One Piece Bounty System Ch 24

Chapter 24: Fight

Kaya looked puzzled: “You are talking about my butler?”

Tianlei: “Yes, it is him, but he is not Klahadore, he is Kuro, a high IQ, intelligent pirate. His bounty is 16 million Beiley! The captain of the Black Cat Pirates!” Tianlei explained and look towards the big tree, if you look closely, you will find a person hidden in the shadow of the tree.

At this time, Kuro came out and did not hide again, because he knew that Tianlei have already found him, and he must have enough information. However, he did not think that Tianlei knows this information from the Anime, and there was no information on the Navy.

Kuro pushes the glasses with his palm: “I really didn’t think that after hiding for so many years, you still found me. It seems that the navy still has some smart people.”

Tianlei laughed and said: “Do you think that your IQ is high? If it is not the East Blue Sea and you only have a reward of 16 Million Bailey. If the Navy headquarters do pay attention, you have already been discovered.”

Both Kaya and Merry have unbelievable look on their face. They really can’t think of it. Usually, the gentle and elegant Klahadore is a pirate. Especially Merry, Kaya was still small, she doesn’t know much. But Merry, he has heard about Kuro’s rumors, he is a heinous guy. Immediately, he tries to protect Kaya behind his own body. Even if there were three Yuxi guards outside, he would not think that they can stop Kuro.

Kuro slowly took out his own weapon. The ten-blade cat claws were put on the hand. He looked at Tianlei and said, “I have thought about it for a while. But only one plan is the best in the current situation, that if I kill you all here!” Suddenly, after a sudden attack, his hands were wide, and the ten long swords stabbed towards Tianlei.

Tianlei smiled very disdainfully. His speed was not slow. How could this low-level attack of Kuro hurt him? He immediately took out his sword and greeted his attack. In a flash, the two men’s weapons squatted together.

However, how Kuro’s strength would be the opponent of Tianlei, so he was knocked out when they deadlocked. Only three weapons were left in his hands.

Kuro has never met a powerful opponent in East Blue Sea. It is the first time he met! Although this time’s a hard confrontation, he has not suffered much damage, but he still has a glimpse. He knows that it is only possible to win with an absolute move. So he did not hesitate to use the silent step and attacked Tianlei.

However, he was too small to look at Tianlei. When he used the silent step, Tianlei also uses shave. In the moment when Kuro’s attack was close, he disappeared onto the place and appeared behind Kuro.

However, Kuro’s silent steps, speed is also very fast, he only feels a flower in front of him, Kuro’s body seems to form a phantom, between several ups and downs, there are different places were attacked. So fast, It let Tianlei raise his vigilance.

Tianlei sneer and slowly landed on the ground, and the sword has also entered the sheath. The legs are wide, the waist is low, the scabbard is held in one hand, and the sword handle is held in one hand. Tianlei’s face flashed with a bit of dignity.

Kuro also stopped on opposite side and sneer: “Your speed is not bad? But you can’t attack me, see if I send you to hell in next attack.” After that, he used silent step again and disappeared from the original place.

Tianlei did not move to maintain the posture of pulling the Sword. Kuro’s moving speed is very fast for ordinary people, and it is difficult for the naked eye to capture. However, for Tianlei that can use shave, he can still see a little.

Tianlei is looking for the best time to attack, and this time is the moment when Kuro attacks Tianlei. Looking at Kuro’s figure is already in sight, the best time has come, Tianlei whispered in a low volume: “Instant Draw!” It is not bad, it is a nameless sword technique.

The figure of Tianlei flashed past, When Kuro appeared again in front of everyone, the two had changed positions and stood back to back. At this time, Tianlei quickly took the sword into the scabbard, and the right hand waved back. A bullet made of water shot at Kuro and directly penetrated the heart of Kuro.

[Bounty system prompts, the host kills the Pirate whose bounty is 16 million, the captain of Black Cat Pirates, rewards the extraction of intermediate body skills, swordsmanship, shooting, weapons, Paramecia devil fruit, Zoan devil fruit, Armament Haki awakening factor, Observation Haki factor. Whether to extract.]

Before the match between Tianlei and Kuro, Tianlei’s already slashing strokes have already hit Kuro’s chest. Yuxi has already seen Kuro’s chest. There has been a huge wound made by Tianlei. Kuro must have been dead, but Tianlei knows that this Kuro is still not dead, because there is no systematic text in his mind, so Tianlei quickly make up a shot.

Now that he have seen this system text, it is true that there is nothing wrong with it. The previous Kuro has not died yet!

No! It is not yet the time to extract. At this time, a systemic text appeared in the brain.

[Bounty system prompts, system update, the host will only have rewards when killing bonus is equal to its own strength, host strength is around 10 million bounty, host will only get reward when he kill pirate more than 10 million bounty reward.]

After reading this, Tianlei immediately look at Kuro and thought that at least he is more than 10 million bounty. It’s okay now, I’ve already gotten the chance to draw twenty-three times before.

But think about it, if you are strong in the future, specialize in brushing these small fish and shrimp, the devil fruit will be like cabbage for you! He can build a team where everyone is devil fruit user! However, it is a bit difficult to brush the rewards in the future!

Now he is thinking about Arlong, who has around 20 million bounty reward!

And I very likely to see the thief cat Nami, who has drooled by all the guys in the past, and of course her sister! what! Thinking of this, Tianlei could not help but think that Nami’s sister Nojiko, she also seems to be good too! He can’t accept Nami because he is afraid of having too much influence on the plot, so that he will lost the advantage of grasping the plot, but Nojiko does not matter much!

Decided, if this Nojiko cooking is good, then I must flicker over.

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