One Piece Bounty System Ch 45

Chapter 45: Tragedy Duo Bartolomeo, Dezaia

Looking at the ground, Bartolomeo and Dezaia, who were smashing on the ground. Tian Lei sinisterly smiled because Bartolomeo easily defeated Mikita and Mr.5, he was over-confident, often think himself as king. Just this time he met two opponents who are not much stronger then them, but they are started to have an headaches. It is not bad for them to have a lesson.

The combination of these two people almost beat Luffy team. Of course, if this is not known about their ability, if you know it, it will be another matter.

Unfortunately, Bartolomeo and Dezaia did not find the opposite side, so that the little girl had already taken out the brush and paint in her hand. The brush waved a yellow pigment to Tianlei. At the same time she said: “The yellow color of laughter!”

People don’t know, Tianlei knows how terrible the ability of Miss Little Gold Week is. He immediately said: “Kobi blocked all of this, and the two guys on the ground don’t have to.”

Although Kobi did not know why, but out of trust in Tianlei, he immediately moved his hands, and a crystal wall instantly smirked Miss Golden Week! Blocked, it did not let a little ridiculous yellow stick to the body.

But two on the ground are different, and they are being beaten one by one. They first surprised that the child actually attacked with paint. But the next moment they immediately feel bad, they have an impulse to laugh and they not hold back.

Bartolomeo and Dezaia just endured for a while, and finally burst into laughter. They laughed and couldn’t climb up. They laughed on the floor and screamed, and tears and snots came out. They gradually laughed. The voices have changed, but they are still laughing.

While laughing, he said, Bartolomeo: “I am really ~~ too damn~~ ridiculous~”

Dezaia: “Yes, you he~~ Mom is ~~ too ~~ Laugh, but also ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Tianlei group saw the miserables condition of the Bartolomeo and Dezaia, and could not help but touch a cold sweat!

Mr.3 has a smug look at the Tianlei group: “Now you know the consequence of fighting against Baroque work agency!”

Nojiko looked at the condition of Bartolomeo and Dezaia, and said: “Mr. Tianlei, you can save them!”

Tianlei smiled and said to Nojiko: “Reassured, this is just the yellow color. After being attacked, they will only laugh and there will be no other injuries. These two people are a little too proud, let them suffer some more.”

Nojiko nodded thoughtfully, not saying anything.

Tianlei: “Miss Golden Week, the color emotions fruit power is really good!”

“Let me think about what your ability can do!”

“Yellow color is for laughter.”

“Red color is to fight.”

“Green color is leisure.”

“Yellow-green color is to make friend; It will become a friend of Miss Golden Week.”

“Rainbow color is for the dream; Someone will become what he dreams of.”

“Black color is of betrayal; once you encounter the black pigment, he will want to betray his important partner.”

“It is really a powerful! But your tricks only works when they are able to hit us. As long as we let you not hit or let you have no chance to shoot, your ability will be abolished. Another point is that if you don’t have paint in your hand, your ability will not work! Am i right? Miss Golden Week?”

Miss Gold listened to Tianlei, the more she listen the more she got stunned. Then she stared at Tianlei with curiosity.

And Bartolomeo on the ground: “Old ~ big, you ~ ~ ~ early ~ ~ ~ know ~ ~ ~ ~ how ~ ~ do not inform ~ ~ ~ ! You ~ mixed ~ ~ eggs!”

Dezaia: “Battor Luo ~ ~ Miou ~ ~ you ~ ~ ~ ~ idiots, you are finished ~ ~ eggs, actually ~ ~ dare ~ ~ ~ boss!” Dezaia laugh while saying, while trying to knock on the ground.

Bartolomeo: “Yes~ Ah! I am ~ finished~~~ Egg, but for ~~~ ???~~~ is very happy, I really want to~~~~ laugh?”

Dezaia: “Ha ~ Ha ~ Ha ~ good ~ ~ ~ just want to ~ ~ ~ laugh, then ~ ~ is to think ~ ~ music, stop not ~ ~ ~ down, boss ~ save ~ ~us!”

Tianlei is too lazy to care about these two idiots. He use shave and came to the side of Miss Golden Week, grabbed her brush paint in one hand, and lifted her in one hand. At this time, Mr.3 also reacted, and immediately made a slime carving to form a sharp sword to stab Tianlei, in an attempt to save Miss Golden Week.

Tianlei did not even mean to dodge. He directly use iron block to block the attack of Mr.3. The candle sword in the hands of Mr.3 was broken.

Tianlei look at Mr.3 which let him so scare that he quickly retreat back, at this time watching the eyes of Tianlei like he is looking at a monster. If he knows that the candle sword in his hand can’t even make a scractch on Tianlei, he will not attack. He know that his candle sword is as strong as steel. But it can’t even brake other party defence, what kind of body is this! Is this a monster?

Tianlei threw Miss Golden Week to Kobi. Kobi followed Tianlei for nearly two years. He also knew very well about Tianlei. He knew that Tianlei wants to recruit again. It is likely to be his own partner from now on, so it is very intimate to use a crystal hand to gently pick Miss Golden Week.

At this time, Tianlei turned to Mr.3, which scared him to retreat a few times, but he did not dare to escape. The speed of Tianlei, he just saw it, so he know that chances to escape are zero.

Tianlei is also very familiar with Mr.3, this guy is sinister, despicable, and person who fights for victory. The conclusion is that the ingenuity is good but it is unscrupulous. However, Tianlei still has full confidence to shake him, after all, he also needs such a person around him.

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