One Piece Bounty System Ch 39

Chapter 39: Robbing Smoker position again!

Face didn’t just want to copy the style of Tianlei, So he has developed his own style sword attack. He has already taken a solid foot on the swordsman’s road.

The most unexpected thing is Kobi. This guy found out that when Tianlei told them about Haki, he was already awakened Observation Haki in the battle with Hatchan, and he practiced quite well during the year. The slag residue has been abandoned, but the sword is good, and it has already been used. Devil Fruit development is also good during this year.

Alvida’s talent on the weapon, in addition to having the great strength of the stick, she can not learn any moves. However, her talents of the body skills are very good, Fishman karate and the Iron in the six styles, paper-art, and lame have been learned, and can already be used freely. This makes her a close-combat-free nemesis with no armed weapons and no Haki weapons. When others attack her, they will slide off her slippery skin. And her attack is quite good, it is completely the master of unilateral beating.

Bartolomeo also learned Finger pistol and lame. The fruit ability is much stronger under the guidance and inspiration of Tianlei. Now there is a barrier defense, a six-style attack.

Dezaia is a sword genius. He can freely use Zoro sword style. In the Navy six style, he only learned to shave. It can be said that he wants to be a pure swordsman. Of course, he also got the legendary sword which Tianlei gave Face.

Chef Nojiko is also a genius of physical skills, but she may not like fighting, so she learned the six styles are also quite speech: shave, moon steps, paper art. At least no one can beat her easily. She has no problem to escape, and Tianlei comforted himself by this.

[Host Tianlei:

Force: 2000

Speed: 3000

Defense: 5000

Body: Unknown Fishman karate (primary) Navy six (top)

Swordsmanship: Zoro style with some unknown updates (top)

Shooting: None

Devil Fruit Ability: None

Conqueror Haki: no

Armament Haki: Intermediate

Observation Haki: no

[Bounty system tips, Armament Haki can be divided into: primary, can be attached to the hands and feet (attack defense plus 50%); intermediate can be attached to the body, can be attached to the object, can be attached to the body parts (attack defense plus 100%); Advanced can be attached to the whole body, with purple (attack defense plus 200%); top full purple-black (attack defense plus 400%); sharp purple (attack defense plus 1000%).]

[Bounty system tips, Conqueror Haki, Observation Haki host has not yet awakened, can not view.]

After watching these data, Tianlei estimated that he can now at least defeat Rob Lucci of CP9 with the use of Haki, swordsmanship.

The use of the intermediate-level Haki estimate is to squeeze them, so that is to say, he is almost the top level of Rear Admiral now, that is, he can also fight with the normal Vice Admiral.

According to his own data, Tianlei has estimated the strength of partners. Yuxi strength is almost equal to Rear Admiral. Kobi, Bartolomeo, Dezaia, and Alvida also have the strength of Commodore, and it is not far from coming to Rear Admiral.

As for the cook Nojiko, his request is not too high. Anyway, her self-protection is more than enough. If she wants to escape, even if Vice Admiral wants to stop her, he will feel a headache. Tianlei couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. It’s really a slap in the face of her talent. It seems that I can only change her mentality slowly afterward.

But now there is a bit of distress, that is, he doesn’t know what kind of excuse to use to go out from this East Blue Sea. I can’t say Marshal that I have enough in the East Blue Sea. Can you let me go to Grand Line now? Although his strength and potential in One Piece world is also a very important capital, as long as you have the strength and potential, the upper and lower levels will not go against you. But the distinction is too clear, he also has to take care of his subordinate. It is good if you follow old monster like Garp, so you don’t have to say much to Marshal.

As the saying goes, the sky does not follow people’s wishes, but this time, it really followed the wishes of one person. Yuxi came in at this time: “Rear Admiral Tianlei, the Navy headquarters Marshal has call for you.”

When Tianlei heard it, he immediately took the phone bug: “Good Morning Marshal, I am Rear Admiral Tianlei.”

Phone bug: “Tianlei, you have been in the East Blue Sea for more than a year! In the past year, the East Blue Sea doesn’t have a decent pirate, this is your credit! Now I station you in Kingdom of Alabasta.”

The amount of information in this sentence is quite a lot! The first can finally leave the East Blue Sea, to the Grand Line, and the second one is that you are stationed in the Alabasta Kingdom? Is this not the country of Princess Nefertari Vivi? There is big trouble here. One of the Shichibukai, Crocodile, he has a big movement there, and it is inevitable to confront him. Now he is not his opponent, but fortunately, he knows his weaknesses and still can do something.

As for the past year, the East Blue Sea has not had a decent pirate! How is it possible, but East Blue Sea has allowed Tianlei to manage and live in peace and contentment. There is a guy name Luffy who has to temper but he can’t find a place to play. That was Portgas D. Ace. He went out to sea shortly before Tianlei cleared the East Sea pirates. There was no movement all the way. Naturally, no one knew him.

Tianlei: “Who will handle Louge town?”

Telephone bug: “That place will be handled by Smoker. He is more than enough to station in the East Blue Sea. You don’t have to think much, just go handle the Kingdom of Alabasta!”

Tianlei has a bit strange feeling, why is it so urgent? Just going to this troubled country, he couldn’t help but ask: “Can I ask Marshal, why is it suddenly to let me go to the kingdom of Alabasta. Such a big country should have been handled by more experienced personal!” It really is your sad reminder for Smoker that first Tianlei robs his Logue Town position and now it seems that he is destined to have this robbery as well!

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