One Piece Bounty System Ch 41

Chapter 41: Easy to win

The leader of the three black guys said coldly: “Mr.5, Miss Valentine, others are afraid of you, but we are not afraid of you.”

Bartolomeo buckled his nose and said: “Boss, they seem to take us as air.”

Tianlei silently looked at Bartolomeo with a snot, and there was no image of Navy soldier at all. He immediately came over his head. In the face of Bartolomeo’s grievances, Tianlei pointed to Mr.5 and said: “This guy has the same hobbies as you, you will handle him.”

Bartolomeo listened to the words of Tianlei and looked at Mr.5. Sure enough, at this time, Mr.5 was also puting his finger in his nose like him. Bartolomeo looked contemptuously and said, “Where can I have such a ~~~~~~~~?”

“Boom!” A loud explosion rang, and Bartolomeo was completely stunned. Originally, when Bartolomeo’s shape had not been exported, Mr.5 bounced his snore out towards the three black men.

The result is self-evident. Although the three guys know the ability of Mr.5, they immediately evade. Although they have escaped, it is a pity that their speed is not really that good, so it let the nose snot of Mr.5 hit their clothes corner, the nose immediately exploded, and the three fell to the ground.

Although Tianlei did not understand, how did this buckled nose become a type? Very funny looking at Bartolomeo: “He seems to be more stylish than you!”

Listening to this question of Tianlei, Bartolomeo’s face suddenly looked bad, how can there be more people in this world who copied his own style! If he can kill by just looking, it is estimated that Mr.5 does not know how many times he have died.

In addition to Face, Yuxi, Kobi, Alvida, Dezaia, Nojiko started to laugh loudly.

Bartolomeo’s old rival Dezaia is even more ridicule him: “Hey! Isn’t this our most versatile Bartolomeo? Oh! No, it’s not, it looks like Bartolomeo just copied someone else!”

And Bartolomeo was completely angered by this comment. He couldn’t beat Dezaia, so he could only put all the anger on others.

Bartolomeo immediately yelled: “Die you copy cat! Look at my barrier.” Bartolomeo immediately made a knot with the middle finger. A huge barrier appeared, and then Bartolomeo’s other hand, slammed onto the barrier.

The barrier immediately pushed forward quickly, and the three guys and Mr.5 and Miss Valentine slammed. Bartolomeo’s barrier is to divide the entire warship into two halves, half of which is opposite. Half of the opposite side can all be within his attack range. They have no choice but to jump off the warship.

However, they did not have the quick response speed. All five people were hit by each other. The three black guys were directly killed, and Mr.5 was not in so good condition. He was also hurt. Only Miss Valentine was only slightly hurt, because she used her ability to minimize her weight at the most critical time, and turn as light as a feather.

Everyone else was hit and flew out, and Miss Valentine was stuck on the barrier.

Bartolomeo made a blow and then he was then turn embarrassed: how can this group of people be so weak! They were done with a single blow, but Miss Valentine, who seemed to be in a bad position, blocked it.

Bartolomeo looks at Miss Valentine flying in the sky, Knotted with both hands and fingers, and sighed low: “The barrier giant hand!” The barrier in front of Bartolomeo turned into a huge hand and caught Miss Valentine.

Miss Valentine was scared by the barrier of Bartolomeo’s previous barrier, looking at the usual powerful Mr.5, now lying there like a dead dog. She haven’t recovered, and feel a huge wind hitting herself.

However, her response was not bad. She immediately made herself 10,000 kilograms, and quickly fell to the ground, just to escape the shock of Bartolomeo attack. Although she once again escaped this blow, but she has a lot of skill, she knows that she usually plays assists, and her fruit ability only has three strokes.

Ten thousand kilograms · Guillotine: Now the quality of the body is changed to 0, so that the body floats in the air, and then the body is vertically aligned with the top of the target. Then she will instantly turn the weight into 10,000 kilograms and will fall, and crush the target.

Ten thousand kilograms · Topping: Turn the weight into 10,000 kilograms and crush each other.

Weight and sublimation: Press on the other side, slowly increase the weight and torture the other party.

But what is the difference between these three moves and one move? And it’s all about getting in touch with each other! Seeing each other is also the ability of the devil fruit, and the ability of the other party’s fruit can completely make you close!

Bartolomeo watched Miss Valentine once again escaped his attack. He couldn’t help but look at Miss Valentine. He said with a serious look: “You chick, it’s quite capable! Then try my new attack!”

Miss Valentine is scared when she hears it. She now knows where she is. In the past, she used to bully ordinary people. If the ability is not good, nothing will be done. The two strikes just had their own life. If she is not lucky, she would be like Mr.5, lying on the ground. Miss Valentine immediately said: “I surrender!”

Bartolomeo is preparing to make a big move, greeting Miss Valentine in his eyes, but suddenly heard Miss Valentine yelling and surrendering, immediately got surprised and whispered: “Why do you Surrender?”

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