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One Piece Bounty System Ch 20

Chapter 20: Devil Fruit

Kobi’s horrified chin has fallen to the ground, and his eyes are also iron bar. He first time saw that someone can cut the iron. Don’t say it before, he just heard it! He ask: “Captain Tianlei, how did you do this?”

Tianlei smiled. Although the sword technique of Tianlei was not as good as Zoro, he is also on the edge of the realm of cutting iron like paper. Today, he got up early in the morning and practiced with the sword. He suddenly got some understanding, so he found a piece of iron and tried it. He didn’t expect it to be true. He laugh and explain: “This is a realm of swordsmanship! Now you are far away from this. Today Yuxi will give you some good physical exercise routine, you have to do that first.”

Kobi listened to Tianlei, and he looked forward to the training of Yuxi, and his eyes are full of stars!

The sun was shining on this day, and after practicing the sword skills, the cultivation of the Fish Man karate begans. Not far away, Yuxi began to arrange for the inhumane cultivation of Kobi. Alvida is going to sail to the village of Syrup, which is the place where Kuro is now and the hometown of Usopp. Alvida looked at Kobi, who had been trained as a dog, and suddenly felt that she was full of happiness now!

At noon, Tianlei took out the two Devil fruits that had been brought to his body, and called Yuxi and Kobi over.

Yuxi and Kobi, as soon as they came, saw that Tianlei had a fruit in one hand. The complex pattern on this object spiraled around in a circle, round like watermelon, but the rough appearance is similar to durian. The other is also the same rough surface but similar to durian.

The Devil fruit of Logia is like a pineapple, the Devil fruit of Zoan is like a banana, and the Devil fruit of Paramecia is like a durian! These are naturally recognized by Yuxi, who came out from the Navy headquarters. She exclaimed: “The devil fruit of Zoan department and Paramecia system?”

After looking at both, her eyes set on the Devil fruit of Zoan type. After all, the Devil fruit of Zoan system is too tempting for a six-style practitioner. But Captain Tianlei is also a six-style practitioner, and the fire in her heart immediately extinguished.

Tianlei: “Yuxi, didn’t I say that I gave you a surprise gift? I forgot it yesterday, I will give it to you now.” Then he handed over the Zoan Devil fruit in her hand.

Yuxi was immediately stunned, and asked in a dull way: “Isn’t Captain Tianlei also a six-style cultivator? It should be very helpful if you eat this Zoan Devil fruit! Why you give it to me?”

“I don’t need it for the time being, so you can use it! I told you before that I want to build the navy’s strongest single ship team. Your strength is too bad, but you doesn’t last long on my warship!” How can Tianlei tell her that this is just a primary rank Zoan devil fruit, he didn’t put this devil fruit in his mind!

Yuxi also wants to say, Tianlei does not want to say anything to her in this regard, when she speaks, he puts the Zoan Devil fruit from her hand into her mouth. By the way, the Paramecia Devil fruit is for Kobi, who is still unknown, is also put in his mouth.

Almost at the same time, Yuxi and Kobi swallowed the devil fruit and also wants to vomit at the same time, but they couldn’t spit out anyway.

Others don’t know, but Tianlei knows the taste of devil fruit, and after a long laugh, Tianlei smiled and asked: “What is the taste of this devil fruit, is it quite delicious!”

After a while, Yuxi and Kobi returned from the wonderful taste of the devil fruit. Kobi asked with a bitter face: “What is this you let me eat, Captain Tianlei? That taste ~~~ that taste ~~~~ really ~~ really ~~~, will I not be poisoned!”

Before waiting for Tianlei to speak, Yuxi immediately said: “If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense. Captain Tianlei let you eat is the devil fruit!”

Kobi’s face is puzzled: “Devil’s fruit? What is it?” The devil’s fruit is also very rare in Grand Line, let alone the East Blue Sea! How can Kobi knows about it!

Yuxi: “I will explain it to you, When we go out. You don’t even know the devil fruit, but still eats it.”

Kobi was embarrassed and his face blushed.

“Listen! Devil fruit is divided into Logia, Zoan, Paramecia type, they are all like fruits. The devil fruit of Logia is like pineapple, the devil fruit of Zoan is like banana, the devil fruit of Paramecia is like durian!” In general, the devil fruit of Logia department is the strongest. Like the three Admirals of our navy, Akainu, Kuzan, Kizaru, they all have natural abilities, the Lava fruit, the frozen fruit and the sparkling fruit, from this point on. It can be seen that Logia fruit is the strongest.”

Kobi eyes started to shine! In his heart, the Logia devil fruit and Admirals are directly equated.

Yuxi also said: “Of course, Logia devil fruit is also the rarest. The next is the devil fruit of Zoan system, which is worse than the Logia devil fruit, but they also very powerful fruits. Compared with the Marshal of the Navy, Sangoku ate the Zoan Mythical type, the fruit of Buddha. There are also one in the White Beard Pirates, and the 1st captain of the team – Marco, who ate the Mythical Undead fruit, can you say that it is not strong?”

Kobi’s mouth has once again fallen to the ground, Marshal of the Navy! He thought that he have ate a durian, that is the devil fruit of Paramecia type, and quickly asked: “What about the devil fruit of Paramecia?”

Yuxi: “Not to mention the devil fruit of Paramecia system. The world’s strongest Whitebeard ate the shocking fruit in Paramecia type devil fruit.”

“The strongest in the world?” Kobi’s eyes lit up immediately, and his mouth drooled, and he knew that he started to become the most powerful.

Tianlei shot on the head of Kobi and said: “I tell you, eating the devil fruit will not have the meaning that you become the strongest. It’s only mean that you have started a little bit ahead of other ordinary people. If you rely too much on the devil fruit powers, then you can never become a strong person, this is what Akainu Admiral said. Well, not much to say, you should use it first to see what you have acquired.”

After all, Yuxi knows more about the devil’s fruit. She just closes her eyes and feels the power. There was a change in the body, and a long tail grew behind, and a few long, thin beards on her face, his ears became furry, and her hands became claws. The image is just same as catwoman!

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