One Piece Bounty System Ch 23

Chapter 23: Arrives at Syrup Village

A big one, a small one in contrast, are attacking each other. They collided in the air “Boom!” But the result is far more than their expectations, originally in order to attack Tianlei, the huge body of the sea king has half exposed, but under this attack, was sunk back. It leaves only head above the water. The face filled with painful expressions, and he don’t want to get hurt anymore.

Tianlei once again hit it, and stabilizes in the sky. However, there is still no injury, but he can’t borrow power from air, and the moon step cannot be used freely to be once again fly. At the same time, Tianlei looked at his fist, and it seems that his strength has risen again! He opens his information in the bounty system.

[Host: Tianlei

Force: 500 (the strength of ordinary people is 1)

Speed: 520 (the speed of ordinary people is 1)

Defense: 550 (the defense of ordinary people is 1, can withstand 1 force attack without injury.)

Body: Unknown fisherman karate: Junior, Navy six style: Top.

Swordsmanship: Anonymous

Shooting: None

Devil Fruit Ability: None

Conqueror Haki: no

Armament Haki: no

Observation Haki: no]

At first glance, Tianlei immediately became excited, and he has passed 100 in all three cases. He is now at a superman level. This is the real Superman! The worst techniques are unknown Fishman karate and the nameless flow.

Speed is 520, it seems that these six styles make it stronger! Shaving and moon step have not yet been fully refined to the point of being comfortable to use, so they add extra speed on that. The nameless Fishman karate and the nameless sword are just added to the 500, and the gap is really big! It seems that I have found a good sword technique, the process of boxing should be accelerated, or it will not able to keep up with others.

The most powerful is the defense of 550, which is also the best of the technique of Tianlei in the six-style i.e Iron block. Of course, these data are only in the normal state, making the move more powerful. He already have the strength of CP9 members.

Now Tianlei’s confidence has skyrocketed! He immediately swooped down to the sea king class, until it was about to collide with the sea king class, he made a full stroke of two thousand watts. The force of the dive of the kilometer, together with the full blow of Tianlei, it directly gave the sea king class to KO. The same sea king class slammed down, and the sea around the sea king class was the same, and it creates a swirl.

Koby and Alvida on the boat have been completely stupid. They don’t understand that this is something humans can do? Before Alvida wants to run but now she doesn’t have the idea. The sea king class is a good example. She doesn’t want to be like this. Yuxi also got surprised. At this time, she also understood the strength of Tianlei. Such strength is among the top in the ranks of Captains!

After a while, the sea surface was restored to calmness, and the body of the sea king also floated out of the water. Looking at the huge body of the sea king, Tianlei could not help but think that the meat this time will not be lacking for party.

The meat of the sea king, Tianlei has not tasted it yet! In the sea king class, a large piece of meat was cut by his sword and it was estimated that it was several tons heavy. He lifted it up and dropped onto the ship.

Needless to say, Alvida, Yuxi only knows how to sail, naturally not good at cooking, and Tianlei himself is even more needless to say. Therefore, only Kobi can do this because he is the Chef on the Alvida ship for a long time.

Kobi also did not deny, he immediately served the plates with sea king and salad, followed by the sauce of the sea king class, carbon-baked sea king class. The four people sitting at the table and enjoying the taste of Sea King Class, this really is satisfying. After all, Kobi, a non-professional guy, can make this meat so tasty, so think if it is cooked by a professional cook.

Now Tianlei can’t help but think about the future chef’s choice! Sanji is originally a good candidate, not only cooks well, but also powerful.

Strength and qualifications are also first class. However, he is a partner of Luffy. The former Tianlei was very fond of the straw hats. It is really unbearable to dismantle them. The most important Sanji is still one of them. The person with obvious shortcomings is that when he encounters a woman he will be directly KO. If he is not the main character, he will definitely die multiple times.

It seems that it is really a trouble! If I can find it then it’s fine, if I can’t find it, let my cheap uncle, Akainu send someone.

The days passed by, and Tianlei, ??Yuxi, Kobi and Alvida have continued their journey. They are not far from the target of Syrup village, which is the target of Tianlei. On the road, one after another pirate group was eliminated, and ten days have passed.

In this bloody day, they grew up more than a star and a half, and they all have their own reputations. And Kobi, finally farewell his original weakness and crying nose habbit. He can already fight with Alvida but can’t beat her till now, he completely turned into a man!

Killing God- Tianlei, also known as the god of justice, because Tianlei is not only eliminating pirates, but also eliminate all the criminals on the Islands.

Nautical sergeant – Demon cat Yuxi, Crystal beauty – Kobi, Iron bar – Alvida.

Their names, in the East Blue Sea, can be described as popular that everyone knows. Other than Arlong, the guy who has seen the world, the other pirates are sorrowful. Those who want to be the Pirates in East Blue Sea are lot less. The prestige of East Blue Sea Navy has also improved a lot.

Soon the village of Syrup was already in sight. After boarding the village of Syrup, he saw the three younger brothers of Usopp. In the past, Tianlei did not understand what the use of Usopp in the straw hat Pirates. In the beginning, he and Luffy took the position of the captain. At first, Usopp didn’t even have strength to beat a common guy, and Luffy directly invite him to his team, Tianlei didn’t figure out why?

It can be said that among the straw hats, Tianlei likes almost everyone, of course, except for the so-called Usopp. Therefore, Tianlei did not have any interest in what they say, and he came directly to the big house in the village of Syrup!

Opening the door is the butler of the house. The person from this past life still likes him very much. After all, his loyalty to Kaya is very rare: “Captain, I don’t know who are you looking for?”

Tianlei: “We came to find Miss kaya, please ask her to come out!”

When Merry heard their word, Miss Kaya, he was shocked. After all, in the East Blue Sea, Captain of the Navy had a very high status. After a while, Merry came to the front of Tianlei with Miss Kaya.

Tianlei made a look to Yuxi, and Yuxi immediately took care of it and protected Merry and Kaya in the middle. Tianlei smiled and said to Miss Kaya: “Hello, I am a Captain from the navy headquarters, Tianlei. Now I am stationed in Louge Town. Today we come over to catch a Pirate! Just a few years ago, the one who came to you.”

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