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One Piece Bounty System Ch 19

Chapter 19: Accepting Kobi and Alvida.

At this moment his belief is so firm, he wants to be a Navy! He wants to kill all the bad guys in the world! And until he will be just like this woman in front him, who easily defeated a existance like a god in his own eyes.

Kobi’s heart is little complicated. Isn’t he really not as good as a woman: “Is this the real strong?” He just listened to Tianleiā€™s words, he was completely shocked, and now his heart is full of admiration.

Captain Tianlei said that this world is only belongs to strong! Want to carry forward the justice in your heart, so you to be strong enough, so that you can also kill all the bad guys in the world!

Thinking of this, Kobi couldn’t help but slap on his own face. Why did he be so timid when he was here? He grind his teeth tightly, and because of excessive force, his gums oozing blood, and he secretly vowed that he must be strong.

Looking at the Captain in the eyes, and the navy uniform that he longed for himself, Kobi seems to be courageous, and seems to be determined to use his crying voice: “I beg you, Please, let me join Navy! Let me become stronger! Let me be the strong and defeat them, defeat all the bad guys in the world! Hey!! Please, please.”

Tianlei is very satisfied with Kobi’s current performance. He smiles and says: “Good! I will make you strong! From now on you are the first class soldier on my warship.”

Then he turned around and said to Yuxi: “He will be handed over to you! You make him practice well! I will also leave the old, fat and ugly Alvida to you. Others, let the Navy soldiers sent them back to Louge Town and told them that these pirates were caught by us! We continued to find some other pirates.”

Yuxi has a lot of incomprehensible look at Tianlei, the other can understand, but why leave Alvida? Kobi also a similar expression, but there is more fear in his expression.

Tianlei’s words shocked Kobi. He turned his head and glanced at it. Alvida had already moved. He quickly retreated two steps and trembled: “Why you noy let your teammate kill her?”

Yuxi listened to the contempt and looked at Kobi. Tianlei smiled slightly and did not answer his question. Instead, he asked: “Are you afraid of her now? Kobi!” Kobi heard the words and bowed his head. In his heart, Alvida is always a shadow! The scene in which she used to bully himself is still vivid.

Tianlei said with a smile: “She is now a magical obstacle in your heart. Wait until one day you are not afraid of her! This magical barrier will be broken, and you will become a real man! If you can’t pass it, then I don’t have to say more about it! This is why, the reason I left her is to give you the daring.”

After leaping, he came to the side of Alvida, he grabbed one arm of Alvida, and lifted the woman of several hundred pounds with ease. Although it was a leap, she returned to Kobi’s side.

At this time, Alvida woke up. She no longer has the prestige and strength, but looked at Yuxi and Tianlei with fear.

Tianlei looked at Alvida, and he said with arrogance: “Now you have two choices, staying on my warship and practice with Kobi, or die! Which one do you choose?”

Alvida didn’t want to die, she could only succumb, and couldn’t help but sigh that she was really unlucky, and from a pirate captain became a training equipment of navy first class soldier.

After Tianlei gave Yuxi a look, she commanded the Navy and the pirates were held on their ship.

Kobi’s eyes widened in surprise, and he saw that Alvida can surrendered so easily. At this moment, he understood a bit, not that Alvida was too strong But I am too weak.

Kobi knows that Tianlei is doing all this for him, and hopes that he can overcome the magic obstacle in his heart one day. This can be said to be well-intentioned. For a time, Kobi is filled with deep gratitude to Tianlei.

Yuxi looked at Kobi: “I think you also understand that Captain Tianlei has worked hard for you, then I will not say much. Now you and I will return these goods to the civilians.”

When Alvida and Kobi came to the town again, they were recognized. After all, the appearance of Alvida was very conspicuous, and immediately caused a panic. Yuxi stood up: “You don’t have to be afraid. We are the members of the Navy’s headquarters, and now Captain Tianlei is stationed in Louge Town. This time we annihilated these pirates. Now the pirates have been suppressed by us. They are the ones I brought back to you!”

People looked at the Navy’s uniforms on Yuxi, and looked at the long-lost and ruthless Alvida. Although the appearance has not changed, there is no previous lawlessness. It’s incomparable, and there is some injury in that body.

Immediately, they ran out with joy and gave a warm cheer. At the same time, they shouted: “Long live the Navy! Long live the Captain!”

The next morning, when the sun rises to the sea level, the first light hits the “Duck of Love”, it is faintly visible that a figure is standing on the deck. He is motionless and stands with a knife.

Kobi woke up and saw Tianlei is not in the room, he dressed up and looking for it, but saw him pulling the knife on the deck. The golden brilliance sprinkled on him, as if he had been coated with a layer of gold foil, and the Tianlei stood quietly there. He did not disturbed by all the factors of the outside world, and even the knife in his hand did not shake. Just like a statue, it looks sacred and solemn.

If you want to be a strong person, it is not enough to talk about it. Those strong people are arrogant and awkward when they win the match, but who knows what they are paying behind, dozens or even hundreds of times more than ordinary people i.e Hard work?

Although Kobi did not know what Tianlei was doing, he was convinced by the unshakable perseverance of Tianlei.

For a long time, until the surrounding sky became brighter and brighter, the sun rose completely from the sea surface. At this time, Tianlei suddenly blinked, and after breathing out of the mouth, he snorted. The snow in his hand slammed out, and a piece of iron in front of him was cut into two pieces. He just looked up at Kobi standing next to him and smiled.

“When did you come, I didn’t even notice?”

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