One Piece Bounty System Ch 10

Chapter 10: Selecting Warships

Although there was little change in the body after using the iron block, there was still a little change. Everyone here are very familiar with the Navy Six. This change can be seen at a glance.

They were all shocked, and Kuzan and Kizaru stop drinking tea, although they had heard Sakazuki boasting about it more than once. However, they really can’t believe it. After all, they knew the behavior of Thunder before.

They know that he is the shame on Sakazuki’s face. And such a person, suddenly began to exercise, is still became a powerful guy. No matter who will tell them, everyone still doubt it.

But what do they see now? A Navy six-style genius that applies Iron to the certain body part, and only the Garp able to do this here! Oh! No, there are also a few Navy six-style geniuses in the CP9 that they heard. And one of them can do it, but there are only two in the entire navy!

Sengoku and Garp look at each other. It seems that this child should be well protected. This is definitely the pillar of the future navy. The worst, he will become Navy Vice Admiral and maybe he can become Admiral.

Garp also stopped the activity of eating donuts, his eyes are coming out quickly: “You kid, is really talented! The old man has done that in three years, and you only used three Months, not bad, you qualify for my iron fist.”

When Tian Lei listened to Garp and about his fist of love, and thought of the string of meat bags on the head of Luffy and Ace! Immediately, the whole body turn cold. And he saw Garp vanish from his seat, and immediately there was a bad feeling.

Thunder use the iron fist subconsciously block the top of the head, the next moment “Boom!” A metal intersecting sound, ringing at the top of Tianlei. Then there was a force that could not resist, and Tian Lei’s fist was crushed, and hit the head of Tianlei.

“Ah!” Tianlei immediately made a scream, watching Garp, who had returned to his position, Tianlei wants to cry and thought: Luffy, Ace, I finally understand your pain. If I have such a grandfather, I have to be a pirate! Because this way I can live a long time away from him, or else I will be daily beaten by him.

Tianlei has not said anything buy Sengoku turn angry: “Garp, you pay attention to your behaviour in front of younger generation and act like a elder.”

It is a pity that the roar of Sengoku is useless to Garp, who still eats his favorite donuts.

Sengoku did not have a way to take him. He could only ignore him: “Tian Lei, Sakazuki said that you want to go to the East Blue Sea!”

Thunder: “Yes, I want to go out and experience everything first!”

Sengoku bowed his head and thought about it: “then! Give you Captain position in the Loguetown in the East Blue. It is the only way to go to the Grand Line in the East Blue. I think there will be many pirates who will give you experience.”

When Tian Lei listened to the Loguetown, he turn happy. This Lougetown is simply a holy place for brushing treasure chests in the game! But is this not the site of the Smoker?

When Sengoku watched that Thunder did not respond, he asked: “Why, don’t you want to go?”

Tianlei quickly said: “No! No! I am too much willing to go, there is no place in the East Blue that is better than Lougetown.”

“That’s good! I give you A class warship, and send you a Master Chief Petty Officer and 500 Navy soldiers under your command.”

When Tian Lei heard it, he got a military emblem, and a Master Chief Petty Officer. Is it in order to attract his own heart towards Navy or something else. No, this Master Chief Petty Officer is estimated to have the meaning of monitoring himself, but it doesn’t matter because he has no plans to be a pirate.

“That’s great! Tianlei thanked the Marshal! Then when can I leave?”

Looking at the way the Thunder can’t wait, all the people present smile and want to be the same when they have their first warship. Sengoku: “Anytime you want!”

“Really? Then I will leave now, I am in a hurry!” Tian Lei said eagerly.

Sengoku: “You are too anxious!”

Brother, I am still anxious to brush the treasure chest draw! Brother has a goal, about Emporor Haki, Armament Haki, Observation Haki and the method of cultivation, of course, that to have a powerful devil fruit!

Of course, these can’t be said. He can only say: “Experiencing nature is good to be as soon as possible. Only in this way can I return to the Grand Line as soon as possible. When I get there, I can receive more powerful partners to complete my dream faster.”

“In this case, I will write an order for you, pick your warship! Other people, I will let them arrange men for you right away.”

Tian Lei said: “This swordsman, can I take him away! This is my first partner!”

Sengoku: “Ok!”

Tianlei smiled, thanked the Marshal, and came to Sakazuki: “Uncle! I will definitely spread justice to where ever I have been.”

Sakazuki did not say a word, but waved his hand coldly, but Tian Lei could see the corner of his mouth slightly raised from his face. He can still see that he is very happy. After all, this expression is already very much from Sakazuki.

After Thunder took the Face out of the door, Sengoku could not help but say to Sakazuki: “Akainu, atleast you can say two words of encouragement!” Just finished watching Sakazuki dead face with speechless expression! Other people can’t help but laugh.

Tianlei came to the port and gave the command of Sengoku to the Rear Admiral of the port. After a deep look at Thunder, he also looked at the command letter, but for the first time he saw Sengoku Marshal special order just for Captain to issue with A class warship!

Rear Admiral soon brought Thunder to a place full of new warships. The warships here were dazzling, but Thunder doesn’t get satisfied. In the world of Pirates, Navy spent half of their life on Ship, so Tianlei wants to select the best one.

Tianlei could not help but ask the Rear Admiral: “Are there is no special warship?”

Rear Admiral: “Yes, but those are not new warships, nor are they orthodox warships, some them are captured from the pirates.”

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