not know how to live.
    There is no market for the holy medicinal herbs, and there has never been one in the past. Even if there is Jiang Yunhai, it should not be able to afford it. The Heavenly doctor is not able to afford with his money. As for the True Profound relm, it is the real peak of the Shenwu Kingdom. Will they take care of a little girl?
    Sleeping forever, what is the difference between death?
    Jiang Yi closed his eyes desperately, his face slightly twisted, and suddenly he screamed for a moment, and a blood spurted out…
    “Young Master!”
    Jiang Yunhai’s face changed, and the body flashed immediately. He picked up Jiang Yi and sat down next to him. His eyes showed a distressed heart. He even urged him: “Young Master, don’t worry, as long as Ai is not dead, then there will always be opportunities, Old slaves promise to do everything to cure her, believe me!”
    Jiang Yi reached out and rubbed his mouth, turned his head and looked at Jiang Yunhai: “Grandpa, you really think, there a way?”
    Seeing Jiang Yunhai’s heavy nod, Jiang Yi sighed with relief. He barely smiled: “Grandpa, how do you call me a young master? You still call me Xiaoyi, right… Grandpa, you these years. Where you gone?”
    Jiang Yunhai smiled bitterly and looked out the window. He sighed: “I have been… looking for my memory these years. In fact, I have a memory that has disappeared, just from Zhenxi. When the palace came to raise you back, I couldn’t remember anything. I only knew the name of you and Ai in my mind. Ai is your maid. You are very important to me. I want to protect you with my life! “
    ” ah? “
    Yi face stunned, but soon he remembers. When he is a child, he often asked Jiang Yunhai about his own parents and Ai’s parents? Whenever he ask this question, he always smiles. He always thought that Jiang Yunhai did not want to tell him. But Jiang Yunhai had lost his memory during that time. He didn’t know his own life…
    Jiang Yunhai paused and continued: “When you were a child, Dantian was sealed. I was very anxious, so I wanted to find a way to crack the seal. I also wanted to go around and see if can get my memory of that period. Look at who sealed your Dantian, so that I can crack the seal!]
    Jiang Yi nodded and asked: “And then?”
    “Then I was chased by the enemy, accidentally fell into Green Maple Valley!”
    Jiang Yunhai smiled bitterly: “The valley, You may not know. It is a strong cemetery. There are many traps inside. No one who falls into it can come alive. I was at the peak of Nascent Profound relm and with this strength, I naturally impossible to come out. The traps are so many. Until half a year ago, I accidentally touched a trap and was entered into the practice room. Not only did I break through the True Profound relm, but also the memories in my mind are opened and finally succeeded in getting out of trouble…”
    “Memory Seal? Can someone seal your memory?” Jiang Yi’s eyes shrank and exclaimed.
    “Oh, Young Master, this world is very magical. Many powerful people have different magical powers, let alone seal memories. Even it can seal a person for a hundred years, you can keep him alive…”
    Jiang Yunhai explained: “Because my memory seal is untied, I know about your life, so I called you master. Because your mother is my master. If not for her, Jiang Yunhai has long since died. There will be no achievements today I have. I vowed to loyal to her all my life! And the person who sealed my memory is also… your mother!”
    “Niang Niang?”
    Jiang Yi’s heart shook, murmuring this feeling an Intimate and unfamiliar name.
    When he was raised, he was only two or three years old. It could be said that he had no memories of his mother but he was more and more confused. He asked for a moment of indignation and asked: “Grandpa, why should my mother seal your memory?” Is she trying not to let me know her life? And where is she now? Who is my father? Why are they… let you bring me to Jiang clan?”
    “shhhhh …”
    Jiang Yunhai was silent, after a long time shake his head: “I’m sorry, little master! I can’t tell you these things, at least not now. I can only say that my master sealed my memory because she really don’t want you to know your own life, so you will be safe in TianYu. And lived your life as Jiang Yi for a lifetime and my master wants you to live comfortably for a lifetime. Of course… Madame loves you very much, if she is not going to die, She will not let you bring you to Tianyu City. As for your father. According to the lady, you have…no father!”
    Jiang Yi’s mind blew up. Although he had thought about his father and mother may have died since he was a child, he would not have been looking for him for so many years. But the first time I heard the news, he still felt unusually uncomfortable.
    Since childhood, he has seen the cold-eyes in the Jiang clan and he was always been called bastard, and there are no children who have no mother. He is very resentful to his parents, but in fact he still hopes that one day they will appear in front of him and tell him that he is not a Bastard!
    Jiang Yi lingered for a long time, and finally smiled and snorted: “Dead? Dead, die! No father? No, no….”
    Since they have never appeared in his world, then he is an orphan. All right. Since the woman would rather seal Jiang Yunhai’s memory and not let him know his own life, what is the significance of asking him so much? How can I know it? He is not a child who has no love, no mother?
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