One Piece Bounty System Ch 43

Chapter 43: Fire Fist Ace

Tianlei is digging the corner of Crocodile.

In a gigantic loft with a plaque hanging on it, the word “justice” is written on the whole, giving people a sense of righteousness and awe, which is the most just place in the world. – Navy headquarters, Marineford.

“Marshal, this is the latest report. It is the emergency call from Colonel Smoker in Louge Town, East Blue Sea.” A soldier said with respect to Marshal in front of him.

“Oh.” An old man with glasses and seagulls on his head was a little surprised. “Smoker? The East Blue Sea has long been settled by Tianlei. What will happen? When did he become so unstable? He is an elite cultivated by the Navy, the elite among the elites!” This person who spoke, needless to say, is now the highest commander of the Navy, Sengoku.

“There is really something big happening. According to the report, Colonel Smoker fought against a young pirate named Portgas D. Ace in Louge Town yesterday, but he fought a tie and then let him escape. This man finally broke through five ships, surrounded by navy warships. Therefore, Colonel Smoker specifically asked the Headquater to pay attention to this person, saying that this person has unlimited potential.”

Sengoku could not help but raise his eyes and also interested in this pirate: “Oh! Is it? Show me the intelligence of that person!”

“Yes.” Soldier immediately gave Ace’s information in the hands of Sengoku.

After Sengoku watched it, his face sank and whispered: “D? How is it D?” Then asked the soldier: “Do you know where he came from?”

Soldier immediately said: “I have adjusted all the information about him from the CP department, but the information shows only that the place where he first appeared was the South Blue Sea. He also knocked down a Pirate whose reward is 50 million Baileys in the South Blue Sea. Pirates who are rushing to help, it was destroyed together with the pirate ship that was smashed.”

Once again, Sengoku looked at the information in his hand. The more he saw it, the more shocked he was. The information showed that although the pirate was just a newcomer, it had the ability to Mera Mera No Mi fruits in Logia department. The most crucial thing is that Colonel Smoker himself recognized that he did not leave the strength to catch this person.

Who is Smoker? The logia devil fruit ability user, and after long-term training by the Navy, he was highly valued by the headquarters, and strive to train it as a future Vice Admiral, or even a Admiral candidate. Such a person was beaten? Although he is still a colonel. There are only a few people in the same period, which can beat him.

It’s just that Smoker is stubborn and doesn’t follow rules, so he won’t stay in the department. Instead, it was assigned to East Blue Sea, just to want to kill his spirit. Now from Smoker’s mouth, he learned that a pirate novice who is stronger than him, how can Sengoku not be shocked!

What does this mean? If Smoker has the potential of Vice Admiral, then opponent may have the potential of Shichibukai, or even the four Emperors. Such a big potential threat, absolutely can’t just let it go.

Sengoku thought for a moment and immediately ordered: “Command Onigumo to immediately go to this Portgas D. Ace, to give the invitation to became Shichibukai. And put a 80 million Bailey bounty on his head. If he is interested, of course it is the best. If he don’t, you know what to do!”

“Yes, Marshal. Everything is for justice!” Soldier went on immediately after getting the order.

A reward of 80 million Bailey? Soldier did not know why Marshal would give such a high reward to such a newcomer, which is estimated to be the highest amount of the first time in the history.

He naturally does not know that Sengoku value is the potential of Ace. Just after debut, he can beat Smoker. What about the future? No one can predict where he can go on the road of the pirates… Four Emperors or may be even One Piece! ! ! ! !

However, Sengoku did not notice. His old friend Garp, after hearing the news from the soldier, had stopped eating doughnuts. He started to close his eyes. In fact, he have a headache: “Is this kid, it’s really troublesome! Isn’t he really want to be a navy? It’s not good, he so early get caught the attention of the Navy’s top. Shichibukai? How would you choose? And your identity~~~~~.”

However, the initiator of all this, Portgas D. Ace, was still daydreaming on the boat, and did not know the huge shock that he had brought.

On the Grand Line, Portgas D. Ace’s brother, Sabo, is looking at the bounty order in his hand. It’s Ace’s cowboy hat, white shirt, denim shorts. The flames leaped around Ace, and it looked extraordinarily.

Foosha Village, Makino pub, also saw Ace’s reward list, it can be described as a piece of jubilation!

“Come! Let’s make a toast for Ace!” said one person.

The villagers in the pub raised their glasses, “Cheers for Ace!”

On the counter, Makino scrubbed the cup and looked at Ace’s reward list, with a deep smile on her face.

At this time, the village chief sat in a chair in front of the counter and used his cane to beat the table and said, “Can you stop! It is a shame to have such a pirate in our village! Why are you want to celebrate here!?”

“Chief, what are you talking about? Our village member Ace got this reward of 80 million, we should be happy, maybe a few years in our village will have big Pirate backing! Everyone tell me that I am wrong?” A villager in his twenties stood up and said to the village head.

“Yes! Our village is going to have a big Pirate backing!” All the villagers responded!

“Fuck, Ace this kid actually went out to sea to be a pirate! I really have no place to show my face now!” The village chief said this and sit back angrily, and asked Makino to have a glass of water.

“Ah! Chief, you don’t have to be like this. As long as Ace is doing well, isn’t it good? Even if he is a navy or a pirate?”

“Before, I was still thinking, Ace went out for almost four years, how could there be no movement! This is not like his character, it is squatting, give us a fierce surprise!”

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