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One Piece Bounty System Ch 34

Chapter 34: Zoro sword technique

[The bounty system prompts, the host kills the pirate who have bounty of 20 million, Arlong pirate’s captain Arlong, rewards the extraction of intermediate body skills, swordsmanship, shooting, weapons, Paramecia devil fruit, Zoan devil fruit. Whether to extract.]

[Bounty system prompts, the main line host mission, annihilate all the bounty pirates in the East Blue Sea, complete. Successfully rewarded a set of an advanced sword, one of 50 Ryo Wazamono Grade Swords. Whether to receive]

[Bounty system tips, guard the Louge town, defeat the captain of the black cat pirate group, save the Syrup village, reward the intermediate agile practice method cat-walk! Whether to receive it.]

Arlong is finally dead, and the system text appeared in Tianlei’s mind. Under this view, Tianlei notification music was broken.

[Bounty system tips, you get a set of advanced sword technique, Zoro, a single knife sword attack (pseudo).]

[Bounty system tips, You get a sword: snow.]

[The bounty system prompts, and leads the intermediate exercise to practice catwalk. Moves: Silent steps like cats, soft, silent high-speed mobile assassination technique. The strongest move of Kuro, the undifferentiated attack of ‘silent step’, using high-speed movement and cat claw attack of the hand, can kill a large number of enemies, and people who are even out of the move do not know that they will cut what.]

After reading these, Tianlei really became happy. Not only he get Zoro sword technique with 7 different attack methods. Even if it is pseudo, it is much better when used with Haki!

But then again, Zoro is a high-level swordsman, and the genuine one is not the top sword trick? Even peerless? It is no wonder that the strength of Zoro has improved so much, not only because of his qualifications, but also because his understanding is also superb. Can you comprehend so many powerful moves, can you not be strong? If you pass this set of powerful swords to the Face guy, with his qualifications he can use them pretty soon, and you will get a strong swordsman for your own team!

Arlong have died, Kuroby is stunned, and others are in same miserable condition. The rest of the fishman still didn’t dared to stay here, and immediately jumped to the sea and quickly left.

Tianlei did not stop them. These little fishman didn’t have much ability, they couldn’t afford to make a wave in East Blue. And even if he killed these little fishman, he couldn’t win some good prize. So let them leave?

Tianlei: “Yuxi, Arlong is dead, you take Kurobi, Chew and Hatchan to jail, these people are guilty of sin, so we must not let them go.” After giving direction, Tianlei swept around and suddenly found a bit wrong: “Well? Why did Hatchan disappear?” In the last life, it seems that this Hatchan escaped in the anime. It seems that this guy is really intelligent.

The sound of Tianlei awakened Nami and Nojiko. They had already watched when the last three strokes of Tianlei swept Arlong. They really did not expect such a powerful Arlong to lose in Tianlei’s hands. This is miserable.

Nami and Nojiko took a look at each other and thought about the suffering of their cocoyasi village in the past few years. They could not help but cry.

Tianlei really does not understand these women’s ideas, he helped them to kill Arlong, so why cry? Going over to them: “A group of evil fishmen has been solved, what are you crying for?”

Nami and Nojiko: “We are so happy that our eyes get wet.” After the two of them said, they laughed loudly: “We are finally saved by the village!” The two enjoyed it for a while. Only when they remembered about Tianlei, they immediately ran over and said to Tianlei deeply: “Thank you for saving us and saving the whole village!”

Tianeli is very pretentious to say: “It is only for the justice, these are what we should do.”

Nami and Nojiko: “Even so, we are very grateful to you!”

Tianlei does not want to hold on to this topic, and immediately shifts the topic: “I said that now Arlong is dead, the dragon pirate group has also been scattered, so good to eliminate, you should go to villagers and share this news with them, it’s not good that only you two enjoy here!”

Nami and Nojiko listened immediately: Right! Such a good thing, how can we not tell them! Then they immediately flew in the direction of the village.

When they almost out, Nojiko voice came: “Rear Admiral Tianlei, I will let the villagers open the banquet to thank you.”

After that, Tianlei went to the treasure house of Arlong to go up for a trip, and once they entered the treasure house, several people’s eyes were bright, and finally they had money to spend!

The treasure house of Arlong is on the third floor of the tower. Tianlei roughly counted the treasures. They have around 100 million Bailey, and there are precious things like gold and silver jewelry. Initially, there must be 60-70 million!! With so much money, Tianlei’s eyes instantly turned into a Bailey shape. My own life and my little brother finally got some insurance. Even if the task was not completed, his little life and the little brother could be tortured.

After Tianlei and four people put the money back on their own ship, Tianlei dialed the phone worm to Marshal Sengoku: “I am Sengoku, who is it?”

Tianlei: “Marshal, I am Tianlei.”

Phone bug: “It’s Tianlei! What’s the matter?”

Tianlei: “I am now in Cocoyasi Village in the East Blue Sea~~~~~” Tianlei told Sengoku about Arlong and Navy Captain, and finally said: “Arlong has been handled by me. His cadre Kurobi and Chew have been in custody, Hatchan has escaped, other members have been dispersed, and Navy Captain has also taken in custody. I personally recommend this Kurobi, Chew and Navy captain to handed over to the villagers in Cocoyasi village, because civilians were too angry.”

Afraid that Sengoku did not agree, Tianlei added another sentence: “The role of Navy Captain in the matter of Arlong pirates is too great. In the area under the jurisdiction of Captain Nezumi, people no longer believe in the Navy. The navy is just like a pirate for them! Only by doing so, we can cool down the anger of civilians. Also inform Marshal to consider carefully!”

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