One Piece Bounty System Ch 31

Chapter 31 Kobi VS Hatchan

At this time, Arlong couldn’t sit still, and immediately shot a gun to Kobi. How can Tianlei make him succeed? Immediately used “shave” and disappeared in the same place, but the sound of his voice still sounded in the same place: “Yuxi, you left to protect Nami and Nojiko!”

And he has already appeared, and he thrown a punch to breaking up his gunshot.

Arlong saw the Tianlei that suddenly appeared in front of him, his face suddenly turned ugly, but he immediately recovered. He smiled coldly: “Do you think that you can stop me, can your men win? Hatchan is a swordsman. His hands and feet are tied and unable to perform. But Kurobi is not the same, he is a real master of physical skills.”

In the crystal box filled with the crystal gun, a voice came out: “You~~~ thought that you can beat me! Then you are too small to see the fisherman!~~~ The fisherman is not only have endurance more than 10 times that of humans! The strength of the body is ten times that of humans! Your crystal gun is not hard enough!!”

Then a low sound came: “The fishman karate ~ Hundred brick punch.” With this sound all the crystals are cracked open. At this time, because the crystal is broken a lot, some crystals are also out of the control of Kobi, and Hatchan on one side also come out!

Soon, Korobi walked out from the crystal mess, hurting and bleeding, but his face was not changed. At this time, Tianlei also carefully looked at him.

At this time, Arlong said: “You humble humans, dare to offend the noble fishmen, and arrogate in the Aaron territory, you should be killed! After seeing Korobi, you know that our fishmen are amazing!”

Tianlei immediately laughed and sneered out loudly: “Is it too much to cover my ears? Haha~ I seem to hear a joke that is the best laugh in the world! Noble, you said that you fishman is noble? Isn’t a group of half-human and half-fish monsters dare to call it noble, Is your head injured before?”

Arlong looked at Tian Lei, his face was dark, and the noble race was the Mermaids himself. Now it is poked by the Tianlei, and Arlongs started to get out of control.

The fishman, as the name suggests, has the fish’s crotch, and the human lungs, can be said to be half-human and half-fish monsters, it can be said that they are just a wise amphibian!

It should be kust like on Earth, only the difference between black and white and yellow skin color can make people maintain discrimination against people of color. This kind of racial discrimination lasted for a long time, until the last feudal rule slowly disintegrated, people’s cognition was slightly changed, but still no cure! The blacks of past lives are still regarded as niggers by many people.

However, in order to disintegrate this kind of racial discrimination, God knows how many wars have gone through, and how many black leaders have died. It is only because of a kind of skin discrimination that the cost of black people is undoubtedly heavy!

Then, in the world of One Piece, the fishman is not only different from the human being, but also different from the human body. They are more subject to exclusion and contempt!

It turns out that this is the case! The fishman is almost the public enemy of all human beings, their body covered with scales and fins, and the strange skin of blue-purple. It always makes people shudder and burst into screams. “Monsters” – this is their code name.

Therefore, in the world of One Piece, fish and human beings are always incompatible! Even in humans, the fishman is simply a poor race, a hybrid of fish and humans. The so-called aristocrats, strong. These unwarranted names are all self-styled. Needless to say, the nobles are a seaman, and the other ones?

Arlong turned violent, glared with a pair of red eyes, and rushed to Tianlei with his sword-toothed nose. He wanted this ignorant human to swear, how powerful the fishman is, how much they are themselves blessed! They are far more powerful than humans.

Arlong: “Hatchan, Kurobi, Kill them all?”

At this time, Hatchan turned back and rushed to Arlong and respectfully said: “Dragon brother, give them to us!”

Arlong’s eyes flashed with a touch of appreciation, and he looked at Hatchan and said, “Okay, go! Let’s cut me apart from our nautical Nami!”

Hatchan got the answer and nodded seriously. In his opinion, he was mistakenly got caught, and this time he will never lose. He used his six palms to tighten the handles and screamed and walked over to Kobi.

I have to admire the physical strength of the fishman, just suffered such a heavy impact, but now he act like alive and kicking!

At this time, Kurobi also walked over to Kobi. The situation is a bit different now. Yuxi, Nami and Nojiko are highly vocal. Yuxi used “shave” and come in front of Kurobi.

Tianlei VS Arlong, Kobi VS Hatchan, Yuxi VS Kurobi!

Hatchan resentfully licked the six swords in his hand, his arms stretched forward. “Don’t underestimate me, I will let you pay the price!” Hatchan roared. “Six sword – New Year style!”

The attack of the six sword is fully integrated into one place, and its power is enormous. Hatchan feet flew fast, and the six swords became almost like an electric light, and they rushed straight toward Kobi.

There is no doubt that this level of attack, the crystal wall can’t stop! Kobi’s hands flew forward in front of him. With his hands waving, a crystal net, watching Hatchan that kept coming close, immediately took the crystal net to Hatchan.

Hatchan’s move of six strokes – the New Year attack was too fast, and it crashed into the crystal net of Kobi. The six swords and body of Hatchan were netted by the crystal net, and it was difficult to move at a time.

After seeing the success of this trick, Kobi smiled and moved his hands. Dozens of glass arrows came out of the air, one by one through the holes in the glass network, they all flew towards Hatchan.

“Ah!” When Hatchan felt that the glass arrows were close at hand, he actually gave up the six swords in his hand. With six long hands, he completely broke the crystal net of Kobi, and then quickly protected the whole body. The suction cup on the arm was fully opened, and he tried to catch the crystal arrow from the flying.

It has inserted a few crystal arrows on his body, and suffered a slight injury. The place shot by the crystal arrow is already bloody.

Hatchan turns angry, and he did not know where his strength came. He shouted loudly and pulled out the crystal arrows from his body. “I will not let go, die!”

“Swishhh~Swishhh~Swishhh~Swishhh!” He took advantage of the six hands, and the crystal arrows in his hand were thrown at Kobi.

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