One Piece Bounty System Ch 42

Chapter 42: Digging the team of Crocodile.

Looking at Bartolomeo, he can’t accept it. After seeing the funny expressions on Bartolomeo, Face, Yuxi, Kobi, Alvida, Dezaia, Nojiko could not help but laugh.

Yuxi walked over and patted on Bartolomeo’s shoulder: “Not everyone is not afraid of death like you. Not everyone like you who can fight knowing that they will lose and still fights.” Bartolomeo listened to Yuxi as if he understand something. He look at Miss Valentine and look at a group of partners behind her.

Tianlei looked at Miss Valentine and said: “You are Miss Valentine of Baroque work club! The Mr.5 on the ground is your partner!”

Miss Valentine looked at Tianlei. She was not stupid. As soon as she saw it, she could see that this person who had beaten her before was only one of the subordinates of this guy. She said: “Yes! I am Miss Valentine of Baroque work.”

“I also know the other members of your Baroque work club, Mr.1 Daz Bonez, the West Sea bounty hunter, Paramecia Dice-Dice devil fruit user. His partner is Miss Doublefinger, spiders bar owner, she is a paramecia Spike-Spike devil Fruit user. Mr.2 Bentham, bounty 32 million, Paramecia Clone-Clone Fruit user, is the only senior cadre in your Baroque work club without a partner. Am I right?” Tianlei asked Miss Valentine.

Miss Valentine has been completely stunned, she really does not understand, how can Tianlei know so clearly. She is really a little scared now.

Looking at the expression of Miss Valentine, Tianlei is quite satisfied. Since I saw this Miss Valentine and Mr. 5, Tianlei naturally wants to let them join his team. After all, their fruit ability is very strong. It is that after comprehending Haki, the fruit ability alone can also occupy a place in the world of this One Piece.

Tianlei is doing this to give Miss Valentine an illusion that Navy is as straightforward as they are, as long as they want to take them down, they can do it at any time.

Tianlei again said: “Right, there is Mr.3 Galdino, the ability of wax wax fruit, partner with Miss. Golden Week color who have mood fruit ability. Mr.4 idiot one, partner Miss. Merry Christmas, Zoan Mole devil fruit user. The next is you and Mr.5, the ability to flutter and explode fruit. Your strength is too poor, the ability is too bad, there is no need to pay attention.”

At this time, Mr.5 has already woken up. Although he only listened to half of it, he still felt a cold sweat. He did not expect that today’s goal is actually know so much about their Baroque work, even their own Baroque work senior cadres did not know much about him.

Although Mr. 5 is a cocky madman, he is not a fool. After looking at Miss Valentine on the side, he said, “Let’s say! What do you want? After all, you spend so much energy to monitor us, you must have some plans!”

Tianlei: “Yes, very early, our navy has taken a look at your abilities, but let Crocodile, one of the 7 Shichibukai, take the first place. It’s not good to pull you over, right? 7 Shichibukai Crocodile is the boss of your Baroque work club. Of course, there is another reason, that is, after you have the ability, and there is no good development at all. With a super devil fruit ability, you have the worst strength that can be possible.”

It was said that Mr.5 and Miss Valentine were embarrassed by Tianlei’s word, but they did not have the ability to refute. After all, they could not beat even one of Tianlei’s men.

Tianlei said with a smile: “In this way, the navy will naturally not see you, and it is even more impossible to go to you to recruit. But since you are sent to the door today, I think that you still have chance to become stronger. So now you have two choices, one to join us now, one to let you go, and then to be chased by the Navy.”

Mr.5 and Miss Valentine have a look at each other. Is there still a choice? With your navy’s understanding of us, even if you let us go, but after a minute, you can take us out!

Tianlei looked at the expressions of Mr.5 and Miss Valentine and knew that it was confirmed. If I can’t even fool you then there is no need be alive.

After a while, Mr.5 and Miss Valentine: “We join the Navy now!”

Tianlei laughed, Crocodile, you are a great person! This is really not what I want to dig your corner, it is your own people want to join Navy, but don’t blame me!

Tianlei: “You are not just joining the Navy. The most important thing is that you joined Tianlei warship and became our partner. Do you understand?”

Mr.5 and Miss Valentine looked at each other again, and they all saw a different meaning from the other’s eyes. They were not stupid. The meaning of Tianlei words is that two of them joined Tianlei group. Joining the Navy is just a matter of course. However, they nodded, the word of partner and the relationship with the superiors and subordinates are too much different.

Then he introduced myself again, so people are very happy, but only one person is depressed. That is Bartolomeo. The reason is also very strong, and he is no longer the most versatile person.

Finally Mr.5 and Miss Valentine also introduced themselves,

Mr.5: “25 years old, the original name has not been remembered, you still call me Mr.5! Paramecia explode fruit user.”

Miss Valentine: “My original name was Mikita, 23 years old. Paramecia Kilo-Kilo Fruit user.”

Tianlei: “Since I have a new partner to join, I will assign it now! The first team and the second team are still the same. First team captain Yuxi, Kobi, Nojiko. Second team captain Face, Dezaia, Alvida. Now the third team is established. Bartolomeo is the captain of the third team. Team members are Mr.5 and Mikita. You will train them well in the future. If they can’t grow up their powers, then I will beat you!”

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