One Piece Bounty System Ch 28

Chapter 28: Nami and Noki

From afar, they heard: “You are corrupt navy, we don’t welcome you here!”

“You guys, dare to resist the navy?” A angry voice came, and immediately after another: “Take them all down!”

At this time, Tianlei four people also arrived: “Hello! Are you Captain Nezumi?”

The people on both sides saw that the sudden emergence of four people. The villagers thought that Nezumi call for some helper, so they glared at him.

Tianlei saw the Genzo, Nami, and Nojiko are in the forefront of the villagers. It seems that they are all there! The three also noticed Tianlei’s eyes.

Captain Mouse: “Who are you, don’t know to see your superior and salute.”

Yuxi said: “He is the Commodore Tianlei, who is stationed in Louge Town. I am the Captain Yuxi, and he is Lieutenant Commander Kobi, both of which are from the Navy Headquarters. So you have to salute and be respectful to Commodore Tianlei.”

When Captain Nezumi heard the name of Tianlei, and they came from the Navy Headquarters, his pupils could not help but shrink. He immediately said: “How do I know that what you are saying is true or false, after all, he is wearing a captain dress and he is wearing entry level soldier uniform.”

Tianlei: “I just want to ask, are you Captain mouse, why do you have say so much?”

Captain Mouse: “I am!”

Tianlei: “That’s good!” Immediately after the talk, he immediately sighed: “Shave” and disappeared from the same place.

When Captain mouse saw that Tianlei disapear, even if he was stupid, Captain Mouse immediately stood guard.

Unfortunately, his strength is too bad, Tianlei has appeared on the top of his head, Tianlei body cross, a mock kick in the air, he directly hit Captain Mouse to KO!

After landing, Tianlei said to the remaining soldiers: “I am from the Navy’s headquater, Tianlei, I was informed that Captain Mouse colluded with the Dragon fishman pirate group, and suppress the villagers of Cocoyasi village. He has a criminal charges of casual killing, special arrest. If you didn’t surrender now, you are all taken as that you are his partner in crime, and severely punish.

Navy soldiers were put down the weapons in the hands. They were not stupid. The strongest Captain Mouse among them could not stop his one kick, not to mention the fact that this is Commodore from the Navy headquaters.

Tianlei: “Kobi, Alvida, you tied them up.” Then he come to Genzo, the village police: “You should be the village police in this village! Please help me to look after them. Also tell me where Bell-mere live?”

Genzo has not yet reacted from the changes just now! He immediately heard Bell-mere. He could not help but immediately asked: “You are looking for Bell-mere?”

Nami, Nojiko heard their mother’s name, and immediately stared at Tianlei.

Tianlei: “Yes, my elder is a colleague of Bell-mere. He used to fight pirates all over the world. So, when I came to East Blue Sea, elder wants me to meet Bell-mere. He told me that Bell-mere is a respectable Navy soldier before.”

“My elders only know that Bell-mere’s hometown is Cocoyasi village, so when I come to the East Blue Sea, I checked the Cocoyasi village. I didn’t expect to find out the navy scum is doing this the villagers. I came here to solve them. But it is very strange, Bell-mere did not shoot them?” Tianlei opened the flick mode.

Afterwards, Tianlei sighed deeply: “Sorry, we are late! we let you suffer so much! I will immediately solve the evil dragon pirates and let you recover the Calm life.”

Genzo: “It turned out to be like this!” He took a look at Nami and Nojiko, and said: “These two are Bellmere’s daughter. You two let you take you to see Bellmere! I will help you watch these people!”

Tianlei said to Nami and Nojiko: “I am Tianlei!”

Nami and Nojiko: “My name is Nami and her name is Nojiko! Let’s go!”

Tianlei came with Nami and Nojiko, in the graveyard of Bellmere, Tianlei immediately asked: “Bellmere has already?”

Nojiko said sadly: “Yes, she have already gone for a few years ago.”

Nami said with a look of disgust: “It’s all because of this hateful Dragon Pirates!” Her eyes are filled with tears and sadness.

Tianlei first saluted to the tomb of Bellmere. This salute is from the heart. He really admire Bellmere in the past life: “You can rest assured that I will definitely take down the evil Dragons Pirates for Bellmere and avenge all the injured people in the Cocoyasi village.”

Nami’s face is extremely complex and has changed a few times. She said to Tianlei: “I know, you are kind, but Arlong is too strong! You are not his opponent. If you go, you will only die.”

Tianlei smiled: “Nami, the East Blue Sea is the weakest sea, and we are from the Navy headquarters from the strongest Grand Line! Arlong maybe very strong in the East Blue Sea, but he is nothing in Grand Line!” He look at Yuxi and Kobi: “Show them your ability.”

Yuxi immediately turned into a catwoman, while Kobi wave is hand to create a small house made of crystals on top of Bellmere, covering Belmel’s tomb and another crystal tombstone appeared again.

Nami and Nojiko were shocked first, then turn unbelievable, and finally their face filled with fear. Looking at Yuxi and Kobi’s eyes, they thought that they are monsters. After all, people will have fear to unknown things.

Tianlei smiled and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, they are eating something called the Devil’s fruit, they have the ability now, I let them show it to you, but also to let you believe that we have enough strength to solve evil Dragon’s group.”

Nojiko had returned to her senses, and Nami turn thoughtful. She suddenly asked: “Devil fruit, is it a legendary fruit that will cost 100 million?”

Tianlei listened! Nami also knows the devil fruit? Think about it, right now, she is already a thief, running around in the East Blue Sea, she also has a lot of knowledge, it is not surprising!

Tianlei said truthfully: “Yes, this is the legendary devil fruit, but 100 million is only the starting price, and the final transaction price at the auction house tends to be much higher.”

Nojiko face is full of surprises. She really didn’t understand how a fruit would make such a high price.

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