One Piece Enhancement ch 24

Chapter 24: Insists on your humanity

Avishek successfully invites Kaneki to become his partner, so he is particularly in good mood now.

During talk, Avishek also knew one thing, that is, in Water 7, there is a Admiral who exists, he seems to be in the vicinity and try to arrest Kaneki. However, Kaneki was deeply hidden for the past few days, so he was not discovered.


Admiral is one of the world’s top force, not only they expert in Haki, but also have the terrible ability to make people desperate.

With the current strength of Avishek, he is not the opponent of Admiral right now. At most, he can barely block one or two strokes, and then lose.

This is undeniable.

“It seems that I have to leave from here quickly, I don’t know which Admiral come here?” Avishek murmured, and felt that it was necessary to leave this place quickly. He still does not want to meet the Admiral.

“You stay here for few days, don’t go out any more. After a few days our ship is ready, we will go out to sea.” Avishek thought about it and said to Kaneki.

“Ok.” Kaneki nodded and promised.

It’s time to eat.

Avishek has eaten, and Kaneki taken out a bottle from his pocket, which contains some scarlet minced meat.

Seeing this, Avishek did not speak.

He knows that this is human flesh.

It is also a necessity for the survival of Kaneki.

“Ah… damn!!”

Kaneki bit his teeth, shaking his body and slowly eating the meat.

But it can be seen that the pain in his eyes.

After all, he was originally a human being. It has a normal view of human beings. Now he needs to live by eating people. No matter who is going through this process, it is very painful, right?!

While eating these human flesh, Kaneki couldn’t help but hold the bottle that was originally filled with minced meat. The powerful force directly broke the bottle. The sharp glass has already cut the palm of Kaneki and shed blood.

But Kaneki doesn’t care.

His heart is making a fierce ideological battle.

This species is a strange creature. When they eat people, they will have the same violent pleasure as human drugs, making them addicted and unable to extricate themselves. But Kaneki is also a human being.

He doesn’t want but can only eat to survive.

Every time he eat, Kaneki will remind himself of the memories of being human.

After eating, Kaneki wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, looked at Avishek, and his eyes were firm. “I hope we can find the devil fruit quickly. I have already… I don’t want to go on like this anymore. For me, every time I eat, it is a torture. Sometimes, I feel that I am not a human being, just a devil.”

When he said this, Kaneki’s eyes are filled with pain.

Avishek nodded and said. “Rest assured, we will find, but you have to remember you are not only Ghoul but more human. Hold on to this humanity it, that would be the only force you to carry on.”

“I know.”

Kaneki slowly noded and went to the window, and looked out.

Seeing this, Avishek is no longer says anything more.

This day, it is slowly passed.

The next morning, Avishek was to let Kaneki wait in the hotel, and then went alone to Tom on the South Bank.

Because of Kaneki, Avishek want to leave this ghost place quickly.

When he came to the hut again.

Avishek pushed the door and went inside.

At this time Tom is sitting in the room, it seems that he is waiting for Avishek.

“Young man, you came.” Seeing Avishek, Tom smiled and sat next to Franky and Iceberg, and looked at Avishek with curiosity.

“Ah, the agreement with Mr. Tom can’t be forgotten. The day has passed. Has Mr. Tom decided?” Avishek laughed.

“Of course.”

Tom nodded and looked at Avishek directly. “I can promise you, but you have to tell me first, what is your goal?”

“Do you want to?”

Avishek smiled, and his face was filled with a confident smile. “My goal, this kind of thing is not easy to know? Of course it is to surpass everyone’s existence.”

“Including Roger?”

“Definately.” Avishek said without hesitation.

Roger opened the Pirate era, then he became the symbol of this era, and then open the next era.

“Unfortunately, I am afraid I can’t see that day. Hahaha.” Tom laughed and shook his head and said slowly.

“You go to the west shore of the island. There is a ship there. This is a ship I built a long time ago. I hope that you can protect it.”

Tom seems to see the future in his body…

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