One Piece Bounty System Ch 30

Chapter 30: The Crystal World of Kobi!

Looking at Hatchan’s appearance, Tianlei glanced at Yuxi and Kobi behind him and thought about it: “Kobi, it’s your turn! You have to remember that you are already a devil fruit user person, you must be brave and confident. You can see the results of your training during this time.”

Kobi first looked at the six swords in the hands of Hatchan with some fear. After seeing Tianlei and Yuxi’s encouraging eyes, he walked out firmly. This is also the first fight of Kobi.

Hatchan saw Kobi, and turned back to Arlong and Kuroobi: “It seems! My luck is much better than this guy. This time, they only sent a child, but also a beautiful child. Let me have a little bit of guilt to cut him down!”

Kobi suddenly blushed when he heard it. He used to be a bottom type of person who couldn’t go down anymore again. No one ever praised him! Looking at Kobi’s reaction, Tianlei couldn’t help but pat his head: “This guy hasn’t adapted to become a fighter!”

Yuxi smiled on one side and said: “Nothing, there will be a lot of people who praise him in the future. It would be better to exaggerate!”

And Yalita has a look of envy and hate! She thought about herself, why do he become so beautiful? Moreover, he is still a child! It would be great if I changed into this beautiful! But she did not think that she would soon get what she wanted.

Arlong and Kuroobi face turned black. If he didn’t know that this Hatchan is a guy who is off-line, he definitely kick him. Kuroobi said coldly: “Hatchan, do you want Arlong to get angry? By then, the entire Arlong field will be destroyed.”

Hatchan started immediately: “I will start right away! Look at my six-sword flow.” After the jump, he immediately attacked Kobi.

Fortunately, in the past half a month, Tianlei has been letting Alvida and Yuxi to accompany him, so Kobi’s fighting reaction is still good. Immediately with his hands on the ground, in a moment in front of him, built a crystal wall, the crystal wall is 8 meters high is just the height of Hatchan’s jump.

Hatchan in the air is planning to attack with six swords. Seeing the crystal wall suddenly appearing in front of himself, he panicked, knowing that he is in the air! But there is no place to borrow to dodge! He immediately waving six arms in a panic, and wants to stop himself, but unfortunately this is only futile, seeing closer and closer to the crystal wall, Hatchan could not help but say: “This will be like this!”

Hatchan hit the crystal wall, “Boom!” Then there was a cry: “Ahhhh!” Then Hatchan slipped down against the crystal wall. The scene was a bit funny. Nami and Nojiko laughed.

Kobi saw that his trick worked and his confidence in himself became solid enough, but he did not notice that as the crystal wall did not fall, but there still has a crack. Hatchan this time is no longer in panic, so he attacked with his six swords.

However, Tianlei saw it. It seems that the hardness of this crystal wall is not enough! Can only withstand such a little impact. Kobi’s vigilance is not high. After the establishment of the crystal wall, there is still time to retreat some, so that the crystal wall can be broken. He also has enough time and space to avoid the defense. It seems that after the event is over, he has to tell him about it!

Although Kobi is somewhat lacking, but not stupid, Hatchan who fell to the ground naturally will not let him have another opportunity, so he immediately used the ability to produce a crystal shuriken to Hatchan cast. This is also the trick that Tianlei gave him. This is the trick Tianlei seen in Naruto, but Tenten weapon are in the scroll. And Kobi can infinitely manufactured it, so it is a lot stronger.

On the other side, Kuroobi screamed loudly: “Hatchan careful!”

Arlong’s pupil shrunk. As a person who has been to Grand Line, he naturally know that Kobi is the person who has eaten the devil’s fruit.

Hatchan listened to Kuroobi and immediately jumped up and shouted: “Look at my six-sword flow of the righteousness.

Hatchan started to move his sword in almost every angel, so it created an impenetrable zone, and all the crystal shurikens are blocked. It is really a swordmanship, and there is no other use at all. After Hatchan block, he immediately rushed over to Kobi.

Kobi has the experience of two strokes, the self-confidence is already very sufficient, and he immediately once again hold the palm of the hand: “Crystal World!” The sound just fell, and there is a layer of beautiful crystal on the ground.

Hatchan that rushed over fell like a dog to eat, knowing that the crystal is smooth, not to mention that crystal from Kobi is used when other party is running.

Kobi’s attack has just begun: “Crystal entanglement.” The crystal on the ground around Hatchan immediately turned into a rope, and tied the limbs of Hatchan, to the crystal ground.

This trick is still developed by Kobi himself! As a result, he found that the crystal made himself, let him control the crystal shape as long as he did not leave any part of his own. This is also the reason why the previous move was just the crystal ground but the crystal world. Because as long as his feet don’t leave the crystal ground, he can control the crystal on the ground.

At that time, when Kobi used this move and showed off to Tianlei, he really shocked Tianlei. Isn’t this similar to the fruit awakening of Doflamingo line? Isn’t that invincible? Later, he looked carefully, the difference is very big. Kobi can only control the crystals that he has made. It can’t be separated from the body. The range is only 100 meters. However, after the devil fruit of Doflamingo is awakened, any inanimate things can be turned into lines, and there are too many differences.

Kurooby saw that Hatchan being shackled and he immediately attacked. However, Tianlei and Yuxi did not shoot because they knew the power of this move, and it is already a small invincible existence in this level. Yuxi who is already proficient in the naval style, referring to finger pistol, shave and paper-art, still has to use a lot of power to destroy this move.

It can be said that the current Kobi alone depends on the fruit ability, there is no weak strength, of course, he can only rely on fruit ability, because his body skills have just begun to practice!

Looking at the attacking Kuroobi, Kobi already has a certain understanding of his own strength, and he is not afraid at all. When Kurooby rushed into the crystal world for fifty meters, one foot smashed, and the crystal on the ground immediately turned up and a square mesh crystal blocked Kuroobi.

After that, the other three sides of the crystal floor of Kurooby also turned up a square square mesh crystal, and combined into a square mesh box, which closed Kuroobi.

At this time, Kobi said: “Gun.” The crystal outside the square mesh box immediately formed a crystal pistol, piercing the mesh from the square mesh box, although the crystal doesn’t have high hardness, it is very brittle. However, for the sharp crystal rifle, piercing a person’s body is still very easy to do.

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