One Piece Bounty System Ch 27

Chapter 27: There are too many devil fruits!

Sengoku listened to Tsuru’s advice and dialed the phone bug of Tianlei: “Hello! I am Sengoku, is Tianlei in?”

Tianlei couldn’t help but thought about Sengoku ridicules behavior. Didn’t you just let me wait on the side? He helplessly said: “Yes, Marshal!”

Phone bug: “Now, in the name of the Marshal of the Navy Headquarters, I promoted you to Commodore position, Tianlei. I will send people with the military uniform!”

Tianlei: “Yes!”

Sengoku: “Ok, then I hang up!”

“Wait a minute!” Tianlei immediately shouted!

Sengoku: “What else?”

Tianlei: “Yuxi also fighting with me there. I also forgot to mention that Face is also guarding Louge Town, and it is also worth mentioning. Finally, I have received a new position, and their strength is not bad, at least make them Captain!”

At the other end of the phone bug, Sengoku face turned red with anger. This is the first time someone has asked them for military permotion service! Everyone looked at each other face in a manner of shock. Sengoku did not encounter this behavior before. After thinking about it, he still did not refuse. After all, Tianlei brought them too much shock.

Phone bug: “I will promote Yuxi to Commander level!”

Tianlei immediately started bargaining: “Commander is low, at least make her Captain! Now Yuxi has eaten a Zoan type devil fruit – cat-cat fruit – the ability of the Bobcats, her strength is greatly increased! Now she has already practiced the Paper-art of Navy six style, I don’t think it’s a big problem.”

The other end of the phone bug, suddenly silenced: “Ok, Yuxi is promoted to the Captain level, Fujiwara to promote to the Commander level. Your new brother must not be more!”

Tianlei: “How is it reduced again? My younger brother, Kobi is the Paramecia devil fruit user, the crystal fruit. Isn’t you provide a better position to him?”

Phone bug: “Ha! Ha! Ha! Sengoku, this little guy is bargaining with you.” Garp started laughing.

Phone bug: “Eat yours donuts, go!” Sengoku stopped and said: “Rear Admiral Tianlei, this time, your teammate eat a Zoan type – cat-cat fruit? You also received a Paramecia type crystal fruit user? When did the East Blue Sea have so many devil fruit users?” Sengoku is quite doubtful, that is, if their entire navy wants to create a devil fruit user, it is not so easy to collect a devil fruit, after all, devil fruit are too rare.

“Maybe I am lucky! Going up the sea, someone dropped a parcel from the sky into my captain’s ship. When I opened it, it actually have six devil fruits! You can say that I was lucky!” The devil fruit are from the bounty system, there is no way to explain it! Tianlei can only find an invincible excuse that I am lucky! Later, others asked, I have a good luck and good character! Do not believe that you can find a devil fruit and show it to me.

The phone bug turn quiet immediately. After a while, the phone bug sound came again: “What about the devil fruits?”

“It was originally three Zoan devil fruits, three Paramecia devil fruits, and I gave one to Yuxi! Kobi ate one! So there are four devil fruit I have. There are too many devil fruits, and I don’t have someone to eat them!” Tianlei starts to complaint.

When he heard Tianlei, Yuxi and Kobi, who already knew the value of the devil’s fruit, were all stunned.

On the other side of the phone bug, Sengoku’s head is full of black lines! Garp eyes are also turned wide. You can imagine how surprised they are! Tianlei bring them no little surprise.

This is six devil fruits! Say it all! The last time the whole navy was launched will find this number.

And this guy actually said that he was sailing in the sea and they fall from the sky. The same human being but the gap is too big! Is it really a matter of character? Got it! These high-level navy executives have begun to doubt their own character.

When the telephone worm once again rang the voice of Sengoku, it had already passed more than ten minutes: “Can you hand over the four devil fruits to the headquarters!”

Tianlei took a moment to think about it and said: “You left me a Paramecia devil fruit, the other three, you can send someone to take it! Right, what about the Lieutenant Commander position of Kobi?”

This time Sengoku answered quite refreshingly: “No problem, from now on, he is a glorious navy Lieutenant Commander!”

After hanging the phone bug, Sengoku turned his head: “Mole, you have to go!”

“Yes! I just want to see, this new navy genius!” Mole said with a smile.

After half a month, Tianlei and his party finally came to the port of Cocoyasi Village, where Tianlei saw a navy warship. The navy Captain who can come here, he do not have to guess. It is definately the Captain Mouse.

Several people of Tianlei immediately went to the warships, the navy left behind on the warships, and found that some people came, so they immediately surrounded Tianlei: “Who are you, why are you on board of our warships?” They did not dare to act rashly because they saw that Tianlei also wore the Navy uniform. It is Tianlei and Yuxi!

“I am from the navy headquarters, Captain Tianlei, now stationed in Louge Town. This time it was to catch the Nezumi, because he gang up with of Fishmen pirates here to collude and oppress the people. Now speak, where is Nezumi. If you don’t reveals the whereabouts, I can also judge you as a partner in same crime!” Tianlei said with quite domineering.

As soon as these navies heard it, Captain from the headquarters, they immediately put down the weapons in their hands. It is necessary to know that the navy that comes out of this department can be upgraded to the next level, so Captain from Headquater and Captain from any other sea are out of grade. What’s more, in the past more than a month, the name of Tianlei has been resounded throughout the East Blue Sea, and they naturally know it.

A Navy soldier came out: “Reporting to Captain Tianlei, Captain Nezumi has gone to the village of Cocoyasi.”

Tianlei: “Okay! You stationed in the same place. And remember that you can’t leave without permission before I return. Otherwise, you all have to bear the consequence!”

All Navy soldiers: “Yes, Captain!”

Tianlei was satisfied with this, Yuxi, Kobi, and Alvida, went to the Cocoyasi village, and soon came to the village.

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